The following discourse has been translated into English from Bhagavan's Telugu speech as heard on this festival's ashram audiocassette. It is a complete, literal translation made with the objective of preserving Bhagavan's precious original poetic style as much as possible.
Summer Course # 10
24 May 2002

Nasti Lobha Samo Vyadhi.
Nasthi Krodha Samoripuhi
Nasti Daridavat Duhkham
Nasti Jnanat Param Sukham.

There is no disease equal to greed.
There is no enemy equal to anger.
There is no sorrow like poverty.
There is no happiness like wisdom.
(Sanskrit sloka)

Embodiments of Love!
Prema, aham, Atma, I: all of these are words with the same meaning. So, every individual is putting to use the word of ‘I, I’. Meaning, one is expressing that one is the Atma.

Sarvam Khalvidham Brahma.

All is Brahma (God).
(Sanskrit sloka)

Wherever one looks, wherever one is, whatever one experiences, it is only God that is everywhere. ‘Brahma’ also has the same meaning as the meaning of the word ‘I’.
Hence Einstein said that there is nothing at all in this world, whether objects, forms, or experiences. All is only one shakthi. Even that shakthi doesn’t have a particular form. Shakthi is only shakthi. (After) undertaking numerous experiments in these times influenced by the age of Kali, Einstein said:

Sarvam Khalvidham Brahma.

All is Brahma (God).
(Sanskrit sloka)

However, a few thousands of years before that, without doing any experiments, in those days a 7-year old boy, Prahlada, said:

Never have the doubt that,
‘He is in this and not in that.’
God is present everywhere.
Wherever one searches,
He is seen there.
(Telugu poem)

Wherever Prahlada searched, He (God) was present there. How did that experience occur? His own father Hiranyakasipu brought poisonous snakes and made them bite (Prahlada). When he (Prahlada) said the words, ‘Om Namo Narayanaya, Om Namo Narayanaya,’ all of those poisonous snakes became a garland of flowers.
The father ordered them to take the boy and cut him into pieces. When each sword was taken and each time they struck him, (he repeated,) “Namo Narayanaya, Namo Narayanaya.” The swords did not work at all. He (Prahlada’s father) said, “He should be made to drink poison.” They took that poison and made the boy drink it. He had nothing else but the remembrance of Narayana: “Om Namo Narayanaya, Om Namo Narayanaya.” All of the poison changed into nectar.
Then he (Prahlada’s father) said that was no use. He had him (the boy) thrown from a mountaintop into the sea. When he was thrown in the ocean, he fell smiling saying, “Namo Narayana, Namo Narayana.” The sea god brought him up with two hands, lifted the boy and placed him on the shore.
What is the inner meaning of this? The root cause of this is only faith. Without this faith, no matter how many times we say, “Namo Narayanaya, Namo Narayanaya,” it is not enough. All of this is only like playing a tape recorder. Yet to Prahlada, it was a sound coming out of his navel. It is the sound of God that is fully present everywhere.

Man’s body is dynamic. When all the limbs of this body come together, it becomes like a generator. This body is an electric machine. Electricity also arises in it. So all that man has is only the shakthi of God.
Prahlada was one who attained success and had experiences, therefore he could declare, “Wherever one looks, He is there.” However, scientists of today did numerous experiments. They also investigated whether what Einstein said was correct or not. They also declared that wherever they looked, it was only the nature of God which was observed.
There is no one who can create this shakthi. There is no one who can destroy this shakthi. Based on this Newton also declared it. He completely dedicated his life to the experiment to discover where the attraction power of this earth comes from. It is not something that arises through someone’s experiment. It is not destroyed if one ignores it. It has no certain situation or fate.

He is permanent, without any death and birth.
He is eternal, with no beginning or end.
He does not die, is not born and will not be killed!
He is the Witness of everything.

(Telugu poem)

Even Newton did many experiments regarding such a Divine shakthi. Newton is one who recognized that the earth had attraction power (gravitational force). How did he recognize that the earth had gravitational force? Wherever he looked, he observed gravitational force. Wherever he looked he observed magnet (magnetic energy).
However, it is not possible for anyone to create or destroy this shakti. Yet one may change one object into another. Magnet can be transformed into a type of electric power. Electric power can be transformed into chaitanya shakthi. Chaitanya shakthi can be changed into light rays. This shakti may be transformed into a sacred form.
One may transform it into so many different shakthis but it is not possible to change this (its basic identity) at all. Magnet is magnet only. Yet, for some time it becomes less and for some time it becomes more (the intensity changes). It may change and change again but it is not fully destroyed.
As long as this earth exists, this shakthi will continue to arise. No matter where the step is put, that step will be attracted (drawn by gravitational force). No matter where the sight goes, it will attract that sight. Wherever we listen, it attracts it. How does it attract? Why does it attract?
If that is observed, in the very beginning (of his life), man was born with no resolves at all. There were no desires at all. When he had no desires, he was pure and steady. So all powers shined powerfully in his body.
At that time there were 13 crores of light receptors in each one’s eye (that enable one to see) Not only that, there are 30 lakhs of taste buds on the tongue. If we observe hearing, there are 50 lakhs of sound waves (cells that enable one to hear). In this way, man’s entire body is a Divine experience.

Sarvam Kalavidham Brahma.

All is Brahma (God).
(Sanskrit sloka)

All is the principle of God. Not only this. If man touches any object, that object doesn’t leave his grip (on its own). Powers like this were spread in man from top to toe. Man’s body is spread with Divine power from top to toe. Due to desires increasing, increasing and increasing, that power decreased and decreased.

You don’t need to go that far. Look right now. You have so many desires. Suppose that you have 30 desires. Among 30 desires, reduce three desires. Think how much shakthi will arise from you. Memory power will also increase. The rishis of those days spoke of events that happened long before.
Saraswath Maharshi was one who repeated the Vedas first. At one time he repeated eight letters. He said: ‘ka, cha, ta, tha, pa, ya, sa, ha.’ What is ‘ka, cha, ta, tha, pa, ya, sa, ha’? All of the Vedas are contained within these letters. The words of man arose from such sounds. The inner meanings of those words are the names of God. The Names of God was spread to the world with such words. Which ones? The wind god spread them. Therefore:

Shabda Brahma Mayi, Charaachara Mayi,
Jyotir Mayi, Vaak Mayi, Nithyananda Mayi,
Paraat Para Mayi, Maaya Mayi, Sri Mayi.

Brahma is Sound,
Everything mobile and immobile,
Light, Speech, Eternal Bliss,
Almighty, Elusive, and Auspicious.
(Sanskrit sloka)

The Divine Vedas arose from these nine letters. It is said:

Vedahametham Purusham Mahantham,
Adithya Varnam Thamasa Paarasthath.

I know the Supreme Being, who shines with the effulgence of the sun and who is beyond thamas, the darkness of ignorance.
(Sanskrit sloka)

“O people! We have seen the radiant God who is beyond darkness.” They (others) asked, “In what way did you see?”

Vedahametham Purusham Mahantham,
Adithya Varnam Thamasa Paarasthath.

I know the Supreme Being, who shines with the effulgence of the sun and who is beyond thamas, the darkness of ignorance.
(Sanskrit sloka)

“We beheld the light of God in a radiances like the effulgence of the sun.” Where did they see? Did they see inside? Did they see outside? They said:

Antar Bihischa Thath Sarvam.
Vyapa Narayana Sthithah.

Inside, outside, everything is ‘That’.
Narayana pervades all over.
(Sanskrit sloka)

“Not only inside, outside, around and above! We saw it everywhere also.”

Antar Bihischa Thath Sarvam.
Vyapa Narayana Sthithah.

Inside, outside, everything is ‘That’.
Narayana pervades all over.
(Sanskrit sloka)

Hence, Divinity is present everywhere. So the rishis of those days didn’t make journeys anywhere. They sat in only one place and they contemplated on God. ‘If we walk anywhere, maybe God would fall under our feet. Maybe God would be crushed by our weight.’ The rishis of those days even did daily actions with such sacred feelings. In ancient times their behavior became very sacred in this way.
Today even though looking and looking, they will put their legs on the idol (of God). They put their feet on the form (of God). What is all of this? They are very perverse actions. Why did these perverse actions begin?

Vinaasa Kaale Vipareeta Buddhih.

At the time of destruction, perverse resolves will arise.
(Sanskrit sloka)

Meritorious times began in those days therefore so many hidden things were propagated.

How are God's powers? The rishis of those days gave a few names to this. They called it, ‘Saikotikam Maha’. What does it mean? “Wherever one looks, there is Your sacred form and Your sacred sound.” Hence, what name did they give to God? They gave ‘Saikotikam’. Then gradually, due to science changing, they said ‘Bhakshakthi’. This means ‘Divine shakthi’. It is not possible for anyone to touch it. There is such power. Lift your hand and go: it will touch your entire hand. That whole form will touch (you).
In those days all experienced that kind of God's power. They were blissful and shared it. However, is that observed today? Without fail it is seen. Will we certainly catch it? Certainly it will be caught. However, we have to develop such faith.
Where is faith? One doesn’t have any faith in oneself. In a situation like that, how can faith in God come? Therefore, wherever there is the full nature of love:

Where there is Love, there is Peace.
Where there is Peace, there is Truth.
Where there is Truth, there is Bliss.
Where there is Bliss, there is God.

We have to develop that nature of Love. Without that Love, where can this Truth be seen? How can we obtain peace? Who can gain this bliss? Bliss is moving about, step by step and like wave after wave.
Bliss used to touch the backs of all the sages going about in the forest. When it touched them, they used to forget themselves (in ecstasy). Therefore, what courage did the few people who went about in the forests in those days, all the munis and rishis, have? What weapons did they have with them? What guns did they have? What bombs did they have?
They didn’t have anything at all. Their big bomb (protection) was faith in God. They accomplished everything due to that true faith. Hence, due to us maintaining this sacred faith from ancient times in the land of Bharata, it is stable, it is firm and it doesn't move at all. It was observed to be eternal, true and pure.
What types of people would go to do austerity in those days? Not very elderly or big people who got disgusted with family life and went. Six-year-old children, seven-year-old children, children within nine years of age: they went for austerity.
How old was Dhruva? He was only six years old. His mother’s co-wife humiliated him and with that courage he went. He obtained the blessing of his mother. He said, “Mother, I will obtain God’s Grace and return.” He went to a place without any people. He went to a silent place. He went to a pure place. There wasn’t even a place to put his foot and no house to live in. He went to a place like that. He stood on one leg and he contemplated on the Name of Narayana, saying, “Narayana, Narayana.”
He came: Narayana manifested. “Son, what do you want?” Today even aged and educated people also do not have the intelligence of that small boy. “I am a small boy. How do you know that I have come and am here in this place which no one knows about? No one other than You knows, isn't it? So, don’t You, the one who knows that I have arrived and am present here, know what I want?”
(Narayana answered,) “Son:”

Manasekam, Vachasekam, Karmanyekan, Mahatmanam.

A Great one has unity in thought, word and deed.
(Sanskrit sloka)

He (Narayana) said, “You should become a mahatma (a great soul). You took a determination. What was it? ‘I will do austerity, obtain the Grace of God and return.’ Appropriate to that, you came and you did austerity. Your resolve and austerity, both are unified. Yet you could not express in words what you desired. So, also sanctify your words. I am questioning you for that reason.”
Then he (Dhruva) said, “I was searching for a piece of glass but I obtained a diamond. After obtaining a diamond, what work do I have with a piece of glass? I want to be the (preferred) son of the king. I want to sit on the lap of my father. I came and did so much austerity (with that aim in mind). However, that desire isn’t necessary for me. I only want You.”
Then He (Narayana) said, “Dear one, I am ready to give anything you want. However, you should be sanctified. You have thought one thing and you did another. You spoke yet another. When these three are not in unity, your desire will not be fulfilled. Do it completely; I will fulfill your desire.” When He said like that, obeying the command of God, he came home.
How intelligent were the children of those days! They had so many sacred feelings. They (followed) the best paths. Their resolves were the highest.
Then Prahlada: all of you know that Prahlada was such an ardent devotee. He didn’t have faith in anything except Narayana. He didn't even have faith in his father. He didn't even have faith in his mother. “The mother and father have vyamoha (love with physical attachment and delusion). However, Narayana has no vyamoha at all and no desires at all. He came to save me. Therefore, I will ask desires of one who has no desires.”
Therefore, even from those days they gave the advice to reduce desires. Desires are increasing without limit. Vyamoha is increasing. One is tied up in bondage. Due to this bondage, man is succumbing to numerous difficulties.
Where does this bondage come from? Your desires only are your bondage. Your difficulties only are your bondage. These desires are your bondage, so reduce these desires and then you will be without worries. No danger will even happen (to you). Therefore, as man decreases his desires, man’s peace increases.

Less luggage more comfort.

These desires are increasing, increasing and increasing. Even when one’s life is about to end in a couple of minutes, one will ask for some desire. What are these desires? What is the result we get from these desires? How much bliss may be obtained when there are no desires!

Truly, whether you believe it or not, I have no desires at all. (Applause) I never have any worry.

Follow me.

So, you also remain without desires and with a heart of bliss. Desires are bonding us but it does not give liberation.

When your desires are fulfilled, you praise Me highly. When your desires are not fulfilled, you scold Me. You commit sinful acts but when danger confronts you, you ask for protection, meanwhile blaming Me.
(Telugu poem)

Have you seen? In this way, what you do is sinful acts. But what you want is meritorious results. This is not proper. We should never succumb to sin. We should always enter into meritorious deeds. Give help fully, as far as possible. Vishnu helped all. Eswara also helped all. Therefore, can't you do even a fraction of what He (God) does?

Follow the Master.
Face the devil.
Fight to the end.
Finish the game.

Follow the master. For that reason, if you follow that, you will obtain anything.
You are worshipping with devotion since so many years. You are doing parayanas (daily reading of holy books) and you are doing bhajan, but has even a bit of pollution in the mind decreased? Day by day the pollution is increasing but it does not decrease. Are you experiencing bliss wholeheartedly, even for a minute? Nothing at all. Why these desires?
(You desire) children, children, children, children. Children should indeed be desired. That is your duty, which you should do. Do your duty. God Himself will look after (your children). You don’t need to look after (them). You are looking after (them): what result do you have through that? If you offer (the responsibility) to God, He Himself will take care (of them). You will have joy and he (the child) will have joy.
Therefore, we should not have these desires. They should gradually be decreased. We will be overwhelmed with bliss to the extent that they are reduced. Therefore, first and foremost we should try to recognize the nature of God in the world.

In the past the entire world was pitch dark. No object was seen anywhere. No form was seen. In a situation like that, all prayed. After they prayed, there was heavy rainfall for a few crores (tens of millions) of years. It was a few crores (tens of millions) of years, not just lakhs (hundreds of thousands) of years. Heavy rain fell for a few crores (tens of millions) of years. The effect of that heavy downpour is the root cause for so many oceans.
That heavy rain poured, poured, poured and then all of the clouds became clear. Then gradually stars could be seen. Due to these stars being seen, the sun also was also seen. Due to the sun being seen, man’s desires could be fulfilled and he could ripen crops and thus spend life. It happened like this.
So first and foremost, in a situation where nothing was known, there were no desires at all. Gradually due to the light appearing, desires increased. Desires begin first thing in the early morning! However, at night there aren't so many desires. What does it mean? There is not as much opportunity for desires to enter in night. Therefore, we should be very happy when darkness comes. Many people scold the darkness saying, “Abaa! This darkness has come!” It should always be light (for them). What is the use if there is always light?
When Rama was born, the sun didn’t rise for 15 days. It was only dark. Due to it being dark, even the moon suffered. “Ayyo, I am unable even to see Rama!” After 15 days passed, the sun got disgusted. “I am unable to see Rama who was born!” Saying that, he gradually contemplated (on Rama) within himself. Gradually the sun arose. Then only the moon also arose. The sun and moon fulfilled their duties. Due to them fulfilling their duties, the world could undertake creation and destruction.
Therefore, if you first recognize the secrets of creation, in any situation the form of man is not seen. Are there men today? They are seen wherever one looks.
Then, they are discovering very great inventions (medicines). They are trying to decrease the population. How can something like this come about? It is not reduced by this (medicines). Only when the mind is turned towards God, all of these desires will reduce. Only when these desires reduce, the population will decrease. Hence first and foremost, our (we should have) sense control.
Tomorrow the subject of Prahlada, which is very great, (will be explained).

People of all countries are coming to spread (or propagate) the nature of Buddha to the world. Listen to whatever is spread regarding the nature of Buddha, and then control the mind to some extent. They control everything but the desires in the mind are not being controlled. We have to control desires. Then you will attain so much peace.
Where does this peace come from? You will yourself be surprised. When this peace comes, it will not circulate. That peace will arise out of oneself. Wherever one looks there is only peace. Wherever one looks there is only truth. Wherever one looks there is only Love.

You are the embodiment of Love.
You are the embodiment of Peace.
You’re the embodiment of Truth
You are the embodiment of God.

(Applause) First and foremost recognize this Truth. Truth is not anywhere (separate). Where is Truth? Right here! Where there is Truth, there is God.
Peace, peace, peace. Where is peace? Is peace outside? Wherever one goes there is only pieces, pieces, pieces. No peace. Peace is only near God. Develop the Divinity in your heart. Have faith in the truth that, “God is in my heart”. Only when you have faith in that truth, you will certainly get peace.

The entire Creation has originated out of Truth and it will merge back into Truth. Is there any place in this Universe where there is no principle of Truth?
It is the pure, unsullied Truth.
(Telugu poem)

Therefore, we don’t need to go anywhere to search for God. Where there is truth, He manifests there. Wherever there is Truth, there Narayana manifests. Where Narayana manifests, there Lakshmi (the goddess of wealth) is present. So how will Lakshmi come to you? Lakshmi (money or wealth) is needed. Where will it come from? It should come from within you. Make that Lakshmi within you arise. When you keep Narayana in your heart, Lakshmi herself will come along with Him.
Hence, undertake good actions with sacred feelings, firm resolve and constant contemplation on God. Help others. See that jealousy does not arise on others. We should not have jealousy on others. If jealousy comes, one is useless. Jealousy ruins man.
Today jealousy has increased. If anyone is doing well, seeing them they (others) will shed tears. If someone is happy, seeing them they (others) cannot bear it. It is very bad, very bad. First and foremost if others are joyful, be happy. Certainly you will be happy. So, these are the secrets of Divinity.

There is as much Grace as is needed. However, it is deep. If one wants to draw water out of a well, tie a rope onto the container and throw it in the well. Then, only when it is pulled out of the well again, you will get the water in that container. Yet everything is present but you are not tying the rope to your container. Tying the rope, you are not dropping it in the well. Dropping it in the well, you are not pulling it up again.
What is that rope? That is the rope of devotion. Tying the rope of devotion, tie it up nicely to the container of the heart which is well cleaned. Then, only when it is dropped in the well of Grace, we will obtain the water of bliss.
It has to be dropped in the well of Grace. Not in the well of anger. Not in the well of jealousy. Not in the well of discontentment. It has to be dropped in the well of bliss. So make distant the bad qualities in man. Why should we develop these bad qualities during this sacred opportunity? Due to increasing these bad qualities, we ourselves are obtaining a bad fate.
Therefore, Embodiments of Love!
Develop good and sacred feelings. Mingle and mix together with love. If you earn that one thing, love, all will come walking towards you.

Bhagavan ended His Divine Discourse by chanting the bhajan, ‘Prema Mudhita Mana Se Kaho…