The following discourse has been translated into English from Bhagavan's Telugu speech as heard on this festival's ashram audiocassette. It is a complete, literal translation made with the objective of preserving Bhagavan's precious original poetic style as much as possible.
Seva Conference Inaugural
21 July 2002

Manchi Manasu Nadata Manchiga Lekunda
Sai Etlu Mimmu Mechukonunu?
Santhi Prema Dayi, Santosha Sukha Dayi
Prema Sai, Mimmu Etlu Penchukonunu?
Prema Sai Mummu Penchukonunu?

If there isn’t a good mind and good conduct,
How can Sai praise you?
How can Prema Sai, the giver of Peace, Love, happiness and comforts, foster you?
(Telugu sloka)

Embodiments of Love!
The life of man is compassionate. Time is sacred. The heart is pure. The mind is sweet. What should be the foundation for an individual having such sacred feelings? What is important for this building?
Every human being hopes to attain Peace and happiness. However, how do we obtain this Peace? Peace will be obtained only when the human values are correct in every human being. These human values are not something we develop and are not something which we bring in (from somewhere else). They arise from within man.
What can we achieve if we forget such values today? Man does not live for the sake of mankind. Man was not born for man. First and foremost man should recognize the truth, “For what was I born?”
Equality, unity, fraternity and nobility: man’s life is dependent on these four important foundations. Equality, unity, fraternity and nobility: if any of these waver, man’s life is a waste. It is these four that should be fostered and protected by man in his life. First and foremost man should recognize the truth of what humanness is.
Truth only is man’s morality. Dharma only is man’s repute. Sacrifice is man’s light. The unity of these three is the human race. However, man of today is forgetting Truth, Dharma, repute and light. It is not for the sake of society. You should practise them for your own sake.
You desire that everyone should respect you. No, no! You should first respect yourself. Self-respect is man’s basic foundation. How can people respect someone who doesn’t have Self-respect? It’s not possible to wait for others to give respect. First respect others, love others and give the suitable heart (good feelings) to others. This is your important duty.
Man is not merely an individual being. He is a universal being. ‘Veshti’ means an individual. ‘Samashti’ means God. Therefore, to recognize this form of samashti, we should begin the journey from veshti. From the state of veshti, you should reach the state of samashti. If one wants to reach the state of samashti, how should an individual conduct himself?
First one should try to recognize the jivan jyothi (the light of life) in everyone. Only when the unity that is in everyone is recognized, we will be practising the nature of equality. Therefore, all the sevas (selfless services) that are done today, are done to obtain samashti.
It is a big mistake to feel that one is doing it for people, doing it for others or doing it to obtain bliss for oneself. There are no others in this world. All are embodiments of God. Yet people are not trying to recognize such a samashti. For that reason, man is succumbing to numerous types of sorrow. We will cease to have this suffering only when it is recognized that God is in all. Therefore, first and foremost, to cure our suffering the nature of samashti should be practised. Only when the unity in diversity is recognized, we will be ones who obtain the nature of equality.

Every individual has a body. However, this body is like a physical mirror. Whatever is seen in this mirror is only your reflection but you don’t see other things. Yet man is trying to live with selfishness and self-interests. Selfishness is increasing in the world today. Selflessness is reducing. Patriotism for the country is reducing and attachment to the body is increasing. Therefore, due to increasing this body attachment, we are forgetting the patriotism for the country, which is the very embodiment of samashti.
No matter how much of a spiritual aspirant one is and no matter how sacred the heart may be, one is unable to give up attachment to the body. As long as there is attachment to the body, man cannot have attachment to God. What is this attachment to he body? It is:

The body is made up of the five elements.
The body is different to obtain.
One cannot know when it will die.
Though it is said one may live over a hundred years,
it is not possible to have faith in that word.
In childhood, youth, middle age or old age,
It cannot be known when it will go.
Death is certain.
If one is intelligent, one should know one’s (true) Self
while the body exists.
(Telugu poem)

This body has come for one to know oneself, but to search around, (trying) to know the world or to know something else is foolishness. If you know yourself, you will know everything else.

Embodiments of Love!
In this world, whatever object you are trying to know about, from the microcosm to the macrocosm that you are contemplating on, all of these are within yourself. They are in your heart. Mountains are in your heart. All oceans are in your heart. All cities are in your heart. Villages are all in your heart. All living beings are also in your heart. Then what is it you need to see (externally)? The ones who see the reflections outside while keeping all within themselves, are very foolish people! Therefore, it is only foolishness to attempt to see another thing (externally) when you are actually the support of all.
The human values must be known. What are these human values? That which does not change is Truth. Truth is always one, regardless of the country, time, or anything else. There are no differences of, “This is American Truth, Russian Truth, Indian Truth, or Pakistan Truth.” Truth is only one. Truth is God. Therefore, first and foremost one should make an attempt to recognize this Truth.

Sathyam Bruyath, Priyam Bruyath,
Na Bruyath Sathyam Apriyam.

Speak truth.
Speak pleasantly.
Do not speak unpleasant truth.
(Sanskrit sloka)

Today we are forgetting such a permanent, eternal and truthful nature, and we are searching for non-eternal and impermanent things. Therefore, that Truth only is man’s neethi (morality). ‘Neethi’ means the true behaviour (proper conduct). It is conduct that does not undergo change. It is not something that changes moment to moment. We should try to recognize such a Truth.
You only are the embodiment of Truth. Your God only is Truth. Therefore, this Truth should be recognized first and foremost. There is no second thing in Truth. There should be a basis for this Truth to stand. That only is Dharma.

Sathyam Naasti Paro Dharmah.

The highest Dharma is Truth.
(Sanskrit sloka)

The unity of these two contains Truth. Peace in plenty will arise in one who lives a life of Truth and Dharma. We don’t need to search for Peace. Peace is in the place where Truth is. When this Truth and Peace come together, Ahimsa (non-violence) will naturally arise. We are giving names: Truth, Dharma, Peace, Love, and Ahimsa. The basic foundation for Truth and Dharma is Love.
Love is God, Truth is God and Dharma is God. If both the Truth and Dharma in one leaves, one will be one who does not have praana (the life-principle). If Truth is separated from within us, one praana in us is gone. If Dharma is also destroyed in us, two praanas in us are gone. There are five praanas in the physical body. Out of these five praanas, we have lost two praanas. Therefore, we should protect our praanas. These praanas are your Divine nature. Therefore, in every matter, we should inquire well what the Divine nature of man is.

Today in businesses, professions or any fields, there is only pollution. No matter what work is started anywhere, first and foremost this pollution is noticed by us there. We are unable to see sacred objects anywhere in this world. However, sanctify your heart: then all will look sacred. The world is the reflection of the heart. If you fill your heart with Love, the whole world will be filled with Love. If your heart is devoid of Love, the whole world will appear devoid of Love.
Therefore, all that we see in the world, all that is experienced and all that makes us happy, is reflection, reaction and resound. So if we see any evil, it is the reflection from within ourselves. If we hear any bad, it is the reflection in us. If any wickedness is thought, that is all our own reflection. We should not put any blame at all on others. All is one’s own good and bad.
The whole world is dependent upon man’s conduct and transformation. Only when the people are good, the world will be good. If people are bad, the whole world transforms into bad. We are thinking that wherever we look in the world there is only bad. No, no, no, no! Our own bad is reflected. If you transform into a demon, all your behaviour will become demonic. If you transform into being Divine, the whole world looks Divine.

Embodiments of Love!
Love is fully in you. The yearning of your heart is Love. The reflection in the word is Truth. The reflection in action is Dharma. The unity of these three is Peace. Therefore, where is Peace? The reflection of these three should be seen. The nature of Love that is reflected from within us is our inhalation and exhalation. That only is teaching you Truth.
(Swami repeats slowly, while breathing in and then out,) Soham, Soham. That only is teaching you Truth. That Truth arises from you (as inhalation and exhalation). It is teaching you that Truth 21,6000 each day. Though it teaches it each day 21,6000 times, you are unable to keep it in memory. Then what will you recall from what you studied? No matter how many great discourses are given, no matter how many books are read, no matter how much darshan of elders one has, finally if you forget the Truth in you, all of these will become useless.

Therefore, first and foremost our sight, our hearing and our speech should be rectified. Buddha was a great king. He renounced all, took sanyas (the vows of renunciation), and went all around the forest. He saw many elders in this world. He heard their teachings well. He read all the books that they wrote. Finally he realised the Truth. He stopped going to see elders. He threw away all the books that they wrote.
“The book that God gave me is my heart. My God is my true friend.” Why are we going about while keeping a true friend here (with us), and keeping a true book in our heart? Hence, first and foremost let us put to good use the eyes that God gave. Our life will become sanctified only when we sanctify these eyes. When a human being has both a good mind and conduct, where is there any (better or higher) human being?
Therefore, first and foremost we should change our vision. No matter how many spiritual practises are done, no matter how many books are read, no matter how many elders are seen, first and foremost your eyes should be corrected. Your eyes are the scripture that God has given. Praise this scripture well. Hence we should have good sight.
Afterwards, there should be good (or pure) talk. This talk is so sacred. There is nothing that excels truth. Therefore, this tongue should utter truth. If we learn and recognize these two (sight and speech) well, the third one will be understood well by us. That is good hearing. Buddha said that the first and foremost one is good sight. (Then) he said good speech, then good listening. After these three, there is good contemplation.
No book at all was read. The disgust that came regarding that book gave a lot of suffering.
All of you who are youth, first and foremost we should control the sight. If we control this, our tongue will be under control. So, as man has been born, we should recognize and control the human values. Only when the human values are put on the right path and experienced, you will become God.

Male youth and female youth of today are the ones who uplift future Bharath. Therefore, first and foremost the youth should develop the proper type of steadiness. We should develop the suitable confidence for that.

Where there is confidence, there is Love.
Where there is Love, there is Truth.
Where there is Truth, there is Peace.
Where there is Peace, there is bliss.
Where there is bliss, there is God.

First and foremost develop this confidence. Only when this confidence is developed, last (finally) we will obtain God. Therefore, we will not obtain God when this faith is not present. Your very faith is your God. Your faith should not be unsteady. Self-confidence is necessary for faith. Self-respect is also necessary. The bliss of the Self is also necessary. Beholding the Self is also necessary.
Now all of you have sat in such a big hall. However, pillars are seen throughout this hall. You are recognising their beauty. However, where is the origin of this bliss of beauty? First and foremost the foundation is needed. That is Self-confidence. Only when this Self-confidence is present, (there will be) Self-satisfaction. Only when we develop this self-satisfaction, there will be self-sacrifice. That self-sacrifice only is our roof. Only when there is a roof, there will be self-realisation.
Therefore, Self-confidence is the foundation. Self-satisfaction is the wall, self-sacrifice is the roof and Self-realisation is the life (inside). (Applause) Hence first and foremost it is Self-confidence that we should carefully guard, as the foundation. Based on this, in the culture of Bharath it is said:

Sathyam Bruyath,
Priyam Bruyath,

Speak Truth.
Speak pleasantly.
(Sanskrit sloka)

Sathyam Vada, Dharmam Chara.

Speak Truth, act righteously.
(Sanskrit sloka)

Not only Indian culture: all cultures are one! There isn’t ‘American culture’, another culture, and yet another culture; there is only one culture. That only is Truth. So you should not have any differences regarding this culture. All countries together are one house. Each country is like a room. So, don’t make segmentations. Humanness is being spoiled due to these segmentations. Even Sai devotees should not make segmentations. All should be unified. (Applause)
Human beings are only one race. Humanity is one family. There may be differences in colours, names, and forms. However, there is only one Divinity.
All cows are different: milk is one. Living beings are many: the principle of life (the indweller) is one. Moralities of different races are different: life (birth) is one. Darshans are different: God is one. Varieties of flowers are many: flower is one. Therefore, without recognising races and religions we should renounce all (of these differences), and develop the principle of Love.
The young men and women of today should uplift the country. Only when the young men and women are well, the whole country will be well. If young men and women should be well, you should have proper behaviour. The country is being destroyed due to young men and women without good character. Hence our whole life depends upon character.
We speak but action is nil. Hence, first and foremost we should make our qualities good. Only when there are sacred feelings, we will perform sacred actions. So, ‘devotion, devotion, devotion’ is not only doing worship. Every work that is done with pure Love is devotion. Therefore, we should do work with a heart of Love.

Embodiments of Love!
All are embodiments of Love. Therefore, from today transform your whole form into being full of Love. Your hands should strive to help others. All your thoughts should travel with Love. From individuality you must reach universality. From universality one should reach Divinity. Therefore, individuality, universality and Divinity: you should attain the unity of these three very soon.
Today, whether physically or secularly, wherever is seen in the world, there is ashanthi (lack of Peace). The body experiences numerous types of diseases. However, we should not bother about them at all. The body comes and goes.

This (the body) is a house of dirt
and a disease-prone basket.
It is a filthy basket wandering through life.
It is a small branch that cannot cross
the ocean of Samsara (worldly life).
O mind! Do not be under the delusion
that the body is permanent.
(Telugu poem)

Why are we struggling so much, catching hold of (paying attention only to) this body? We also get a few (illnesses) due to our negligence. We accept a few due to the nature of Love. Yet that which comes should go away again.

One small example: I am informing you from My own experience. A child had swelling here (Swami points to His neck). However, that child was unable to bear the painful suffering. When it was shown to a doctor, he said that it would take 20 to 25 days (to heal).
He (the child) was continuously crying, paapam! I called him inside. “Don’t cry. Why cry when Swami is beside you?” (Applause) Saying that, I took a sweet and fed him. Afterwards I told him to go. His mother took him and they went away.
I took that pain. Truly, it is unbearable pain that arises from the body. Many people saw it (the swelling). “Swami, how can we celebrate this festival?” Srinivas felt very bad. However, it wasn’t possible at all to talk inside (the mouth). It (the swelling) came between two joints. It isn't even possible to eat. What loss will there be if this body doesn’t have food for a few days? I didn’t care.
(Others asked Me,) “Swami, we have to inaugurate it (the conference), don’t we? How will You talk?” I didn’t mind it (the pain) at all. I told them, “I will feel the suffering only when I feel that this is My body. This is not my body. It is Your body!” (Applause) All of your bodies are My body. (Applause) So I will take your suffering. That is My duty. Therefore, this is not My body so I do not need to pay attention to it. Not only now: I will never pay attention to any suffering that comes to it. Therefore, in every matter, I (first) experience and then convey it to you. This only is:

My life is My message.

(Side B: The translator says: “In fact, it’s not possible for all of you to understand and recognize the Divinity.”)
However, it is not possible to tell it to the entire public. I don’t ever like advertisements. Mine is yours and yours is Mine. From My feet to My head, I have no desires at all. If I experience any desires, the desires are for your sake. I desire some things to give bliss to you.
Hence, in any matter, it is not great just to teach you. It is the characteristic of an acharya (preceptor) to practise and then to speak. Therefore, so in any small matter also, I am experiencing and then offering it to you.

Young men and women!
Everyone: recognize the true nature. Recognize Truth. The name of this body is Sathya (Truth). Keep this Truth within you. That only will become Divinity.

Truth is God. Love is God. Live in Love.

If life is spent with recognising these two, you can experience any amount of bliss.
However, you keep a few faults within you, and throw (blame) it on Me. That is a big mistake. It is not possible to find any faults in Me at all. Your faults are reflected in Me. I am a sacred and pure mirror. (Applause) I will never give any chance for opportunities (for faults to arise). You look in Me and they (your own faults) are observed in Me. They are not in Me, they are in you. So, regarding everything, be careful about your heart. Make it pure. Then it will be possible for you to recognize the Truth.
Embodiments of Love!
Today we are inaugurating the conference. Then, there are many more (programmes) that have to be gone through. Hence, I will give an opportunity for the programmes. Taking as much time as necessary, in the future I will inform what has to be conveyed to you, without fail. (Applause) First the program.

Bhagavan ended His Divine Discourse.

Seva Conference Inaugural Glossary
Taken from "A Glossary of Sanskrit Words
Gleaned from Sai Literature"

Acharya: A preceptor. One who practices what he teaches. Anything acharya ranks above a teacher, but below a guru.
Ahimsa: (pg. 14) Non-violence; non-violation
Ashanthi (pg. 41) Peace-lessness that is confounding the world
Darshan (pg. 106) Direct seeing of a holy person, which brings his grace and blessing to the viewer
Dharma (pg. 291) Righteousness
Neethi: (pg. 248) The path of straight-forwardness in everything; moral standards, principles
Praana: (pg. 275) Praana means ‘vibration’ and it is the very breath of life.; life force or vital energy; positive energy
Praana: the five life-breaths: (pg. 276) 1. Praana-Vayu: the upward movement of the breath. It is located in the heart and its function is to move the lung for inhalation and exhalation of the breath. 2. Apaana-Vayu: is the downward movement of the breath. It is located below the navel and its function is to discharge waste out of the body. 3. Samana-Vayu: is located in the navel and its function is to digest and distribute the partaken food all over the body. 4. Uana-Vayu: is located in the throat and its function is to connect and disconnect the mind during the period of wakeful and deep-sleep states of consciousness. 5. Vyana-Vayu: pervades the whole body and gives the experience of touch.
Samahsti or Samashti: (pg. 319) The collective; the whole
Sanyasi: One who has abandoned worldly objects and relationships. Living apart as a homeless wanderer.
Seva: (pg. 345) Loving or selfless service
Soham: (pg. 355) Soham does not have a form. It means, “I am God.”