The following discourse has been translated into English from Bhagavan's Telugu speech as heard on this festival's ashram audiocassette. It is a complete, literal translation made with the objective of preserving Bhagavan's precious original poetic style as much as possible.
December 25th, 2002

Maanam Hitva Priyo Bhavati.
Krodham Hitva Na Shochati.
Kaamam Hitva Arthaat Bhavati.
Lobhaam Hitva Sukhi Bhavati.

Without ego, there will be dearness.
Without anger, there will be no sorrow.
Without desire, there will be wealth.
Without greed, there will be happiness.
(Sanskrit sloka)

Embodiments of Love!
All materials in this universe have these five: Sath, Chith, Ananda, form and name. Sath, Chith and Ananda are important qualities of a being. Form and name are created (artificial) and untruth. Having the basis of form and name and keeping in action the temporary nature of Prakrithi, man lives forgetting his true form.
God has no qualities and no feelings. Man creates qualities (and attributes them) for such a God to foster humanness and he lives forgetting his own Divinity. This is a strange life!
It is necessary for every individual to recognize how much Love, so much Truth and how much compassion is there in God. Though man is Divine, he is taking the form of a demon due to conducting himself forgetting God.

Due to God keeping determination which has all powers in His navel, the nature of that navel took the form of that which is highest, has goodness and a good disposition. Therefore, due to God having an excellent nature, He even got the name of ‘saundarya (beauty)’.
The nature of man which is contained in the principle of Hiranyagarbha, is the highest type of life. Due to Divine feelings arising in the golden navel, He even got the name of ‘Suvarnagarbha’ (golden womb). Though He is the creator of all creation, recognizing that creation, he got the name of ‘manuvu’.
Therefore, if one wants to understand the nature of God, one should recognize with what action and with what feeling each name and each feeling have arose.
Sacred determination and dexterity are present in every man. One may feel that only the man who undertakes such determination is a true man. Due human nature shining in the womb of the navel with the highest splendour, He also has the name of ‘Tejomaya’ (full of splendour). Due to being the primordial cause of all of creation and living beings, He also obtained another name of ‘Prajapathi’ (lord of living beings).
There are so many of God's names but even one name without a meaning cannot be observed. Based on this only, our ancients gave only God's names to every human being.
Therefore, people are making numerous efforts to recognize Divinity. These are not essential. When everything is within him, why should he inquire? Hence, there is no need to search for God.

God is the embodiment of Love. Truth only is His form and His nature.

Sathyam Naasti Paro Dharmah.

The highest Dharma is Truth.
(Sanskrit sloka)

There is no Dharma higher than Truth for him. However, unable to recognize Truth, man of today is developing untruth and is living feeling that only that is Truth. In order to fulfil his desires, man recognizes untruth as Truth and he fosters that. So, man has to try to recognize his (true) form. His nature is:

Sathyam, Jnanam, Anantham Brahma.

Truth, Wisdom and Eternity is God.
(Sanskrit sloka)

Hence, man’s true qualities are Sathya, Jnana and Anantham. In order to open the proper eyes of man, who is such an embodiment of Jnana, to some extent, God gifted numerous types of Shastras, Itihasas and Puranas.
There is Sathya, there is Dharma and there is Prema in every human being in the world. Sath, Chith and Ananda are also God’s reflections. They only are important qualities for individuals.
‘Sath’ means what is permanent. That does not change. That will not change on any day. ‘Chith’ is a form of Chaitanya. The nature of God they called Atma.
One meaning of ‘Atma’ is ‘Brahman’. This Brahman puts on (the vesture of) Chaitanya in every human being. So, the Chaitanya in every human being is the form of God. Man of today is not trying to recognize such Chaitanya. The man who recognizes such a nature of Chaitanya is a true human being. Therefore, Sath, Chith, Ananda or Sathyam, Jnanam Anantham, these are only different words but the meaning is the same.
Therefore, we are listening to numerous types of debates in the world. We are listening to debates on atheism, dualism, non-dualism and qualified non-dualism. What is more important than all of these is that the essence of these is the name of ‘Kesava’. The meaning of ‘Ka’ is ‘Brahma’. The meaning of ‘Sa’ is ‘Siva’. So, the letter ‘Va’ in Kesava relates to Vishnu. This Kesava is the root cause for creation, preservation and annihilation.
Hence, if every single human being wants to recognize his own nature, he should try to recognize the name (nature) of Kesava within himself.
In the past, from ancient times, they undertook numerous investigations and experiments, recognized the Divine Divinity and proclaimed to the world. It is said:

Vedahametham Purusham Mahantham,
Adithya Varnam Thamasa Paarasthath.

I know the Supreme Being, who shines with the effulgence of the sun and who is beyond Thamas, the darkness of ignorance.
(Sanskrit sloka)

Vedahametham Purusham

I know the Supreme Being
(Sanskrit sloka)

The nature beyond the Vedas is Divinity.

Mahantham, Adithya Varnam

Who shines with the effulgence of the sun
(Sanskrit sloka)

(He has) The colour of the sun.

Thamasa Paarasthath

Beyond Thamas, the darkness of ignorance.
(Sanskrit sloka)

He is shining from the heart of thamas. Therefore, it was declared to the world that everyone should have darshan of such a sacred form.

However, from that day, faith in God arose in man. Gradually, as time passed, such faith changed. What is the reason for this? Due to man losing faith and due to wrong faith, wrong meanings arose.

Mohammedans call Him Allah.
Good Christians call Him Jehovah.
Worshippers of Vishnu call Him the Lotus-eyed One.
Worshippers of Siva call Him Sambhu.
There is only One (God) who
protects and gives prosperity, compassion and Love.
(Telugu poem)

God is One. Names are numerous. Each religion established each one. The religions are not different.

All religions are different; the path is one.
The differences of clothes are different; the cloth is one.
Jewels are many; gold is one.
Colours of the cows are different; milk is one.
Races of living creatures are many; life is one.
Casts and codes of conduct are many; birth is one.
(Telugu poem)

Hence, if every human being recognises his own nature, the memory of Truth comes.

Jesus was born as a type of great soul. It was not possible to say whether he was Divine or another nature. He said:

I am Son of God.

God is my father. I am the Son of God. He said this but he didn’t say, “I myself am God.” That is also not something that he said.
When he was born, all the Arabian kings came. They gradually saw the radiance of a star. Thinking, “Where is it going?” they followed the star. It went near a cowshed. Then these Arabian kings arrived at the place where the radiance of that light went. Three of them arrived.
He (the first Arabian king) saw that child. They (Jesus’ parents) had laid him in a little plate, and he was radiating light. Then seeing him, one Arabian king said, “This boy will love God in the future.”
The second king said, “No, no. God will love this child.” Then the third king said, “No, no, he will love everyone.” Hence, the words that were written in the Bible in those days are like this.

The one you think you are.
The one others think you are.
The one you really are.

They recognized the right meanings of these three feelings and they wrote like this.

When this child (Jesus) was growing up near Mary, the father was doing the work of a carpenter. One day, a festival was celebrated there. Many people gathered there. He got together with some children and he also started off to go somewhere.
The mother and father went searching in all directions for that boy. However, he wasn’t seen anywhere. He went and sat in the place in the temple where the priest was reading (out loud) about God. Mary was feeling very bad because she didn’t see her child. It is usual for the mother to suffer when she can't see (find) her child.
She went to the temple. They (both of Jesus’ parents) went to that temple thinking, “At least we will pray to God.” When they went to the door, the boy was coming back (out). That mother lifted up that child with overwhelming joy and said, “Dear son, where have you been since so long? We couldn’t see (you)! Where were you?” She asked numerous questions.
“Mother, why this craziness? I was near God. From early morning, the priest (rabbi) who was contemplating on God, was teaching me very well.” Therefore, even from the beginning, contemplation of God arose in (was dear to) that boy.
Growing and growing up in this way, after some time his father died. However the mother said, “Dear son, your father is not here, therefore accept that work (responsibility) and do the work of a carpenter and let us fill our stomachs (eke out a livelihood).” But that child didn’t like that work. His mother didn’t like to go against the preference of the boy.

One day, without telling his mother, that boy started off and went to mountain. The child who went was not seen anywhere. This mother suffered a lot and finally became weak (or disheartened). Sitting on that mountain, he was contemplating upon God.
Slowly he came down. A large river was flowing there. There were a few fishermen sitting there. He came there and saw them. All of them were very sorrowful. The boy questioned the fishermen, “Why are you so sad (or worried)?”
They said, “Dear one, from so long we have been living with this work as fishermen. However, today wherever we look, we couldn’t catch even one (fish).
“Foolish people! Where there is water won't there be any fish? Come with me; let us get on this boat. Let us go!” He took all of them with him. When they went to the middle of the ocean, he said to cast their nets. Many fishes were caught. Then only they developed a lot of faith in that boy. Therefore, first and foremost faith is very important for every single human being.

Where there is confidence, there is Love.
Where there is Love, there is Peace.
Where there is Peace, there is Truth.
Where there is Truth, there is Bliss.
Where there is Bliss, there is God.

Therefore, Jesus gave them a type of faith.
An important youth among them was Peter. Peter had excessive amount of love and faith arose in him for this boy. Daily he took that boy, did as much help as was needed and then returned. When they sat under a tree in the evening, Jesus used to give spiritual teachings to all of them.

Peter’s father had died. Then the mother was feeling very sad. Then he went with that boy:

Death is the dress of life. Why cry?

Why are you sorrowful? Death is like changing our clothes. So you don’t need to be sad at all.

These bodies made up of the five elements, comes and goes. The body is temporary. The body cannot escape birth and death.
(Telugu poem)

Therefore, don’t worry about this body.

The body is made up of the five elements.
Some day the body is bound to fall.
The Indweller is permanent.
The permanent Indweller has no death or birth,
and has no attachment, rules or regulations.
Therefore, that Indweller only is God Himself.
The indweller in the body is the true God.
(Telugu poem)

He gave consolation in this way. He gave courage and daring (boldness) to numerous people, and he spent time with the fishermen. The fishermen were blissful in these circumstances. They didn’t recall any worries.
At a time like that, a tax officer named Matthew came in order to ask them for taxes. Mathew also listened (to Jesus who was) always teaching good things to all the fishermen. He kept writing it in his book. Due to him doing like this, he also changed himself into a disciple of Jesus.

While gradually growing up in this way, no one can escape the difficulties relating to the five elements. A few sufferings, sorrows and worries continue to happen. We cannot live as human beings in this universe without them. Difficulties and joys are the birthplace for mankind. Death cannot be avoided for the human being who is born. Happiness also cannot avoid sorrow.

Sukha Dukhe Same Kritva,
Labho Labha Jayo Jaya.

Treat happiness and sorrow,
victory and defeat,
gain and loss
(Sanskrit sloka)


The pleasure in an interval between two pains.

Hence, man cannot exist without these. Hence the life of man is brought about (made or exists) for the search for Truth.
It is not here for only eating, drinking, going about and thus living. This is the nature of the five elements that happens in the middle (meantime). However, mankind who has come, has to recognize his Truth. He should understand his (true) form. Only being born as human beings and growing, eating, drinking and dying, is not the end (goal) of man’s life. Jesus gave these types of good teachings.

If anyone gets a highly good name anywhere in the world, there are numerous people who cannot bear it. Feelings of jealousy arise in numerous people. Not only this. A few kinds of hatred also begin. No matter how great a person may be in the world, these types of bad qualities enter into him and they kill him. Jealousy, ego, pomp and show (and other qualities) like these, are very bad qualities. So, people won't forgive anyone who has these types of bad qualities.
We should not criticize anybody. We should not make fun when seeing anybody. Hence, man will be one who has obtained human nature only when these types of sacred good feelings are learnt.
Man of today exists but human values have become completely nil. Due to human values being destroyed, man is succumbing to sufferings that shouldn’t be experienced.
Only when the power of burning is in fire, it gets the name of fire. In that same way, when one thinks of human beings, he is a (true) human being only when there are human values. After losing human values, he is not a human being at all. He is like a dirty charcoal. No matter how great one may be, no matter how much education one has, no matter how educated one is and no matter how virtuous one may be, first and foremost the human values should be developed. Therefore, the human values today are very essential.
Human values have become destroyed completely and absolutely. He is living as man but not even a bit of human values can be seen. What is the use of having so much education? What is the use of being so rich? However, without these values, he is completely low. Therefore, first and foremost we should make these bad qualities distant.
I am always saying this only. (Cut in audiocassette.)


I have been teaching the ones in the Messengers of Sathya Sai in so many ways. Maybe it is due to influence of the place or the influence of the wind or the influence of the soil, but the ones who are in India are only developing bad qualities. Only bad qualities like Jealousy, anger and hatred are arising.
The Messengers of Sathya Sai who go out to foreign countries are developing so many good qualities. People who came from Japan and America have spoken. How good is their speech! How sweet is their feeling! How progressive are their words!
Such feelings are not in people who are here. They always criticize others. They criticize and loath others, so the feeling of jealousy has increased a lot. Why does this jealousy come? Why do you (P) get anger? There is no reason. These bad feelings come only due to their bad feelings and bad conduct. You (P) are highly educated.
You (P) saw. The woman who came from Japan has a PhD. Though studying so much, they have a lot of ___________. They have a lot of humility. They have a lot of viveka (discrimination). They have a lot of devotion and obedience (surrender).
Yet, people in India get Doctorate degrees. Why these doctorate degrees? Is it for increasing wickedness? Is it to increase evil thoughts? No, no, no, no! What is this doctorate degree for? It is to kill the jealousy, bad feelings and bad actions in them. They are slandering one another. Seeing such feelings I get very disgusted.
With so much Love, with broad, feelings, keeping the name of Kingdom of Sathya Sai, you are doing many sacred activities. You (P) are doing activities but gradually the feelings are changing into low feelings.

Today the Messengers of Sathya Sai (old students' association of Anantapur Campus for girls) are celebrating their anniversary. They should not give scope to evil tendencies like jealousy, anger and hatred.
Their members who are working in overseas countries are leading exemplary lives. Today you have heard the speeches made by our former students from Japan and America. Their thoughts and feelings are noble. Their speech is full of sweetness.
The girl from Japan who spoke earlier is the holder of a Ph.D. degree. They are highly qualified, yet they conduct themselves with humility and obedience. Their devotion and surrender is worthy of emulation.
What is the use of high academic qualifications and doctorate degrees if one does not give up wicked traits like jealousy and carrying tales against others? I really detest such behaviour.
With love, enthusiasm and sacred feelings, you have established an organisation in the name of Sathya Sai for doing service to humanity. No doubt, a lot of good work is being done; but take care that the noble feelings do not degenerate into ill feelings.

Work is not important. Qualities (good qualities or virtues) are very important. Wherever one is, in a forest, in the sky, in a village or in a town, virtues are very important.
The feeling of jealousy is very bad. For the one who has jealousy, life will never be lived as life. It may be said to be a living death. Suitable to this (a living death), these words are said there and those words are said here. People slander (or carry tales).
Why do you use these words concerning others? Why are you criticizing others? Criticize the bad qualities within yourself. Throw away the bad feelings within yourself. However, why should you create and propagate qualities that are not in others?


But no matter how many ways this is told, there is no change in them. I am very disgusted from five or six years. What is the use of establishing, fostering and starting such organizations? You are having all the samathis (Sai Centres) and bhajan mandalis (bhajan groups). You do all social work. You conduct study circles. You are running them but what use is it? If there isn't Love in the heart, no matter how much is done, it is all useless.

Love is God, live in Love.

You (P) should develop that nature of Love.
Therefore, there is only hatred for these people and for those people. There is even hatred among teachers. There is also fighting among the teachers. It would not be wrong even to burn people with such evil buddhi (meaning ones thoughts, feelings or intentions). (Applause) I won't even look at such people with bad buddhis. I will give whatever you (P) want. If you even want my praana (life-force), I will give it, but just make distant bad qualities. (Applause)
Therefore, from a few days I (felt that I) don’t want to develop the Kingdom of Mother Sai. From next year I am stopping this Kingdom of Mother Sai. What is the use of so many efforts being made for these people with bad qualities? When the name of ‘Sathya Sai - Kingdom of Mother Sai’ is kept, there should be the suitable kind of respect given to that ‘Kingdom’. Respect should be given to the name of ‘Sathya Sai’.
There are so many organizations. When the organization has Swami’s Name, - ‘Sathya” - one should proceed on the path of Truth. What is the use of keeping the name of ‘Sathya Sai’ when Sathya (Truth) is not spoken? If the mouth is opened, (only) asathya (is spoken). When the foot is placed, (one proceeds only towards) adharma. When the face turns, there is no Love at all. So the organization will progress well only when we develop that Sathya and Dharma with Love.

In spite of My repeated advice, there is no transformation in many people. I am disgusted with their behaviour over the last five-six years. What is the use of establishing organisations? You have Sathya Sai Seva Samithis and Bhajan Mandalis. You are undertaking social service, conducting study circles. But no purpose is served if such service is not backed by love in the heart.

Love is God. Live in love.

Instead people are developing hatred against one another. Such people deserve exemplary punishment, for others are also getting spoiled on account of such wicked people. I am prepared to give you anything, even My life, provided you get rid of your evil qualities.
When you take the name of Sathya Sai, how nobly should the organisation function! How much respect should you command in society! Whoever establishes an organisation in the name of Sathya Sai must adhere to the principle of Truth.
Functioning under the banner of Sathya Sai, if you deviate from the path of Truth, what purpose does it serve? It is only when you cultivate love and tread along the path of truth and morality, will the organisation develop and prosper.

First and foremost from today you should develop the nature of Love, the path of Truth and the nature of Dharma. That is the work that you have to do. (Cut in audiocassette)


It is not good to be in a Divine organisation and do demonic acts.

It is not proper to undertake demonic activities in the name of a Divine organisation.

So, one should go forward on the path of Truth.

So, people attributed many different kinds of Names for God.

Sathya Dharma Parayanaya Namah.
Sathya Swarupaya Namah.

Salutations to the protector of Truth and Dharma.
Salutations to the embodiment of Truth.
(Sanskrit sloka)

How many meanings there are in keeping (names) like this!

Prema Swarupaya Namah.

Salutations to the embodiment of Love.
(Sanskrit sloka)

Love is an important principle for man. What is the use of a (life) without Love? To sit and slander others when they are not present! (Cut in audiocassette.)

It is very shameful for women to have such bad buddhis. From the beginning these qualities were not present in women.

In the past women were free from evil traits. But now even women are no exception to these diseases. What a shame!

My opinion is that bad qualities also developed due to education progressing so much.

One studies so much knowledge,
gaining a lot of discrimination.
Yet still he does not know
his Self, the dull-head!
No matter how much one studies and
what style there is,
he will not give up his low qualities.
Studying again and again
leads only to argumentation;
but he can never get full wisdom.
Studying and studying all education like this,
why should one die?
The education that doesn’t die
(that leads to Immortality)
should be studied.
(Telugu poem)

Therefore, there is no use in the education with these bad qualities. Hence, our education is not important. Virtues are very important. Due to having friendship with a person with bad qualities, you will also get bad qualities.

Tyaja Durjana Samsargam.
Bhaja Sadhu Samagamam.
Kuru Punyam Ahorathram.

Leave bad company.
Join good company.
Undertake meritorious deeds day and night.
(Sanskrit sloka)

This is important to man. Due to us having friendship with a bad person, we also become bad people.
Karna was a great man in the Mahabharatha. Karna was one who learnt all types of education completely. He was one who obtained a great teacher. He was one who had greater education than Arjuna.
However, though he was so highly educated, why did the name of Karna get spoiled? His name was spoiled due to joining with Duryodhana and Dussasana. So, what is the use in being such a great man?

What finally happened to Karna, who was so great?
(Telugu poem)

Hence, no matter how many types of things we study, if the buddhi (intellect) is not all right, all will become useless. We should go far from bad company. Then only (we will experience our) true nature.

So, Boy Students and Girl Students!
First and foremost, all should develop virtues. There is no use in earning money.

When money is more, arrogance will increase.
With arrogance, bad nature will increase without stopping.
When money is less, arrogance will subside.
When arrogance subsides, bad nature will be given up.
(Telugu poem)

Hence, it is not great for us to earn money. It is very necessary to earn virtues. Speak under limits. All of these kinds of things (bad qualities) come due to talking too much. No matter how many organizations you join, there is no use of them if you don’t change the feeling within yourself.

Words: (people use) sweet words. However, their heart is bitter. It is poison. Hence, first and foremost we have to develop sweetness in our mind (heart). That only is a true heart. ‘Hrut’ plus ‘daya’ is ‘hrudaya’. There should be hearts of compassion. There should be hearts of Love. Then only (one is a) true human being.
Jesus developed a heart of Love in this way and fostered and protected numerous poor and plain people. Because he was among them giving help in the right way, many enemies came forward.
Whoever it may be, do help to good people. It doesn’t matter how many difficulties come to us. It doesn’t matter how many sufferings are experienced. One should just not criticize others. There is only One Atma in everyone. Your Atma is in the person you criticize also. That same Atma is present (in them). You may feel that you are criticizing others but no, no! It is like you are criticizing yourself. If you don’t like it, keep quiet; only do that but just don’t criticize others.
Therefore, develop good qualities like this. No matter how many good works are done, they are useless if one develops bad qualities. At least speak good words.

You cannot always oblige but you can speak always obligingly.

Hence, speak good words. Only that but it is a demonic action to unnecessarily create and attribute faults to others and speak of them.

If anyone has suffering, you should suffer. (You should think,) “Ayyo paapam (Oh dear)! Today it happened to him. Tomorrow or the next day it may happen to me!” Therefore, no one can escape suffering. So we should wish for the welfare of all. Based on this only (we repeat):

Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu.

May all the beings in all the worlds be happy.
(Sanskrit sloka)

Hence, we should recognize the welfare of all. We should recognize the safety of all. Our heart should transform into Hiranyagarbha. Then only there will be a good feeling and a good life. Hence, that only is the cause of being a good man. You don’t need to become a great man; become a good man. Make effort so that everyone will love you. Therefore, God is called:

Hiranyagarbhaya Namah.

Salutations to Hiranyagarbha
(God who has a golden womb)
(Sanskrit sloka)

All love God. He is always blissful. He won't hate anyone. He won't make fun of anyone. Whatever is done, He does it for the good. So whatever is done (whatever God does), feel, “This is for my good, for my good.” Therefore, every human being should develop that nature of Love. Develop (follow) the path of Truth. Maintain morals.


The jaati (race or nationality)
without neeti (morality) is useless.
(Telugu poem)

Therefore, it is not just nationality that is (should be) present, there should also be morality. Many people want devotion to the country and say, “Nationality, nationality.” (Patriotism.) What is the use in there being nationality? There should be the true nature of Love. There is no use in nationality being present without morality. So morality is more important than anything. Therefore, we have to develop morality. Only when moral conduct is kept, man will change.

Embodiments of Love!
All of your words are true (Swami refers to the people who had just given speeches). However, God will not be happy with (mere) words. Put those words into practical (practise). You may be a great hero in platform speeches, but in practical sense (you) may be a zero. You should be a hero in the practical sense. I like that very much. Let any number of sufferings come. Be a hero in practical (practise), in daily life.
Therefore, many have experienced God in a great way. Mohammad and Jesus (etc.), all of them were very great people. How did they get such greatness? Greatness came due to them doing good works. Goodness should also be mingled in this greatness. Hence, goodness is much better than greatness.
There are so many great noble souls in the land of Bharath. Thyagaraju said:

Endaro Mahanubhavulu,
Andariki Vandanamulu.

There are so many great souls,
obeisances to all of them.
(Telugu poem)

Hence, though he was such a great one, he proved that kind of humility and obedience. So, to what extent did he describe God?

You cannot be comprehended in words.
Is it possible even for Brahma (the Creator) to extol Your story?
You cannot be comprehended in words.

(Telugu poem)

It is not possible for anyone to describe You. It is not possible to describe Your virtues.

You protected Devaki and Vasudeva.
You protected the Pandavas very well.
You relieved the anguish of Kuchela. You took away the bends in the deformed Kubja. You brought back and gave the Guru's son (Sandeepani),
You protected the 16,000 lovely ladies (gopis).
You went to the assembly and saved Draupadi when she cried, "Oh, Krishna, Krishna!"
(Telugu poem)

How can anyone describe somebody like you? However one’s feeling are, the result will be like that. When your feeling comes from the heart, your result also will touch (reach) the heart. It is useless only speaking (nice) words and having fire in the heart.

Embodiments of Love!
Today what we should know is: we should keep a peaceful feeling. Wherever one goes in the world, there is no peace at all. Whoever you go and ask (they reply):

I want peace, peace, peace, peace.

Where is peace? It is all only pieces, pieces, pieces. No peace. You are making your heart into pieces. From where will you get this peace?
Hence, Love God. Have faith in God. Surrender to God. Feel that (whatever you do in) your whole life is God's actions. Every action that we do should be helpful actions.

Help. Help ever, hurt never.

So we should not give suffering to anyone. As far as possible, let us continue to help them. Let us continue to Love them. Who will get what kind of difficulties? We can't say. You think, “They have those difficulties, I didn’t get them! I am well.” When, what moment, sometime (you may also get difficulties). So if you want to be well always, desire the welfare of others. Hope for the well-being of all, this only is true sadhana.
One does pujas and bhajans, and thinks that, “This is spiritual, spiritual.” These are not important. However, develop virtues. We should make others think that we are good people. Jesus got a very good name. Finally he even offered his body. Hence, we should engage in such a sacrifice.
Without this sacrifice, if one thinks of ‘bhoga, bhoga,’ the whole life will transform into roga. Thyaaga is the true yoga. Thyaaga is the real yoga. Bhoga is the true roga. Hence, we should not succumb to this roga. We should submit to yoga.

The very important thing that everyone should learn is the nature of Love. Love, Love, Love! No one will hate the one who has this Love. Go to the bazaar with Love, go to any forest or wherever, even beasts will not trouble you.
In the past all the Maharishis (great sages) spent time in the forest. Tigers, lions and so many (other wild beasts) came in those forests and they used to fight in all ways. Men lived peacefully even in the midst of such wild beasts. What is the reason? They had a weapon. Due to them keeping the weapon of Love with them, even those wild beasts protected them.
When we have Love, anyone will love us. We should acquire that weapon. The atom bomb and the hydrogen bomb: not these for us. They will not protect us. The weapon of Love is important for us. If we acquire that, no one will give us suffering in any way.
Love, Love, Love is a very important weapon for Me. Due to keeping this Love, so many people continue coming. Did I give an invitation to anyone? Did I invite anyone? There is no invitation at all. There is no invitation at all. That Love shines (attracts) all of them. (Applause)

My heart only is a big magnet. Due to that magnet, all iron fillings (pieces) come and gather. Even hard hearts are only iron pieces. Even they will quickly be attracted if they are purified.
But some people think, “Ayyo (oh dear), Swami thinks (He is) a magnet. Why isn't He attracting us?” He will attract you. However, that iron has some rust and dust, and it has become very rusted. Clean them. Without fail this (Swami refers to Himself) will attract (you). Without cleaning it, if one says, “It hasn’t attracted, it hasn’t attracted,” how can it attract? So if one wants that rust and dust to go, it has to be cleaned well with Love: with Love, with Love, with Love. So, make your heart sacred with that Love.
This only is: whether foreigners or people of this country or people of their own country, what everyone should learn is only one: Love, Love, Love. Selfless Love. Only when that selfless Love is present, you will make the whole world attracted to you.

Love is selfless. Self is loveless.

If there is self, it becomes loveless. Hence, you should live with Love.

Bhagavan ended His Divine Discourse by chanting the bhajan, ‘Prema Mudhitha Mana Se Kaho…’