Confusion while worried devotee onlookers watch Sai Baba collapse, spewing and staggering away,
having transparently palmed a 'Shiva lingam' out of a towel after throwing up a quantity of plain water.
(View the collapse (file size 1.6 Mb), which was censored out by other film-makers present, but not by the BBC!


The self-styled "omnipotent God avatar" had to give some kind of explanation of this startling episode, as he had found necessary also the year before when his hip joint was giving way and he staggered during darshan He then claimed it was the earth which was attracted to the enormous magnetisim of his feet!! Something not mentioned since he collapsed and had to have a hip-joint replacement - a straightforward modern medical operation elsewhere which was nonetheless evidently very badly botched too by the six 'super-speciality' doctors who were involved! But how could he explain this latest collapse? The fraud of the 'lingam materialisation' was so patently evident that he needed some dramatic mystical explanation. The collapse could well have been a play-acting frauds (he is an accomplished actor) as, a means to earn sympathy and keep his followers praying for him. But he exceeded all expectations with the following "explanation":-
(view actual brief video clip)
Tanya Datta:- There's always an explanation for everything.
(Anil Kumar's translation of Sai Baba's words in Telugu)
: "Out of the stomach emanated Shiva Lingas of the weight
of three tonnes. That's the reason why some strain on the face and the body."
Tanya Datta:-Sai Baba went on to explain his love and compassion for his students.
(Anil Kumar's translation) "All boys are golden. Therefore the Bhagwan will protect
them at any time, any where. Don't worry. Past is past, forget the past."   (Applause)

(Comment: In short, Sai Baba also seems to be insisting 'forget all that I have said, especially if it conflicts with what I do or say now!'
Far from all student boys wanted to be so 'golden', for it is clear from the allegations that his 'love' for them was mainly sexually inspired)