This translation from Telugu to English is done word-by-word to get the literal meaning. It is NOT an edited version.
Summer Course #1 Inaugural
16 May 2002 (Morning)

Sarve Bhavanthu Sukhina
Sarve Santu Niramaya
Yagatchu Subhato Bhange
Sarve Bhavanthu Sukhino

May all be happy,
May all have peace,
May all have auspiciousness,
May all be happy.
(Telugu poem)

The first dictate in the culture of Bharath is that all should be happy. All should be prosperous. All should be immersed in bliss. All should be healthy. These are the important things to remember in the culture of Bharath.
Embodiments of Love!
Though man has been experiencing infinite experiences from ancient times, he is unable to attain bliss.
The culture of Bharath is not that which moves. It doesn’t move with time, change with history, diminish in the final annihilation nor increase with creation. The culture of Bharath teaches the eternal and true bliss of Truth.
Students are forgetting such a culture today and they are succumbing to endless difficulties, distancing themselves from peace and are very far from bliss.
Ancient Bharatiyas experienced joy by sharing their experiences, joys and good fortune with others. The sanctity of the culture of Bharath was also recognized in foreigner countries and they determined to uphold the country.

Abraham Lincoln, an American, was very famous. At one time his parents experienced a state of acute poverty. During a situation like that, his mother sewed old clothes and earned some money. His father worked as a carpenter and he fostered his family with the small money that he earned.
This boy Lincoln succumbed to very difficult situations. For study, he got together with some children of rich people and he went to school with them. However, the clothes that he wore were very old. For the sake of respect his mother used to repair and sew them and send him out.
Seeing Lincoln, the boys with him ridiculed him a lot, “Why should this poor fellow come with us? Chi! Look at his clothes, look at his body, how dirty he is!” Speaking in that way, they spoke words that should not be heard.
Lincoln went from there and returned home. Mother was sewing old clothes. He came crying, “Mother, mother!” and fell on his mother’s lap. She inquired very lovingly, “What is it son, what happened? Why are you suffering so much?”
(Lincoln answered,) “The boys with me are making fun of me in numerous ways. They are saying that I am poor, poverty-stricken and wearing very useless clothes. They say that we should not be friends with a boy like this and I should not come to their house.”
“Dear son, you don’t need to feel bad about this. We should recognize and act according to the effects of our situation. They are rich therefore they talked according to their position. We are poor so we have to conduct according to our situation. We don’t have money, gold, things and vehicles (comforts and conveniences). We are not rich. Hence, we have to bear the responsibility accordingly and be courageous.”
Now the mother sat him on her lap and dried his tears, “Son, it is not right that you feel despondent because of this small matter. Our friends are not rich. Our relatives are not rich. We have (relationships) right for us. You don’t need to feel bad about this.

“We are great in only one aspect. Our Self-confidence is our wealth. Only when we have Self-courage and Self-confidence there is no one richer than us. What is here today will change tomorrow. The happiness of today will change tomorrow. But Self-confidence and Self-respect is something that does not change. Make this Self-confidence firm in your mind. This will bring all prosperity to you.
“If anyone says anything, say, ‘My wealth is Self-confidence.’ It is not possible for anyone to deny that. It won't be possible for anyone to criticize. Self-confidence is something that everyone should have. The man without Self-confidence cannot live in this world. So keep this confidence firm and go.” She taught him very firmly.
“My wealth is only the Atma. My good fortune is only the Atma. I am living only for Self-confidence. What is the use of living without Self-respect? Hence my Self-confidence is my important property.” He made this firm.
In this way, even though he was ridiculed in so many ways, he did not pay attention and with Self-confidence, he went to and from school. However, when he came to higher classes, he didn’t have books to study.
There were no lights in the house. His mother called him slowly, “Son, it starts to get dark at 6 o’clock. Eat some bread (before then). While there is darkness in our house, there is a lot of light in the street. Go near the streetlight, study and become highly educated.” Following the mother’s orders, he went near the streetlights and he studied.
Studying in that way, he became highly educated. Gradually he reached the higher classes. In this way he lived while experiencing these difficulties, by eating one day and not eating the next day, drinking water and (going to sleep at night). He didn’t have the capability even to buy a cup of tea. After studying at night he just drank water and lay down (to sleep).
Unable to bear these difficulties his mother said, “Son, if the education that students study should remain in the heart, there should be at least a little bit of food inside. In our house there are no expensive meals.” Saying that, one day she took an old cloth and sewed, sewed, sewed it night and day. She returned it to the people of that house (who had given it to her to sew) and she took the value of two rupees. She remained on fast and in this way could give food to the son, and brought him to an exalted position (brought him up well).
At last he passed in a very high class. Wherever one observed, they used to speak of what happened to Lincoln. If anyone asked the question, “How did such a poor boy get so much courage, so much patience and so much boldness?”
(Lincoln used to answer,) “It is only my Self-confidence which has given me so much faith. My Self-respect has brought me to such a position. So Self-confidence is my important wealth.” He never spoke untruth in any small (or big) matter. Truth is my praana (life force). Truth is God in this manifest world. It is not possible for Truth to change. In every situation, Truth is Truth and it is eternal. That Truth is my God, my manifested God.” He was successful with courage like that.
Finally he got the job of a minor clerk. He was very disciplined even in his work as a clerk. He was successful in a way that gave satisfaction to his superiors. Praising those great qualities, his superior gave him even higher promotion. With this, he could provide meals to his parents and he could also eat. He lived without any desires.
He told his mother, “It is only your words of teaching, which is like nectar, that has brought me to such a position.” All of you know how great the mother teaches. Even when she is on fast, even when she experiences difficulties, without speaking of those troubles to her son, she swallows it and wanting to bring the sons up in life, gives an example of high ideals.
Gradually the matter of this house (Lincoln’s family) became known to everyone. Wherever one observed people said, “Oh! Lincoln is a very truthful person. He is one of justice. No one has his truth and justice.” From small children to the elderly, they started to speak of this.

All his old classmates came and said, “Lincoln, in the coming month there will be elections. We want people like this (you) in the country. We should obtain a leader who speaks the truth. In today’s politics, truth has become very distant. Justice is nil. Therefore, people like you are necessary today in this country. Everyone came one after another, one after another, and they gave a lot of enthusiasm.
He said, “I have to look after my own position. This is the thing that my mother said: that I have to conduct based on my position. My ability is very small. That which I am aspiring towards (which others want me to aspire towards) is very big. I'm not appropriate to this. When I don’t like it in my mind, how can I enter into this?” Saying that, he told this in a justified way to everyone.
Yet no one listened. Finally even very big (influential) people entered into this. They came and gave him enthusiasm. “Dear one, all of us will help. A boy like you, a man of truth like you, should become a leader today in society.” When it happened like this, he had an overwhelming victory in the elections.
The mother heard that he had gained victory in that election. She went and embraced her son with bliss she could hardly contain. “Son, it doesn’t matter if I live. You have gained a high position. You have maintained my (good) reputation. You have dedicated yourself to truth. You truly had faith in my words and you have obtained such truth. Your own Self-respect has brought you to such a victory.
“Never give up your Self-confidence. If that goes, if that Self-confidence goes, it would be like your very praana going. That which has brought you to such a position today is only Self-confidence and Self-respect.” She gave him such courage and as all elders came, she just said those words and left.
Again, on the fourth day, he became the Prime Minister of London (President of the United States). When he became the President, the whole town became surprised. “He is a poor boy. He doesn’t any family. How could he become the President?”
When they thought that, his mother was very happy. “Son, you have dedicated yourself to God. God Himself has brought you to this position. How great it is for my son to become President of America! This is only the Grace of God, the effect of Truth. It is the strength of Self-confidence. Pray to God for bringing you to this position.
He went in a rickshaw to the office and paid the charges. He didn’t even have a car. “This is enough for our position.” The mother taught and taught like that. He went there and he got promoted.
However, after some days, (Lincoln’s father) exerted himself night and day so that his son could study. He worked very hard, his health went bad and he became weak. The mother also looked after her son. Instead of eating food properly, she gave it to the child and fostered him. Then she also became weak. After some days, the mother died.

However, there was no one to help in the house. Unable to manage, Thomas (Lincoln’s father) married again. The lady that came was very virtuous. She looked after him (Lincoln) with a lot of love. “Son, I heard of your name and fame even before my marriage (to your father). Your Self-confidence has brought you to such a (high) position. You have Self-respect. What else is needed than that?” Saying that, she also praised his good qualities a lot. She gave food on time to the child (Lincoln), and in a good way she brought about his progress.
After some time his father died. Then she said, “Son, your own mother and father, both have left you and gone. I am your stepmother. I am not your own. I didn’t bring you up from infancy. I don’t have enough to foster you.” His stepmother felt very bad.
However, he was so happy with that. “I didn’t know that I would get such a (great) mother. I didn’t think that in these days another’s mother would show so much love. So mother, a namaskaar to you.” Saying that, in all ways he tried to some extent to give happiness and peace to her.

Appropriate to that, Lincoln had an old friend. Thinking that Lincoln had such work (high position), he came to see him (Lincoln). He (Lincoln) said, “Dear one, it is not the wealth, gold, things and vehicles that uphold us. It is only Truth that protects us. This Self-confidence fosters us. We should have Self-confidence. Do your work with Self-confidence.
Finally what work did that friend do? He was polishing shoes. Not only putting on this polish, he was taking papers and selling them in the streets. Then, when time was available, he was going to hotels and washing the cups. Then, when there wasn’t even that work, he wrote addresses on covers for children.
Because he used to write these addresses, the children used to give him a paisa or two. His handwriting was very nice. When he used to write addresses like this, he kept what Lincoln said about Self-confidence firmly (in mind).
When he used to give back the envelopes with the addresses, he used to say, “God bless you.” Self-confidence like this used to be so great in the children of those days. “God bless you, God bless you!” Those children also used to say, “God bless you, God bless you.”
We cannot say how each one’s heart is. When those small and innocent children said with complete joy, “God bless you, God bless you,” it made him so greatly happy. A heart like this becomes very sacred. It is different only to artificially say, “God bless you, God bless you.” Those small children said it wholeheartedly. That God bless you (helped) him to progress.
After Lincoln died, his friend, the one who listened well to teachings, kept all the teachings in his heart and he used to put them into practice. He became the President! Did you see, children? They had Self-confidence at a young age like that. The British of those days were ones who spent the time with devotion to God and made Truth as a foundation. How (great) they were, just see!
(We) don’t need to see the difference of what times or what country. The times may be different. Countries may be different. The effects of the situation may be different. Yet the effect of everyone’s heart is one (the same). Self-confidence is the praana of every human being.
The British people attained great position with such confidence. Gradually in this British country, Self-confidence gained in stature. In the past faith in God wasn’t observed. Gradually, after Lincoln came, everyone obtained Self-confidence. It is enough if there is only one such ideal man.

It is said:

Padoshi Nipakas Chandrah,
Prabhato Nipaka Ravih.

The moon gives light at night.
The sun gives light during the day.
(Sanskrit sloka)

The one who gives light during the day is the sun. The one who gives radiance to the country during the night, is the moon.

Triloke Dipakas Dharmah.

Dharma gives light to all the three worlds.
(Sanskrit sloka)

It is Dharma that gives light to the three worlds. After that, a good son (is mentioned). A good son upholds the light of our home.

Suputro ______________ Gauravah.

A good son upholds the respect of the family.
(Sanskrit sloka)

It is a good son who maintains respect.
You should all be good sons. You should become good sons, make the situation of Bharath orderly and direct it on a good path. First and foremost change your own hearts. Then there will be possible to transform everyone else.

Before we desire that everyone should respect us, first and foremost we should respect others. If we respect others, without fail others will respect us. Therefore, we should cultivate the great virtue of respecting others. Hence, we should respect everyone in life.
There is simply no need in keeping the difference of old and young. Differences of community and religion should be completely renounced. All human beings have one single nature of Atma. The Atma that is in you is in Me and the Atma that is in Me is in others. The Atma in all is only One.

Ekoham bahusyam.

I am One.
I will become many.
(Sanskrit sloka)

Culture is that which teaches the Truth that the nature of Atma in all is One. So, due to us forgetting such a culture today, one is distant even from the love of one’s own parents.

Actually what is our culture? Samskriti (culture) is that which refines (samskarinchu). This means that, that which sanctifies is culture.
We ripen paddy. It is a big mistake if we eat paddy as soon as it is ripe. We have to thresh the paddy, separate the husk, boil the rice and eat that which was boiled. Edible rice came about due to our (process of) refinement. We have made the dirtiness in it distant. We have made distant the bad qualities that have joined it. It has taken a sacred form. Then we eat it, digest it, and gain strength and happiness.
Therefore, refinement (culture) means to make dirtiness distant, to gain sanctity and to make clean. We can joyfully partake of it. We who partake it will gain health. In a healthy body there will also be a healthy mind.

Many people think that the mind and the body are separate. No, no, no! Bliss comes from the heart. The mind has taken the vesture of the body. If there is no mind, what is the use of taking a body? So ancient culture declares:

Manah Eva Manushyanam Karanam Bandha Mokshayo.

The mind alone is responsible for both the bondage and liberation of man.
(Sanskrit sloka)

Mind is the important vesture that man puts on. We have to develop sacred feelings in it. So, there is a close and mutual relationship between the body and mind in every human being. The mind has donned the body, and body takes the mind as a foundation. Hence our mind and body, both have to be developed on the best path.
Today people are studying. They have studied all high education. People are taking very advanced degrees. Yet what use are they? The degrees are not giving us joy at all. Food gives us food (strength) but doesn’t give bliss. Money gives us conveniences but doesn’t spread bliss. Hence what is important to us is the body and the mind.
How can we foster the body? How should we purify the mind? Students should recognize well today these two matters. One should purify the mind and look after the body in the right way. When these two are well, one will transform into a perfect human being.
The body may be healthy (but) if the mind is not all right, you are half-man. One should be a full man with the two merged (in harmony). All the education that we study today does not shape one as a full man. Man must become a full man. If one wants to be a full man, we should earn the purity of the mind and the body.
But everyone thinks, ‘It is enough if there is money, everything may be experienced.’ We will not get bliss through money. We will not obtain health through money. We need it (bliss) through virtue.

Therefore, nowadays every student is trying to develop the three: wealth, strength and friendship. However, these three are present but there is no virtue. What is the use of strength without virtue? What is the use of friendship without virtue? (People only say,) “Hello, hello;” that’s it, and then they go away.
So one should not depend on only these three: wealth, strength and friendship. One should depend upon virtues. The ancients of those days had virtue as a basis and rectified the country as ideal Bharatiyas. So we should take virtue as important.
The country of Bharath means, what a sacred country it is! In such a sacred country, will a Bharatiya without virtues be a (true or real) Bharatiya? A son who looks after his parents, gives a proper ideal to the parents and gives them satisfaction should be born.
Hence, in the country of Bharath, the culture of Bharath is very valuable. Culture means to purify. We have to make the bad qualities in us distant. Bad actions should be made distant. See that bad resolves do not come. One should not enter into bad actions. That is our culture. Hence, you should know how great culture is.
Let us all grow together. Let us move about together. Let us together develop the knowledge that we have learned. Let us live together in friendship, without conflicts.

They say, “We are all brothers, brothers.” Yet are we living like brothers? People are only saying, ‘brothers, brothers’ but we are not living like brothers. As soon as they get on the stage they are saying, “Brothers and sisters.” However, are we acting like sisters and brothers? We have to act according to the words. So, then we will be true brothers. Jesus said:

Brotherhood of man; Fatherhood of God.

All of them changed to this type of path, this culture of Bharath. How great is this culture of Bharath!
We have to make distant the bad qualities in us. Good qualities must be developed. Pour the water of good habits. We should remove the weeds from good behavior. Then only we will get the harvest of sadananda (eternal bliss). The one who partakes of the harvest of eternal bliss will always be blissful.

This is the first day (of the Summer Course). First and foremost we should suitably purify the body and mind. We should always remember and put into practice the words of our ancients.
The mother of Lincoln gave one great teaching. “Son, our Self-confidence is our property. Without that Self-confidence, we will be ones who have no property. What is the use of the money of the world? So, Self-confidence is needed. We should uphold Self-respect. Without this Self-respect we will have no respect at all.
We are only acting artificially but we should do things heartful (with the heart).

Art is outside, heart is inside.

We should make proper the heart that is inside. We should not have an artificial mind.
“Hello! Good morning, good morning.” What is a morning? What is ‘good’ and what is ‘morning’? If one observes in a correct way, there is no morning and there is no evening. They call sunrise ‘morning’ and they call sunset ‘evening’. The sun doesn’t rise and the sun doesn’t set.

Chandrama Manaso Jataha.
Chaksho Suryo Ajayata.

Moon is the presiding deity of the mind;
Sun is the presiding deity of the eyes.
(Sanskrit sloka)

Due to the earth revolving, the moon and the sun look like they are moving.

Sita, at one time before marrying Rama, Rama came to lift the Bow of Siva. He came and He lifted the Bow of Siva. However, she felt very bad.

Chandrama Manaso Jataha.

Moon is the presiding deity of the mind;
(Sanskrit sloka)

“The moon of my mind is very disappointed. He is dissatisfied. That moon should be given satisfaction. Only when that moon is given satisfaction, I will have peace.” Thinking that, she prayed a lot.
Later, after the marriage, she conveyed this matter to Rama. “I prayed to the moon. I felt very bad at the disappointment and discouragement of the moon.” Then Rama said, “In this Avatar I will add the name ‘chandra’ (moon’) (to My own name). (He was called) Rama-Chandra, Ramachandra.
Not only this. He said, “In the next birth My Darshan (the sight of Me) will be seen very first by the moon but by no one else.”
Meaning, when the incarnation of Krishna came, in the middle of the night, when Nanda (Vasudeva) put Him on his head and was going, only the moon saw but no one else saw. So Rama made a promise that the moon would be the first to behold Him.
There are so many sacred dictates and sacred ideals in the history of Bharath. So we should have good faith our heart and in the nature of Atma.

Embodiments of Love!
Even when we have nothing else, develop Self-confidence. Have Self-respect. We should have respect for every single individual. “Hello brother, brother, brother.” Say it wholeheartedly. However, it is not said like that.
When elders come, say “Namaskaar” wholeheartedly. What is the inner meaning of namaskaar? All the five senses of action and the five senses of wisdom together are the ten senses. Put these ten senses near the heart, this is namaskaar. These should reach the heart. When it merges there, then namaskaar means this will become sacred.
That is: namaskaar should be said wholeheartedly. Yet maybe none of you have gone yet to Andhra. If one goes towards Andhra, (Swami says laughing), there you will understand well! (Swami says unfeelingly and quickly) “Namaskaar!” (Laughter)
(Swami says in a disgusted tone,) What is this namaskaar? When namaskaar is done the two (hands) don’t even join together! (Swami demonstrates by- moving His hands forward?- and again says in a harsh way), “Namaskaar!” Such a namaskaar is like an ax striking! (Laughter)
(Swami says gently and firmly,) Namaskaar. Both of these (hands):

(Telugu poem)

Both of these thumbs are very important. They are equal to God (Divine or comparable to Divinity). If one doesn’t have thumbs it is no use no matter how many other fingers there are. However, bringing together these ten senses, put them with the two thumbs near the heart, and namaskaar must be said like this. That which comes from the heart is namaskaar. Only when it was like this, all the ancients lived a sacred life.

Those days, in the fearful forest, in the places where fearful beasts wondered around, in the places where demons wondered around, all the rishis went and without fear they practiced austerity. Where did they get this courage? Lions were even going about nearby, but they did not have fear.
They did not have body attachment. They went about with attachment to the Atma (but) without body attachment. What was their weapon? The weapon was Self-confidence. They went about in the forest with the weapon of Self-confidence. For that reason, they even played with lions. They also played with tigers. No fear at all: always only courage.

Dhairyam Sarva Sadakam

Courage is all __________.
(Sanskrit sloka)

Where does this courage come from? It comes from Self-confidence. Today we’re are talking of Self-confidence but truly there is no confidence at all. So when there is not this Self-confidence, what is the use of being born? We should achieve that.
Importantly, today students don’t have Self-confidence and faith in the Atma. Atma means: where is the Atma? Is it the body, here, there, or somewhere? Children ask where it is.

Atma Sarvabhutanam.

Atma is the Indweller of all beings.
(Sanskrit sloka)

Sarvata Paani Paadam,
Tat Sarvota Chi Siromukham,
Sarvato Sritomeloke,
Sarvamato Tishtati.

Feet, eyes, head, mouth, and ears pervading everywhere, God permeates the entire Universe.
(Sanskrit sloka)

Wherever is observed, the Atma is One.
All of the children may inquire well. Where is the air, the air that we breathe? It is wherever one looks. However, the eye cannot see it. The hand cannot catch it. Yet, we cannot live without air. Atma is like that. In the same way that the air is all pervasive, that praana is all pervasive. Atma means, it is related to praana. So even in a temple they say praana pratishta (installing life). They do praana pratishta (install life into the idol).
Our praana is the principle of Atma. How would you be without praana? How is the air present in that praana? How is inhalation and exhalation continuing on? Hence, all the five elements are the embodiment of God. Air, water, sound, touch, form, all is the embodiment of God: hearing, touch, sight, smell, taste.

This is what Buddha taught. He heard everything that the elders taught. He had the Darshan of so many elders. He read so many books written by the elders. But there was no understanding at all.
Finally he took the books and threw them aside. “What are all of these teachings? They are only teaching artificial things. They teach two plus two is four. You are only saying that two and two is four but how are you determining that two and two is four? Only when this two and that two are put together, there will be four, is it not?”
So if you want to recognize the nature of these five elements, we have to understand well the five elements. When Buddha understood the meaning of the five elements well, he said that they are only the form of God. He immediately became liberated.
If one bows saying, ‘Lord, Lord, Lord!’ if one continues bowing to idols and statues, to some extent you may be satisfied. That is not wrong. However, it is not in that. All is within your heart. So first and foremost have your heart under your control. Understand your senses. Then you will obtain Divinity.
Anand saw his (Buddha’s) liberation. Anand was the son of Buddha’s mother’s younger sister. Stepbrother (cousin). He shed tears because Buddha was leaving (dying). Buddha saw. “Anand, why are you still increasing body attachment? The temporary body is negative. I (the Atma) am positive. One cannot avoid giving up the negative.”
Due to the negative being increased more and more today, due to increasing body attachment, attachment to the Atma reduces. Always (thinking of) bodies, bodies, bodies, bodies. The body should indeed be looked after. We have to do our duty. The body should be fostered. Yet, don’t feel that the body is Truth.

The body is made up of the five elements.
Some day the body is bound to fall.
The Indweller is permanent.
The permanent Indweller has no death or birth,
and has no attachment, rules or regulations.
See truly, that Indweller is only God Himself! He is the embodiment of the Atma.
(Telugu poem)

Therefore, we should not waste all the time with body attachment. However, the body must be maintained. It has to be protected. Yet we should not depend on that body all of the time.
Without the Atma what will the body (be able to) do? So the foundation is Atma. That only is fundamental. We are losing faith in the eternal and putting faith in all that is artificial. This is very wrong, very wrong!

We have to foster the senses with this body. By fostering the senses, why should they be maintained? This is maintained to develop lavanya (commonly meaning beauty, loveliness or the common salt). In the past people considered Lavanya as meaning character. Many people even have the name of lavanya, lavanya.
As much as lavanya increases, one will transform into virtuous ones. Even beauty will increase. No matter how much age increases, if we develop lavanya, he will always be young. He will always be happy. He will always be beautiful. That only is Sathyam, Sivam, Sundaram.
This is 77 years old (Swami refers to His body). Why did so much beauty come to this? Its beauty is lavanya. Meaning, the lavanya in this is the control of the senses. Then even such a great man will have lavanya. (Even a great man, who has this control of the senses, will have beauty.)
An elderly Rama was never seen. Rama was always a youth. Krishna was never seen as old. Krishna always was lavanya, meaning young. They always developed youthfulness by having lavanya.
If we see today’s children, children aged 16 or 17, (Swami demonstrates them having wrinkles?) (A.K. says, “They have wrinkles on the face.”) (Laughter) Children are becoming like that. If one sees that person (one wonders), “Is he 75 years? Or 60 years?” They are surprised.
It shouldn’t be like that. One should always be firm (strong). When? (When) we foster the senses. We should give proper works to the senses. Each sense has it’s own world. There is no separate world that can be seen beyond this. (The sense cannot see beyond its own world.) The ear has only the ear, the nose only has the nose and the mouth only has the mouth. When all work (together), it is a body. So that which fosters unity, which gives the proper respect appropriate to unity, is lavanya.
One should always laugh, laugh, laugh and laugh. Not just laughing (Swami laughs in a loud, boisterous way), ha, ha, ha! (Laughter) Laughter. We should always smile. Truly, if anyone is crying, I (feel like) laughing! Man is not one who should cry. Man should not cry. Why should one cry? He (the indweller) is happy. Atma is firm in him. So, one shouldn’t cry. So always one should be happy.
So you who are human beings, children, progress well in this life and become ideal people. Give proper help to the helpless, ill ones, poor people and ones who experience difficulties in the country, and they should be made to progress.

So, Students!
Today is the first day: (we) arranged the Summer Class with the intention that (otherwise) time would be wasted. These two (previous) months (of summer vacation from school) have gone to so much waste. You are ruining all the senses with this waste. Through that, their study is spoiled. Health is also reduced.
Hence, develop good and ideal qualities during this sacred time. Only when both a strong body and satisfied mind are present, you will have satyananda (the bliss of Truth).

Sathyanandam, Parama Sukhadam,
Kevalam Jnana Murtim.
Dvanda Teetam, Gagana Sadrishyam,
Tatvamya Sya Dhi Lakshyam,
Ekam, Nithyam, Vimalam Achalam,
Sarva Dhi Saakshi Bhutam.
Bhava Titham, Triguna Rahitam

The bliss of Truth, supreme happiness,
the total form of wisdom,
beyond duality, expansive as the sky,
the ultimate goal,
the one, the everlasting,
the pure, steady, eternal Witness,
beyond feelings, devoid of the three qualities.
(Sanskrit sloka)

That is your bliss. There should always be sadananda (eternal bliss). When will one be eternally blissful? If attachment to the body is increased, bliss will be nil. This (the body) has to be fostered only to some extent. The whole time shouldn’t be given to this.

All the foods that are obtained and eaten should not put in this tank (the stomach) like pouring petrol (in a tank). (Eat) controlled food and beneficial food.
I am saying today to the children. Many people are eating meals with Me. However, from one month, I have even given up rice. I used to eat sangati (a ball made with a combination of ragi and rice). Now I have even stopped sangati. (I take) Only one roti (chappati) in the morning. (I am) Not eating anything else. I know how blissful I am.
You may think, “Swami is weak.” Your vision is like that.

Yat Bhavam Tat Bhavati.

As the feeling, so will be the result.
(Sanskrit sloka)

No weakness. I'm very strong. I can walk any distance. You don’t know but if any need arises I will run fast! (Applause) So the root cause for this is My lavanya. My lavanya is giving so much bliss.
Many people see, (and say,) “Swami is so beautiful!” If I'm beautiful will I be like a patient? (Laughter) I have no worry at all. I'm always beauty. So I will never have any worry. So you also follow Me. I tell everyone:

My life is My message.

Take My life as a message and come following. You will also have firm resolve for any amount of time, and you will obtain a good ______________. Be like that, make your life a firm life, and do the right kind of help to the country.
Feel that we have been born for seva but not for leadership (not to be leaders). So you are all sevaks (people who do seva, or selfless service). What are sevaks? They are those who do work. So develop that attitude of seva.

Bhagavan ended His Divine Discourse by chanting the bhajan, ‘Hari Bhajana Bina Sukha Shanti Nahi…)

Boy students! Girl students!
After our classes are over, don’t go outside and waste time. Remember all the good things that you listened to, the good matters that elders have taught, and you have to imprint it on your heart. This is the work you have to do during these ten days. When it is printed, wherever you go all those matters will be recalled.
The gopikas said: what? Uddhava came and said, “Krishna sent you a message. Listen to it.” (The gopikas replied,) “What is that message? We want Krishna but we don’t need a message. Don’t want. What sort of message is needed? Krishna has been imprinted in our heart. It is not possible for anyone to separate Krishna from our heart. How can you separate that oneness? No one can do it.” Hence:

I and God are one.

We have to develop that unity. So without wasting time, without talking words of bad feelings or wasting time with unnecessary words, you should remain in silence.

Talk less, more work. More study.

(Long pause, maybe Swami begins to distribute biscuits?) They are all only small children. Biscuits. (Laughter)

(Bhagavan ended His Divine Discourse)