Michael J. Hollander has sent hate mails to me numerous times using extreme language to attack me for criticising Sai Baba. In his most recent outburst (see at foot of this blog) he called me worse than a moron, an evil-doer and wrote "you are just a filthy spineless coward". In so doing he firmly demonstrates his total failure as a devotee of Sai Baba who always repeatedly insisted that devotees should never criticise others:-

Criticism of others is a very great sin. Criticism of other is like a great disease… Criticism of others is like cancer. You should free yourself from criticising others. Do not criticise, comment or make remarks about others at any time.” Prashanthi Nilayam, 21/11/1987 (publ. as pamphlet 2 of the series ‘Advaita Through Seva’, p.10 SSSB & Publ. Trust.)

Do not ridicule or criticise anyone” p.125 Sanathana Sarathi 5-1999  “None have the right to criticise others p. 146 Sanathana Sarathi June 1995 and p. 145f Sathya Sai Speaks Vol. 28

Although I personally reject Sai Baba's view on criticism as not only impracticable but dangerous for society, Michael Hollander could not, since he is an entirely gullible believer that Sathya Sai Baba was God incarnate, omnipotent and infallible. His language just shows what is in his heart. However, his revealing diatribes against me (and also against his former room mate at the ashram, Barry Pittard) are useful in helping to illustrate again how morally deficient Sai devotees, even those who rose in the ranks of office-bearers often are.   Hollander is clearly very disturbed by the information about Sai Baba that I have released, witness his repeated attempts in which he (in vain) tries in excessive terms to intimidate me with his misplaced belief in the afterlife and a reincarnation that Sai Baba promised everyone he reckoned not to love him enough, a suffering where one's 'karma' would catch up with one. But there is not a shred of reliable proof of karma or incarnation, only indoctrinated persons who lack real knowledge of evolution and like to live in a cocoon of groundless hopes believe in it.

That Hollander is a pompous and somewhat vicious religious bigot is indisputable. By now he is probably permanently trapped in self-indoctrination and overwrought perceptions, a self-willed neuronic gridlock. He never met me but he characterises me as a moronic selfish ego and other parroted abuses that Sai Baba used against almost everyone, only showing that Hollander has no independent thoughts and not a thread of probity either. Hollander claims I lied about him, but cannot even state one of the 'filthy lies' he pretends I made. No, I  only exposed his hateful fanaticism and delusions, and no one can find anything I have ever written about him that asserts anything other than responses to what he himself wrote, in short, only opinions of his e-mail rantings. He showed that he is incapable of pointing out a single untruth that I have written about Sai Baba, not least because I am able to defend and, where relevant, document every statement I have made (always carefully precise and defensible). However, I now add the following facts about him which I know from reliable sources. Though he was married to a lady called faith by Sai Baba, he told people that they were completely incompatible. That led to another female relationship (to 'Ines' while living at the ashram!) and subsequent divorce from Faith. Hollander also told one of my contacts that he knew of many people Sai Baba married later got divorced! So much for the omniscience and interfering nature of SB! (Read an illumining article on SB's reasons for interfering and manipulating families)

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Priddy - Yes – even as the sun will rise and set – your own choice to cast severe abuse on the Avatar is your own karma– lets see how it all unfolds- one day you will see the consequence of your own words- you will see it was only your own selfishness and and ego – this is obvious to call you a moron would not be enough – it is all your own karma why you fail so miserably in your abuse will be known to you the evil you have done is known only by God Himself – I promise you this – the wrong you have done here – will all come out even as the TRUTH always comes out how you could have been so so stupid will also come out you have also lied about me – remember the evil you have done will come around / just dont be surprised - you have written the contents of your own karma – why is it you fail to mention the Immeasurable Good done by Sri Sathya Sai ? why is this ? because your intent was to slander and cast abuse – all your own ego / it is so obvious because of your filthy lies about me – I will leave it to God to deal with you – Remember God The Supreme TRUTH Knows everything – there is no escaping this Truth or are you against GOD HIMSELF ? not only are you a fool you have disgraced your own self -Karma has its way to find the individual when you see it was all your own ego and nothing more you will see the negative karma you have caused / and you will not be able to blame anyone – for it was your own choice to lie about me -you are just a filthy spineless coward – still all your own karma you have only increased my own faith in Lord Sri Sathya Sai -God Himself 
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Laughably enough, Hollander 'promises' me that what he considers 'the wrong I have done' will all come out... because he believes in karma. I think he overestimates what promises he can fulfil! He thinks he will be able to "see how it unfolds" - presumably he imagines himself somehow with a privileged place (maybe on the ashram veranda in Sai Baba's heaven like MH enjoyed earlier here on earth), observing my karmic punishments while the clouds and the cuckoos wander by.As to the alleged 'Immeasurable Good' SB did... it cannot be reliably measured any more than the good any of us do. Many did good on his behalf, however... an he took all the credit. If SB really did do much good (which is becoming more and questionable as new facts and testimonies emerge), he certainly negated it totally by all his huge deceptions, sexual abuses, murder involvements, not to mention his break of faith with so many, wilful disruption of so many families and the uncaring self-interest he so often showed too… just study what one of the most revered US devotees 'Divya' (Eileen Weed) has written… she knew the inside story being close to SB's family and mastered Telugu. Meanwhile, Hollander was an ignorant outsider in a clique of self-important people who were deprived of all hidden information and who lived on rumours and bogus stories about what was really going on. I was deceived myself for too long until I was mede cognisant of the terrible facts and began to investigate assiduously thereafter.

Eileen Weed read the above reply, which I sent her, and she commented:-
"Geeze, he has not tired of being foul-mouthed and is still bugging you with his long, rambling venom without a shred of fact or truth or specific argument? Disturbing. Thanks for mentioning me, though. I hope he is thinking it was "swami's will and grace" that inspired him to buy my plane ticket back to USA (after I helped proofread his book in late 2004/early 2005, though I was keeping secret that I had basically lost my faith by then), thus leading the way for me to share what I know."

Michael Hollander is a classical example of what occurs when one became enamoured of a guru and his cult during a period of confused youth disturbed by seriously broken family relations and his consequent search for 'the' meaning of life and his discovery of one he feels was a divine father figure, according to what he has himself written. Later he was actually married by Sai Baba too! Michael Hollander was inducted into the Sai Baba 'brotherhood' in 1972 and has risen within the ranks there - publishing several tracts which are hagiographic eulogy and slavishly follow and promote the "teachings" of Sathya Sai Baba, his own contribution being as completely unoriginal as regards any own ideas and clinically clean of the slightest other viewpoints as is the vast majority of all the countless self-published  contributions to 'Sai literature'. The intellectual level of his writing differs little from that of the huge majority of Sai devotees, namely, execrable. This is not least due to the insistence by Sai Baba on the absolute supremacy of his doctrines, especially to be observed by all who would follow him (self-contradictory and strictly traditional religiously fundamental as they are).

The process of gradual engulfment in a religious cult, as in Hollander's case, has been explained in the anti-cult literature, such as in the excellent book The Believing Brain: From Ghosts and Gods to Politics and Conspiracies—How We Construct Beliefs and Reinforce Them as Truths. By Michael Shermer. (Times Books; 400 pages; $28. £19.99). The book "presents the evidence for Mr Shermer’s central claim: that, instead of shaping belief around painstakingly gathered, soberly judged evidence, people most often decide upon their beliefs first, and then use an impressive range of cognitive tricks to bend whatever evidence they do discover into support for those pre-decided acts of faith. Later he was actually married by Sai Baba too! That led to another female relationship (while living at the ashram!) and subsequent divorce.

Big Ego? Hollander accuses dissidents of suffering from 'ego' - one of the ever-repeated, automatic cockatoo cries of many remaining devotees  (so vague  too - see scan on right). 'Too Big ego' was one of the "loving" Sai Baba's favourite put-downs at group interviews to raise a laugh for himself at others' expense. So unoriginal is Hollander in all his cocksure and super-bigoted preaching that all critics are cowards and haters etc. He also wrote it again in another one of his several comments: "Yes it was easy to see that Sri Sathya Sai was none other then God Himself-The very Creator of the entire Cosmos.This was so obvious.And because some could not see this or fathom this -they turn on Him.It was only their deep and internal problems and ego that shows in their slander and totally false accusations."  Michael J. Hollander foul diatribe

The accusations I have endorsed are all entirely true as far as the most thorough and painstaking investigations show. Hollander does not know any of the main critics and cannot know anything about any 'internal problems', which none of us suffer from, as I can testify from my extensive contacts with these honest, rational and normally self-examining persons. Typically, Hollander does not answer a single one of the countless detailed accusations they level but sweeps them all under th carpet with one broad brush! Now, unbeknown to him and most Sai followers, the ego is a necessary instrument of the healthy personality adjusted to the environment and does not imply egomania. Nor does it imply undue insistence on fulfilling the desires of 'me' and 'mine'. In bringing forth facts, documentation, criticism, testimonies, and proofs of untruth, lying, deceptions, abuses of diverse kinds - and the cultist agendas of our accusers - we are not simply constantly spouting the same unfounded claims and untenable beliefs that a guru has said in the name of divine truth and to promote his own self-claimed Magnificence and Glory. The Sai Baba universal accusation of 'too big an ego' is irrelevant when people - having at last found out that they have placed their trust very wrongly - are pursuing the truth, and promoting it not at all their own interests. It is a question of informing what is held back and suppressed totally by all Sai authorities and followers, not least so as to forewarn seeker and help protect the many vulnerable persons who find their way to such gurus from the exploitation - emotional, mental, social,  financial and very often sexual (as so widely testified about SB). It is an act of duty and actually is selfless in that we have nothing to gain (unless satisfaction) other than a mass of vulgar and disreputable on-line and e-mail attacks - also web-stalking - from many devotees (I have a file with several hundred such highly unspiritual and ignorant libels by his devoted followers). It is actually not a huge price to pay for our daring to speak up.

In the so-called Sai literature and the various institutions his donors have financed for education and spreading the word etc., there is almost total avoidance of ALL international scientific, academic and social debate on all those issues with which he deals. The Sai Baba doctrine is a self-contained explanation of all and everything (according to Sai Baba, that is!) and discarding any need for world expertise from outside the ranks of the devotees, the disciples, the apostles, and the 'anointed' (so to speak) among whose pre-heavenly mini-host Michael Hollander is apparently thrice-blessed as a member. Recently, for example, in his self-promoting video as the apostle to whom Sai Baba entrusted the future of his many 'secret' projects, the much cognitively deranged former multi-millionaire beef-burger king and crystal skull promoter, Isaac Tigrett, reckons Hollander as a great friend. Hollander is also lauded by his associate and true believer Mark Sullivan, who also believes fully in the preposterous and unproven claims and holds me to be ruled by ego and whatever not.  Anyone still in possession of his own mind (i.e. is not longer 'possessed' by Sai Baba lies and myths AFTER the exposure of him on so many, varied counts) realises that the world will NEVER accept him as God in Human Form as he always claimed… He never lifted the two mountain ranges he said he would, nor did he fly unaided through the sky, not did he die within many years of any of the four different published predictions that he made, and so on almost ad infinitum. Even now, countless Indians have rejected him since his demise and their criticisms on news comments have flowered.

Particularly hopelessly deluded - the mark of deep psychological and emotional denial - Hollander also wrote the following in another comment:-
"What an abhorrent sin to cast abuse and even engage in evil slander against One who Is Goodness Itself.Is this not a cowardly act.Lord Sai was and IS Perfection Itself.Even Now that He Chose to leave His Form His Formless aspect did not or will not ever change.This is the nature of God who Is Omniscient.Or did you forget?Thus for those who chose to turn on Him it is all left to the individuals karma."

The capitalization is a telling sign of religious frenzy... but the words are truly fundamentalist nonsense in the tradition of extreme US bible-bashers.
The doctrine of karma Hollander further informs all those he sees as ignorami with his Besserwissen belief in knowing the ultimate Divine truth of the Universe: "The Universe unfolds day in and out and sooner or later we each must face the consequences our own decisions and karma.This is called Natural Law."  (including reincarnation with future retribution and/or reward) is not only unsupported by any science whatever, it is historically an attempt to explain nature and human life by persons with most primitive levels of knowledge, ruled by superstition and fear of punishing deities and demons. It appeals to people who have lost their bearings in moral and social understanding who want to believe that the Universe is a just place, all will get their desserts... something which observably does not happen in this world. So other worlds had to be invented, including heavens and hells for reward for good deeds and punishment for sin. See the doctrine of karma.  It is not at all 'cowardly' but rather a brave and selfless act to bring forth countless lies, deceits, fraudulent acts and abuses of all kinds that Sathya Sai Baba perpetrated on his following, especially by those who describe the dreadful sex abuses they experienced at his hands. I know none who criticize Sai Baba out of hate, envy, bitterness or 'being disgruntled' (the magpie call of most Sai defenders). Instead, having been deceived ourselves, we in the exposé want to protect the defenseless and vulnerable people who seek gurus - help forewarn and protect them from exploitation of the kinds we eventually discovered to be part of his "Holy Dispensation". It became a duty, one from which we have had nothing to gain other than unfounded abuse of the kind with which Hollander has sullied his own name.
Hollander sends occasional comments to my wordpress blog, the latest of which demonstrated his mentality well enough:-

Michael Hollander
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Priddy you sound like a moron.All false lies and untrue accusations. We each have our own karma to reap.This is Natural Law. Not Spam | Delete Permanently

Reply from Robert : Only a very deluded person in intense denial like yourself would consider me a moron. I am a retired philosophy and sociology lecturer; they don't employ morons! Apropos, in your self-imagined wisdom, explain what is a 'false lie' - how does it differ from a' true lie'? I have never lied nor made a single untrue accusation. Your repeated attacks on me have made not the slightest impression… they have been of such a mentality and level of  ignorance that they only tend to prove that continued defenders of Sai Baba are both incompetent and dishonest. Karma is a false doctrine for people who can't accept reality and want to see their enemies punished and themselves rewarded! There is zero evidence for this ante-diluvial speculation. It is just another of those ideas developed to keep people who can be manipulated in line.

Not satisfied with his comment, he sent me another e-mail with a long confused diatribe:-

Michael J. Hollander e-mail ravings

The lightning intellect of Hollander shines forth again, along with his brilliant articulation, meticulous punctuation!

Particularly telling is his assumption that more than a handful of people believe that Sai Baba is worshipped by "about five hundred million" people. This is just one number thought of by official Sai bodies, which vary in the range from 60 million to one billion! (see fuller analysis).

How my blogs can increase anyone's faith in him would be a mystery, were it not for the fact that Hollander wants to believe this! His own faith is apparently increasing all the time (so it must not have been so full in the first place), but the fact is that it is his denial that is increasing all the time, meanwhile the doubts pour in and have to be fought off.

Hollander's worst American quality comes out in his scorn for a 'loser'. He must imagine himself a winner - one of the blessed of God himself. I have met many who hold that idea among the less pleasant devotees in the ashrams and at organisation meetings with office-bearers. I have also met others who disdain the loser-winner mentality, and most of those I still know left Sai Baba as they began to realize what the real score was.

Hollander is very premature in announcing "my demise" and very ignorant of my personality, which I can assure him is remarkably problem-free. As Sai Baba said to my wife on two of our private interview occasions "Good, good, very good man. He has a very good mind."

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