This translation from Telugu to English is done word-by-word to get the literal meaning. It is NOT an edited version.

Buddha Purnima
26 May 2002

Sarva Rupa Dharam Shantam
Sarva Namam Dharam Sivam
Satchidananda Rupam Adwaitam
Sathyam Sivam Sundaram

All forms wear peace.
All Names wear auspiciousness.
The non-duel form is Truth, Awareness and Bliss.
Truth, Auspiciousness and Beauty.
(Swami sings a Telugu poem)

Embodiments of Love!
In science, ethics or spirituality, wherever is observed, the science of the five senses is not seen (covered in depth) at all. Wanting to experience bliss, every human being is undertaking so many different types of spiritual practices. He is going about the entire world to (try to) recognize where bliss is obtained. He is seeing elders. He reads scriptures. He is doing so much. However, he is unable to recognize where this bliss it is obtained.
Searching and searching, Buddha finally become disgusted. He search was just like putting his spectacles on his nose and searching somewhere else. This is a big mistake. God is not in this or in that. He (Buddha) recognized the truth that He was within himself.
He was unable to recognize that he was the embodiment of bliss. He undertook so many spiritual practices in order to obtain bliss in the external world. However, bliss that is seen and bliss that is heard is only outside. He recognized that true bliss is inside himself and acted accordingly.
The five senses (the expressions of the five elements) are important ideals to every man. The first is earth. The form of the earth cannot be described as ‘like this or like that’. In the first element, God took a form and remains merged in it. What form did God take in this (earth)? He was unable to recognize. In this nature, God remains as one form. That only is the true form, Sath-chith-ananda (truth, awareness and bliss). This Sath-chith-ananda is present in all.
The second is in this nature, that which can be seen in the five elements: water. God is present in water in the form of Omkar. The third is fire. Though fire is directly seen, an unseen form is latent in it. That is the form of jagrath (waking state; or to be alert, awake, careful). That only is, it is said:

Tasmat Jagrath, Jagrath!

So be careful, be careful!
(Sanskrit sloka)

The fourth is air. It is said that this air is the form of God. Air is different and praana is different. Air means inhalation and exhalation. Though inhalation and exhalation are present, it is no use without praana. So not only inhalation and exhalation, God who is the embodiment of praana, takes on the fourth form.

Then the fifth one. The fifth one is akasha. He is in the form of Omkar in akasha. So due to taking five forms in the five elements, God is said to be:

Isavaasyam Idam Sarvam.

All is pervaded by God.
(Sanskrit sloka)

There is no place where God is not present.

Sarvata Paani Paadam,
Tat Sarvota Chi Siromukham,
Sarvato Sritomeloke,
Sarvamato Tishtati.

Feet, eyes, head, mouth, and ears pervading everywhere,
God permeates the entire Universe.
(Sanskrit sloka)

Hence, there is no place where God is not present. However, why can't such a God that is omnipresent be seen? Wherever there is water, there reflection can be seen. There is the ocean. In the ocean the reflection of the sun can be seen. However, that reflection cannot be seen as steady. It’s seen as wavering.
Though this is God's form, it is not steady. In that same way, God is present in every life form, in every individual and even in every breath. However, what is the reason if one is unable to see Him?

The root cause is the unsteadiness of the mind. God can't be seen due to not having steady mind, having wavering feelings, being unable to steady the mind and being in a confused state.

Not only confusion: depression.

Due to both of these coming together, human nature becomes wavering. So we have to make it steady.

Chanchalam He Manah Krishna
Pramadi Balavath Drudham

The mind is so unsteady, Krishna!
It is dangerously strong.
(Sanskrit sloka from the Bhagavad Gita)

The mind is very unsteady. To see that the mind is not unsteady is man’s sadhana (spiritual practice). So it is no use doing any meditation, japa or yoga. The five elements that are in man are expressed as hearing, touch, sight, taste and smell. If we have these five elements (senses) under control, God will manifest there. There is no need to go somewhere to do any japa, austerity, or meditation. God is with you, beside you, around you, and in you.
How to behold Divinity which is all pervasive? Though He is steady on the seat of our heart, man is making it unsteady. The reason? It is the effects of desires. Unlimited desires arise in man. The fault of these desires transforms man into being so unsteady.
If we control so many types of desires, we will get steady bliss. Therefore we should control some desires today. Ceiling on desires. Only when that is controlled, God will be beside us and with us.
We should not develop crazy, crazy desires. Not only that. We should not make fun of other’s words. They speak of a few bad feelings. They speak of bad thoughts. We should not pay attention to them.
Finally Buddha made a determination. His decision was that he should control the five elements within himself. First and foremost we should control the vision: pure vision, pure listening, pure speech, pure feeling and pure thought.
First and foremost we should develop good sight. We should not develop unnecessary crazy, crazy thoughts. The reason for man of today not controlling the vision in the modern age is the cinemas and television that have arisen. All of these have come and are ruining the mind of man.
We do not see good sights. Due to that there is not even good listening. In this way man is ruining his own mind. He is changing the feelings of his mind to being unsteady. Therefore man is turning demonic. He is changing and becoming animalistic. Based on this (bad) vision, his listening is also becoming very animalistic. This means that animal qualities are also entering into us.
No matter what thoughts come, animals have a season and a reason but man has no season and no reason. Man is becoming worse than an animal. The human qualities of compassion, love, patience and forbearance are disappearing.
Man should be free from worry from top to toe. No chance should be given to these (bad) thoughts. We are practicing all of these.

Sreyohi Jnanam Abhyasat.
Jnanat Dhyanam Visishyate.
Dhyanat Karma Phala Thyaga.
Thyaga Shanti Anantaram.

It is good to practice wisdom.
Meditation is superior to wisdom.
To sacrifice the result of action is still higher.
Thyaaga grants infinite peace.
(Sanskrit Sloka)

Sreyohi Jnanam Abhyasat: we should develop a few good habits. Through this practice, we will obtain peace of mind. With peace of mind, we will obtain good thoughts. So mind is under our control but man is not under the control of the mind.

Master the mind, be a mastermind.

So you should master the mind. Man of today, instead of being a master, is becoming a slave to the mind. Hence, this wavering nature is increasing day by day. Not only that. Attachment to the body is also increasing. Due to this, attachment to the body continues to increase. If anyone says anything about us we have difficulty. If anyone says anything we have suffering. If anyone says anything, it worries. These types of thoughts are increasing.
The body is a body of the five elements. This is like a water bubble. Why should you have fear if anyone says anything about this? Why should you be worried? Why should you have attachment? It has to be pushed aside.

Unnecessary desires are increasing. One small example: regarding politics today, first and foremost one wants to be a Panchayat President. If he really wins as president, then from there he wants to become the chairman. After that he wants to become a Minister. After he is a Minister, he wants to be the Prime Minister.
If it goes on increasing (like this), what are (what is the use of) these Ministers, what are these Prime Ministers and what are these desires? What is it that we obtain from these? Not even one good work is being done. Only bad results come to us through this (high position). All the results that come are bad.
Therefore, reflection, reaction, resound: it is only bad that is coming. The desires that arise in man of today are disgustingly sinful. Don’t give any chance at all to such resolves. If such resolves come, go away from that place. It is due to you binding yourself to them, isn’t it, that they all come?
Therefore, first and foremost Buddha had pure vision: good sight, steady vision, unwavering vision, pure vision and selfless vision. Then, he became desireless within. Or else, what a great sacrifice it is to leave his small child and desire renunciation at such a young age!

Without developing attachment to the body, he gradually reduced body attachment. He tore apart body attachment. “This body is my instrument. I am not the body. So, as I am under the delusion of “I, I,” I am feeling that I am the body.

This is my body, my body, my body.
My body, my body, my body!
Who are you?

That is not known. This is my body, this is my mind, this is my buddhi (intellect), my chittam (mind), my senses, my antahkarana (conscience or inner feeling), but who am I? This truth is not being recognized nor practiced.
When it is thought, it is my body it can go (die) in a couple of minutes. Your body is not under your control, so when you are like that why are you under the delusion that the body is you? All of this is only delusion. Due to you developing this bhrama (delusion), Brahma (God) becomes distant from you.
Due to this, all the actions in society are becoming even more bloated. Due to all the social action becoming added, the Divinity in man reduces.
You think that service to people should be done. You think that you want to serve people. These are only stunts. Where is service to people being done? Where are you doing service to society? Each person is only serving themselves. All of this is only increasing bhrama, and you are becoming distant from Brahma. You will become the embodiment of God to the extent that you reduce delusion.
Therefore, first and foremost Buddha saw all teachers. He heard all the teachings of the teachers. He read all the books of the teachers. Finally he took them and threw them away. He said (all) was temporary and joyless:

Anithyam Asukham Lokam
Imam Prapya Bhojusva Maam

Having reached this world,
which is temporary and unhappy,
contemplate on Me.
(Sanskrit sloka)

What are these delusions and what results come to us from them? You think that you will earn a lot (of money). No, no! You are reducing the power (or capability) that you have.

Today’s students are the same. These students think that the education that they studied is not enough. They go to foreign countries, spending hundreds of thousands (of rupees). Finally they come back with empty hands. It is a big foolishness to develop attachment for foreign countries.
The parents also have this craziness. The parents are ruining the children in this way. “They should be sent abroad, sent abroad.” Why? Can’t you beg here what you beg for there? (Applause) Though going to foreign countries, people are only begging.
Only when you exert you will get some money. You are working from getting up in the morning till lying down at night. Why not do that work in your own country? Afterwards there is extra work. If you do extra work then extra salaries will come. What is it in our salary? All that comes will go. Finally, before coming to Bharata there isn’t even a naya paisa in the hand.
“Our son is studying abroad. He is earning well.” What do they earn? They’re earning sins. Must one go to foreign countries to earn these sins? It is enough if you earn even a little bit of merit in your own country.

Paropakara Punyaya Papaya Parapeedanam.

One attains merit by serving others
And commits sin by hurting them.
(Sanskrit sloka)

Help ever, hurt never.

Hence, first and foremost one should try to recognize the Divinity in mankind.
All the desires today are only bad aspirations. After some days you yourself will come to know. Those who have gone abroad, what have they earned and come with? Nothing at all was earned. They don’t even have enough to eat. Desires, desires, desires. They want to go to foreign countries.
From so long, even from 72 years, they tried a lot with Me. “Swami, You have to come to my country, You have to come to my country, You have to come to my country!” What is your country? No country is your country. Even this body is not yours. Then what country is your country? I don’t like to go anywhere. For what?

If the country is left, will our body progress? Never! We should foster the body and destroy the delusion of the body. The desires of the body have to be killed. Therefore,

Punarapi Jananam, Punarapi Maranam
Punarapi Janani Jatare Sayanam
Eha Samsare, Bahu Dukhare
Kripaya Pare, Pahe Murari.

Again birth, again death,
Again lying in the womb of the mother.
This worldly life is terrible sorrow.
Give Grace, Protect, oh Lord!
(Sanskrit sloka)

Sankara who recognized all of this, finally said this himself.

Bhaja Govindam, Bhaja Govindam,
Govindam Bhaja Muda Mate
Punarapi Jananam, Punarapi Maranam

Repeat the Name of God,
Repeat the name of God,
Repeat the name of God, oh fool!
Again birth, again death.
(Swami sings a Sanskrit sloka)

Birth and death, birth and death, birth and death. Being born as man and saying, ‘I am a human being,’ we have to obtain (follow) a sanctified path but why should we obtain these useless paths?

Many people are praising you and you are going very high (meaning bloated with ego). We don’t need the praise. Praise is a pile of sin for us. We have to give satisfaction to our heart. Our peace is our protection. We have to foster our peace.

Where is peace? Peace, peace, peace, peace.

We cannot obtain it from the bazaar. It can't be obtained by buying. People can't give it to others.

Peace, peace, you are the embodiment of peace!
Outside is only pieces, pieces, pieces.
You are the embodiment of Peace.
You are the embodiment of Truth.
You are the embodiment of Love.
You are the embodiment of God.

What misfortune it is to go wandering outside while keeping such Divinity within yourself! The ones who do so much sin will resort to this action. We should not succumb to that sin. How many sins have we committed? Therefore, we are succumbing to these bad situations. Hence, this has to be given up. Only when we give it up, we will obtain the suitable type of merit and bliss.
Bliss is our own property. We cannot live even a moment without bliss. Bliss is our form. What madness it is to go (search for it) outside while keeping all this bliss within us!

Embodiments of Love!
Buddha was not an ordinary householder. He was born in a great family of kings. He had no lack of anything. There is everything. Yet one night he firmly left it. He went even without seeing his own child. Thyaaga, thyaaga, thyaaga (renunciation or sacrifice).

Na Karmana, Na Prajaya,
Dhanena Thyaaganaike,
Amritatwa Manassu.

Not by action, not by progeny or wealth.
Sacrifice alone confers Immortality.
(Sanskrit sloka)

He did so much then finally he renounced and left. His father felt so bad. There is this body attachment, isn’t there? However, he (Buddha) didn’t have attachment. The father had a lot of it. However, the mother didn’t have it. There was no mother.
He didn’t have any body attachment at all. He wondered about. When anyone gave him food he ate it, washed his hands there itself then went on. Alms, alms, alms. Some lady said, “Dear one, how long it must have been since you had food? Look here, I'm bringing it.” Saying that, she gave food.
“This is not what I'm hungry for. I want the alms of jnana. Food of wisdom. I want that jnana bhiksha (alms of wisdom). I am wondering about for that. I don’t need all of this (other) bhiksha. Beggars and others are eating the same external food that you are eating. Must I also have that? Is this what I, one who contemplates on God, needs? So I don’t need this.” Saying that, he left.
A farmer was distributing rice to everyone. He (Buddha) went to that farmer. “Oh farmer, where is my alms?” ‘Hey! Why do you want alms? You are a lazy Sanyasi. There is no need to give to you. They worked hard so I give them alms.”
“I am also working hard. What work? Plowing the land, sowing the seeds, remove the weeds, putting manure, pouring water, harvesting and then eating. This is my work. So I am also doing work but I am not just asking you to give alms like a lazy person. Hence I am working hard.” In this way, he felt that the work that he did was different.
The land of the heart has to be made very soft. The water of love has to be poured there. The water of love has to be poured and the sadhana of removing the weeds has to be done. By doing this sadhana, the tree of wisdom comes. One obtains the fruit of happiness from this tree of wisdom. So the crop should be eaten. This is not your vanta (cooking); it is your panta (crop). Your panta is the bliss that arises from your heart.
When inquiring about Buddha well, we (think we) are only reading stories. They are not stories. These are all things that happened personally to him. Buddha didn’t desire anything at all. (Though at a) young age, there was only thyaagam. No one can say that the bliss that comes from thyaaga is like this or like that. He earned the feeling (of bliss) that comes from that (thyaaga).

This thyaaga arises from within man but it is not something that can be gained from sadhana. You think that we will get peace by doing bhajan and worship. This is a big mistake. It only gives temporary satisfaction. The eternal bhajan is always Soham, Soham, Soham. This is the bhajan that we should do.
‘So’ is ‘That’, ‘Hum’ means ‘I myself’. Who am I? I am the breath. That is Hamsa Gayathri. Soham, Soham, Soham. Watch that. Then when you watch it, you will become that form. Therefore, your thyaaga should start off watching. We should watch that. In what way?
I told you numerous times. What is the spelling of watch? (Swami says to A.K., “Tell it!” A.K. says, ‘W-A-T-C-H.” Swami repeats:) W-A-T-C-H, W-A-T-C-H.

W: Watch your words
A: Watch your actions.
T: Watch your thoughts.
C: Watch your character.
H: Watch your heart.

Watch it. The wristwatches will break. Yet this watch will never break. W-A-T-C-H. You should earn this watch.
Wherever you go, watch your word. What am I speaking? Am I speaking good or speaking badly? Am I criticizing or praising others? If it is criticizing others, (one should think,) “Chi! My tongue should be cut and thrown away. Why should I have a tongue that criticizes others? It is a sinful tongue.”
For many people today, to criticize others is a characteristic of their tongue. It is a big characteristic to accuse others. All of these are not (proper) characteristics. They are bad characteristics. If you criticize anyone, others will criticize you. It cannot be avoided (the results cannot be escaped). All of this is reaction, resound and reflection. Everything comes back as reaction.

Buddha did so much sadhana. He observed silence. He remained quiet. Whatever is done, it will come back double. So observing silence, he watched the nature of Soham (breathing process).
Hence, we don’t need to contemplate on (sing or remember) ‘Rama, Krishna, Govinda, Buddha, Sai,’ in this way. It should be done for some time. It should be done until the mind is steady. Afterwards we don’t need to do it. Nothing needed.

Silence is gold.

We will remain quiet. That is the suitable satisfaction for us. Where words stop, there the mind will be easily steadied. When words increase, the nature (restlessness) of the mind increases.
We have to kill this mind. Mind isn’t that which dies. Even if the person dies, the mind doesn’t die. So, the (same) mind comes in the next birth. Then when will this die? When there are no words then the mind dies. Then it will die. Therefore, in the past people practiced silence. So we should practice silence.
We should not criticize anybody. We should not make fun of anybody. We should not show disgust to anyone. We should not give suffering to anyone. As much as you give suffering to others, as a result it will come as even more suffering to you.
You think, “I have scolded him very nicely!” No! Others who scold you a thousand times worse, will come. Then you’ll have to listen to it, won't you? Then where will your ears go? Therefore, this is something that cannot be escaped. Whatever sin you are doing, it will come a hundred times worse back to you.

Embodiments of Love!
We have been born as human beings. Being born as human beings, what is the work that we should do? Is this what human beings should do? Should we (only) earn? No, no, no, no! Virtues should be earned.
All students of today are earning the three: money, strength and friendship. However, they are not earning virtues. The education without virtue is worth being burnt.

In spite of his education and intelligence,
a foolish man will not know his true Self,
and a mean-minded person
will not give up his wicked qualities.
Modern education leads only to
argumentation, not to total wisdom.
This is only physical, worldly, secular,
impermanent, unlasting knowledge,
and cannot lead to the attainment
Of full Jnana or wisdom.
What is the use of acquiring worldly education
if it cannot lead you to acquire Immortality?
Acquire the knowledge that will make you Immortal.
(Telugu poem)

This (the body) is a water bubble. It goes as it came.

This body is a basket of dirt, disease prone,
and cannot cross the ocean of worldly life.
Oh mind! Do not be under the delusion
that the body is permanent.
Instead take refuge at the Divine Lotus Feet.
(Telugu poem)

We should take refuge in that (the Lord’s Feet). All of these (other things) are useless to us. Therefore, all the actions that we do should be done with the feeling of surrender to God. Whatever work is done, it is (should be) offered to God. Every action is God's action. There is no work that is not God's.
This is what Buddha said. He said that there is nothing in the world that excels the five senses (the expression of the five elements). All is the effect (or influence) of the five senses.
Therefore, it is the effect of the five senses so we have to make the five senses under our control. Then only God will become under your control. That is control of mind. That is control of God. We should make this relationship under our control.

Embodiments of Love!
All of this is obtained only through love.

Love is God, live in love.

It is only obtained through love but not obtained through anything else. So I am always saying:

Start the day with Love.
Fill the day with Love
Spend the day with Love
End the day with Love.
This is the way to God.

It is all through love for us. There is nothing in this world without love.
Those with bad desires have everything. The bad desires are drowning them. Finally they won't even get a peaceful death. At the end these types (of people) have unsacred deaths. Hence we want a peaceful death. The mind should be very sacred. That is obtained through God's Love.

Embodiments of Love!
You have come from so far. You came undergoing so much strain. You should always experience with this (bliss) and you should spend your life with bliss, peacefully.
Not only this. Though these worries and those worries come, you shouldn’t keep them in mind at all. Brush each one aside. Then you will get the proper state. Just because they come we should not receive them.
Therefore, truly that which we should do: devotees should only contemplate on God with love. You think, “I am praying to God.” That is not that which you should do.

I am God, I am God. I AM GOD!

Do (contemplate on) this.

You are God.

God is not anywhere separate from you. When one thinks He exists, He exists. However, we don’t need to go so far.

I am God, I am God, I am God.

Buddha also said this. What did he say? God is always within himself.

In you, with you, above you, below you, around you.

Wherever one observes there is only God. However, instead of seeing God, you are only seeing dogs! Don’t go like that. The difference between God and dog is only the difference of turning. G-O-D, God. If you start through this entrance, you will have God. If you start through this (other) entrance, you will have dog. (Applause) They are differences of entrance. Enter with God. Don’t enter with dog. Dogs are also God! Hence all is only God. We have to keep this Divinity in mind.
Embodiments of Love!
Many people from Sri Lanka and from numerous other places also, have come undergoing so much strain. However, I am hoping (blessing) all of you to arrive again to your own places safely and peacefully. (Applause)
Importantly, you should remember (only) one thing out of the words Buddha spoke. Whatever is done, feel that it is God's gift.
So, he did so many spiritual practices. Finally he became vexed with all of it. So, he thought that if only these five senses that God gave are under one’s control, there is no other better sadhana.
What does ‘spiritual practice’ mean? To control the five senses is spiritual practice. This only is spiritual sadhana. Spiritual doesn’t only mean (saying,) ‘God, God, God, God.’ One should not go on like that.
The senses are also God only. Hence, these senses are excellent senses, sacred senses, sanctified senses and peaceful senses. Why are we leaving such peaceful senses? No, no, no!
Live with love. Give joy to others with love. You also remain with love. Give love to those who take refuge in you. Don’t hate anyone. Don’t be wicked towards anyone. Don’t give suffering to anyone. So for that reason, Vedanta declares:

Help ever, hurt never.

That only is:

Paropakara Punyaya Papaya Parapeedanam.

One attains merit by serving others
And commits sin by hurting them.
(Sanskrit sloka)

Whatever sadhana is done, you may have some unsteadiness within yourself. “God is in me, in me, in me.” If you think like that, you will not have any unsteadiness. You may experience some exertion (or difficulty) but gradually that will give you a lot of bliss.
God is not specially somewhere. God is not anywhere there in some Church, Masjid or temple.

Body is the temple of God.

He is in your body.

God is not separate, in some foreign country. God is in the body. Sin is not in some foreign country. It (sin) is attached to the actions one does.
(Swami sings a Telugu poem)

All is within oneself. So you don’t need to read any scripture. You don’t need any education. The only education you need is faith. Faith, faith, faith, faith.

Where there is confidence, there is Truth.
Where there is Truth, there is bliss.
Where there is bliss, there is peace.
Where there is peace, there is God.

So first and foremost develop confidence. Without that confidence all becomes confusion. Hence, first and foremost have confidence.
Look here: there is this entire building. We are experiencing bliss in this building. However, what is the basis for all of this? The basis for this is its foundation. Without the foundation, it wouldn’t be possible for us to see this building (the building wouldn’t exist).
Likewise, the foundation is our faith. If we have that faith, we can achieve anything. Do you duty. Do your duties and receive the Divine ideal of Buddha. Though Buddha had so many comforts, he renounced them all. All of these (what Buddha practiced) teach us. Yet they don’t give thyaaga. There is bliss in thyaaga. We won’t get that bliss from enjoyment. Therefore, thyaaga is our bliss. We will obtain true bliss only when we sacrifice.

Embodiments of Love!
Importantly, reduce body attachment. As you increase body attachment, your suffering increases even more. Reduce body attachment.
“This is not my body. This is a temple of God. God will see to (take care of) this temple. Therefore, this temple is not mine. I am also following this temple.”
Many people came to Buddha and did namaskaar to the body, as if it was very great. “Sir, I myself am doing namaskaar to this body. Why? This is because inside of this there is the teacher Atma. That only is the Atma. The residence of the Atma is this body. Hence, this is a temple. It is not my body. It is not a basket of filth. Hence, because God has given me this body, good works should be done with the body.”
Good works should be done. Good name should be achieved. Good bliss should be received. Hence, we have got this body to obtain bliss. So let us share bliss through this body. Then we will get the Divine effects.
Embodiments of Love!
Do the spiritual practices that you are doing. I am not coming as an obstacle to your sadhana. However, no matter how many spiritual practices are done, ‘God is not outside of us. God is always with me, in me, around me. So God is with me. God is not separate. I am not alone. I'm not only one. God is always beside me.’ Keep this feeling and continue your life well. Live with love.

Bhagavan ended His Divine Discourse by chanting the bhajan, ‘Prema Muditha Mana Se Kaho…’

Checked by Prabha