The following discourse has been translated into English from Bhagavan's Telugu speech as heard on this festival's ashram audiocassette. It is a complete, literal translation made with the objective of preserving Bhagavan's precious original poetic style as much as possible.
Dasara #2
October 10th, 2002

Sarva Rupa Dharam Shantam,
Sarva Nama Dharam Sivam,
Satchidananda Rupam Adwaitam,
Sathyam Sivam Sundaram.

All forms wear peace.
All names wear auspiciousness.
The non-dual form is Truth, Awareness and Bliss,
Truth, Auspiciousness and Beauty.
(Swami sings a Sanskrit poem)

Embodiments of Love!
The world is very wondrous and amazing.

It is amazing!
Sacred in the three worlds are crops, friends,
forest dwellers, people and citizens.
It is the story of Vishnu.
(Telugu poem)

It is very difficult to determine what is interesting and what is wondrous in the world. If the family should be peaceful, if the home should progress day by day and if the country should shine with ever-green prosperity, unity is essential. Without unity, (if people) give place to wrong meanings, the whole world will succumb to ashanthi. Peace gives happiness, bliss and unity to all human beings. Disunity gives dissatisfaction. It brings ashanthi. It makes one forget the infinite Divinity. Therefore, what we should desire today is shanthi, shanthi, shanthi.
Peace is not in someplace else. Our very forms are embodiments of peace.

Sarva Rupa Dharam Shantam,

All forms wear peace.
(Swami sings a Sanskrit poem)

Every man’s body is the embodiment of peace.

Sarva Nama Dharam Sivam,

All names wear auspiciousness.
(Swami sings a Sanskrit poem)

Even all names are auspicious.

Satchidananda Rupam Adwaitam,
Sathyam Sivam Sundaram.

The non-dual form is Truth, Awareness and Bliss,
Truth, Auspiciousness and Beauty.
(Swami sings a Sanskrit poem)

Such sacred feelings aren’t observed in humankind today. When we know (and declare) that peace is our very form, no one will believe it. Then, is anyone able to say where there is peace? The whole world is searching for peace. However, it is within oneself.
This world is observed to be like the ignorant one who, forgetting the glasses upon his nose, searches for them saying, “Where are my glasses, where are my glasses?” Even though we wear peace as our form today, saying, ‘shanthi, shanthi, shanthi,’ we are struggling for peace.
What is the root cause for man of today succumbing to numerous troubles, sorrows, and griefs? He forgets his own form (true nature). Being deluded by and believing in the nature that he is not, he desires and aspires only for that.
No matter which human being comes (he says), “I want peace, I want peace, I want peace.” Where will peace be obtained? He himself is the embodiment of peace. How ignorant it is to request for peace! So, man is undertaking numerous kinds of prayers for (to obtain) peace.
When Sankaracharya was going with his thirteen disciples to the banks of the Ganges for bath, one individual was sitting under a tree and praying (repeating), “Dukrunkarane, Dukrunkarane, Dukrunkarane.” This is Panini grammar. He wanted to be a great scholar by repeating Panini grammar.
Sankara asked him, “What is the result you will get through this scholarship of Panini?” (The individual answered,) “Swami, with this scholarship, I will be able to enter into the king’s court. The king will praise my scholarship, and will give many gifts to me.”
“How long will you be able to keep these gifts?” “As long as I am alive, I will fulfil these desires.” Then Sankara asked, “After death will you remember all of this? Crazy fellow! While you are alive and while you are experiencing, try to remember the nature that cannot be forgotten after your death and in the three periods of time (past, present and future).” Then he went to him (and said):

Bhaja Govindam, Bhaja Govindam,
Govindam Bhaja Muda Mate
Samprapte, Sannhite Kaale
Nahi, Nahi, Nahi Rakshati
Dukrun Karane

Repeat the Name of God,
Repeat the name of God,
Repeat the name of God, oh fool!
When the hour of death draws near
The rules of grammar will not protect.
(Swami sings a Sanskrit sloka)

Crazy fellow! Who came with you when you were born? Who will come with you after you die? There is no person that will come with you. There is no one who will come with you when you die. Only you are coming with yourself and you are leaving with yourself.
You feel that all is sorrow, sorrow. This sorrow is not (real) sorrow.

Punarapi Jananam, Punarapi Maranam
Punarapi Janani Jatare Sayanam

Again birth, again death,
Again lying in the womb of the mother.
(Sanskrit sloka)

O foolish man!

Punarapi Jananam, Punarapi Maranam
Punarapi Janani Jatare Sayanam
Eha Samsare, Bahu Dukhare
Kripaya Pare, Pahe Murari.

Again birth, again death,
Again lying in the womb of the mother.
This worldly life is terrible sorrow.
Give Grace, Protect, oh Lord!
(Sanskrit sloka)

Hence, no one will come with any human being. No one came. When you die, your relatives and friends will gather around, cry and will be sorrowful. All will cry.
A little remembrance came to this individual. He saw. “Why are they crying?” Then the relatives that were gathered around said, “Sir, you are going. You are leaving this body. You are leaving this world. Then, you won't come again. So, realizing you will not come again, we are crying.”
“Oh foolish people! You are under delusion thinking that I am leaving everything that was earned and all that I achieved. However, all the wealth that I am leaving will come only to you. I am going with empty hands. So, are you thinking for even a moment about my plight? Hence, you are only thinking about your own worries. You are only thinking about your own bad situations but you are not thinking about my worries at all.”
Therefore, the one who thinks of his own worries is a true individual. “Who am I, who am I?” Putting this question, you should inquire. Instead of looking to that, when seeing anyone if you go on thinking, “Who are you, who are you, who are you?” what is the answer you will get? All of these are only sorrows that make one deluded and give grief.
Who was there before you knew him? After he leaves you and goes, who will be there? No one will come. There is nobody. Taking hold of such a non-eternal and impermanent fact, we are struggling. Each one is for himself.
Therefore, we should recognize our own truth. We should obtain our peace. This peace is in your heart. Leaving the peace that is in our heart, you are going somewhere in the world searching. Wherever we go in the world we will not obtain peace. Wherever one goes, there is only ashanti, ashanti, ashanti. The peace that you desire is with you.
So, we are forgetting today the embodiment of peace, Divinity, which is within us. You desire the unsteady and temporary peace that can be seen outside. Therefore, stop these thoughts. Try to contemplate on your (true) form, which is peace. Whatever you desire, that is within you. There is nothing different from you outside.
If you open your eyes, you can see so many thousands of people. However, if you close your eyes, not even one head can be seen. Therefore, what heads are you seeing? They are only impermanent and temporary heads (physical forms). As long as the physical eyes exist, all of these can be seen. As soon as these physical eyes go, not even one matter and not even one object can be seen by us.
Hence, whether we close our eyes or open them, there is only one object that we see. That only is Divinity. This Divinity has no changes at all. There is no birth or death to this at all. There is no birth and no death. Such an eternal and true nature, is you only. Hence, try to realise your own truth.
Embodiments of Love!
What is our truth? That love only is our truth. Without this love, nothing can be seen in this world. This love is our form. Therefore, (though) attaining such a form of love, we desire objects that are not dear and we are thus sorrowful.
Hence, Embodiments of Love!
What is it that we should desire? Only Love. What is it that we are experiencing? Only love. The experiencing, being blissful and being sorrowful, is only this Love. There is nothing permanent in this world except Love. Keeping such an eternal and true nature of Love always with us, what are we fully trying to search for? Therefore, importantly, what we should think and inquire about is our (true) form. Love is our form.

Sarva Rupa Dharam Shantam,
Sarva Nama Dharam Sivam,
Sarva Rupam Adwaitam,

All forms wear peace.
All names wear auspiciousness.
All forms are (actually) non-dual.
(Telugu poem)

That only is the nature of Love. So the Love in all is one. Seeing the person in front of you, you hate him. Seeing your own (family), you love them. This is the fault within you. As long as this feeling of duality is in you, you will only have dwaitha (duality) but adwaitha (non-duality) will not be attained.

A man with duel mind is half blind.

You are in half-darkness. You think that the man is front is someone else (separate from you). You feel that the one in your house is your own. This is a big mistake. All are your own forms. We should experience such a unity. It is said:

Adwaitha Darshanam Jnanam.

The perception of Non-Duality is Jnana.
(Sanskrit sloka)

Man who is the embodiment of such jnana, is suffering by seeing and having faith in the (changing) factual (physical) forms that are temporary and impermanent. Therefore, end this worry. (Think:) “I am in all. All are in me.”

Sarva Rupa Dharam Shantam,

All forms wear peace.
(Sanskrit poem)

That personification is within your body. The Atma that is in all bodies, that same Atma is also within you. However, instead of being blissful by observing your own Atma, you are speaking sharply and are only becoming jealous of the Atma in others.
Embodiments of Love!
The Atma in you is also in others. Though each one experiences for themselves, he feels that he experiences for others. All of this is only the nature of an ignorant dog.
One time a dog went on searching wholeheartedly. It found a dried-up bone. He was chewing it hard with desire. Finally that piece of bone tore its gums. Immediately blood came. Seeing that blood the dog was very joyful. It thought, ‘This blood is coming from the bone I am chewing.’ No, no, no! It is your own blood that flows onto the bone and it seems to you that it is the blood of the bone.
In that same way, man of today, forgetting the bliss within himself, thinks that this bliss is available somewhere outside. Having faith in that, he is only trying to experience (that ephemeral) happiness. This is a big mistake. Every single thing comes from within oneself. Sorrow or joy, both of these is your delusion. It is said:

Pleasure is an interval between two pains.

We obtain a joy between two pains. A joy is obtained between two sorrows. So both of these are within ourselves but they do not come from outside. It is just like a man who sees his shadow and is deluded. Yet that is a shadow. That is your shadow. Seeing the shadow you are deluded. You are not aspiring to see your true body. So we should do a kind of inquiry. Regarding this, Vedanta said that you should search for yourself.
One day an ICS officer made a camp (visited) a taluka (any certain section of a state district). Many people were warning (him) that there were many ghosts in the house of that camp. They asked (told him), “Sir, you have a white body. You won't be able to see it. Ones with dark bodies can see it. There are ghosts in there.”
“What is this, everyone is saying like this! Is there a ghost in here? What is it like? Let me see.” He turned off the light and turned on a small bed light. He woke up with the bed light on, paapam! He put on leg over the other and he was wondering and moving them (his own legs) about. The shadow of that was seen on the wall. That also looked like it was moving about.
However, this ignorant person thought, “Ah, there, the ghost has come! It should be caught and shot!” He took the pistol by his side and shot it. Finally his finger was gone (got shot off). In this way, seeing his own shadow he was deluded.
Man is (likewise) succumbing to all sufferings. There is nothing except for us in the world. All are embodiments of God. There is nothing except for God.

Ekam Sath Vipra Bahuda Vadanti.

Truth is One,
But wise men call It by different Names.
(Sanskrit sloka)

We should have faith in such a unity. We should achieve such a Divinity. We should attain the Divinity in diversity. Then only our sufferings, our sorrows and even our delusions will be destroyed.
Embodiments of Love!
You may think, ‘What is the basis for this?’ This is all our delusion. From being born until death, we are going about in this world, we love all the delusions in this world and through that we are increasing these delusions. Therefore, all of these are only your delusions but not something else.
Seeing anyone if you suffer, that is to you only (only your own experience). If you see anyone and are happy, that (the happiness) is only yours. Sorrow or joy, all are only yours but not someone else’s. Hence, you should reduce to some extent these delusions relating to the body. Forget body attachment and develop atmabhimana. Then only Divine feeling will arise in you.
Embodiments of Love!
In every human being the true and eternal nature of love is the same. Keep that love firm. That love alone will give you peace. That love also will give you courage. Therefore, it is enough if we earn the one thing, love. That love is our God. God is love. Therefore, live in that love. Our entire life should be spent with love. Although keeping such a nature of love within you, why do you suffer?
So, Embodiments of Love!
In nature we see numerous forms. Whatever form we see, each form is different form the other. Forms and names are seen to have differences. Wakeful, dreaming and deep sleep states seem different. However, what is (actually) there? Only One. See that you don’t forget this unity. Seeing the shadow in the water, we desire it and are deluded. Therefore, all of these are only our delusions.
We don’t need to suffer for anyone. You don’t even need to feel bad for yourself. Be happy for yourself. “Who gave this body? I came with this body. What is it that I achieve with it? This education? No! This sandyas (religious observances)? No! These games? No! These songs? No! These words? No, no! What have I come for? I came to know who I am.”
Therefore, whatever we go towards, ‘Who am I, who am I, who am I?’ If we know ‘Who am I,’ you will recall who you (really) are.
Embodiments of the Sacred Atma!
Truly, to know such a truth is a very easy path. There is nothing more simple that finding out who you are. It may be very difficult to know about others but it is very easy to know about yourself. So to know yourself, undertake the appropriate sadhana.
There are many diseases in the body. Many kinds of troubles come. However, you should not become disheartened at all by the suffering that the body gets through certain food and recreation.
Hence, without paying any attention to this at all, what is the work that we came for? Now, all of you came here. Why have all of you come here? You came for education. You came to study. But instead of what is searched for, you are searching for something else.
So you should ask a question there: “Why have we come? Are we attempting (to achieve) that?” Then only we can fulfil the work fully for which we came. Therefore, forgetting the work for which we came, we are searching for that which is non-existent.
In the world, many people have these kinds of worries. They wonder, “Where is my life going to?” The reason we are born is to grow. We grow to achieve. We achieve to know the Truth. We should make the appropriate effort to know the Truth. If the effort is made to know the Truth, we will understand (comprehend) everything. So realise the Truth through Love.
See, all over there are lights shining. Lights (bulbs) appear to be in many forms. However, in every light there is only one current. If there weren’t this current, these lights wouldn't shine at all.
The Atma in us is the main switch. That only reaches the ears and makes them hear. It reaches our eyes and makes them see. The form of chaitanya in every body makes one experience. This current (chaitanya) is the basis for everything. That only is Divinity. That only is chaitanya. We have forgotten that chaitanya today. We should never forget chaitanya. As long as this chaitanya is present, we will be embodiments of chaitanya.
Therefore, we should make an effort to understand this chaitanya. Chaitanya doesn’t come from somewhere else. It doesn’t go anywhere. It remains there (everywhere) only and it goes there (everywhere) only.
So, in spirituality we succumb to many kinds of mistaken ideas (or doubts). Through these doubts we become very mad people. It is only these doubts that make us into crazy people. First and foremost we should make doubts distant. As long as there are doubts, we cannot see (experience) Truth. Hence through doubts we become so naïve.
Embodiments of Love!
Importantly, don’t have many doubts. Due to all of these doubts coming in man, he is forgetting his own (true) Self. Faith is very important. This should be a very strong faith. Without that faith, you will become (like) a blind man.

Having eyes, people have become blind, as they don’t want to behold Your auspicious Form. Having ears, they have become deaf as they are not interested in listening to Your melodious voice. They have forgotten God and are craving for low worldly life.
(Telugu poem)

This is what Suradas said. What is this? “When the eyes were there what is it that I desired? However, now that the eyes have gone what is it that I desire? I am now desiring what I saw when I had eyes.
Hence, whether you have eyes or not, what is seen is only One. Hence, don’t consider the (physical) eyes as a basis. Divine vision and spiritual power is your eye. First you should fill your mind with the nature of chaitanya. That Divine light is in every single person. If there weren’t that light, none of these (outer) lights would exist. Therefore, our main light is the Atma.
Based on this Sankara went around the entire world and propagated ‘Bhaja Govinda’. What is all of this? What should be contemplated upon, is not contemplated on! Bhaja Govindam, Bhaja Govindam: think of God.
What is the use of contemplating on something other than Divinity? Therefore, that which we should think about is only contemplation of God.
You only are God. God is not separate. It is said:

You and I are one.

Therefore, we are under delusion thinking, ‘We are separate devotees and He is God.’ That thought should be made distant.
The bad qualities, ari-shadvargas, are the root cause for so many bad actions of man. Animals and human beings both have these ari-shadvargas. What is the difference between animals and you? Animals eat, animals sleep and animals experience hunger. Man sleeps and man experiences. Then what is the difference between them (human beings) and those (animals)? No!

Prajnanam Brahma.

Brahman is the Highest Wisdom.
(Sanskrit sloka)

That is what man has. When prajnana and viveka are present, one won't have sorrow at all.
All come and go, passing clouds. Why should we be so worried, holding on only to these passing clouds? We should hold to the nature that doesn’t change. That only is our nature of Atma. That is our nature of chaitanya. That only is our Divinity. That only is our sacredness. If you behold (experience) that:

Brahmavit Bramaiva Bhavati.

The Knower of Brahman becomes Brahman Himself.
(Sanskrit sloka)


Brahmavit Bramaina Bhavati.

The Knower of Brahman becomes Brahman Himself.
(Sanskrit sloka)

We should see to our (true) selves. Yesterday I said:

Mamaivamsho Jeeva Loke
Jeeva Bhuta Sanathanaha.

The Eternal Atma in all beings
is a portion of My Being.

He (Krishna) said, ‘My portion is in all.’ However, where did all of the sorrows, worries, difficulties and angers observed in this portion come from? All of these are animal qualities that we filled in our heart. The beastile feelings should be sent distant. Wash them out!

Run away from bad company.

Be filled with true and eternal feelings.
There is water in this cup. If one wants to pour milk into this water (cup), first the water should be poured out. Instead of that, if you pour milk into the water, both water and milk will become useless.
You have filled bad feelings completely in your heart. If good things from the good path are filled on top of such bad feelings, both will go bad. You won't obtain anything. Therefore, make evil distant. Be filled with sacredness. Then only you will change into a sacred being.
Hence, when we wish to be sacred, our vessel should remain sacred. It should be kept empty. When the heart is kept sacred, everything (good) may be filled in that.
How much we are earning! How much wealth we are earning! We are earning so much food. However, where do all of these go? Who are we giving them to? To no one. Finally, whom will we give them to and whom will it reach?
To fill the small fist-sized stomach, we are earning so many lakhs (hundreds of thousands). Are we filling the stomach with that (the actual cash) that we earn? No, no, no, no!
Therefore, we are succumbing to so many bad situations in this life that could disappear in a moment. Our body is temporary. All of it is a water bubble.

Mind is like a mad monkey.
Don’t follow the mind.
Don’t follow the body.
Follow the love; follow the conscience.

So, follow the true nature. That is what we should learn from education today. You study so much education.

Studying and studying all education,
why should one die?
The education that doesn’t die (that leads to Immortality) should be studied.
(Telugu poem)

What do we obtain through education? As long as one is present in the world, it (education) is a path to fill the stomach, that’s all. The one who studies is filling his stomach. The beggar who has no education is filling his stomach. Is it great to fill the stomach?
Not filling the stomach: we should fill our heart. We should fill the heart with love. This love will give us everything. Try to fill the heart. That only is compassion: hru-daya, meaning compassion. That which is filled with compassion is hrudaya. We should fill that compassion with love. Whatever moment we get, it should not be wasted. Develop that love.
Today this love is made distant, and by entering onto unsacred paths, finally you are changing the love also into nirasha (despondency, hopelessness). There is no sambandham (affinity, relationship) with anyone else. Who has sambandham with another? Who has relationship with another? None at all. You yourself are increasing these attachments and relationships.
Before marriage who was your husband? After marriage who is your wife? Then, after death who is your husband? Who is your wife? Both don’t exist. Only as long as one lives. For that reason, it is said that in the family all of these are passing clouds. They come in the middle and they go in the middle. They are not permanent at all. All of these are like passing clouds. We don’t need to be sorrowful over these.
Hence, what is it you should think about about? You should struggle for your bliss. You love should be obtained. You should prove that this love is also in all.
Instead of sharing love, all human beings today are increasing hatred, jealous and anger. What use is studying so much education? Finally we are not sharing love. Hatred, hatred, hatred, hatred: this hatred is a terrible demon. We are only developing this terrible demon but we are not developing the sacred nature of love.
If even a bit of love is attained in you, share that love with others. That only is your true duty. Fulfil such a duty and attain the Divine path.
There are a few subjects in the education that you study. All of these subjects are related to the world.

Ehamunu Sukhimpa Hemataaraka Vidya;
Paramunu Sukhimpa Brahma Vidya.

For happiness here, there is secular knowledge.
For happiness in the other world,
there is spiritual knowledge.
(Telugu poem)

We should develop that. Then only we will have permanent bliss.
(Cut in the tape: The following paragraph was copied from the discourse of “A short while ago, you listened to Rasgotra. He said some very valuable ideas. His educational accomplishments are unparalleled. He has held positions of eminence. He has everything that one could ask for. Then why does he come here? He comes here to experience Swami's love.”)
They find out that what they don’t have is with Me. Truly if that love was in you, why are all of you coming here? You wouldn’t come here at all. You don’t have that. Because it is not with you, you are coming here. We should obtain what we don’t have. What are we doing with that which we have? Not studying (using it) at all. Hence, we should earn that which we don’t have.
Peace is not present. All of you know: in Gujarat there was one man named Patel. He was an ardent devotee and a great businessman. He went around foreign countries and earned very great wealth.
A foreigner friend of his came to Gujarat one day. He came to Gujarat and said, “Sir, Patel, I want to come to see you.” He said (answered), “Without fail, you may come.”
Just as he (the foreigner friend) came, he (Patel) was sitting in the puja (worship) room. He kept doing puja for a long time. He didn’t come out. This foreigner sat and sat and then got disgusted.
After everything (the puja) was over, paapam, Patel came out. “What is this, Patel? What are you doing puja for? You have as much wealth as you need. Therefore, you are not doing puja for money. You have as much sukha (happiness or comforts) as you need. Therefore, you don’t desire sukha. Then, for what are you sitting and doing puja for so long?”
Then that Patel laughed outright. “Sir, I am not praying for anything related to the world at all. I don’t desire (more) wealth. I don’t desire sukha. I don’t need anything at all. He (God) has what I don’t have. Therefore, I am praying to God.” He (the foreigner) said, “What is it that you don’t have?”

“I want truth. I want love. I want peace.’

“He (God) has these three, truth, love and peace. God is not giving those three to anyone. He has only kept them with Himself. I am praying to obtain them,” he said.
Have you seen? We should attempt to pray for that which we don’t have. What is it that we don’t have now? That only is peace. You should desire peace. If you desire what you have, why should you pray at all? You need not pray for anything. If you earn them, they will be obtained.
What you don’t have and what God has are only two. Love and peace, both of these are with God. If we obtain these two, Truth will be obtained through that. Only two are enough, (then) we may obtain anything.
If there is the one thing, sugar, any number of sweets may be prepared. However, we give the names of ‘godama, halava, baadam, kheer, gulab jaman’. The names may indicate different varieties but the sweetness is one.
Therefore, God is love. If we obtain that love, through that love we may prepare any number of things. We may obtain any number of sukhas. Any amount of peace may be experienced. Therefore, bangaru! Earn love.

Bhagavan ended His Divine Discourse by chanting the bhajan, ‘Prema Mudhita Mana Se Kaho…’