It's getting more and more absurd and stupid...

There has recently been another one of those discourses of Sai Baba blunting and dulling the intellect of his poor devotees. For some reason the old goat has got difficulties to walk.
Sanjay Dadlani hard-headedly points out: “Stupid Sai Baba has got arthritis which has got worse.”

To prevent his devotees from believing, that he as ordinary mortals, is pained by old age ailments, Sai Baba must find a reasonable explanation for his stumbling steps. Now we know that the culprit is His “Divine Magnetic Power”! That's why it's so hard for him to move his Lotus Feet. In his discourse from 16 March, 2002, he explains to us that it is the combination of his growing magnetism and the attraction power of the earth, that is slowing down his steps. And the magnetism/arthritis is increasing day by day.

It must be terribly troublesome for God to have these difficulties to move.
And what a strange coincidence that this happens to him in an age when ordinary mortals usually get these sorts of ailments....
But surely we can get consoled that our hero at least doesn't have any pain (even if his devotees seem to be convinced that he has).
And to be on the safe side, just to cancel possible doubts, Sai Baba tells us: “I try to lift My foot, but it is very difficult. Even if I use great force, it does not get separated from the earth. It can be separated only through My Sankalpa.”

If the doubt is still there and we wonder why he cannot use his Sankalpa often enough, he enlightens us: "The noble and the pious are subjected to a lot of hardship in this world. Divinity cannot be understood.”
If anybody still doesn't understand this divine magnetism, Sai Baba assures us that:
“Some people do not understand the power of divine magnet. They argue, "If there is attraction power in the 'magnet', why is it not able to attract us?" How can a magnet attract an iron piece, which is full of rust and dust?”
So if we take him seriously we must ponder upon, how it is possible, that all these ex devotees, who were free from rust and dust when they first met Sai Baba, suddenly became full of rust and dust after years as his ardent devotees! Their acquaintance with Sai Baba cannot have been beneficial for their spiritual development. There must have been some sort of bad company for them....

Poor Sai Baba what a tough job for him to keep his image as God! It can't be easy for an aging man to have to prove his divinity all the time! But certainly he is helped by some tricks. The most useful of these must be his saying that “Divinity cannot be understood.”
And after all he is very experienced lying about his health condition since he was young. The epileptic seizures that he certainly had in his youth (for which he probably has got some treatment), were according to him just trance conditions, with the purpose to rescue some devotees...
And every time his health has been poor, there have been different explanations, mostly altruistic motives, that have made him a hero for his devotees. But he has never admitted any problems at all with his own health.
Lately in his discourses he has also called our attention to what a youthful strong and vital body he has.... It must be an awful narcissistic insult for him not to be able to walk properly.

What will happen with his darshans then? And what would be the reason for his devotees to visit him if there are no darshans any more? Are they going to drag him on a cart when his problems are getting worse?
Perhaps his grandiosity which now must be near collapse has to be strengthened, with sayings like:
“You are going to witness the divine glory of Swami unfolding in the days to come. He will attract the whole world. There won't be place for people to stand even.” .... “Very soon, everyone in this world will lead ideal lives.”

However thanks to modern information technology, Sai Baba's chances to get new devotees and standing-room for the crowd must be quite limited. The most credible scenario is that the devotees will thin out. Then there will be plenty of space for his cart. Was it perhaps his Divine Sankalpa that induced the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Adelaide, South Australia, to cancel the Sai National Conference 2003 from taking place in his University? No... it was the compelling information about Sai Baba's homosexual molestations of children and young men.

According to Sai Baba's old age and his ailments, how can anybody believe that the Golden Age, that he promises us will come in his life time? The world of today is least of all one where people “lead ideal lives.” And how would he manage this task, when after all these years he has not been able even to purify his own ashrams. How stupid can it be? Where is the limit where his most stubborn devotees cannot stand the strain any more? Or are there any limits at all for his stupidities?

"Doctor's day" parody of medical knowledge:-

Sathya Sai Baba gave another one of his odd discourses on July 5th, 2003 i.e. on his chosen “Doctor´s Day”). There he teaches that there are “326 diseases that haunt man day in and day out”.
In the eighteenth century there was a Swedish scientist, who was called Linné, who publicized a book in 1763, “Genera morborum”, in which he named and classified 325 different diseases.
On this evidence, Sai Baba´s level of knowledge of illnesses looks about 250 years out of date.

Even if you are not a doctor, anybody with normal intelligence will soon realize that there are many more diagnosed diseases in the world today. Surely this discourse of SSB must have been a little embarrassing at least for the doctors....
Nowadays there is WHO´s International Statistical Classification of Diseases, ICD-10.
In this classification system, only chapter IV, endocrine, metabolic and nutritional diseases, occupies 35 pages in the Swedish, electronic version. Chapter VI, diseases of the nervous system, occupies 33 pages and Chapter V, mental and behavioral disorders, occupies 57 pages in the classification system.

According to mental diseases and disorders, there is another classification system, DSM-IV, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, which contains 80 differential diagnoses.
One of them, The “Narcissistic Personality Disorder”, fits Sathya Sai Baba himself very well. (See here)

Sathya Sai Baba suffers from illness, despite his many claims to the contrary:-

On this “Doctor´s day” Sathya Sai Baba also tells us that the “indisposition” of his body, kept him from his devotees for a whole month.
That must have been awful for him, to get on without their admiration for such a long time! That is probably why he came out looking rather absurd on a golf buggy, something of a come-down from the golden chariot!
He also reveals to us the “truth” about his illness.
This time he has not taken upon himself the illness of anybody. And of course the illness hasn't emerged from his body, how could it; we must not forget that he is God!
No this time he “underwent all this suffering only to demonstrate that one should not be attached to the body”.
He is very inventive isn't he?
But at the same time I can't help getting a little confused. He underwent all this “suffering”, but actually the suffering was no suffering at all?
Even if “the pain was so excruciating that it cannot be described in words”... and “pierced the body as if it were an electric shock”, we must certainly not believe that he was suffering....
No, no - far from that... His devotees can just relax. "I was all smiles when I was being taken to the hospital”, their hero confides to them.

But as a matter of fact, it is beyond my comprehension when he says that he was “unaffected” by the pain, when at the same time “it was impossible to move this way or that way”, and it also prevented him from giving darshan to his devotees for such a long time..... Gods ways are inscrutable...

And actually there is no end to the oddities in his confessions this day.....for who would ever believe that his devotees would present him with such a strange thing as a hair-drier? And who would have had an idea that SSB also would use it!
And when he used the hair-drier “the power supply was cut of”..... So Sai Baba had to take “a close look at the drier.”
But unfortunately at that very moment the power “was restored” and the “sudden gust of hot air ripped through” his “eye damaging the retina”...
That's why SSB has been blind on this eye for nine years and why the damaged retina, which was removed from his eye by Dr. Hemanth Murthy, “was as dark as charcoal”.
You may wonder why God exhibits such a strange behavior and what he wants to teach us by that.
I suppose that the omniscient God knew that he would burn his eye when he took a close look at the drier? So what is then the moral philosophy of this story?
Ah... he tells us that “one eye is sufficient to see this wide world”!
But it's easy for him to say who “has a thousand heads, eyes and feet”.......
Perhaps it is time for still more revelations from SSB now, when he has already begun. What is he going to tell us in his next discourse?


Comment on Ĺsa Samsioe’s article “It's getting more and more absurd...” by Robert Priddy

In Sanathana Sarathi, July 1995, page 171-2, we read SSB telling us:

“Doctors know that in the eye there are billions of cells which react to light rays. If any of these cells are affected, the vision is affected….” And “I am 70 years now. I can see even an ant that is far away. It is physical power. What is the reason? Diet control. My weight has remains the same for over 60 years – 108 lbs only.” (see also Sathya Sai Speaks Vol. 28 - p. 186).

Nine years ago when SSB claimed he did the hair dryer farce was July 1994, a year before this published statement! In November 1998 V.K. Narasimhan, the editor of Sanathana Sarathi, told me that Baba had told him that he has been 110 lbs. in weight without increase or decrease for 20 years. Where the extra 2 lbs came from is anyone's guess... a sound dinner, perhaps. He told me that SSB had just told him that he was in 100% good health. This was in late 1998! So how can he have had a damaged retina even then? He must be telling some massive fibs (i.e. divine untruths!).

It sounds highly unlike that hot air from a hair dryer would damage the retina…. a medical one-off freak accident? One might just understand it perhaps if it were the cornea which protects the retina but even that seems unlikely. Unless, of course, it was another ‘divine leela’ (LOL). Another thing V.K. Narasimhan told me in 1998 was that SSB had just told of some of the accidents he had suffered. One was in the 80s when Sai Geetha, the elephant, had pierced one of his eyes with one of the hairs on her trunk, which are as sharp as needles. This had caused him much pain at the time and a bloodshot eye, he had told N., but he said that it had healed naturally without medication. I saw he had a blood-red eye for some weeks early in 1985, and also again some years later.

In his discourse at the hospital in Whitefield (June 3, 1995) SSB also said: “Purity, patience and perseverance. With these three you are bound to acquire good health and bliss. You may believe it or not. But the truth is that these three are responsible for my health (Arogya) and bliss (Ananda). I am always happy. I should like to run but there is no place where I can do so. I can lift anybody at this age.” (Sanathana Sarathi July 1995, p. 173)

But no longer, only 8 years later … with his hip joint condition which reportedly is chronic and degenerative osteo arthritis. What went wrong? Did sexual impurity catch up with him? Or also having lost patience at Christmas 2000 with his accusers?

More lies:

Sathya Sai Baba has often insisted that his weight has remain at (the "divine number" of) 108 lbs (how quaintly absurd). He evidently forgot that he had also said in a discourse: “…Swami started eating rice food which students take. He lost 6 kg in weight during 20 days’ stay at Kodaikanal. In Puttaparthi, Satyajit was in the habit of taking My weight now and then. When Swami was in Puttaparthi He weighed 108 lbs. At Kodaikanal, when weight was taken, it showed a reduction by 6 kilos. Swami weighed less than 100 lbs.” (Sanathana Sarathi, June 1998, page 146.)

All typical stuff from SSB. Body weight also changes during each day, 2 lbs beings the difference between, say, before and after drinking water and eating a light meal? Water weights 2.2lbs. per litre, and SSB has also warned everyone that they should drink at least 6 glasses of water daily in the hot climate of Southern India.

In Sanathana Sarathi, Nov. 1998, he is quoted as saying in connection with fruit offerings to him at the Paduka pooja: “Do they think I am Kumbakarna? I do not even take meals, then what are the fruits for.” But those who doubt his appetite for food and fruit should take a look at the visual proof… pictures at

In 1998Sai Baba also told his close servitor and editor of his monthly magazine, V.K. Narasimhan, that he had not had his hair cut for 20 years either. However, photos taken of Sathya Sai Baba through that period show clearly that (around 1993/4??) his hair was suddenly seen to be about 1/3 or less of the volume it normally had. Then it slowly grew out again. I was present at the ashram at that time and observed this closer crop of his hair. So SSB can tell anything he likes, whether true or not, accurate or not, and get away with it… but only among his confirmed and fully paid-up followers!

An exposé colleague has pointed out that I made an error about SSB's weight loss. He lost 6 kgs., not 6 lbs as I mistakenly read. Further, some genius has apparently pointed out on a bulletin board that therefore I am the ignorant one, not SSB. However, though I made a slip, I do not claim to be absolutely perfect and omniscient as he claims to be. Countless factual errors are made by him, (far more than even I ever made!) and he demostrates abysmal ignorance of many historical and other facts, and not least of the New Testament and Jesus, the Koran, many simple facts about atoms, and especially laughable false ideas about physical magnetism. These are fully and irrefutably demonstrated on many serious web pages put out in recent years.

My small error is no big deal compared to those made by SSB. The main point of the posting in which it occurred (now corrected) was to document a few more of the many lies and deceits of SSB. Devotees have simply no comment or answer on that, for his own words in black and white confound himself and them! They are no longer in a position to recognise many simple truths... due to their own allegiance to SSB and deep entanglement in the untruth of most of his 'dispensation', which has proven rotten at the core.

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