Easwaramma Day
6 May 2002

Sathyam Sivam Sundaram

Truth, auspiciousness and beauty.
(Swami sings a Sanskrit sloka)

Embodiments of Love!

Yad Drishyam Tannasyam.

All that is seen will perish.
(Sanskrit sloka)

All things that are seen with these external eyes and all forms also, will disappear one day. It is not only man who has these external eyes. Animals, birds and beasts also have external eyes. Even worms and insects have physical eyes. However, what is the use? They cannot see eternal and true sights. These eyes only see temporary, impermanent and untrue sights. The entire world, each man’s life, ends with (external) actions like this. However, the eternal and true vision is only jnana (wisdom). The one who has such an eye of jnana is a true human being.
Therefore, it is very necessary for man, at least today, to turn the vision inward to some extent, and to understand Atma Thathwa (reality of the Spirit). Only when we turn our vision inward, we will behold the Atma Thathwa. Until we behold the inner vision, it is only (we will only behold) the outer vision, the outer world and the physical world.

The country of Bharath gives so much respect to mothers. There is a mother for every human being. Yet people who look after such a mother, are respectful, give joy and Atmic (spiritual) joy (to her), are very much less. There is no greater love to be seen in this world other than the love of the mother.

It is because of being born as the son of Kausalya, isn't it, that Rama became Divine, a king.
It is because of the greatly chaste Sita bringing them up, isn’t it, that the twins Lava and Kusa became so greatly renown.
It is because Ziziabai loved him (brought him up), isn't it, that Shivaji got the reputation of a great warrior.
(Telugu poem)

In this way, through the love of the mother and through the ____________ of the mother, respect for her children spreads throughout the world. Respect of the mother is necessary for every individual. All the great power of one’s life is dependent upon the conduct of the mother.
A house without such sacred mothers cannot be observed in this world. In whatever country, in whatever time, the sanctity of these mothers is always increasing, without changing or moving. Education or property is not necessary for this (a good mother). The basis for this is guna (good qualities, virtue or character). There are so many mothers in the world who have such guna.
Every mother is always thinking about the welfare of her son. There are evil sons but no evil mother can be seen in the world. Hence, today sacred children should also increase. Obey the command of the mother; keep the ideal of the mother in the heart, and this has to remain in one’s daily life as an ideal.

Meaning, I am not saying it (the following) for great name and fame. Even during young age the mother of this Body, Eswaramma, used to look after everyone with so much humility, Dharma and broad feeling. When she saw small children, she didn’t inquire, “Who is he? Whose mother’s son?” With so much love she simply used to pick them up and cuddle them.
One time Karuna Subbamma was suffering a lot due to not having any children. Now and then she used to ask, “Easwaramma, send your son to my house now and then.” She used to have others ask this also, and she used to cuddle and foster her (Easwaramma’s) son so much.
So, there are so many mothers like this in the world. Therefore, the very first (teaching or dictum) that came in the culture of Bharath is:

Mathru Devo Bhava.
Pithru Devo Bhava.
Acharya Devo Bhava.
Adhithi Devo Bhava

Mother is God.
Father is God.
Teacher is God.
Guest is God.
(Sanskrit sloka)

They gave respect to the mother first. The first God is only the mother. The mother is the true deity. Yet how many people are respecting such an embodiment of a deity? Leave (the question of) respecting: how many are deserving of her love?
Only the child who is deserving of the mother’s love is a true child. The one who gives trouble to the mother and makes the mother cry will not obtain any peace or happiness in the future. Hence, as far as possible, every son should try to give joy to the mother, without making the mother shed tears.
Due to the influence of this Kali Yuga one may be greatly educated and there may be great authority, (but) no matter how great a man or how great the authority, he is the son of the mother, isn’t it?
Due to the development of his education, the modern boys of today become proud and forget the mother. This is a BIG mistake. Will the one who forgets the mother be without forgetting himself? He is the reflection of the mother. Therefore, first and foremost remember the mother, respect the mother, and try to give the proper type of joy to the mother.

One day when I was in Subbamma’s house, Easwaramma came in great haste. I asked, “Why are you coming in such haste? What is so necessary?”
(Easwaramma answered,) “Swami, the girl next door is very ill. Keeping the small child on her lap, she is suffering a lot. I am unable to see this suffering. There is not even a small hospital in this small hamlet. Aren’t there are so many even suffering from cough. (?)
“Therefore, there are so many devotees coming to You. However, don’t believe that each one is a devotee. Whoever sees the sufferings of others, feels that it is their own suffering and cures that suffering, they only are true devotees. He may be wealthy, he may be one who is greatly educated, he may be one who has great name and fame, however, it is not that (which is important). The first thing that is needed is: seeing people, one should have compassion. Seeing someone with a life of difficulty, tears should fall. But in this Kali age that is very rare. One is praising one’s own son and ones own children but no one is trying to recognize the nature of love, of other children suffering.
“So many thousands of devotees are coming to You. This is a work that no one (else) can do. Only You should grasp it with the hand (embark upon it). Hence, a small hospital is needed to reduce the suffering of poor people in this small village in the right way,” she said.
“I will say (make the decision later). It is such a small matter. Why are you making haste for such a small thing? Time is very important for everything. The moment a child is born it is not grown-up. Some time is needed. So don’t be hasty. Keep your feeling in your heart. When you see suffering people, you (should) also suffer. Pray to God (to tell you) what is the solution to reduce your difficulty.” I said this and I went.
“Ayyo Rama! (Oh Lord!) Swami won't listen! He’s a very stubborn Swami!” Thinking that, she became a little _____________. However, from that day I was remembering this. ‘I must fulfill her small desire. Whether it is small or big, it is a work that helps others, therefore I should undertake this without fail.’ Thinking that, I was ready (to get started).
The second day I called the workers. I had the foundation dug within a month. I had the walls built, I put on the roof completely, and I opened it. A doctor by name of Dr. Brahmam came. He was an ardent devotee. Appropriate to his name, he was really Brahmam (God)!
Afterwards, Bikkana Sitaramayya came. All three of his brothers were ministers. Bikkana Sitaramayya was Swami’s devotee. He said, “Swami, give the responsibility to me. I will look after it.’ From that day till his last breath, he remained in the hospital and worked.

However, today doctors like that cannot be observed anywhere. If they have become a doctor (they only ask), “How much money, how much money, how much money?” They are struggling for money. He gives all of his praana (life force) for money. No one has the noble feeling of relieving the suffering of others. They do not like to go to the villages and work. They should be in the town only. They should have all the conveniences of the town. They should earn the suitable wealth.
What is this money? What is it that comes to us through this money? Money comes. But how long is it there? This is not permanent. Therefore, this money lets people study a lot and it also ruins them. Therefore, nowadays if doctors have to go to the villages and serve in the right way, no one is coming forward.

Rupayee Kosame, Rupayee Kaariga,
Atamaina Gaddi Tintarayya.

For the sake of money people will even eat grass.
(Telugu poem)

They may even eat grass but money must be earned. Yet they want Grace, Grace. Where will it come from? They will get grass but they won't be able to get Grace! (Applause) So in the world, such people of sacrifice should be prepared.
Devotion and sraddha (interest or sincerity) are not only important to Me. Recognize the sufferings of people and search for a means to cure it. One should wish for the welfare of society. So, doctors who make the determination to (uphold) the welfare of the society are very necessary today.
However, the income to achieve this? They have as much as is needed. Every month they earn thousands and thousands of rupees. However, out of the monthly earnings, are they doing the work of even a rupee? No result. They only want rupees but they are not doing the appropriately valuable work for it.
So nowadays sevaks (people who do selfless service) are very important. One who can't be a sevak, cannot be a (true) leader. When a leader is a sevak to the world and to society, they will do any amount of help.
This gruha ammayi (girl of the house), meaning Easwaramma, gave up her life in this village, in this very Mandir. (In Swami’s Ashram near Bangalore.) Summer Course was going on in the month of May. However, she used to come and sit in the classes. What is she doing? She doesn’t know how to read; she’s illiterate. Why is she listening? I used to question her and laugh, “Are you listening to anything?”
“Ayyo, a dhobi is better than these educated people! I don’t need education, Swami!” Yet, I am watching these children, in what way are they practicing, with what feeling are they listening to Swami’s teachings and how are they behaving. I am inquiring into that.”
The parents going through so many difficulties, make so many sacrifices, and with the money that they earn, they are sewing the children nice, white clothes. They desire that their children will live having respect in society. However, are the children practicing appropriate to that? No. They are only wearing what the mothers have sewn but they do not inquire, ‘In what way the mother took a loan and brought them, with what kind of trouble did the mother exert and do these for me?’

Embodiments of Love!
First and foremost all the youth of today has to recognize the nature of a mother’s love. Today you may be children (but) tomorrow you will become adults. If your children give you so much suffering, will you keep quiet? No!
So, no matter what we do, (there will be) reaction, resound, and reflection. Hence, the good work that is done today will give us a good result tomorrow. The good resolve that we do today will give good result tomorrow. When we do something bad today, how will good be obtained if we want it (good) tomorrow? So experiencing tomorrow the result of the sin that you do today, cannot be avoided. You may have a great job. But this result of sin cannot be escaped.
So keep this view: without putting any suffering to the parents, as far as possible the proper effort has to be made to give them happiness. Then only our birth will be sanctified.
Man has been born in this world. For what reason was he born? For eating, going about and experiencing all the happiness in the world? No. Whether we experience this happiness or don’t experience this happiness, it is not permanent happiness.
Sons should see that their mothers don’t shed tears. A son like that is a true son. If a son is born today, it is not a matter of great pride to celebrate the birth by distributing sweets. As soon as the son is born we should not celebrate. The day that this son earns good reputation in the future is the day we should celebrate.
So, when a son is born the mothers are very joyful, the mothers are respecting them a lot, but there is no use in that. They will be ones who ruin their own sons. Is he proceeding on the right path or not? Is he receiving the respect of the society or not? Is he respecting society or not? They have to recognize this well and proceed.

First and foremost Easwaramma was one who practiced these two things. If anyone came to the house, she used to send the children, “Go and show respect to them. Ask them why have they come and bring them inside.” As soon as they came (inside), the children would go and do namaskaar. Telling them, (Swami says in a sweet voice,) “Who are you? Why have you come? Would you like (to speak with) my mother or father? Please wait, I will tell them.” We used to go inside and tell (our parents).
Today that kind of welcome is not seen in any house. They are greatly educated. They are earning high salaries. For what? Even a beggar earns. It is not great to earn money. If anyone comes to the house, one should say, “Who are you, sir? Please come inside.” Good and respectful words should be spoken.
Today there are no respectful words like that at all. (Swami demonstrates in a harsh voice), “Who are you?! Why have you come?” With harsh words (tone) like that, their heart is becoming harsh. There are no sweet words. For that reason now and then I say:

You cannot always oblige, but you can speak always obligingly.

But the education of today is making the children become completely demonic. There is no humility, fear (of sin) or faith in this education. They get a book by heart, go to the examination and write it, and come home with an empty head. Is this education? No! The education that is studied should be imprinted on the heart. It should not change no matter how many years pass.
However, that sacred feeling cannot be observed anywhere in the students of today. Everyone is acting as if they have devotion, devotion, devotion. What is this drama? These cinemas have come and the acting (pretending to be devotees) has become even more. Then, the videos and TVs have come and they are ruining (children) even more.
The world is respecting all of this, but I don’t respect it. All of these have come and how are they upholding man? How are they letting man live as a human being? There should be a means to let man live as man. Yet today it (such a means) is not understood.
However, there are a few parents who are fostering children with so much love. Parents, who struggle for the progress of the son in this way, are true parents. Then only such sons (children) will become exceptional sons. People like that will struggle any amount for progress.

In America there was an individual. He used to come to his mother and sit by her. His mother used to sew (repair) old clothes to earn a living.
One day this boy was going to school with his friends. All the friends were teasing him. “He is a poor boy, poor boy. Not good dress. No good chain or good jewels.” Saying that, they ridiculed him a lot.
He came back (home). He came to his mother (and said), “Mother, they are ridiculing me like this. What can I do?” (His mother answered,) “Dear son, you know the situation of our house. Your father is working as a carpenter. I am sewing old clothes and thus spending life with him. However, you should recognize this situation and conduct accordingly.
“No matter how disrespectfully they consider you, you should not be afraid (or draw back). The thing that we need is respect of the Self. Maintain this Self-respect. Don’t feel bad no matter what anyone says. Self-respect is your big protection. Self-respect is your big property.”
She (his mother) advised him in that way and brought that boy to adulthood. He entered in a job. Finally he came up, sold small newspapers, and earned a little money also.
Seeing his goodness, all of his friends said, “Dear one, you are a very great man. There is no use in a man without Self-respect coming into the world. You are one who has Self-respect, therefore take part in the elections.”
He said, “Will I be able to remain in politics? I don’t want it. A namaskaar to politics! (An expression meaning, “I pay my respects to politics but I want no part in it.”) I will spend a life with respect (honor).”
However, none of his friends left him. They put a lot of pressure on him. Finally for the sake of Self-respect he stood (in the elections). He won well in it. He gained victory. Where is America and where is this small, poor child? He became the President of America.
When he became the President, he didn’t have the pride of, “I’ve become the President.” He helped all the poor children. There were very cruel things happening to the Negroes there. He removed all of their difficulties and he gave the proper kind of help to them. He brought a big movement into Parliament. “Poor people should progress. We should remove the sorrow of ones who have difficulties.” He brought in a movement like that, and he gained a great name.
Then that mother felt, ‘The result which I desired has come. You have been born in my womb and have gained such humility, respect, and you have gained a great name. Now it does not matter if I close my eyes (die). Just maintain your respect. Don’t lose Self-respect in any situation.”

Not only that. If anyone does even a small help to us, we should keep expressing gratitude without forgetting about it. Today there is no gratitude at all. No matter how much help is received, they forget it and they do harm. It is said:

Upakaariki Upakaramu Vipreetam Kadu Cheya. Vivarimpanga, Aa Apakarike Upakaramu __________ Cheya Vadu Nerpadi Sumati.

It is not a great thing to do help for help rendered.
However, it is a great mind that does help in return for harm given.
(Telugu poem)

Whoever does harm to us, we should give help to them. Sai’s vow, this determination, is only one. Even to anyone who does harm to Me, even if anyone who criticizes Me, even if anyone ridicules Me, even if anyone does not see My gratitude, I will look at them joyfully. I say:

My life is My message.

Who is following it? No one is following. Yet I don’t have feel bad that they are not following. The one who follows accordingly will be well and the ones who don’t follow will succumb to bad situations. Walk in My footsteps: no harm at all will happen to you.
I am giving free education to hundreds of thousands of children. There is free education, all the way up to PhD. They don’t remember it even a bit. Where did you come from?
Today if one wants to join in a small primary school, first 25,000 or 30,000 (rupees) fees have to be paid. In a situation like that, today (I am offering) free education to all children. The children of today are not understanding or remembering this. However, it is very dangerous for them if they forget.
So, first and foremost Easwaramma taught all of this to everyone. If anyone came to her room and sat (she would say), “Amma, Lakshmamma, see how much work our Swami is doing! He is doing so much help to poor people. Yet all of them are forgetting. They are forgetting it and doing harm. This will never be good for them. Everyone has to keep this in mind.” She used to say this so softly and sweetly.
She used to draw near the ones who lost their husbands at a very young age. She used to feel very bad for them. She gave them courage and bravery and she used to make them forget about their troubles. In a situation like this, even though we are poor, even though in a village, we have to make the proper effort in this life in the village.

Importantly today, we have to develop gratefulness. One should not be ungrateful. If one becomes ungrateful, he will become cruel. Hence, in the Surya Namaskaaram (prayer to the sun god), they say one name (of the sun) as “Kritajnaya Namah.” What does it mean? We should help in return the one who does help to us. We have to help as much as we can.
However, Kritanjnanaya Namah. Meaning, ‘Dear one, you have given help to me. Though you have only given me help, I will help you.” Saying that, you should help him. Instead of doing that, if you do harm to the one who gives help, then it is said that their eyes will go (their sight becomes defect). I am speaking the truth. If not today then some day (it will happen). You may keep it in mind.
The radiance and effulgence of the sun is reflected in the eyes of every human being. The entire world that we see is also the reflection of the sun. So, due to his reflection being in our eyes, all goes on smoothly for us. However, it is said that if there is no gratitude, the power of sight in our eyes will go.
They think, “Oh, this is all only a story.” It is not a story. It is the truth. Without fail it will happen someday to you. So we are ourselves ruining our vision. So in the very beginning I said:

Yad Drishyam Tannasyam.

All that is seen will perish.
(Sanskrit sloka)

Therefore, we should show gratitude. As far as possible we should give help. We should render help to elders and to the elderly.
Ten years ago I said that we would build this new house. Jamnagar Raja Matha said (a queen who built a house next to the Ashram) said, “Swami, stay in this house.” Saying that, she gave her house to Me. She gave it and said, “Until this (Your new house) is completed, stay in here only.”
I stayed there. There was a driver there. Due to Raja Matha not being there, he found it very hard to (buy) food. Yet I was looking after him. However, one day what happened was, he came under this tree. It was very cold. He didn’t have a coat, shawl or rug (in Telugu this refers to a blanket). He was suffering a lot in that situation.
My driver came and told (Me this). I said, “Take this rug and cover him.” When he was covered with it, he cried loudly, paapam! “Even my parents cannot look after me like this.” Immediately I took him to the car shed and had him sit there.
After he was given everything, he lived for a very long time. He lived near Raja Matha. Raja Matha also used to look after __________ (name) with a lot of love, so affectionately.

There are so many people like this in the world who are being ruined (suffering). Whoever it is, don’t see only, “That is his work, that is their work.” If you see that they are suffering with tears, immediately do the needed help to them. Our true education is to render this kind of help. Or else, what is the use of the education that does not help others?

Studying and studying all education, why should one die?
 The education that doesn’t die (that leads to Immortality) should be studied.
One studies so much knowledge, gaining a lot of discrimination.
But still he does not know his Self, the dull-head!
No matter what style there is, he will not give up his low qualities.
Studying again and again leads only to argumentation
but he can never get full wisdom.
(Telugu poem)

What is the use of such education today? There are always arguments, arguments, arguments and arguments. What is the reward that we get from this? We think, “I am a great man.” This ego makes man succumb to misery.
Hence, students!
In the future you should merge in the society with the appropriate kind of humility and obedience. There are so many people who are in a weaker situation than us. So, we should make the effort to bring people like that progress in the appropriate way. Only when that help is given, there is nothing greater for us. This is stated in the Vedas:

Paropakara Punyaya Papaya Parapeedanam.

One attains merit by serving others
And commits sin by hurting them.
(Sanskrit sloka)

Help has to be given to others. People think that it is better to commit a sin than help others. Therefore, wherever it is available, as far as possible we should observe and make effort. Small children should be brought to progress with good, ideal words. This is the important duty of students today.
Yet today I am observing that they are going to foreign countries. They are going to so many different foreign countries. However, they are coming back. If their clothes and language is observed, it is full of arrogance. If their conduct is observed, it is very low. What is the reward that comes from being low in behavior and respectful in clothes and language? We should be good in our conduct. Humility, fear (of sin) and faith should be shown. Face (all) with courage.
I will not have fear even for any small thing. When there is default in us we should be afraid but when there is no defect in us, why should we be afraid? We should not stretch out our hand to anyone (ask for money or beg). This is Swamiji’s ideal. This only is:

My life is My message.

If you also conduct in the way that I am conducting, without fail you also will become like Swami. (Applause) Therefore, have good qualities. When someone with difficulties in this society (is observed,) you should do the appropriate help to them.

A few foreigners come and say, “The poor people of Bharath must be given help.” However, in this also many faults come in. Foreigners do not know the situation of Bharath. It is said that even if dead people see others who are giving (charity), they will get up! When he comes (the one giving money), all the people come running.
However, they say that they have no food for their stomach. When there is no food for the stomach, give them food. Don’t give money. If one says, “I have no clothes,” give them clothes. Don’t give money. Today all the foreigners are distributing money, distributing money, distributing money, and they are making the country of Bharath very weak.
Us Bharatiyas should never go after this small change. One should always live with respect. One should always lead a respectful life. The life of a human being means a life of respect. No matter how much value (money) is given, this respect cannot be gained by us.
A small matter also. Yesterday a devotee said, “The cars that Swami has have become very old. I am giving (a new car) with my love, without fail You have to take it.” He brought it. Three days have passed. I haven’t even looked at his face. What is the reason?
The cars that I have are enough. Take My cars if you need them! I don’t like to travel in very big cars. However, they have sent them from foreign countries. After they send it, it is not possible to do anything else with them.
So I said, “Dear one, take My car.” I am not one who takes things from anyone, up until today. Now when I was coming down, our Srinivas also came. He came and feeling very bad, said, “Swami, he (the person who gave the car) is feeling very bad. Accept it (the car)”
(I said,) “Close your mouth. Don’t enter into something like this. It’s his: let him take it. I will give My car. You take one and he can take one.” This (having many cars) is not greatness. We should develop a feeling of sacrifice. Sacrifice should be shown to all. That is My (characteristic). From the very beginning, from childhood I have followed this.
If you also follow what I follow, all of you will become so fortunate (or blessed). Not just fortunate, you will also become meritorious. Not only meritorious, you will also attain liberation. You need that liberation.
Moksha praapti (the attainment of liberation): what does ‘moksha’ mean? The kshaya (destruction) of moha (delusion) is moksha (liberation). We should reduce moha. That is true liberation.

Hence, love everyone. But, only just don’t have faith in people. The one who has faith in people will be totally ruined. Love them. But don’t believe. What is the fault in believing? Due to trust, we are being deceived. Love all; love all. Love all, serve all.

However, don’t trust them. Have faith in your Atma. Develop faith in the Atma (Self-confidence). Develop Divine feelings. Give up things relating to the world. That (worldly feelings) should be given up and that (Divine feelings) should be developed. That is the true Dharma of man.
Hence, students!
You have been studying in Swami’s college since so many days. However, you are studying, you pass and you are having employment but not even a bit change cannot be seen in your behavior. What is the use of that which I cannot see?
Follow at least one good thing. Develop good qualities. Love everyone. Don’t hate anyone. It is all right even if they hate us. Love them. This is Sai’s most important ‘this thing’ (message or characteristic).
So many people hate Me. If they hate, let them hate. They criticize Me. If they criticize, let them criticize. If they criticize loudly, it merges in the wind. If they criticize within themselves, it reaches only them. So it doesn’t come in My direction at all. Therefore, we should not succumb to at all to criticism or praise, rejection or acceptation. We only have to see that our nature of love does not leave.

This is what the gruha ammayyi said to everyone in the past. Finally she came here to Summer Class. There was the house of Govinda in (the village of) Kalyanapuram near here. One day she went there walking. They built a big building to the side. She went walking there and again came walking back. She drank coffee and sat down.
She sat down, and she said, “What is this, Swami is not conducting classes today yet?” I said, “They will be conducted, but some time should pass. It is time when the time bell (rings). Don’t think about it.”
She sat. She yelled once, “Swami! Swami! Swami!” She shouted three times. I said three times, “I am coming, I am coming, I am coming!” She said, “Come quickly, come quickly!” I came down.
When I came she grasped My Hand. “You can do so much for this world. More than the elders in this world, a lot of good should be done for the children. Students should be transformed. There is no need to make them educated. Students should be transformed into being virtuous.” She told me this and she put My two hands on her eyes, and she gave up her life.
Then, the body comes and goes.

Punarapi Jananam, Punarapi Maranam
Punarapi Janani Jatare Sayanam

Again birth, again death,
Again lying in the womb of the mother.
(Sanskrit sloka)

“They (bodies) come and they go. There’s no use in (worrying about) this. We don’t need to worry about it.” Saying that, I called the driver, had a big van brought, put her in the van, and I said to take it to Prasanthi Nilayam. I sent Ramabrahman with her. Ramabrahman was a very good man. He used to look after everything personally and do it. So I sent him.
The second day Gokak came. Bhagavantham came. He said, “No classes, no classes.” Not the next day: that same day. I said, “Why aren’t there classes?” (He answered,) “Mother has died, isn’t it?” I said, “If she has died, she has died. Have all the children died? The children are here. So the classes have to go on.”
Gokak was very surprised. He announced it. He said, “The classes will go on. The classes are continuing on.” Every day I have to go first to the class. “Will Swami come or not? Come or not? Come or not?” The children were all afraid (wondering).
I entered into that (the hall). When I entered, all the children shed tears, “We wondered whether Swami would come or not.” “Why should I worry about all of these? The things that have to happen go on happening in the world. The one who is born cannot escape dying. The one who dies cannot avoid being born (again).” I said that and ended (the discourse). I made all the classes go on.
In that way, in every matter also, due to Me bearing, overcoming and proceeding onward, My reputation and respect have increased. If something like this happens to anyone, they will become very afraid. I am not like that.
I told Ramabrahman where and what to do (functions etc.). (He answered,) “Swami, if You come it would be good, wouldn’t it?” “What is all of this? It is all relationships of the physical world. I don’t have any relationship with this. I saw her. I blessed her here. I have completed it here.” Ramabrahman did what he was told.

In that way, in every little matter, she also had an easy death. She came from Kalyanapuram, she ate tiffin, she sat. She really liked to take a little taambulam (paan: betel nut with leaf). I also liked taambulam a lot from the beginning. She was pounding the betel nut with a rokati (small brass container and pestle). She pounded, pounded, pounded it and put it (the crushed betel nut) in her mouth and she was chewing it. I said (to Ramabrahma?), “It happened like this, an easy death. What else would one want from life?”
Gruha Abbayyi (the boy of this house: meaning Pedda Venkama Raju, the father of Swami’s Body) was like that only. Gruha Abbayyi means: her (Easwaramma’s) husband. Meaning the father of this Body.
In Prasanthi Nilayam I picked (people for interview) and had them sit. He came. I said, “Why have you come?” He said, “Swami, I have to tell You a couple of things.” “Sit down. After seeing these people, I will see you.” I don’t have any difference of ‘My people, their people and other people’. I had selected them. I took them inside and I talked. I gave them prasad (packets of vibhuthi) and sent them.
I also called him inside. I said, “Why did you come?” There was a check (money) in his dhoti. He brought one hundred rupees. He said, “Swami, I don’t have anything more than this. You know poor people. They don’t have any earnings. Out of this hundred rupees, on the twelve day (meaning after his death), the funeral ceremonies should be done well.” I said, “What is this? You are alive, how can you ask to do the funeral ceremonies?”
Then he went home. He had brought four bags of rice. Rice was very cheap then. For twenty rupees one could get a bag (50 kilograms). He brought four bags of rice, he brought jaggery and he brought everything (provisions to feed the poor).
He went there, and when he sat, Janakiramayya (Swami’s younger brother) had a son. He only is our Prabhakara. He was a small boy. That boy came near saying, “Grandfather, grandfather!” When he said, “Grandfather,” he sat the boy on the rug. He said, “I just went and saw Swami. I don’t have any troubles. I have no suffering.”
(NOTE: Swami may mean another family member, as Janakiramayya’s son was not yet born then. Perhaps He meant Jankiramayya himself, as the translator suggested.)
He called Gruha ammayyi, meaning his wife, “You come!” In those days they did not call them (wives) by name. He didn’t call “Easwaramma, Easwaramma!” He used to call, “Hey! Hey!” (Laughter)
He said to bring water. The water was brought and ______________ ______________ __________ ___________ __________. (Easy) deaths like this happen to good people. How did he go? Easy death, easy death. He went like that. Why because, (he was the father) to this Body. That sacredness was also in them. Even when going, even when birth is changed, that sacredness, that specialty, is in them.
The fan goes around very fast; it goes around with speed. If you turn off the switch while it is rotating, it won't stop immediately. It turns, turns, turns, turns, turns and to stop completely it takes a little bit of time. In that same way, to sanctify their life, a few births are taken and it stops gradually. Therefore, you should understand the nature of birth and death also.
Everything that is born with This (Swami refers to Himself) is sanctified. This is selected (referring to Swami selecting His own parents). I only selected. Many people will select someone else. This is not that. I only selected. So that which was selected, is selected. That which is selected is correct. So their life passed very joyfully.

So every human being also should have such parents. We should do the suitable service to such parents. When they fall down (become ill or in need of care), the appropriate service should be given to them. There is liberation in that service.

Na Tapaamsi, Na Tirthanam,
Na Shastranam Japa Nahi,
Samsara Sagarotra,
Sajnam Sevanam Bina.

One cannot cross over the ocean of worldly life
by position, pilgrimage, scholarship,
or repetition of the Name.
It can only be crossed by serving good people.
(Sanskrit sloka)

There is no need to do austerity. No need to do yoga. No need to do meditation. No need to do yajna. No need to do yaga. Namasmarana: that Namasmarana only is enough. Hence, if everyone is like that, all will experience a good and sacred death.
Embodiments of Love!
To all the individuals who are gathered here: we have to make a decision today itself, on how our future should happen. We should live with good feelings. Help should be given to others. Love children. Respect others. We should give (or receive) the suitable respect according to the position. If we have those types of qualities, there is no better greatness for us.
Saying, “Bhajan, bhajan, bhajan,” people are doing bhajan. Bhajan is not most important. However, our conduct is very important. Keep this in your heart. Earn the proper type of reputation and give joy to your parents. Then your life will be sanctified.

Bhagavan ended His Divine Discourse by chanting the bhajan, ‘Hari Bhajan Bina Sukha Shanti Nahi…’

This translation from Telugu to English is done word-by-word to get the literal meaning. It is NOT an edited version.