The following discourse has been translated into English from Bhagavan's Telugu speech as heard on this festival's ashram audiocassette. It is a complete, literal translation made with the objective of preserving Bhagavan's precious original poetic style as much as possible.

Summer Course # 11
27 May 2002

Though one attains all enjoyments and pleasures, know that man doesn’t have satisfaction. Man will have satisfaction and peace only when the principle of Atma is realized.
(Telugu poem)

Boy students and Girl Students!
Health is wealth for man. From ancient times people of numerous countries have propagated and taught so many things to protect health. Without health, all of man’s resolves become useless. In a healthy body there is a blissful mind. However, unable to recognize such a truth, man is losing health.
From ancient times, not only Bharatiyas but also Romans made many attempts (experiments) regarding health, and propagated (the results). However, not only people of Rome, there are many people who propagated about health with excessive intensity.
However, feeling that health is a wealth for the body, they felt that those related to the body, to the head, mouth, ears, nose, eyes, and other parts (of the body) like this, were a separate world (separate individual parts). It is not a body that has all of those. Feeling that they were a separate world, they fostered them specially. Such fostering of the body, done from ancient times, is reducing today.
In order to give strength and happiness to the body, regulations regarding food in France were very carefully followed. They didn’t feel it was important to man as a mere body. They felt that the body was the place of residence of the Atma. When the house is safe, the residents of that house will experience happiness and peace.
So, you may feel that the body is only a water bubble that goes today or tomorrow. However, yes, it is only a water bubble. However, there are many great ones who do so many great actions, inquire about a great nature and ideal life with this body which is like a water bubble. The body is the root cause for giving a sacred ideal to the country. The body teaches an ideal life to numerous countries through its sacred actions.
However, youth of today are not recognizing this secret. From getting up in the early morning till lying down at night they are not entering onto a path relating to the health of the body. They are thus succumbing to numerous kinds of difficulties.
Intellectuals, virtuous people, and ones with very great intelligence undertook numerous attempts regarding health. They discovered many ways (to follow) so that there would be no disease in the body. Due to disease entering, the body is weak, health is destroyed and it becomes necessary to succumb to numerous types of difficulties.
The ones who discovered a great ideal in this modern age are Romans. The tried to shape every limb and every part of every body to have strength and happiness. They tried a lot to have these three: good character, goodness and sensitivity.
No matter how much time passed, they looked after their own health carefully so they had a strong body and did their own work without depending upon others. Even when 90 years old, they did their own works in life with their own strength, without depending upon others and without holding other’s hands.
They gave not only health to the body, but also beauty. Only when this body is healthy, the beauty also will be attracted. So to protect health, one has to be very careful regarding food. When youth of today are only 16 years old, they are acting like a 60-year old. What is the reason? The bad habits they do in their daily life are the root cause for this.

Immediately after getting up in the morning, the mouth should be cleaned well. Teeth should be cleaned, both outer and inner. The upper portion of the tongue should also be cleaned. This is because the main entrance of the body is the mouth. Many diseases enter from the mouth. So, even when we talk with others, we should talk very carefully. We have to be clean and protect health, without our bad breath touching them and without their bad breath coming to us.
Not only this, there should be good strength in the limbs of the body also, for the sake of actions that we are dong with the body. The truth should be recognized that God is present in every limb, and act accordingly. So in the Vedas they gave the name (to God) of:

Angirasaya Namah.

Salutations to Angirasa (God present as the essence within all the parts of the body).
(Sanskrit sloka)

There is a special uniqueness in each limb and in each part (of the body).
So regarding health, observe the Mahabharata to get to know how they protected health in ancient days. How old was Bheeshma at the time of the Mahabharata war? He was commander in chief when he was 115 years old. Krishna was 76 years old. Arjuna was 78 years old. Therefore, in those days they spent life in a greatly valorous, strong and also a greatly happy, healthy and blissful way.
Due to protecting (health) in this way, the men and women of those days showed so many ideals to the country. They didn’t take anything (food) out of time. They spent time in this way, by partaking of something (food) on time, going to sleep on time and eating limited food on time. Yesterday I said a sloka:

From getting up from sleep,
until going to sleep again,
he (man) is using all his education,
spending his life for his stomach
(to earn a livelihood) with no limitations,
forgetting the Lotus-petal eyed One (God).
What great happiness have you obtained?
Think about it fondly, O children!
(Telugu poem)

As soon as the cock crows, get up well from sleep and from the bed. Brush your teeth and attend to the calls of nature. Make others consider you a good boy. Never move about in wet places. Never be anywhere near pits of dirt and heaps of garbage, as they do harm. Then participate in running, games and football. If you act at the right moment, if you follow all the above rules of conduct you’re bound to experience the fortune of health.
(Telugu poem)

Get up well from sleep and from the bed as soon as the cock crows. Today not the call of the cock: they won't get up even to the sound of a train! They get up at 8 or 9 in the morning. What is the reason? At night they lie down and sleep late. Why this delay? Are they at least sanctifying the time with study? No, no!

They put on all of these TVs and radios and through that they not only waste all the time, their mind also is being spoiled. All that comes on the TV is very vulgar and disgusting, without any character and without virtue. They are showing such evil sights.
I don’t know what bliss and what profit this is for the government. The government is developing it (TV), thinking that it is very great for the government. Hence it is the government only that is spoiling children. (Applause) They are making the steady and selfless hearts of the youth very unsacred, unjust and disgusting. Then, they are bringing in (TV shows) from foreign countries and showing them.
Instead of these types of bad habits, can't good habits that help children be cultivated? Can't good stories be shown? Can't they be guided to enter into good behavior? Whether the parents in the house, educated people in the streets, teachers or elders, no one is taking action. The reason? They all have bad habits. If they (elders) give advice, they (the youth) will ask, “Are you any better?” There are such elders who give advice like that. They will put a chair (in front of the TV) and sit in it.
Then do you know what a few more people do? “Dear one, you were there all year in Puttaparthi. You never saw any TV or crazy words or games.” Saying that, with love the mother will bring a TV and keep it in front (of her child). She also gives a plate and serves everything (all meals) and gives to their hands, saying “Look, dear one! See whatever you want!” (Laughter and applause) Will any mother who wishes the welfare of the child act like this? No, no! They are trying (to guide them on) one hundred paths to spoil them.
Then, the major propaganda: the governments are undertaking propaganda (for TVs). Doesn’t the government even have intelligence? None at all! Even them: as soon as they come from the office, they put (a chair) and sit (in front of the TV). If there is no TV in the house, they go to clubs. What is the thing that they do in those clubs? Drinking, eating, gambling and seeing TV. Children of today are becoming wicked due to these bad habits, bad actions and bad behavior. Soft and sweet words aren’t even spoken. Harsh words are spoken. That is what I say now and then:

You cannot always oblige, but you can speak always obligingly.

How humbly and obediently one should speak! That humility and obedience has reduced. They are all are putting them on many kinds of bad paths. Money is also wasted.

When money is more, arrogance will increase.
With arrogance bad nature will increase.
When money is less, arrogance will subside.
When arrogance subsides, bad nature is given up.
(Telugu poem)

Money is the root cause for all wickedness.
A student came from America. Today I gave them an interview and sent them away again. I said, “Dear one, how much (money) are you getting?” He said, “I am getting 30,000 dollars.” He said that he was getting 30,000 per month. I said, “How much is left over (being saved)?” He said, “Not even a single cent is left over.”
I said, “Why have you become so demonic? You are a demon, not a human being! Are you wasting 30,000 dollars? It’s so much! Are you a human being? Why did you go to a foreign country? To earn money, enter onto a wicked path, and cultivate bad behavior?” I will never show compassion in these matters. I said, “You are becoming a demon.”
Wife also came. (I told her,) “Mother, why have even you become like Surpanakha (a demoness)? Seeing him, you are also going about excessively. Both together are making your life into ash. Such a life is not good. Are you going to foreign countries to develop such a life? Going to foreign countries, what should you bring back? Ideal qualities should be brought. Where are ideals? Except for in Bharath, they are not in any other country.” (Applause)
Therefore, in Bharath it is said:

Yana Bharate, Tano Bharata.

What is not in Bharath is nowhere else.
(Sanskrit sloka)

What is not in Bharath, we cannot observe in any other country. There are so many things that should be learnt in this Bharath. Why are you going to foreign countries? To earn? Are you keeping that which you earn? No. Everything that comes is being spent. Finally the monthly salary is not enough and he is going to coffee hotels and washing cups. Not only this. They are selling some newspapers and earning a living.
Our people say, “My son is in America.” If one asks, “What is he doing there?” It is a matter of shame to say, “He is washing coffee cups.” They are doing such low jobs. They are in America but that which they do is lowly. Earn and return. Give to your parents what is brought. Give them a happy life.

Mathru Devo Bhava.
Pithru Devo Bhava.

Mother is God.
Father is God.
(Sanskrit sloka)

Because the mother and father give you birth and raised you, the appropriate help has to be given to them. Everyone here also, as soon as they pass (final examinations), they go for visa. I don’t know whether they are visas or misas (mustaches). Going for this visa, making effort, going to earn wealth there and returning. What they finally do is they are returning without even naiya paisa in their hands.

I am not telling you that it will be many days: within five or six years, all the people who went to America will return back. It won't be possible to remain there. Situations are changing to becoming very dangerous. One’s own country is the true country. The right Dharma for us is our own Dharma. Therefore it is said:

Swadharmo Nijam Sreyaha.
Paro Dharma Bhaya Maha.

One’s own Dharma is truly best.
The Dharma of others is very dangerous.
(Sanskrit sloka)

(To do) the Dharma of others is always dangerous. Experience your own happiness. Wherever you go, you should say with pride, “I am a Bharatiya.”

“This is my motherland. This is my dear mother tongue. This is my religion.” If you cannot raise you head and say this, you can be compared to a living corpse.
(Telugu poem)

Therefore, we are aspiring and hoping, wanting to earn a lot. However, think how one falls into bad ways due to earning money. As soon as going there (foreign lands) children are born. There are ten or twelve children born, like puppies. They (parents) aren’t even able to look after those children. They also lead them onto an unsacred path. Not only us going bad, but must we also spoil the children? It is said that a spoiled monkey spoils the entire forest. So we should not go bad and not make them go bad.
Therefore, the country of Bharath is a very sacred land. The country of Bharath is a land of merit, a land of sacrifice, a land of yoga, a land of wealth. (Applause) Yet many people of many countries may describe this (Bharath) in many (derogatory) ways. However, I won't accept that. The land of Bharath is a sacred land. Bha-ratha. ‘Bha’ means ‘radiance’. The land of Bharath sheds light. Meaning, the land of Bharath gives light.

Hari was born in Bharath several times, giving spirituality to crores of people in a friendly way.
(Telugu poem)

It is only in Bharath that all the Avatars are born. It is only in Bharath that the propaganda of Dharma is undertaken.

Sathyam Vada, Dharmam Chara.

Speak Truth, act righteously.
(Sanskrit sloka)

People are wearing these two as two eyes and are showing such an ideal in life. I am saying it is true, not just to brag. Whether this much or that much: it is only the children who study in Sri Sathya Sai colleges and the children who study in Sathya Sai schools who are observed to be ideals. (Applause) (Side B: A.K. says: “Political leaders are full of selfishness from top to toe.”) There are so many people who dance to their tune and melody. Not that: make effort to unite the country. Our entire Bharath is one. All are brothers and sisters.

Brotherhood of man, Fatherhood of God.

This unity should be developed. Don’t attempt at all to divide it. Why should (people of) one language have one state? What is it with languages? We can learn languages anywhere. Yet why should (political) parties be created based on language? It’s not good.
Boy students and girl students!
Whatever others say, don’t give chance for divisions. We are all children of Bharath. We are children of Bharath. You should give attention to this with courage. Just because elders who don’t have any intelligence make divisions, you should not also make divisions. They are doing it because they don’t have intelligence. Do you also have les intelligence?
You still have to make a long journey. In our country of Bharath, all are getting on the train of society. However, elders on this train will get off at some next station, next station, next station. Yet youth will have to make a long journey. You who have to make that long journey should be courageous, very bold and show so much ideal.
There are no people who speak to youth about these good paths. Saying, “Sai Baba is telling it,” they are also criticizing Sai Baba. I am not touched at all by their blame or praise, acceptance or rejection. What is the loss I get through their blame? What is the profit I get from their praise? Let them do anything. What I say is good. (Applause)
All should be unified. All should be like brothers. All should be like sisters. Only when it is like that, what a great name the country will get! From ancient times the country of Bharath has been strong and brilliance. Therefore, you should develop such strength today also. Put (the idea of) individual countries aside. You should mingle and mix together as brothers. Only when it is like that you will obtain true devotion, true strength and true liberation.
Bhakthi, bhakthi, bhakthi, bhakthi! People say, ‘bhakthi, bhakthi,’ but is it bhakthi to divide? No, no! The unity in diversity should be seen. However, it is not greatness to make unity into diversity.

Boy students and girl students!
As you have learnt from so long in this educational institution, as you have studied, because of making the summer classes to be conducted and as you have learnt about ideal education, you should go and demonstrate it to others outside.
Live by smiling, smiling, smiling and smiling. Don’t ever put on a castor oil face anywhere. Why should we have that face? Bad actions will be done only if there are bad feelings in us. As we have good feelings in us, we would be laughing.
I am always smiling and smiling. (People say,) “Why? Whenever we look, Sai Baba is always smiling!” I have a smile. I don’t have bad feelings. I have no wickedness, no bad actions, no bad thoughts and no bad habits. I am always sacred. (Applause) So you also follow that.

Follow the Master.
Face the devil.
Fight to the end.
Finish the game.

In your (life), follow Me. When I am blissful, you also be blissful. You should always be laughing and laughing, then I will be very happy. However, some people keep laughing. I don’t understand what that laughter is: (Swami demonstrates the high-pitched laughter,) ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Is it a cinema laugh? (Laughter) It is not true laughter. That laughter is equal to crying. Therefore, we should show an ideal life of laughter. Don’t ever do harm to others.

Help ever, hurt never.

That is the ideal in the history of our Bharath. It is said:

Paropakara Punyaya
Papaya Parapeedanam.

One attains merit by serving others
And commits sin by hurting them.
(Sanskrit sloka)

Boy students and girl students!
How should you use all the knowledge that you learned during these fifteen days? You should show an ideal. For what reason were you given so much food? Every day four sweets were given! You were all given such good food, so many conveniences, comforts, and such ideal words. It makes Me suffer a lot to think what bad use you will finally put it (this knowledge) to.
All of you put it to good use and walk on the good path with good conduct, good practices and good thinking. I'm thinking that without faith you will proceed like that. Make the promise: without fail you will conduct thus. You’ll do it, won't you? (Students in the audience enthusiastically shout, “YES!”) Good boys, good girls! (Applause) Be like that, that is what I desire.
I didn’t desire to give you a special discourse today.
First protect health. The root cause of ill health is a few bad habits. This is the root cause for you. Completely give up these bad habits. When youth who should be so strong are seen, their face should be with chubby cheeks. However, if it is seen now, it (their face) has become wrinkled.
So attain good health. With health, do healthy actions and do ideal actions. Therefore, have good health and good ideals. Complete these activities and experience true happiness. Only when health is good we can obtain bliss.
Bliss, bliss, bliss: where does bliss come from? Bliss comes from health. However, if health is well protected, we will obtain bliss. Bliss is a great wealth. Health is a great wealth. So, eat on time in a good way. Eat according to your capability. Parents are going to much strain and are bringing (different food items) and giving them. Eat well, as much as you like. Eat with relish. Don’t push it aside saying, “That is not there, this is not there.” Eat with relish. At the time of eating, only if you eat with relish, it will go to the body dearly. Then this body will do any amount of work.

Therefore, boy students and girl students!
The lessons that have been learnt so far are different. However, the matters, which you have to learn today are different. Recognize the entire essence of what is studied and act accordingly.
We should not criticize anyone with harsh words. If you hurt the minds of others with harsh words today, so many people will give pain to your mind (later). Reaction, resound and reflection cannot be escaped. Speak good words and receive good words. Do good actions and speak of good actions. Become ideal students. Hence, that is what I desire. If that kind of ideal is demonstrated, there is no other bliss that I need. I will sacrifice anything for such bliss.
So many crores (tens of millions) of rupees are spent for you. Look in any college: is there architecture like our college anywhere? Not only beauty, I am also providing conveniences. Not only conveniences, I am also giving the appropriate ideal. I am not touching even a single paisa. Then, I am giving scholarships to a few people who are in need. Not only scholarships, I will give any ships! If you are well it is enough for Me. However, though living here so long, bad thoughts do not leave a few people.
I am thinking about it so much: make your bad thoughts distant. Make bad habits distant. Develop good qualities. Do good practices. Enter onto good paths. Experience an ideal life. Offer an ideal life. Hence, health and bliss: if these two are present, there is nothing else we need to earn. Any amount can be earned. It is not (most) important for us to earn money. Virtues should be earned. Without those virtues, what use is it even if wealth comes? There is no happiness that comes from money. Steady happiness will come only through virtues.
Give happiness to the parents. Give the parents bliss. If they try to show you bad habits, (tell them,) “Mother, this is not good. We will go bad through this. We will not be well through these. You desire (that we begin bad habits), saying that it is for our welfare. This will not bring about my kshema (welfare) at all! It is kshamam (famine). You are showing wickedness to us. Not that (we don’t want that). Swami said what is right for our welfare: that is what we have to do.” Live a sacred life on this type of sacred path with sacred behavior.
Very happy! All be blissful. There are a few more special matters: I will make them to be conveyed to you before you leave, then I will send you.

Bhagavan ended His Divine Discourse by chanting the bhajans, ‘Rama, Rama, Rama, Sita…’ and ‘Hare Rama, Hare Rama…’