Maha Sivarathri (#1)
12 March 2002

With the crescent moon dancing, the matted locks waving, the cool waters of the Ganga flowing between, with the eye in the middle of the forehead shining, the purple neck like a black berry, wearing serpent bracelets, and a snake skin belt, the entire body smeared with vibhuthi, with the forehead adorned with kumkum dot, lips red with the juice of the betel, gold embellished diamond ear rings dangling, with whole body glowing, today the Lord has appeared.
(Telugu poem)

Embodiments of Love!
The whole globe is full of magnetism. All life forms and all things that are near this globe are also embodiments of magnets. The rivers that flow, the air that blows, the flowers that blossom and the buildings that stand all are full of magnetism. Even the rivers flow clinging to the earth due to the magnetism of the earth. Even the wind blows due to magnetic power. Magnetism is pervading everywhere.
We go to great temples. Who is it that goes to these temples? Only the individuals who have devotion and faith. Therefore, devotion and faith are also magnetic. Due to thousands of devotees entering into the temple, their magnetic power pervades the temple. All the flowers and fruits that they offer are full of magnetism. So, this magnetic power which is all pervading is shining in that temple. When so many thousands of devotees enter, this magnetism increases day by day but it will not decrease.
When a small iron piece is kept near a magnet, after a few days even that iron piece will become a magnet. So the individuals who enter into the temple and the things that they offer all are full of magnetism. Therefore, from where did the great powers of the temple arise? It comes from the magnetic power brought from the devotees. Hence, every individual has this magnetism fully.
However, unable to recognize this power, we are aspiring to have the Grace of the magnetism in the temples. We will not obtain special powers from the temple. It is only the magnetic power that comes from you that is again reflected back to you. You go to Tirupati. You go to Haridwar. You go to Rishikesh. In all of these sacred places, the devotion and faith of the devotees who go there is the root causes of this power.
Man is the embodiment of all forms wealth. God is also the embodiment of all forms of wealth. Wealth, charity, reputation, wisdom, property, and bliss: all of these are gifts Graced by God. These six powers are in every human being. Instead of putting such powers to good use, man is losing all of those powers due to putting them to bad use.
Therefore, every single human being should put those powers that are forms of all wealth on the right path. If he puts them to good use, Divinity will shine in him. Radiance will shine on each man’s face.

Venkataraman said that the first power is materialization. This means that when the _________ of the body, the muscles of the body and the flesh of the body all come together, there is the form of a thing (solid matter). He said that this is:

The one you think you are.

This (the body) has vibration. This means the power of life. That is reputation. This power of life is called vibration. There is the great power of Atma that brings these two (materialization and vibration) together. This is called radiation. So, man is the form of all these three: materialization, vibration and radiation.
Whatever powers there are in God, those same powers are dancing within man. However, man is not turning his sight on those powers. The sight is not being turned. He is only keeping the nature of the body, which is materialization, as an aim, and is under the illusion that, ‘I am the body.’ However, he is not the body. If he were the body, why is he able to say, “This is my body”?

This is my body, my body, my body.

You are different from your body. So you are saying, “my body”. The body is different. So you are not the materialization, the body. You have the illusion that the body which is not yours, is ‘mine, mine’. This is a big mistake. Due to this illusion man is losing the Divine radiance.
Then, vibration: this is the powerful nature of inhalation and exhalation. You feel that this only comes from air. No, no! This is the true power of breath, the power of praana (life force). This is called vibration. Vibration means the nature of inhalation and exhalation.
One says, “My breath is not coming alright.” You are not the breath. You say “my breath”. You are different from the breath. Therefore, every single person is thinking that something which is not his, is his.

Pashyannapicha Na Pashyati,
Moodho, Moodho, Moodho.

A fool, fool, fool sees, yet does not see!
(Sanskrit sloka)

To feel that something which is not his, is his, is foolishness. Due to him feeling that that which is not his, is his, he is being immersed in this type of foolishness.
However, the third one is radiation. This only is Divine power. This is not saying that it is ‘my Divine power.’ He says it is Divine power. So it is not that you are Divine and the Divine power is different. Both are one. Hence, the power that exists in every human being is this magnetism. It is this Divine power that arises in temples, attracts all individuals and also reveals all powers. This magnetism contains Divine power. It is said that magnetism is a temple’s nature. In science, they feel that it is pieces of magnet. They call it materialistic magnet. This is shining in every single human being.

Where does this power which shines come from? All comes from oneself only. There is gold in every single human being. There is iron in every human being. This means that there are all metals. These metals are not that which come from outside. All metals are contained inside (man).

Raso Vai Saha.

God is the essence of All.
(Sanskrit sloka)

This body has this essence. Hence, even this Lingodbhava (the emergence of the Linga) is not something which comes separately (from somewhere else). God is Hiranyagarbha. His garbha (womb) is full of hiranya (gold). So, this gold which is rasa (essence) churns, churns, churns, churns and churns, and all the essence draws that gold together. They call that Linga.
Linga means a symbol. It means a representation. (Showing the golden Linga created in the beginning of the discourse) It has no eyes, face or mouth. It is not possible to say that here is head and here is legs, either. (Turning the Linga around:) It may be said to be on this side or on that side. Where is the head and where are the legs? Therefore, this which has no form is called Linga. Linga means, it is said:

Leeyathe Gamyathe Ithi Lingaha.

Linga is the Goal of merging.
(Sanskrit sloka)

This only is the goal. This is to merge. So, it is said that the Linga is the root cause for everything. The form of the Linga is made inside and it emerges out externally. At the time of coming out, if we want to melt this form of the Linga, we have to attempt to heat it. Through this fire, it melts, melts, melts, melts, and finally it merges. That only is the (apparent) suffering that is experienced at the time that it arises. This takes the form of the Linga, and it has to come out.

At the time that it comes out, you are feeling that the suffering that is experienced, is suffering for Swami. (Applause) (Swami says very strongly,) This is not baadha (suffering). This is a bodha (teaching) to you! (Applause)
When the baby in the womb of the mother has to come out, the mother suffers to some extent, is it not? Due to giving this suffering, will the mother scold it saying, “Abaa! This child is giving so much pain to me! Cursed child, troublesome child!”? She will wish, “My child should be well.”
In that same way, there is no suffering at all due to the Linga that comes to Him. I don’t feel that it is suffering to Me. It is only blissful to Me, as I consider it a teaching to so many people. (Applause) This is only reflection, reaction and resound. Therefore, there is no suffering at all for God. There aren't even any worries. There will not be any difficulties. Human beings think, “Ayyo (oh dear)! Has Swami so much difficulty? Has Swami so much suffering? Has Swami so much pain?”
From the last two days, for this Linga to be formed, My whole body became a magnetic. (Applause) So, when I put the (My) Foot down, the whole foot sticks to the ground. It is a little hard to lift the Foot that is stuck. Wherever (I) walk, it sticks there. Whatever is held, it sticks. Meaning, this magnet is not in everyone like this. This magnet is so powerful only in Divinity. (Applause)
Hence, from three days the (My) legs were finding it very difficult to walk. It was no difficulty for Me at all. But it is just its Nature. It is natural. This is because the whole body is a magnet. If I hold the tumbler, the tumbler also sticks like that. So, all of these things cannot be told to everyone.
The Divine magnet is in every human being like this. However, it is under certain limitations. Divinity has no limits at all. Hence, we are feeling that this magnet that has no limits, is limited. This magnet is very powerful.
The whole world contains air. There is also magnetism in air. There is also magnetism in water. There is magnetism in the food that is eaten. There is magnetism in the air that blows. There is magnetism in the sound that we hear. There is magnetism in the behavior that is conducted. There is magnetism in the works that are done. Everything is a magnet. When we recognize such a nature with all powers, (we will discover) that this magnet has no kind of power.


Daivadheenam Jagatsarvam.

The whole universe is under the control of God.
(Sanskrit sloka)

God is in control of everything in the universe. Such a power is contained in Truth.

Sathyadheenamtu Daivatam.

Truth is the essence of God.

(Sanskrit sloka)

If we protect Truth, whatever powers are in God, Truth swallows those powers.

Tat Sathyam Utthamadheenam

Truth is controlled by noble people.
(Sanskrit sloka)

Such a Truth is in the heart of a noble person. Who is a noble person? One who is peaceful, one with Love and one who has a heart of compassion. Truth is present in a noble heart like that.

Tat Sathyam Utthamadheenam

Truth is controlled by noble people.
(Sanskrit sloka)

Utthamo Paramo Gatthi.

A noble soul obtains the supreme goal.
(Sanskrit sloka)

He is on the path to the supreme goal. He is on the path to the supreme state. So it is not as if these sacred powers are not there in human beings also. We are going on pilgrimages to some place or the other, for God's powers. We take part in all pilgrimages like this only when the feeling is present that it (powers) are not in us. Truly, when this power comes ___________, one will not do anything (go on pilgrimages or search for God) at all.

Magnetism fully came into a Russian lady named Brigitte. When she was walking on the road, distant iron fillings would come and stick to her. If she went to any shop, the shop owner would not let her inside. The things near her would be drawn to her and stick. In a situation like this, she was unable even to eat meals.
This means that after recognizing this power, there should also be power to digest. It should be controlled power. It is not enough only to have power. There should also be the ability to control this power. So, after a few days the individual that this was happening to, unable even to have food, died.
So, even though such Divine power was in her, what is the reason for her death? She did not have the ability to control this power in her. Only when there is control power there can be full achievement.
Someone who drives a car should also have control over the power. At what speed should the break be used? When that is known, it will be possible to drive the car. But when there is no power to control this, he will fall under the car and die.
Similarly this body is a big magnetic car. The eyes are the lights of the car. The mouth is the horn. The mind is the steering. The four Dharma (righteousness), Artha (wealth), Kaama (desire) and Moksha (liberation from attachment), are the tires to this car. There should be the air of faith in these tires.
Also, the front tires should be separate and the back tires should be separate. They will remove (air) in whatever tire has too much air. They will pump up whatever tire has less air. These are the characteristics of a car.
Therefore, everything is present in this car (of the body). Our stomach is the petrol bunk to this car. Hence, we have to give some food to some extent in this petrol bunk. However, this food should be pure (clean). If it is polluted to some extent, they call it petrol block. So this polluted petrol should not be given.
They call this (the preferred food) sathwic food. We have to give this sathwic food to this car. Water also should be pure and clean. Then only the car of the body will be in the proper condition and it will arrive at the place where we have to arrive. Only when every single person recognizes well the nature of this car and acts accordingly, our life will be sanctified.
Magnetism is important for everything. There is no place at all without magnetism.

Wherever is seen, wherever is searched,
He is present there.
(Telugu poem)

They feel that all of this is only a worry. These are not worries. These are only feelings that bring about happiness. These are all things containing magnetism.

Being born is a worry. To be on the earth is a worry.
Worldly life is a worry and death is a worry.
All of youth is a worry. Old age is a worry.
To live is a worry. Injury is a worry.
All actions are worry.
Troubles are a worry and happiness is a worry.
Wondrous worry!
(Telugu poem)

This car (the body) has all worries. However, if we feel they are worries, they will be worries. Yet, if it is considered that they are sacred instruments which gives happiness, they will give happiness.
So there is nothing bad in human beings at all. Everything is sacred. Reason? This is all the power of the magnet. These are the signs of a magnetic temple. Our body is a magnetic temple. Hence in this temple we should purify it to the extent that it should be made sacred. When unrighteous actions are done with it, there will have to be bad results.
We do meditations and yogas (spiritual practices). All of these are only done to have temporary satisfaction but they are not to control this magnetism.
It is said there are nine paths: Sravanam (hearing), Kirtanam (singing), Vishnu Smaranam (remembrance), Pada Sevanam (serving the Lotus Feet), Vandanam (salutation), Archanam (worship), Sneham (friendship), Daasyam (servitude) (and Atma Nivedanam: self-surrender).
When will this servitude (desire to serve the Lord) come? Servitude only comes after friendship (with God). Therefore, first and foremost we should desire friendship. Only when we aspire for this friendship and make it strong, the right kind of result will be obtained by us. After the friendship, self-surrender comes. Until then, we won't have surrender.

We don’t know how much is the power of the magnet. We don't have the feeling in us that all is magnetic. Whatever is done is only magnetic. Therefore, it is magnetism which is in the temples. Wherever there are temples, all the power that is in those temples is the powers of the magnet.
We think that there is great power in Tirupati. That is not the power of Venkateswara Swami (the deity in the Tirupati temple). The faith and powers that the devotees bring, they are leaving there. There is attracting power in the magnet.

Ramayathi Ithi Ramah

That which attracts is the principle of Rama.
(Sanskrit sloka)

There is the power to attract. Due to it attracting, it takes the form of great power there. No matter what temple one goes to, all the power that is there is magnetic power. That only is the power of Divinity. We have to obtain well that power of Divinity.
This is only in temples but it will not enter into all places. This is because the deity there is also full of magnetism. All the worship that is done also is fully magnetic. The flowers are fully magnetic and the water is fully magnetic. The whole process of worship is magnetic. The akshintulu (auspicious rice grains used in worship) are fully magnetic. All is magnetic. Therefore, immediately upon going there, everything attracts. Even the priest who conducts (the worship) is magnetic. So all the people who enter into there are also present in the magnetic temple.
Our body is a magnetic temple: what a sacred path we should make it embark upon! When we unnecessarily get angry with others, all our magnetism goes to waste. When we hate others, when we become jealous or when numerous kinds of anger comes, all our magnetism goes to waste.

All sounds and the sense of touch are the miracles of magnetism. Rays of light are also magnetic. If people talk in Madras or Delhi, instantaneously it is heard (broadcast via radio, television, etc.) here. If one wants to hear what is spoken in Delhi at the very same instant here, what do we need? The waves of sound which is magnetism brings it here.
The scientists, engineers, or any machines cannot understand this. Even regarding the digestion process, scientists don’t understand at all why things digest. They don’t understand why the heart beats a certain number of times per minute. God determines all of this.
The doctors and others are proud because the feel they have discovered it, but they have not discovered anything at all. (APPLAUSE) They are only discovering how it works. Why does it work? Who is making it work? They don’t know.
Blood circulates all over the body. What is the root cause for this blood to circulate? They don’t know that. Besides this blood, there is also white blood circulating. Red cells also merge into it. If a few holes come in the veins, they close the holes. God determined and sent such Divine power like this (into the body).
Therefore, all of it is happening due to God determining it but it is not the efforts of man. However, due to there being the ego of, “I am doing” in man today, he is unable to know. Man doesn’t do anything at all.
Even the paddy that is ripened has to be beaten and the husk removed. He is able to eat it only after it is put in the vessel and cooked. He cannot eat just as it is grown. It is called ‘samskaara’ to take that which is grown and bring it to a state where it can be eaten.
What is samskaara? You will not eat paddy just as it is. The husk has to be removed. It has to be boiled. It has to be mixed with tasty side dishes. Then we eat it. So, the right kind of power and capability to eat it comes through our efforts.
All of creation is continuing on only through the efforts of God. Therefore, every single human being should have the faith that this is God's creation. Whether a theist or atheist, God is the root cause for all. However, those that do not know, say, “Where is God? There is no God!” If we say, “Never mind (about God), is there anything at all?” They say, “There is a power.” They gave the name of ‘God’ to that power.
Man who doesn’t have any power can't do anything at all! How can he speak? Where does that power come from? That only is Divine. For that reason, man is the combination of these three powers: vibration, radiation, and materialization. Taking radiation and adding vibration, one can do work with the materialization, the body.

To do work is karma yoga: the body. Vibration is for thinking. Radiation is to give consciousness to all of these. In the Vedas this is described as Prajnana Brahma. (God is supreme knowledge). (Anil Kumar translates ‘prajnana’ as ‘awareness’) Not awareness! Constant Integrated Awareness!
If just ‘awareness’ is said, we may feel that it is ordinary. However, the chaitanya (Divine consciousness) that is spoken of in the Vedas, the chaitanya shakti (power of Divine consciousness) spoken of in the Vedas, is actually Constant Integrated Awareness. It is not something that will break into pieces. It cannot be cut. It doesn’t have joints to separate. Nothing like that at all. Constant: it is always there.

Sarvada, Sarva Kaaleshu,
Sarvatra Hari Chintanam.

Contemplation of God
always, at all times and in all places,
(Sanskrit sloka)

It doesn’t have any different of day and night. It has no sleep or waking. It doesn’t have the three states (waking, dream and deep sleep). All times are one. That only is:

Ekam Sath Vipra Bahuda Vadanti.

Truth is One,
But wise men call It by different Names.
(Sanskrit sloka)

Therefore, this magnetism is such an embodiment of Truth. Magnetism is in every single human being. He is going into every temple and keeping it (magnetic power) there.
So, what is a temple? It is a temple of magnetism. It may take any form. You may behold it in any form. (If you say,) “I want Krishna,” immediately the magnetism will turn into the form of Krishna. It transforms into Rama. That transforms into Eswara. All of these are only our illusions and delusions. However, there is no form at all for Divinity.
What form does water have? No form at all. Due to pouring it in this glass, it assumes the form of the glass. What form does a balloon have? What form does air have? If it added to a balloon, it takes the form of a balloon. If it is pumped into a football, it takes the form of a football. So it has no form at all. Even the five life principles and the five elements have no form at all.
We are creating forms. The forms that are created dissolve in the middle. So, all that is achieved through efforts are worldly things. The fundamental, basic power for all of these is only Divinity.

Embodiments of Love!
We can forget anything at all. You may leave anything. But just don’t forget God. The one who forgets God, forgets his own Self. He cannot live for long. In the ancient days, people used to have faith in God and always remember Him. Such people used to live 100 years, 110 years and even 120 years also. They didn’t get any diseases at all.
The food that they ate was also very ordinary. They didn’t advise anything about Vitamin A, Vitamin B and Vitamin C. They didn’t know what protein was. Therefore, though they didn’t know anything about all of these, they used to offer (the food) with feeling, to God. Due to offering to God and eating, all proteins and all vitamins entered into it.
Hence, we can achieve everything if faith for God is developed. We may also obtain all forms. We may become embodiments of God. God does not exist separately. There is no God other than you. God is not different from you. You and God are one. When you recognize and act accordingly to this truth, oneness will be obtained.

(Showing the golden Linga.) See? This is a big size. It is not as if this doesn’t have a meaning. This weighs five tulas (ONE TULA=12 grams; FIVE TULAS=60 GRAMS). There is five tulas of gold essence in our body and in every single human being also. This is called Hiranyagarbha.
Many among you may know. When giving medicine the doctor may say, “I am giving medicine that contains gold.” The meaning is that he says it is made with gold to increase the price. However, the gold in man is an important power. The radiance of people will shine only when that power of gold is present.
(Showing the size of the Linga.) So all the gold in our body is only so much. (APPLAUSE) When it melts, it pervades everywhere (within the body). This only enters into the eyes and makes them to see light. It is this only which enters into the eardrums and makes one to hear.
There are taste buds. How many taste buds do we have on the tongue? There are 3,000 taste buds. How are the light rays in the eye? There are two crores of light rays. We can't see even one ray. Close one eye and look. All of these lights shine with light. This is all its effect.
So there is light in magnetism. There is power. There is taste. There is audition. There is sight. All is its effect. (All senses are the effect of the magnetism in the body.) It is circulating in the body as gold.
Beneath your skin there is a thin layer of white skin. Only doctors know this. Only after the thin white skin is cut, blood comes. If it isn't cut, blood will not come at all. This means that God gave that skin to protect the blood. Why did God give it? It is all for protection. Whatever He does is for protection. Whatever is done is for wellbeing. So:

Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu.

May all the beings in all the worlds be happy.
(Sanskrit sloka)

Everyone should be happy. This only is the reason. So in God's creation there are so many wondrous things.

It is amazing! The three worlds are sacred with crops, friends, forest dwellers, people and citizens. It is the story of Vishnu.
(Telugu poem)

This is what the Bhagavatham taught to the people. The gopikas (cowherd maids) of those days believed all of this with full faith. Due to that faith, they were liberated in all ways. What is the root cause for liberation? The magnet of faith was fully in them. Wherever they went, they were like that only.

Though the mother-in-laws abused them and the husbands were angry with them, the gopikas wouldn’t open their mouth. They didn’t get angry, they didn’t leave, and they didn’t succumb to fear.
(Telugu poem)

The had no fear at all. What is the reason? The magnetic power was within them. The mother-in-laws abused them. The husbands were against them. They (the mother-in-laws or husbands) may do anything but they (the gopikas) would not open their mouths. They wouldn’t get angry. They wouldn’t leave. They wouldn’t succumb to fear.
Krishna was imprinted in their hearts. (Clapping His hands together to demonstrate a print.) On a piece of paper, the form of Krishna makes a print. It is not possible to separate the paper and the form printed on it. In that same way, Krishna was imprinted in their heart. Just like a picture printed on a paper, Krishna was imprinted within them.
If one wants this type of faith to come, the merit of so many births must be obtained. Good works of many lives has to be obtained. The gopikas said:

Raso Vai Saha.

God is the essence of All.
(Sanskrit sloka)

God is in the form of rasa (essence). There is no other rasa at all. The rasa of compassion is the essence of all rasa. The cause of all rasa is the rasa of Love. There is no other rasa higher than this rasa of Love.
There are numerous tastes in this Love, not just one taste. There are tastes that we don’t know. There is also the taste that intoxicates. There is also the taste that makes one forget oneself. There is also sacred taste. There is intoxicating taste. Mattu (intoxicating), unmattu (forgetfulness of oneself), pravattu (blissful), these three tastes is in its nature. Narada also said this:

Yallabdhwa Puman Ichcharamo Bhavathi
Trupto Bhavathi Matto Bhavathi
Atmaramo Bhavathi.

Having attained That, man gets total satisfaction, intoxication and ecstasy of the Self.
(Sanskrit sloka)

He described it like this. How is God's Name? It is intoxicating. It makes one forget oneself. That only is the true power. He (Narada) was unable to describe it further. He described the nature of God's Love in this way. The man who attains this kind of Love (also attains) Divine proximity. His is a Divine birth and a true birth.
Therefore, to obtain such a Love, develop the magnet of Love in you. Then whatever you do, even if studying, it will immediately imprint on your heart. Without the power of magnetism, you may exert and study night and day, but only Nidra Devi (the goddess of sleep) will be acquired. Kumbakarna (a demon known for sleeping continuously six months of the year) will come and enter into your eyes. He will call his two brothers also (Ravana and Vibhishana?). He will immerse you in sleep.
However, if there is magnetic power in us, it will not be possible for that power of sleep to come. Kumbhakarna won't even look in your direction. Food and drink will not waste your time.
Children of today are wasting a lot of time. They hold onto the books when examinations come. Before that they will not even touch the books.

I read books. I have seen all the scriptures. I learnt all knowledge. Why be proud of all that has been learnt? If you don’t fold your hands and pray to God, what is the use of all your capabilities?
(Telugu poem)

So, contemplate on God at least once a day. No matter what anyone says, don’t listen. They will say, “Sir, there is no God!” Ask the question, “Whose God? Your God or my God? If your God doesn’t exist, He may not be there. But my God exists! Who are you to say that my God doesn’t exist? (Applause) What right do you have to say that my God doesn’t exist?” You have to argue with them with that type of faith. Each one’s faith is their own. But nowadays:

Nammakam Anu Rendu Nainambulu Leni
Andhulaina Nedu Avani Yandu

Without the two eyes of faith,
People are blind in this world today.
(Telugu poem)

That is not what was gifted to us. That’s not our life. Hence, to sanctify life, develop faith in God. Even if it is not in the heart of others, keep it in your heart. That faith will protect you at all times and in all situations. So, we are leaving that which protects and entering into that which punishes.
However, today’s children are developing very bad feelings. (A.K. translates ‘children’ as ‘students’ and Swami answers in Telugu, “I didn’t say students. I said children.” A.K. corrects himself, “Pillalu, children.”) Meaning, it may be anyone, but don’t let bad feelings enter. Don’t contemplate on things that will hurt others. Don’t enter into criticisms of others. Don’t enter into that which harms others. That harm (which you do) will affect you with equal harm. Not only you, it will also affect your family. So keep this truth in mind.
Only when the welfare of everyone is desired, God will desire the welfare of our family and of us too. Therefore, develop the right feelings and sanctify the time with the right thoughts.

Bhagavan ended His Divine Discourse by chanting the bhajan, Prema Mudhita Mana Se Kaho…


This translation from Telugu to English is done word-by-word to get the literal meaning. It is NOT an edited version.