The following discourse has been translated into English from Bhagavan's Telugu speech as heard on this festival's ashram audiocassette. It is a complete, literal translation made with the objective of preserving Bhagavan's precious original poetic style as much as possible.
Dasara #1
October 9th, 2002

Daiva Dheenam Jagat Sarvam
Sathyadinanchu Devatam
Tat Sathyam Uttama Dheenam
Uttamo Para Devata

The whole Universe is under the control of the Divine.
 The Divine is under the control of Truth.
That Truth is in the control of a noble person.
A noble person is the Supreme God.
(Telugu poem)


Embodiments of Love!
God encompasses the whole universe. Such a universe is brought under the control of Truth. Truth made God's nature its own. The human being who has is controlled by truth is the noblest human being.
Many people undertook many sadhanas (spiritual practises) to become such a noble man. No matter how cruel one may be, with the blessings of elders and by mingling with elders (noble souls), they made their bad qualities and bad habits distant and conducted themselves on a good path.
There must be a basis for anything. If we want to write a short letter, before that we should inquire into these considerations well: “What should be written? How should it be written? What matters should be conveyed?” After that we will attempt to write the letter.
In that same way, numerous sadhakas (people who undertake sadhana) have the darshan of elders, they listen to their teachings, and through that they made hearts mature. By hearing the teachings of the seven sages and following their commands, finally even the evil Ratnakara was able to join with good company. Such a Ratnakara became sathwic (having peaceful and virtuous nature). He became a sacred individual and an ideal to Bharatiyas. He became a suitable teacher to write the Ramayana.
Even the son of demons, Prahlada, attained Divine radiance by the sadhana of contemplation on Narayana, saying, ‘Narayana, Narayana, Narayana’. After some time, the radiance of Narayana entered into Prahlada. Narayana and Prahlada had the same radiance.
The foreigner (Charles) Darwin was a great sadhaka. Due to (inspired by) him, his student Henslow also did sadhana, and he attempted to attain his teacher’s effulgence by following his command. Not only this. Numerous great sages, by following the orders (of their gurus) and considering their commands as prasad (a Divine gift) and following them, (they realized that) the radiance of the Supreme Lord radiated equally in all. This is even in the Bhagavad Githa:

Mamaivamsho Jeeva Loke
Jeeva Bhuta Sanathanaha.

The Eternal Atma in all beings
is a portion of My Being.
(Sanskrit sloka)

“Arjuna! My radiance is also in all. The radiance that is radiating in you, is Mine. It is not another’s.”
God is in everything. He is shining in the form of effulgence even in all elements and even in all living beings. Keeping such a God who is the embodiment of radiance in us, why are we succumbing to bad situations?
“I am suffering. I am weakened by sorrow. I am immersed in grief.” It is only counted as foolishness to worry like this. There are no worries at all for God who is shining (present) within you! There are no sorrows at all and there are no difficulties at all. When God who is the embodiment of all bliss is in your heart, how crazy it is for you to think about sorrow, sorrow, sorrow!

Mamaivamsho Jeeva Loke
Jeeva Bhuta Sanathanaha.

The Eternal Atma in all beings
is a portion of My Being.
(Sanskrit sloka)

“I am in a portion of you and My portion is within you.”
Such a portion of God won't succumb to grief. It won't succumb to worry. It won't succumb to any sorrow either. Keeping such a God who is devoid of sorrow and devoid of worry within you, how are you feeling sorrow?
Based on this, when one inquires, (because one has bad qualities) one will come to the conclusion that God is not a portion of you. When (you feel that) the portion that is in you, is a demonic portion and a bad portion, keeping such portions in you, there will be no opportunity to declare, “maimavamso.” (“I am a portion of God.”)
Though there is such a Divine portion in every individual, one denies it and only says that one is succumbing to sorrow. You feel as if you are influenced by some demon. There is no demon after you. There is no evil spirit beside you. Your heart has only one seat. Therefore, He (Krishna) said, “mamaivamso” meaning, your heart is a portion of God. Why are you feeling that your heart, which is a portion (of God), is so bad?
Man of today is unable to recognize what is a portion of God. When a portion of God is within his heart, he is acting like one without any refuge, he is acting like an evil person and he toiling like one who is bearing a demon. No, no! Every single heart is Divine, is auspicious. Why does one feel that the heart, which has compassion, is cruel?
When such cruelty is present, your heart is not a portion of God. It is a portion of something demonic. It is a portion of an evil spirit. So, you are not a (true) human being. You are a demon. In such a heart like that, there is no meaning at all in saying, ‘maimavamso’.
Every single man’s heart has a portion of God. Feeling that such a portion is evil today is only your delusion. Hence, we should make distant these delusions that enter into us. So, Divinity is with us, around us and in us. We are forgetting such a Divinity. It is only perversion to contemplate on a demonic nature and feel that our heart is the form of demon. Every bad feeling that arises from you is only your feeling of delusion but it is not the feeling of God.
God is in every heart. The heart is not a certain form in a certain place.

Sarvata Paani Paadam,
Tat Sarvatokshi Siromukham,
Sarvato Srutimalloke,
Sarvam Avritya Tishthati.

Feet, eyes, head, mouth, and ears pervading everywhere,
God permeates the entire Universe.
(Sanskrit sloka)

Divinity, which is everywhere, is not only in the heart. Regarding such a radiance of the Atma, Krishna said “maimavamso”. “That is a portion of Me. There is no fault at all in My portion. If you feel sometime that there is a fault in it, that is only the fault of your delusion but it is not My fault.”
Therefore, Divinity has good qualities pervading everywhere. Therefore, every man should be virtuous. By losing such good habits and succumbing to bad habits, one is unable to develop Divine feelings. First and foremost we should make distant bad conduct. You should shine with good conduct. Then you will have the authority to say you are a human being.
Human life means a sacred life. All the Upanishads also compared human life to Divinity. When there are such good qualities, Divine feelings and the nature of the Atma, why do we feel that it is merely human? The main reason for this fault is one having bad qualities and bad habits. We obtain the nature of the company that we keep. Therefore, first and foremost He (Krishna) said, ‘maimavamso’. It is said:

Tell me your company, I shall tell you what you are.

Your good and bad may be determined according to the company that you join. So, when you are with bad company, going about having bad habits and filled with bad qualities, it is not good at all to pretend that you have Divine and good habits.
Therefore, Ratnakara, (later called) Valmiki and many people, desired good company. Prahlada was the son of a demon. Even so, he entered into good company. He spent his life in good company.

Satsangatve Nissangatvam,
Nissangatve Nirmohatvam,
Nirmohatve Nishchalatatwam,
Nishchalatatwe Jivanmukthi.

From good company to solitude,
From solitude to dispassion,
From dispassion to steadiness,
From steadiness to liberated-while-living.
(Sanskrit sloka)

What is the meaning of Devi Navarathri (the nine nights dedicated to the goddess)? Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswathi: what does Durga mean? Who is the individual symbolized by Durga? Durga means a shakthi, a power. Saraswathi doesn’t mean only to learn alphabets. She’s the embodiment of speech. Therefore, it is Saraswathi who protects our language and our words.
So, in the Gayathri (manthra) it is said, ‘Om Bhur Bhuvah Suvaha’. ‘Bhur, Bhuvah Suvaha’: Bhur means materialization. Meaning, it is solid matter. All of that changes.
The second is vibration. That only is Savithri. Savithri, who is Divine vibration, gave life to her husband who had died. Therefore, she got the second name of ‘Savithri’.
The third one is the deity of wisdom (intellect). In the Vedas that deity was referred to as ‘Prajnana Brahman’ (God is the highest wisdom.) Prajnana is not ordinary wisdom. It never changes. It is constant integrated awareness. (Applause) She is said to be the embodiment of wisdom.
Gayathri has three names: Gayathri, Savithri and the goddess of jnana, devata Saraswathi.

Gayantham Trayathe Iti Gayathri.

Gayathri protects those who sing her glory.
(Sanskrit sloka)

She is one who keeps the senses under control. Savithri means our vibration; meaning she keeps our intelligence under control to a large extent. Saraswathi is our vibration, our constant integrated awareness. It teaches the changeless jnana.
Though such Divinity is within us, we are unable to recognize such powerful deities. We are going about with bad qualities balancing with bad habits. What is the reason? We have put all the good feelings in us to bad use. Our habits are the root cause for such wickedness. First and foremost we should change our habits.
How could Savithri give life to her husband? Her vibration was changed into a Divine vibration. She always contemplated on Divinity. Due to such contemplation on God, her vibration completely turned Divine. Then only, she even brought her husband who had died back again.
There is no work that we cannot do in this world when we have Divine feelings. We may even achieve a very powerful thing also. The root cause for all of this is sacred love. With this love as the basis, Divine shakthi enters into us. There is nothing in this world that love cannot conquer.
Many people among you know that some people do austerity even in the forest. Many wild beasts roam in forests. However, they (the people who do austerity) don’t have any guns, pistols, or any kind of weapons. Their love for God protects them. They were able to conquer all of the wild animals with this weapon of love. Even the bestiality in them (the animals) was destroyed. Their qualities transformed into love.
Hence, even our qualities change based on the type of company we keep. Therefore, you may notice now: the ones who keep company with bad people get bad thoughts. Only good feelings arise in the one who keeps good company. Therefore, as is our feeling, so are our words. As our words, such is the behaviour. Due to this behaviour, we become good people. Then only you will sanctify (deserve) the name of ‘human being’.
One says, ‘manava, manava, manava,’ (human being) but it doesn’t only refer to the one who acts, having the limbs of hands, legs, nose and mouth. One who has good conduct doesn’t harm others and with love leads others to progress and foster humankind.
Who is manava? Not only one who is a human being in form. One should behave as a human being. Good qualities should be fostered. One should have good habits. One should shine with good conduct. Good words should be spoken. One should conduct with correct behaviour. Only when man’s conduct is good, Divinity will enter into us.
Divinity is not somewhere else. It is with you, beside you, in you and protects you in all ways. Therefore, don’t feel that Divinity is distant from you. Divinity means: you are Divine. That which is within you is Divinity, God. That Divine song, Divine feeling and Divine sound should arise within you.
Man’s body is like a veena that plays the good sounds. You have to keep it properly tuned. It has to transform into being Divine. When you keep the tune of sacred feelings, sacred sounds will arise from within you. Only when that sacred sound comes, you will you will attain the state of sacred and brilliant ecstasy.
Therefore, we should keep proper tune but not keep inharmonious tunes. Good and sacred feelings should be expressed through our words. Instead of that, we should not do that which is inharmonious, bad and gives suffering. Regarding this, it was also said in the Vedas:

Help ever, hurt never.

It is said:

Paropakara Punyaya
Papaya Parapeedanam.

One attains merit by serving others
And commits sin by hurting them.
(Sanskrit sloka)

The Vedas uttered so many sacred feelings. Though all of these sacred feelings are in us, we are forgetting about them. You should develop sacred sound. All of that is within you and it is the embodiment of shakthi. This only is the true form of Saraswathi.
Not only this Saraswathi, it is also Lakshmi. Meaning, she is the goddess Lakshmi. When Lakshmi is beside you, you may achieve everything. Therefore, we are not poor people. We are not forlorn. We are not left alone. We have the power and capability to experience bliss in all ways.
So, though so many powers are within us, we are becoming weak in everything. What is the reason? It is due to external bad company. Due to this bad company, we get all bad thoughts. Due to the company of bad people, we are becoming bad people.
Not only this: you should not think otherwise. Many people, the ones who study English education, are becoming very spoiled. This education is bringing about agitation in all ways. Therefore, this education is not what is studied. (Due to this education,) in many ways ego, anger, desire and such bad qualities are arising.
If one observes any illiterate person, they have so much humility, obedience, peace, joy and all good qualities like these. True education will arise only in the one who has humility and obedience. So, no matter how great the education is, if one doesn’t have humility and obedience, he is only deaf and useless. What is the use of such education?

Studying and studying all education,
why should one die?
The education that doesn’t die (that leads to Immortality) should be studied.
(Telugu poem)

Hence, all of our education (which should be studied) is not like this. Things like truth, dharma, justice, culture and good company should be developed. Human values should be developed. Where are these human values? Without value, how can one be human?
People are entering into wickedness, going bad due to bad conduct and having bad habits. When all things like this are present, how will he join good company? Therefore, first and foremost one should make wickedness distant. When elders are seen, they should be respected. Parents should be loved.
Then, friends: who is one’s (true) friend? There is no true friend observed today. All are wicked friends. Due to us being with people who have bad feelings, we are also becoming evil. Therefore, we should see that we don’t enter into bad company.

Tyaja Durjana Samsargam.
Bhaja Sadhu Samagamam.
Smara Nityam Anityatham

Leave bad company.
Join good company.
Discriminate between what is permanent
and what is ephemeral.
(Sanskrit sloka)

We should do things like this. When you see any evil person, immediately become distant from him.

Tyaja Durjana Samsargam.

Leave bad company.
(Sanskrit sloka)

Only when that is done, sacred feelings will come to you.
However, today if one observes externally, people seem very nice. If it is observed internally, there is a polluted mind. If their words are observed, they are very sweet. If the mind is observed, it is very angry. We should not go near someone with a furious mind like that. Due to joining with people like that, all of society today is becoming wicked. What is the use of studying so much education?

In spite of his education and intelligence,
a foolish man will not know his true Self,
and a mean-minded person
will not give up his wicked qualities.
Modern education leads only to
argumentation, but one cannot attain total wisdom.
(Telugu poem)

These are not the qualities of education. (True education gives one) Sweet and soft words and actions of humility and obedience. Then only, he will make others think of him as a (true) human being. Such a man is a (true) human being.
The son of the demon Hiranyakasipu was Prahlada. He was a very young boy. Whatever words he spoke, he’d say, ‘Narayana, Narayana, Narayana’. They (his father and teachers) (tried to) make him practise many evil actions. Even his teachers taught evil things.
Then the father called the son again and desired to know what the teachers were teaching him. “Son, have you studied?” He (Prahlada) said, “I learnt all knowledge, father.” He (Hiranyakasipu) said, “What is it? Say one small, good word.” (Prahlada answered:)

Hari Anu Rendu Aksharamulu
Harinchu Patakamulu Ambujanabha.

The two letters Ha-ri,
the God who has a lotus from His navel,
will destroy sins.
(Telugu poem)

“When there are not these two letters, why study this education? Therefore, I learnt all the knowledge that I need.”

Teachers taught me.
That which was studied was
dharma, artha, kama and moksha.
(Telugu poem)

When he came to moksha, his father became furious. What is the use of education that does not include moksha? Dharma (righteousness), artha (wealth) and kama (desire): if there are only these three, they drown the individual.
He (Prahlada) said, “I have learned the secrets of education.” He (Hiranyakasipu) said, “What is it? Say one word.” He (Prahlada) said, “Namo Narayanaya.” Immediately he (Hiranyakasipu) drove him (Prahlada) out.
Then also Prahlada wasn’t angry. No matter what was done, (he repeated,) “Narayana, Narayana, Narayana.” He (Hiranyakasipu) had an elephant trample on him. When he said “Narayana,” the elephant became a very light weight. Poisonous snakes were brought and he was bitten by them. When he said, “Narayana,” even the poison transformed into nectar.
In every single thing, Divinity is so sacred. Only the one who experiences it knows but the one who only listens doesn’t know. Therefore, that small boy endured and tolerated even so many difficulties and he achieved so much.
Finally, who succumbed to fate? This father only lost his position. “Oh crazy boy! You are saying, ‘God, God, God.’ Where is God?” He (Prahlada) said:

Father, never have the doubt that,
‘He is in this and not in that.’
(Telugu poem)

“Then, is He in this pillar?” “He is. My faith is so great.”

Where there is confidence, there is love.
Where there is love, there is truth.
Where there is truth, there is peace.
Where there is peace, there is bliss.
Where there is bliss, there is God.

Without faith, how can you know God? Then, due to that anger, the father beat that pillar with a mace. Narasimha (the man-lion incarnation of God) arose from that pillar.
Meaning, what is the inner meaning of that? He broke apart the pillar of the body. He killed body attachment. When body attachment was killed, the Divinity of Atmabhimana (attachment to the Atma; spiritual yearning) manifested. Hence, body attachment should be killed. Atmabhimana will arise. That Atmabhimana will protect you in all ways.
Hence, Durga, Saraswathi (and Lakshmi), are true embodiments of power. Lakshmi gives all comforts and conveniences. Durga provides all that is needed. Saraswathi protects and teaches all forms of knowledge. Therefore, we should always contemplate on these three deities.
Language: we can't live life without language. Language of the heart (is important), not English, not another or still another (language). It is not this. Our (true languages) are not these worldly languages. Languages related to the heart (are important).
Divinity will teach us that language. Or, have you learnt it and came? Or will your teachers teach it? No, no, no! Who taught those teachers? So ‘teachers’ mean ones who have Divine feelings. Due to so many teachers like that being present, children who have good qualities have increased, and they protected the country in all ways.
Truly, what you need today, that which provides all conveniences, is the Divine God. Develop faith in God. Only when that faith is present, you will be protected in all ways. Therefore, don’t stop having faith in God. No matter what times of trouble there may be, Divinity is a support for us.
Having anger, envy, jealousy, pomp and hatred for each other is not good. Anger is like the demon Ravana. No matter how many flames were ignited on Ravana, his heads did not burn. Therefore, we should kill this anger of (symbolized by) Ravana.
Then, desire. We have to completely and fully kill it. We should not have any forbearance for it at all. Our lives are being destroyed because of it. Exhibiting desires, one is being drowned in deceit. We have to develop love. If there is only the one thing, love, we can achieve everything.
You should be embodiments of love. Love should arise from you. All that arises from your heart should be full of love. If there is only the one thing, love, present, there is nothing that we cannot achieve in this world. Therefore:

Love is God, live in love.
Start the day with love.
Spend the day with love.
Fill the day with love.
End the day with love.
This is the way to God.

Hence, develop such a nature of love. If there is the one thing, love, with us, it is as if we have all weapons.
Today you know about history. Today all of you read books. What weapons protected the ancients from things like hatred? Not atom bombs, hydrogen bombs, these bombs and those bombs. All of these bombs have come today. In the past, there was only the bomb made of love. Words spoken with love: that protected them in all ways. Therefore, you should not struggle for all of these crazy, crazy weapons. We should earn our weapon of love. If there is only the one weapon of love, the whole world can be conquered.
Therefore, during these three days one should love these three: Saraswathi, Durga and Lakshmi. The final day people do puja to Durga. Meaning, she destroyed that which is evil. That is called Ayudha puja (worship of ayudha: a weapon, tool, instrument, etc.). Afterwards there is no need for the ayudha. That deity (residing in the ayudhas) cannot work. Durga helps. She is always with you, beside you, in you and will protect you.
You are unable to recognize the true Divinity. The help that God gives cannot be obtained anywhere else. Therefore, wish for help from God. God will protect you in all ways. Even from ancient times, it is this that protects the ancient culture in the country of Bharath. Unsacred difficulties follow us due to us forgetting the supreme Divinity.
Pacify your heart. Develop your Love more and more. Don’t let bad feelings enter at all. The bliss in God cannot be obtained anywhere else. Love everyone, then everyone will love you.
Even love a dog, then how much that dog will love you! Don’t you even have in you the gratefulness that a dog has? See a monkey, it comes with such love! If one goes and sees foreigners here, they bring up dogs, they bring up cats and they bring up monkeys and they play (with them). When we look after them with love, they will look to us with love. If you look to them with anger, they will look towards you with anger.

Yat Bhavam Tat Bhavati.

As the feeling, so will be the result.
(Sanskrit sloka)

Therefore, your bad feelings come to you as reaction, resound and reflection. There are no bad qualities in beings (the external world) at all. There are only bad qualities that are within yourself. You are harming others attributing it to them.
No matter who it is, if they come as evil, love them. There are no bad people in this world. All are only your illusions. The one who hates you is only your illusion. The one who harms you is only your illusion. That which protects you is only your illusion. The one who gives mercy is also your illusion. Therefore, all are your illusions that protect you.
Today is the first day (of the Dasara festival). You could get to know the influence (effects) of Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi to some extent. Then in the future (we will come to know further) their influence. How did they protect men? How was man geting spoiled? What is the path for being spoiled?
All bad qualities arise within you due to joining with bad company. Therefore, we should:

Run away from bad company.

Then only the proper good qualities will arise in you. Only when you develop such sat-sankalpas (truthful or good resolves), you will be one of truth. You will have a character of truth. You will be one of sat-sankalpas. Then only everything (you do) will enter onto the path of truth.
Hence, always sanctify time with the Name of God, without wasting time with all these crazy, crazy words (vain gossip). The sweetness in that Name cannot be observed in anything else.

Bhagavan ended His Divine Discourse by chanting the bhajan, ‘Hari Rama, Hari Rama…’

Embodiments of Love!
The sacred Namasmarana that you are doing today will enter into all hearts as a foundation. Hence, don’t give any opportunity for bad feelings. Don’t give chance for bad words. Make use of sacred words. Make use of sweet words. Make use of the Name of God. Through that, we will be ones who give help to the entire universe.

Help ever, hurt never.

Never do any harm to others. Give help. By giving help to others, results that help you will be obtained. Therefore, don’t waste time. Along with education, along with Namasmarana, along with true kirtana (singing), sanctify the heart.