The following discourse has been translated into English from Bhagavan's Telugu speech as heard on this festival's ashram audiocassette. It is a complete, literal translation made with the objective of preserving Bhagavan's precious original poetic style as much as possible.
Guru Purnima
24 July 2002

Pradoshe Dipakah Chandraha.
Prabhate Dipako Ravih.
Triloke Dipako Dharmah.
Suputre Kula Dipaka

The Moon is light at night.
The Sun is light during the day.
Dharma is light to all the three worlds.
A good son is the light of the family.
(Telugu poem)


Embodiments of Love!
The sun shines in the daytime and shows the world to living beings. The moon rises during the nighttime and shows the paths to living beings. Dharma teaches and gives an ideal of life to all living beings in the three worlds. However, it is a good son who makes light shine in the family, teaches an ideal life and spreads light to the family.
These are signs relating to this physical, secular, worldly and temporary creation. This individual demonstrated an ideal to the whole world and he himself merged in that ideal. He showed, proclaimed, saw, and taught the truth that wherever one looks, there is nothing else but Divinity. His name is Kaanaada. What did he discover?

Anoraneeyaan Mahatormahiyaan.

(God is) Smallest in the small,
biggest in the big.
(Sanskrit sloka)

There is Divinity in every atom. Another name for the atom is God. From the time he was born until he died, saying, “paramanu, paramanu, paramanu (the smallest particle),” he contemplated on the atom. This world could not be seen if the atom didn’t exist.

Earlier there was no form at all in the universe. There was no sun or moon, no sky or earth, no stars and nothing at all. All was pitch darkness. However, atoms came together very densely. Due to them coming together, there was intense heat generated. Due to this heat an enormous sound came about. Then only this pitch darkness became pieces and pieces. It went on spreading. This only is the root cause for creation. This is the experience that happened to (that was realised by) Kaanaada.
This means that all of these densely combined atoms broke apart and spread everywhere. The sound of that breaking is pranava, omkara, which is the primordial sound. This only is the original and first sound. This pranava is present everywhere. What did this pranava arise from? It began from atoms. There is nothing else except atoms.
What is the way to attain it? Kaanaada investigated into that subject. Finally (he realised that,) “It is only one sound. It is the first sound. Every human being should remember such a sound and be liberated.” He taught a truth like this:

Small in the small atoms,
Big in the huge things,
He is the all-pervading Witness.
Omkar only is God.
And God only is Omkar.
(Telugu poem)

He taught such a truth to the world. Only after the sound of Omkar began, the sun, moon, earth, sky and stars all arose.
The root cause for this whole creation is only atom. So every human being is the combination of atoms. A body without atoms and a form without atoms cannot be seen. Man is never trying to recognize such a nature of atom.

Man of today, unable to recognize the light of truth that the ancients discovered, is feeling it is a joke. People of today are feeling that the compositions that ancient rishis wrote in those days are a joke (laughable or ridiculous). Man of today has lost the power and capabilities to recognize our ancient culture and the sanctity of Bharath. Hence, though the supreme truth is with him (man), he is unable to recognize it.
People only put the statue, the forms of the supreme rishis of these days in front of a town, and they show it as a symbol. That is not (right for) us. We should make those sacred forms safe and secure on the seat of our heart. Man, who should make it safe and secure in this way, is instead putting it to bad use with ridicule and neglect.
However, when did this happen? Which time was Kaarnaada from? Twenty thousand years ago people in the world used to speak so much about the subject of Kaarnaada. He recognized the subject of hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen and oxygen are equal to a sort of fire. Fire enters into one of them and the other one extinguishes the fire. This is a truth that scientists recognize.
The people of today are having great faith in the facts that such scientists speak. However, people of today are forgetting what the ancients experienced; that they were blissful and gave truthful words. They propagated that the atom should be recognized through atoms.
How can atomic power be recognized? The eyes cannot see it. However, where is it? It is in the food that is eaten. It is in the sights that are seen. It is in the words that you speak. It is in the steps that are walked. It is present everywhere. Walking on that, eating that, drinking that, experiencing that: that is being forgotten by men of today.
(People feel it is) separate from man and they kept it aside in a scientific way. However, the atomic process is very sacred. Yet, people feel that it is lowly. He (Kaanaada) said that it would be possible to realise God through this process.

Hence, that atomic process is not being experienced in a proper way today. We are leading life with physical and worldly things. A small example for this: at one time Sivaji and a minister both went together to walk in the forest. However, in the middle of the path a Buddhist monk came in front of them. First and foremost Sivaji put his crown aside and paid obedience by bowing his head on the feet of the Buddhist monk.
However, this was not acceptable to the minister. ‘Where (what rank) is the king and where is the Buddhist monk? It is not good for our king’s head to be put on the feet of such an ordinary man.’ He felt bad feeling that and feeling that he had been humiliated. Yet Sivaji noticed all of this. Emperor Sivaji was one who spread all the teachings of righteousness, renounced everything, taught about man’s virtues and who thus upheld the world.
Though some time passed in this way, yet the subject that the minister was thinking about remained in the heart of Sivaji. One day he called the minister, “Minister, today you should bring three heads. One is the head of a goat. The second one is the head of a sheep. And the third one is the head of a human being.” He told him to bring these three (heads).
He (the minister) went somewhere and beat a goat, beat a sheep and brought the heads. He cut off the head of an individual who had died and was to be burnt in the burning ground, and he brought the three (heads). He told (Sivaji), “I have brought them, Emperor.” He (Sivaji) answered, “Take these three to the market and sell them.”
As soon as he went, the head of a sheep was taken. The head of the goat also was bought in a moment. (However,) No matter how much time he waited, no one came to buy the head of a human being. (Applause) He came again (to Sivaji) and said, “Emperor, no one accepted to (buy) this.” He (Sivaji) said, “Never mind. Go to the market, give it for free and then return.” He took it and went. He watched for a few days but no one took it even for free.
(Sivaji then told the minister,) “Minister, how bad you felt that day when I put my head on the feet of a Buddhist monk! Later, after I die, this head will be like that. No one will buy it. (Applause) No one will give value to it. Actually, my life has been sanctified by putting it (my head) on the feet of a Buddhist monk.”

Money may come and go on the earth,
Respect and moral law come and remain.
Respect and dharma remain permanently for man.
That only is the sanctification of man’s life.
(Telugu poem)

This is: as long as the sound of Soham remains, this (the body) has respect. That only is the sound of OM. That only is atomic energy. The power and capabilities of this (the atom) has come from God but no other has created it. Kaanaada taught to the world this truth in those days.
Human beings respect the body as long as it exists. After the true and primordial power leaves this body, no one will desire it. All of this is the power of the atoms. No one can understand the feeling of (how one should feel about) the atom. The form of the atom is the form of God. The form of the atom is the form of the universe. The form of the atom is the form of space. The form of the atom is the form of sound. The atom is fully present in everything that is mobile and immobile. So, we should not take the form of the atom as a joke. This form of atom is very great.

From so long scientists experimented on this. 22,000 crores years are needed for the atom to reach again where it originated. If it takes so much time, why shouldn’t we realise the atom that is with us?
The earth revolves around itself. Then, it also goes around the sun. Who is revolving it? Why is it revolving? Who is revolving it? No one is trying to recognize this truth. The entire world has day and night due to it revolving around itself. All the food and recreation that this body needs is obtained due to it (the earth) going around the sun (thus producing the seasons). All of these are not meaningless aspects of creation. The will of God is creating all of these causes. All of these are regulations made for the world.
Till today no one has understood the sacred power of the atom. People think that the atom is only a phenomenon without a life force. The power of life that this entire world was created with is also in the atom. Hence, God is the embodiment of the microcosm and the macrocosm. Therefore, every human being should try to recognize the secret of the world and of the creation of man and what is his duty, and act accordingly.
That which man should recognize is the form of the atom. If the atom is understood, he (man) will be one who understands everything. That (the atom) only is God. That only is true humanness. That only is the life principle. The life principle within the atom is moving about throughout the world. However, how should one take hold of it? However, the process of the microcosm has to be undertaken. This is what Kaarnaada said. He said that when this (the atom) is followed, it would be possible for us to receive (realise) the principle of Divinity.
Look: an atom is going there. We may go around it. If we wait around for it and if we proceed (to follow it) with concentration, it will be caught by us. We may catch hold of any amount of atoms every moment. You held so many. If they are let loose, they go (spread) wherever you look (all over). The sound of OM and the sound of an atom is very small. The nature of the mind is also dependent on this.

Devotees pray. One may doubt, “What is the benefit that comes from this prayer?” However, so many great things happen due to prayer. So much great victory is attained. Mankind will be able to attain even things that he was (previously) unable to attain.
One small matter: I won't take any medicine. I won't attempt anything (to reduce this illness). Yet, from ten days this is very swollen. Yesterday I noticed that the vision of all the people who came (for Darshan) was not on My face. It (their sight) goes towards the (My) cheek. ‘It hasn’t reduced yet! Not reduced yet! How much pain He must have!’ They feel bad thinking that.
In the evening when I was giving the Valedictory address, I didn’t even know what I was saying. However, I went inside. I laid down. The prayers of all the devotees came in big clusters. (Applause) “Swami, tomorrow is Guru Purnima. At least tomorrow You should be happy and You should give Darshan in a healthy condition.”
I got up in the early morning. There was no pain at all and no suffering at all. (Applause) I didn’t resolve for it to be cured. However, the result of those prayers is the cause for this bliss (cure). (Applause) Many people didn’t even take meals. “Oh dear, tomorrow is a time which should be so blissful. How will we have Darshan as soon as we get up (meaning, what will Swami look like)?” They prayed and they suffered a lot with tears. For one minute My whole mind concentrated on them. I didn’t think about wanting it (a cure) for Myself. I will never think of it (to cure Himself).
Sanjay Sahani said (mentioned Swami’s words in his talk), “I and you are one.” I and you are one. I am not separate and you are not separate. This is not My body, it is your body. (Applause) Hence, it is your duty to look after your body. I will never look towards the (My own) body. I won't make any resolve wanting it to be cured or thinking it (a cure) must happen. That selfishness will never be in Me. Selfishness cannot be seen in Me from My toenail to the tips of My hair. (Applause) Therefore, there is (I have) the courage and authority to say, “I and you are one.”

Therefore, the power of the atom is the same in every human being. This atomic power should also be understood to some extent. From our ancient times we continue worshiping and meditating on a form and we are living life with it. Those also have arisen out of atoms.
We keep a statue and pray, “Rama!” However, where is that Rama? Not at all (there)! We say, “Krishna!” and keep a statue and do puja. Is that Krishna there? Not at all! We worship Eswara, but Eswara can’t be seen at all! This means that Rama exists, Krishna exists, Eswara exists and there are also all the other forms in the world.
However, our qualities (feelings) are narrow. Due to man of today keeping a narrow heart, all is seen as empty. Broad feeling is creation. Narrow feeling is death. So as long as narrow feelings are in us, we are equal to one who is dead. We should always develop broad feelings. A broad heart should be developed. Vast Divinity will come in that bread heart.
From ancient times numerous great rishis did many different sadhanas. Kaanaada did very great sadhana. Finally he said, “There is nothing else at all. I came from the atom. I should merge again in the atom.” This means that as he didn’t have body attachment; he merged in the atom.
Today in the world, humanity lives by joining with all the objects in the world. It is living with selfishness and self-interests. As long as this exists, we cannot understand at all the nature of the atom, which is Divine. Sadhana may be done, meditation may be done, japa may be done and puja may be done. There is nothing wrong in it. However, just don’t forget the nature of the atom.
Everything is in the atom. Hence, we should feel that the nature of the atom is within oneself. Our body is (contains) the atom. Mind is atom. Intellect is atom. Chittha is atom. Antarkarana is atom. All is completely atoms. That which is full of atoms is Divinity.
God listens to prayers without fail. However, a few people think, “Oh dear! By praying to God we might be giving trouble to God.” This is a big mistake. God never has any difficulty. God never will suffer. The bliss of the devotees is the bliss of God. Therefore, there is no difference at all between your bliss and My bliss. However, you get bliss through lowly objects. I am experiencing joy with objects of atoms (considering all objects as equally made up of atoms). (Applause) So, if you give anything small, I consider it very big. However, though you get something huge, you won't get so much bliss.

Truly, what does Guru Purnima mean? It shows the path, the Divine path, to us. ‘Purnima’ means the sacred radiance of the moon. What is the full moon? It is the completely full nature of the mind. The completely full nature of the mind, without any spots at all, is observed as the full moon. When the mind has any bit of spot, it is darkness but it won't give bliss.
Embodiments of Love!
Develop your nature of Love: the nature of the (pure) mind which gives radiance. With acquaintance with books: reading, reading, reading and reading grandha (books), finally even the gandha (essence) in you is dies. Even when a small amount is read, we feel that we are highly educated. All the knowledge that you studied is not great. It is a minute particle in the atom.
Therefore, God cannot be seen in (worldly) knowledge. We can’t see God through hugeness. We can’t see God through position. God cannot be seen through leadership. God can only be seen in Love. If you develop even a bit of that nature of Love, you will see God in that. Devotion means only to have full and complete love for God. That is devotion.
Embodiments of Love!
Today is Guru Purnima. What is it that we should truly know? That which is in front, behind, below, above and everywhere is God. He is in you, with you, around you. So, He is in you. He is outside you and He is behind you. Truly, who are you? You only are God! (Applause) He is the form of an atom. First and foremost recognize that truth.

Don’t go unnecessarily to beg in this world. Let us do our own work. Let us discharge our duties well.

Do your duty sincerely.

That is true sadhana. What are you doing sadhana for? It is for you to do your duty well. What is your duty? Now you are working in an office. If you are working in the office, you have to keep the matters relating to the office in the office itself. When going and sitting in the office, don’t bring there the matters of the home. You have come home. When you are with your family, look after your wife and children’s happiness. Don’t bring the office there.
However, due to their being a lot of work, many people today are bringing office work even into the house and they are succumbing to many difficult situations. Office work is for the office. The house work is for the house. Business work only for the business; spiritual work only for spirituality. We are succumbing to many difficulties due to mixing all of it up.
So, what is the reason for pollution increasing in us? Our whole heart is polluted. I said the other day. How was Kamsa? He was highly powerful. However, Duryodhana and Duhsasana were also very great. They lived a long time.
Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakasipu also were ones of very great capabilities. They were great scientists. Hiranyakasipu not only went to the moon, he also went to the sun. Not only the sun, he also reached the stars. When he went to star Dhruva and touched it, the earth spun. With that he died. Though he was such a great scientist, things should be done only as much as is needed but if it is in excess, very big danger will happen.
Hence, even such great people made much effort to obtain Divinity. Though we are small, we should have expansive feelings. Develop a broad heart. God who is vast fills this broad heart.

Therefore, there is death for (the physical body of) man but the mind has no death. There is no death for the mind at all. Though the man dies, the feelings that the person felt are imprinted on it (the mind). The tendencies of so many births and the tendencies from so many actions are printed on this mind.
It is not possible to say that this mind is like this or that. Therefore, we should not feel that the mind will die along with this life (physical body). No matter how many births there are, the mind is God. This mind contains atoms. We should not feel that the nature of the mind that contains atoms, dies.
Numerous people, unable to bear sufferings, take their own life. (People think,) “It is only due to the mind that there is so much suffering, isn't it so? I will kill this mind.” However, this is a big sin. You are not killing the mind. You feel that your Divinity is like that. We should not have any resolve of suicide. Atma is God. God is Atma. Prahlada said, “Don't have the doubt that He is in this and not in that.”
Embodiments of Love!
As long as we are here, though there are problems we should bear them and sanctify our life.

He is permanent, without any death and birth.
He is eternal, with no beginning or end.
He does not die, is not born and will not be killed.
He is One who is all pervading.
(Telugu poem)

God is one who lives in all. Therefore, we shouldn’t feel that there is any kind of birth or death for Divinity. Therefore, every man should live with the courage of, “I am God. This body may be born and die but I don’t.” As long as this body is alive, this nature of love should be offered to God.

At one time in Shirdi, Lakshmi Bai used to make roties every day and bring them (to Shirdi Sai Baba). However, one day a man named Patel came. He was very rich. However, he kept (currency) notes in his pocket. Baba saw it. He called a man who was near. There was a man called Shyam who was always with Baba. “Shyam, go to the village, go to Patel (another rich man, Patel #2), and say I want five rupees, then bring it.”
He went, (but) Shyam (Patel #2) wasn’t there. The door was locked. He (Baba) asked him to go somewhere else and ask another Patel (Patel #3). He (Baba) kept sending him (Shyam) like this, but he (Shyam) kept bringing back the answer that there wasn’t anyone available. However, Patel (#1) who had his pockets full of notes was there. He had no sacrifice to say, “Swami, do you need anything? Take this!”
Then Shyam said (Baba said to Shyam), “Shyam, as long as you are alive in your life, you will be with Me. That is true. You should never have such miserliness and greed. When I was asking for five rupees, couldn’t he (Patel #1) have said, ‘Look Swami, what do you want? Take it!’?”

Money is God for many people. Politics is God. (Political) Parties are God. Government is God. Though the ones who keep delusions like this die, these types of faults will follow them. (Applause)
What is it that you have achieved? Why have you lived? To waste your entire life like this? To live life with this pollution while keeping the title of ‘human being’? Chi, chi, chi, chi, chi! This is not right for us. Help others. Do good things for others. What is the use of doing it? Today it is like this in the entire world.
Don’t think anything (don’t feel offended) when I say this. What is the root cause for so much pollution to come about in the whole world today? The root cause for this is politics. Even every small boy is being polluted. If there is a husband and a wife in the home, they also bring in politics. There also have conflicts there. This pollution has spread to wherever one observes.
There was not so much suffering before independence came. Before independence came, white people fought with black people. However, today blacks are fighting blacks. Therefore, this is not what we should learn. This is not what we should aspire towards. Sacred feelings should arise within us. Evil feelings should be removed. If bad feelings enter into our hearts, we will also become bad.

Embodiments of Love!
You are embodiments of love. Develop your love. Live with love. End your lives with love. That is true life. All the Upanishads also say that the limited life of human beings is given very great value. Man is one who should be respected. He is one who should be loved. We should welcome him with a broad heart.
Whether you know or not, as soon as every human being in China get up in the morning, the do namaskaar (and repeat a proverb that says): “Swami, from getting up in the early morning until laying down at night, grant us only troubles.”
The happiness obtained in problems is not obtained in anything else. We are striving, wanting to be happy and have numerous types of comforts. However, in (mundane) joy this kind of happiness (Divine bliss) cannot be obtained. It is said:

Na Sukhath Labhyate Sukham

Happiness cannot be obtained through happiness.
(Sanskrit sloka)

It is only in sorrow that we have happiness. Truly, many people come (to Me) and say, “Swami, I am sad. I have suffering and I have troubles.” I feel like laughing. Can't that suffering, those pains and those troubles come to Me? I want to see them. I feel that I want to see them. However, I don’t see them at all.
However, if anyone suffers, seeing that suffering, I continue to say (to them), “This is not good (to be affected by it).” I will never have such suffering. I won't give any opportunity at all for sorrow. This (body) has completed 77 years. I never felt sorrow even for a moment.
Man is full of bliss. He thirsts for bliss. Bliss is his heart. Keeping that heart of bliss, why are you sorrowful? Yet, he becomes sad due to not understanding that his heart is full of bliss.

A few relationships come and go. All of these comes and goes. However, comes and grows: that which does not go is only our nature of love. The relationships of this world continue to go on like this (are temporary).
Embodiments of Love!
As far as possible, from today try to reduce wandering in worldly things. Be happy. Also give happiness to the ones near you. Today you have no happiness and the ones with you also have no happiness. Hence, we should not give difficulty to anyone. If difficulties come, feel that they are all passing clouds. There are relationships like daughter, son, mother and father. Numerous difficulties and losses occur regarding them. However, all of these are passing clouds.
If one looks towards the sky, it is a vast sight. However, the entire sky contains clouds. Is there a sky anywhere without clouds? So our heart is a sky. In this, our thoughts and our feelings are clouds. This means that when clouds of attachments come, all looks dark to us. Therefore, we should not worry at all about these clouds that come and go.

What is the shape of worry? It is mentally created fear.

It (worry) is only what us ourselves feel (create) but it is not proper (actually existing) at all. So difficulties come and sorrows come to every human being. All are experienced (yet) we have to overcome them with boldness, without losing courage.
Embodiments of Love!
Keep one thing in mind: the matter that Sivaji taught to his minister. As long as there is life in this body people will respect it. As soon as it goes (dies) no one will respect it. Duryodhana said the same thing. Finally, he said: “As long as I had life people respected me. Tomorrow if I leave this body, dogs, foxes and crows will sit on the head (feasting on the dead body) and it (the head) won't even feel bad.” A dead body will not understand (feel) no matter what pain we give it.
Things that have to happen do continue to happen. Therefore, as long as we are here we should uphold respect. We should develop the Divinity in humanity. Only when it is like this, we will be ones who experience true life. Now we are experiencing a worldly life.
Embodiments of Love!
Worldly life is indeed necessary. Also recognize the unworldly nature of Atma contained in that worldly life. These come and go. All of these are like passing clouds. Therefore, we should not worry at all about this.
Man should always be happy. Man thirsts for bliss. Bliss is his own. As soon as each man was born (he had), bliss, bliss, bliss. Therefore, he aspires for bliss. He experiences bliss and he ends with bliss.

Embodiments of Love!
Importantly, what you should recognize today is Guru Purnima: purnima means that the heart should be kept pure. Keep it pure. A few come, but they should be pushed aside. Wherever we sit, some mosquitoes come. However, we are hitting the mosquitoes and throwing them aside. In that same way, if any sorrow or grief comes to us, it has to be brushed aside.
Therefore, without being disheartened by sorrow and grief, without being elevated by bliss, attempt to obtain a life without depression and elation.

Bhagavan sang the bhajan, ‘Vahe Guru, Vahe Guru…’

Guru is only one. Vahe guru. Not two. Not that one is inner guru and another is outer guru. Guru means that which teaches from one’s heart and that follows the words of truth. Therefore:

Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnu,
Guru Devo Maheswara;
Gurur Sakshat Para Brahma,
Thasmai Sri Gurave Namaha.

Guru is Brahma, Guru is Vishnu,
Guru is Maheswara.
Guru is the manifestation of the Supreme God.
Salutations to such a Guru.
(Sanskrit sloka)

Therefore, you only are Brahma, you only are Vishnu and you are Siva. You are guru. Hence guru is not separate. You are everything. Therefore, importantly, you should see that you don’t overrule your guri (aim or target). Always keep your concentration steady. That only is important.
Students, householders, forest dwellers or renunciates, only one thing is important for all. The goal is one for all. Even if you don’t like anything else, remember the internal Soham, Soham. That only is your guru.
(Repeat,) Aham Brahmasmi: I am Brahman. There is nothing wrong at all. Some think it is ego. That is a big mistake. Keep (the feeling) of, ‘I am guru, I am guru, I am guru.’ Think, ‘I am Divine, I am Divine, I am Brahman.’ There is nothing wrong at all. This is not ego at all. It is truly right. Keeping this right inside, only simply considering oneself externally, ‘I am a human being, I am a human being’ it is only vulgar.
Therefore, all of you are embodiments of the Divine. So, having faith that you are embodiments of God, take the form of God (live accordingly). No fault should appear in God at all. No bad qualities should come into God at all. No pollution should enter into God at all. Be pure, steady, selfless and feel that you are Divine.
In the works that you do also: do good. Say all good words. In your sight, see all good. This is what is needed. On this day of Guru Purnima, we should develop good sight. Don’t develop bad sight at all. We should increase good words. We should develop good feelings. A good life should be lived. What does a good life mean? You should behave in an ideal way to everybody. You should become an ideal boy. You should be an ideal man. That is what we should learn.

No matter how many pujas and how much sadhana one does, it is no use. So many people are doing puja and coming here from so many years. However, what change is there in you? It is a big mistake. People are coming and going, coming and going. However, what is the use of coming? People like that don’t need to come. Do your sadhana wherever you are: that is enough.
Truly, when you come and go, you should take good qualities. Develop sacred qualities. Transform into God. Transform into being Divine. Uphold the true word of the Vedas, ‘Aham Brahmasmi.’
Forget the feelings towards worldly objects (materialistic tendencies). All of these are worldly. As far as possible, try to forget them. As long as you are alive you will keep them in memory (but) what will you do when you die? Nothing will come with us. At the time of dying, we can't even take soil and leave.
What is it that we take? So, all that we take is ideal and good qualities. Respect your mother and father. Respect elders. Respect teachers.

Mathru Devo Bhava.
Pithru Devo Bhava.
Acharya Devo Bhava.

Mother is God.
Father is God.
Teacher is God.
(Sanskrit sloka)

Therefore, consider all as God. Also consider dog as God. Because this is (the word) ‘dog’, it goes from this side, d-o-g, dog. But go (spell it) from the other side, you will become God. (Applause) So also consider dog as God. Regardless of what life form it is, we should not consider it as separate (from God).
Hence, we should have faith in Divinity which is all-pervading. If you remember this Divinity, there is no other greater sadhana. The country will also increase soubhagya (good fortune, to prosper). The whole county will shine brilliantly and laugh delightedly. Hence first and foremost, that which you should newly learn today is to fill your heart with God.

Bhagavan ended His Divine Discourse by chanting the bhajan ‘Hari Bhajana Bina…’ and ‘Subrahmanyam…’