Articles by Robert Priddy in the Sai Baba official journal Sanathana Sarathi
(published by Sri Sathya Sai Books and Publications Trust, Prashanthi Nilayam, AP-515134. India)
PLEASE NOTE: These articles were published while I was a follower of Sathya Sai Baba. There I attempted to make sense of many of his vague statements and unclear teachings and to bring them more into line with common sense, science and spiritual culture. Since events and inside revelations from V.K. Narasimhan and others forced me to review my adherence to SSB, much if not all of of what I wrote concerning him I now see as unfounded.

Spiritual Insight
Transcends Science
March '88, p. 63ff

Common sense
and Truth Sept.
'88, p. 246ff

The Eternal Verity
Oct. '88, p. 269ff

From Fragmentation
to Synthesis
Jan. '89, p. 17ff

Back to the Source
Feb. '89, p. 45ff

What is
Inner Reality?
June '89, p. 147ff

Human Unity
Holistic Understanding
Oct. '89, p. 269ff

Godís Will
and Ours
Jan. '90, p. 17ff

Language of Head
and Heart
May'90, p. 129ff

Towards Acceptance
of Suffering
Sept. '90, p. 248ff

The Challenge
of Sai Baba's Teachings
Feb. '91, p. 43ff

Inquiry into
the Self
Apr, '91, p. 101ff

Faith &
July '91, p. 189ff

& Fate
June '93, p. 165ff

Diversity, Unity,
May '94, 129ff

The Way
Apr. '94, p. 103ff

The Universal
World Teacher
July '94, p. 186ff

Science & Spiritual
Sept. 1994, p. 234ff

Reflections on
Seeing Good
March 1995, p. 75ff

The Unfolding
Divine Saga
Nov. '95, p. 24ff

Self-esteem, Basis
of Spirituality
May, '96, p. 134ff

Playing the
Game of Life
July '97, p. 184ff:

On Religious
& Other Differences

July '98, p. 182ff


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