translation by 'Divya' from Telugu, literal and complete - unedited content


Dear boys! This is a very important time in your life. Life is like a mansion of four floors. The first one is Gayatri. That only is Brahmacharya (celibate or student). The second floor is Grihastha (householder). The third is Vaana Prastha (living in the forest, or recluse) and the forth is Sanyasa.
Therefore, today you are laying the foundation to your life. The other three will be as secure and sturdy to the extent that the foundation is.
Mankind has four births. The first one is the normal (physical) one, being born from the womb of the mother. The second one is due to receiving the second birth of getting initiation into Gayatri Mantra. The third birth is attained by learning the Vedas.
After realising the principle of Brahman (God), he becomes a Brahmana. It is not only by being born as a Brahmana (by caste). It should also be a Brahmana in action. After we recognise the principle of Brahman, we have the authority to be called a Brahmana.
The Divine and suitable Gayatri Mantra is important in all these three. Even all the devatas (minor deities) are living inside man. Even the form of the food that we eat is truly the principle of God. The subtle form of the food is the form of Vishnu. The subtlest part of the food is Eswara (Siva). So, it is said, Food is God. (Sanskrit sloka).
First and foremost, we have to keep this principle of Brahma within us. The gross food gives strength to the body. The subtle form of food gives strength to the mind. The most subtle part of food makes the speech pure.
Therefore, for purity of speech and strength of mind, the main cause is food. So, (it is said), Food is Brahma and the essence is Vishnu. (Sanskrit sloka). In this way, God is the form of the essence.
The Gayatri (note: used in the feminine gender only) is also the embodiment of all deities. It is the form of all Mantras. It is like the Mother of all Vedas. After repeating Gayatri Mantra like this, we don’t need to contemplate on any other Mantra.
Gayatri has three names. The first is ‘Gayatri.’ The second is ‘Savitri.’ The third is ‘Saraswati.’ Gayatri, Savitri and Saraswati.
Gayatri is the Master of our senses. Savitri is the Master of our Praanas. So, due to the prayer of Savitri, she brought back life even one who had died. Therefore, Savitri means Master of Life. Then, Saraswati. Saraswati means the form of our speech. Human life is a combination of these three.
Satya is Reeti (procedure). Dharma is Keerti (reputation). Shanti is Nyaya (Justice). The combination of these three is the form of God. Man must sanctify these three (by practising them) in his life. So, Gayatri Mantra is not an ordinary thing.
First and foremost, we have to purify speech. Only when speech is good, will our lives be good. If the feet slip there will be no loss. However, if the tongue slips (results could be) terrible. (Telugu poem). It should be seen that the tongue does not slip. Due to this reason only, even all the ancient Rishis practised limited talk.
Due to excessive talk, unnecessary things may be said. So, protect truth by talking less and gain a (good) reputation. Less talk is so pleasant. Excessive talk will damage the mind. (Telugu poem) Therefore, with limited speech we should protect truth.
Gayatri, Savitri and Saraswati teach the truth that, these three are in mankind. First and foremost, ‘Bhu’ is repeated. What does it mean? ‘Bhu Lokam’ (Bhu=physical and Lokam=a world; the physical world, or the Earth). What does ‘Bhu Lokam’ mean? It is that which has material. Our body only is that Bhu Loka which has material.
(The next is) ‘Bhuvah’. What is this ‘Bhuvah’? Bhuvah means that this body with materials has a sort of vibration. That only is Praana (life-breath). That Praana makes this body to move. Where did Praana come from?
(Praana comes from) ‘Svah.’ That only is a sort of ‘Jnana Shakti’ (power of wisdom). They call this ‘Prajnanam Shakti’ (supreme knowledge). In English it is called Constant Integrated Awareness. Therefore, this is radiation.
Material Lokam, Vibration Lokam, Radiation Lokam. These three are present in man. The one you think you are-that only is our body. The one others think you are-mental Lokam. The one you really are-that is Atma Lokam. To body, to Praana, to Jnanam, to these three our body is the basis.
Whatever Vidya (education or knowledge) we want to perfect Sadhana (practise) in, the basis is these three. The body is very sacred. But, due to putting such a sacred body to bad use, bad Buddhis, bad thoughts and bad Shaktis arise in us.
Therefore, we have to put this body to good use. We should enter into good conduct. We have to begin good practises and do good actions. Then only our body will become very pure. When the body is pure, the mind also will become pure. Therefore, when the mind and body is pure, the Atma will be eternally pure.
There is no dirt at all in the Atma. There is no unsacredness at all. Therefore, Atma is fully pure. In the Vedas this is described in so many ways as, Attributeless, eternally pure, eternal, always pure. (Sanskrit sloka)
Therefore, human kind is very sacred. Of all life forms, human life is the rarest to attain. (Sanskrit sloka) Out of all life forms, the human birth is the best, most precious, best in character. Why did God give this body? By the body one can undertake righteous actions. (Sanskrit sloka) For the use of practising Dharma.
Therefore, we shouldn’t be deceived only seeing the form of man. For all destinations, for all attainments, for all sacredness, the body is the main basis. So, with the sacred body like this, repeat the sacred Mantras and practise pure actions. We have to thus attain pure lives. Therefore, we should never neglect our body.
There are five Shaktis in the body. What are those Shaktis? Without a Divine shakti in every single thing, there can be no effect to it. They call this, ‘Human values’. What does ‘Human values’ mean? These values begin with birth itself. These are Satya, Dharma, Shanti, Love and Ahimsa.
We don’t need to earn them new. They are with you. However, you have forgotten them. Therefore, you are not able to bring them to memory. They are not put into practise. Every single one has to be put into practise.
Instead of giving tons and tons of discourses, it is enough to put one ounce into practise. Therefore, if we put one word into practise, it is enough. Due to practise being a zero nowadays, humanness is lost.
Man is changing into a demon. He is forgetting to be an ideal. Yet, he is increasing desires. Attachment to the body is increasing. Yet, attachment to the Atma is decreasing. Attachment to the Atma should be developed.
Attachment to the body may also be there; however only to the extent that actions need to be undertaken.
So, we have to have respect for the country that the body was born in. Even Rama-he was in the forest and at last he reached Lanka. Lanka had all the wealth that one could need. It was full of all sorts of luxuries and vehicles.
At last, Lakshmana also said, “Brother! Bharat is ruling our Kingdom there. It is not right to overthrow his rule. This evil and wicked Ravana has died. So, you can rule this kingdom.”
Hearing these words, Vibhishana also came and fell on his feet. “Swami! I surrender myself, my mind, my wealth and the kingdom at your feet, protect me!”
What did Rama, who heard all this, say? “The Mother and the Motherland are greater than even heaven.” (Sanskrit sloka) “The country that I was born in and the mother that I was born to are very important to me. They only are equal to heaven. Leaving the Motherland, how can I rule over another country? I don’t need this.”
Therefore, Janani means the mother that gave us birth. She is greatly worshipful. Without her, you couldn’t be. Therefore, the motherland is also very important. This is called the ‘right of our birth.’ The rights that are in Bharat are not in any other country.
What are the boundaries of this country? The Himalayan mountains are the boundaries. The Himalayas do not move. They don’t waver even a bit. That only is the boundary of our country. They say, ‘There is your Eswara (God)’. It means, where is this Eswara?
Hima-chala. ‘Hima’ means ‘ice’. Ice is white. But, it melts. That only means that our hearts should be white and they should be pure. It should be that which gets moved and melts. Hri+Daya (compassion). It should be that which melts.
‘Achalam.’ It should be that which is not wavering. The heart like that which is like (melting) ice, which is an unwavering mountain. To keep it in an unwavering place, is called ‘steady.’
However, nowadays our hearts are wavering. The reason? Our desires are increasing. Unable to bear the increasing (desires,) the heart is wavering. Therefore, they say, ‘Less luggage, more comfort, makes travel a pleasure.’ We have to decrease these desires, little by little. To the extent that you reduce the desires, to that extent you will be happy.
This is what the Gayatri Mantra teaches. “Dear, offer all burdens to God.” Let all your actions be offered to God. (Sanskrit sloka) Whatever you do, do it as an offering to God. That only is the Sat-karma (good action) that you will do. You will not get any baadhas with this. No troubles will enter into it. Therefore, if you think you want to live happily, desires should be reduced.
However, you have to love your parents. They say, Revere the mother as God, revere the father as God. (Sanskrit sloka). I keep telling the students on numerous occasions. “Children! Your lives are very lucky. Your blood, your food, your head, your money. All these four are the gift of your mother. Therefore, first and foremost you should be grateful to your mother. You have to surrender first and foremost to your mother.
Whatever country it is (you were born in,) they call it ‘Motherland.’ But, no one ever says ‘Fatherland’! Father is not so important. Mother is very important. She carried you for nine months, brought you up unmindful of numerous troubles, was wakeful day and night during all your illnesses and giving up food, she protected you. Therefore, first and foremost mother is very important.
We have to always obey the order of a mother like this, within forgetting. Whatever the mother says is the word of the Vedas. That is a word of truth. She is saying it for your welfare, for your good but a mother that says something to do bad to you cannot be seen anywhere.
You may be a highly educated person and mother may be illiterate. But, although she has no education, in the mother there is the good feeling of wanting your welfare.
Gayatri is the very personification of the principle of motherhood. We chant the Mother Gayatri thrice a day. The first and foremost time they call ‘Praatha Sandhya’ (morning prayer). (Then,) ‘Maadhyahna Sandhya’ (afternoon prayer). (Then,) ‘Saayam Sandhya.’ (evening prayer).
Means, what happens in the morning? When you sit facing the sun, your shadow is seen to be many more times the size of you. However, no matter how long you sit, you cannot go beyond your shadow. That shadow only is Maya. If we want to cross over it, what do we have to do? You have to turn your face away from the sun. Then only, your shadow will go behind you. Then only, Maya will not give any trouble to you at all.
Afternoon prayer. It means, at 12 noon the sun is on your head. Then, your shadow falls upon your feet. It won’t go this side or that side.
Then, evening prayer. If you turn towards the sun, your shadow will go on increasing and increasing. Therefore, you don’t need to turn towards the sun. Your mind only is your moon. Concentrate on that moon that is your mind. Then only Maya will not give you any trouble at all.
However, due to the influence of Kali Yuga today, not only that but because of the modern age, due to too much of specialisation in knowledge, Buddhi is decreasing and getting perverted. Virtues are decreasing.
What is the use of intellect without virtues? What is the use of education without virtues? This study is a familiarity with books only but, it is not giving any help to live a Divine life. Therefore, we have to study an education that helps us to live an ideal life. Worldly education is also necessary. Along with that, spiritual education is also essential.
Of all education, spiritual education is the true education. (Sanskrit sloka) All the education studied nowadays are like small, small rivers and canals. Where will all of these go and reach? All the rivers ultimately merge in the ocean. (Sanskrit sloka) All of them merge into the ocean. Without the ocean, these rivers would have no place to go to at all.
Therefore, spiritual education is the most important of all education. However, nowadays some educated people, although they are educated, they are acting like ones who are illiterate. When small children do puja to God, when they do Bhajan, the mother and father reprimand them.
“Hey boy! What is this worshipping God at such a young age? Do a job like us and after retiring there will be no work; then you can contemplate on God. Why are you contemplating on Him right from this young age?”
This is a BIG mistake. Start early, drive slowly, reach safely. Only when we contemplate on God from a young age, when we are older, at the time of retirement also, the memory of God will come. Therefore, the remembrance of God at this age is VERY important. This is a Golden Age. It is a sacred age. We should not ruin this age at all.
Then, some parents, if their son gets a degree, immediately they tell him to apply for a passport to go abroad. What business is there that is not in their own country? I tell them, that which is not in Bharat, is in no other country. The education that you have to study, is it not in Bharat? Why do you have to go to foreign countries and study?
You are going to foreign countries but are you studying? You are not studying. Developing contorted Buddhis, and due to repulsive actions you are only getting a perverted character. In my sight, from what I have seen thus far, there have been many students who have gone. No one has returned to Bharat with proper character.
Why do you send them abroad? You are not sending them because you want them to be virtuous. You are sending them because you want them to become rich. Wealth, wealth, wealth. What does this money do? Money is needed to enjoy the comforts in the world. Yet, is it able to give peace to the mind? No. Only spirituality gives peace to the mind.
Every single man nowadays, it is like some craziness that has got ahold of them (wanting to) sending them abroad, sending them abroad. The foreigners are all coming to Bharat. Truly, if there was Shanti and happiness in their countries, why are they coming here? There is nothing there at all. There is the comfort of wealth. There is not the comfort of virtues at all.
If you have money, you’ll be arrogant; if you are arrogant you’ll have bad qualities. When one is full of bad qualities, humanness will disappear. (Telugu poem) Therefore, in order for one to avoid entering into bad qualities, one must remain in one’s own country.
I am a big example for you. How many thousands of people, how many devotees have come, and have intensely prayed, ‘Swami, you must come to our country, you must come to our country!’ Up until today I have no thought of that at all.
What is the reason? The foundation (centre) of all Dharmas is in the country of Bharat. All the Yajnas and Yaagas (sacred rituals and sacrifices) in this country, are so sacred. One example. Just think of a train going. There are so many compartments in the train. Yet, in front of all of them there is only one Engine. The Engine car is in the front. In it is smoke, in it is fire, in it are flames. The fire is not in every car.
Therefore, out of all countries, Bharat is like the Engine car. In Bharat all Yajnas and Yaagas are overflowing. All other counties are like the cars linked to it. However, some countries may be falling off (derailed). What is the reason? It is due to not having a proper link (to the Engine).
So, the Divinity of Bharat is so sacred. Therefore, being in Bharat, you should protect the culture of Bharat, you should put the culture of Bharat in practise, and you must propagate the culture of Bharat. That is the true essence and quality which is the form of Gayatri.
Gayatri has the name of ‘Pancha Mukhi’ (five faces). She has five faces. What are those five faces? One face is ‘OM.’ ‘Bhur, Bhuvah, Svaha, Tat.’ These are the five faces.
‘Saviter Varenyam, Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi’. Oh Lord! The darkness that is in me, the ignorance in me, make it far. ‘Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat’. Means, increase the Buddhi (intellect). The whole Gayatri is this only.
Then, prayer. ‘Dhiyo Yo Nah’- that is the prayer. “Mother, bless me with this good Buddhi!” This is bhakti (devotion). The Gayatri Mantra has this type of Bhakti, Jnana and Vaigrayam.
How pure the mind becomes by remembering a sacred Gayatri Mantra like this! Educated young people, should repeat the Gayatri Mantra without fail. You enquire well. Many people are getting initiated into Gayatri Mantra only at a late age. Until then, their intellect does not increase. Only after repeating Gayatri Mantra, the intellect will flourish. It will blossom and manifests.
Therefore, first and foremost we should get the Gayatri Mantra at a very young age. At the age of 8. Getting it at that time, how much the intellect of the boy will increase! Therefore, it is very good to get it done at a very early age. Yet, even at any time in the life, when the Gayatri Mantra is repeated one will be very fortunate.
Therefore, Bhakti and Sruddha (interest, sincerity). The influence of today is obvious. The reason for this is the lack of Bhakti and Sruddha. Wherever one sees, there is Ashanti (peacelessness). Wherever one looks, there is fear. The reason: no contemplation on God. God is the only thing that can destroy all fear.
When we have the wealth of God, we can earn any amount of wealth. God is the embodiment of Suvarna (gold). For that reason only they refer to God as ‘Suvarna Garbhaya Namah.’(Salutations to the Embodiment of Svarna). God is Hiranya (gold) Garbha.
Therefore, if that gold is with us, we can make any type of jewel. So, when we have the remembrance of God with us, the jewel of Dharma can be bought. The jewel of Shanti can be bought. The jewel of Love can be bought. The jewel of Dharma can be bought. With this wealth of Love, we can buy any amount of wealth and anything.
So, for everything Hiranya Garbha is very important. He is God. When we keep that God in our heart, the feeling of Divinity will arise in everything.
When we pour and keep Payasam (milk pudding) in a bowl, although ten people may come, we will pour each one a cup and there will be only Payasam in it but not poison. Therefore, when we keep and increase (the feeling of God) fully in our heart, every action will transform into full of Divinity.
Every single action that you do are God's works. Yet, man nowadays, has Swasa (breath) but not Viswasa (faith). What is the use of Swasa with no Viswasa? Therefore, our Swasa has to have Viswasa in it. Therefore, the faith should be on good things.
Man nowadays does not having faith in good things. He is having faith in bad things. That is not good. That will not give any type of happiness at all in our lives. All young people nowadays, should develop Divine feelings, and wish for the welfare of the country and the good of the world. Your whole life should teach goodness. Works that help the country should be undertaken.
Vyasa also said this only. He wrote 18 Puranas and at last he said, ‘You will not get the time to read all of these Puranas. Therefore, feel that these two sentences are a condensed essence, and remember them. Helping others is meritorious, harming others is sin. (Sanskrit sloka)
You don’t need to read all the 18 Puranas. Help ever, hurt never. It is enough if we take these two. Let us always help others. We should never harm anyone; that is the true practise of Bhakti. Bhakti, bhakti does not only mean to do Pujas, Vratam (vows) and Bhajan. These are all only outer actions. No matter how many of these outer actions they are, without inner purity they are all useless.
Therefore, all of you develop Love. Love is God, God only is Love. So, love your parents. Serve your parents. Give your parents satisfaction. Act according to the dictates of your parents.
Sometimes, some parents may unconsciously fall on the wrong path. You should try to give them advise in a natural way, with peace. If they say, “Dear, you must earn money. You should go to foreign countries.” You have to answer, “I must obey your orders, but this wealth is not most important to me. My virtue is most important to me. What is the use of education without virtue? Therefore, I am trying for the object of developing virtue and protecting Divinity.”
If it is said like that, the mind of the parents will also melt. Therefore, the orders of the parents must be obeyed, but a few foolish things don’t need to be followed.
However, nowadays, in a few situations due to the influence of Kali, some parents are teaching contradictory feelings. It is due to their ignorance but not because they don’t have love for you. Parents have full love for their children. But, they don’t know the future. Therefore, they tell like that. We shouldn’t hate them. We have to try to tell them in a natural way. Doing it like that, they also have to be given satisfaction.
Youngsters! You age is very sacred. If you progress in this age, the whole world will experience Kalyana (auspiciousness, prosperity). All the boys who have taken Upanayana today, if they contemplate on Gayatri Mantra with a pure heart, there will be no baadhas in the country. You won’t experience any troubles at all, either. You won’t succumb to any baadhas. Therefore, just be sure you don’t stop contemplation on God.
Prahlada is your brother. His father was Hiranyakasipu. He was a very bad person. He didn’t like God's name. However, Prahlada didn’t pay heed to that. He didn’t follow his father’s orders. He used to listen to him, laughing. Yet, he didn’t stop his own ways.
Wanting to give baadha to him, wanting to change him, Hiranyakasipu had elephants trample him (Prahlada). Whatever happened, he would repeat, ‘Narayana, Narayana, Narayana.’ Even the elephants became the form of Narayana.
He had cobras sent to bite him. When (the cobras) came also, he chanted ‘Narayana, Narayana, Narayana.’ They also became the form of Narayana. They threw him from a mountain, into the ocean. When he was falling, he repeated, ‘Narayana, Narayana.’ Narayana came from the ocean and protected him.
Therefore, when there are pure feelings in the heart, we cannot help being protected in any situation. Therefore, try to remember God with steady Divine feelings, unwavering and with love.
Yet, sometimes one gets angry even with God. However, anger is not good. Kaama (lust or desire), anger, greed-these three are the gates to hell.
Do you know what kind of a person Rama was? Ravana was one with great power. He was highly educated. Strong. Virtuous. However, due to falling into the one (bad quality of) Kaama, he (was responsible for) his own children and even his kingdom turning to ash.
Then, anger. Anger was Hiranyakasipu. Due to Hiranyakasipu having anger, what did he achieve? At last, he was also turned to ash.
Then, greed. Greed is Duryodhana. Due to Duryodhana falling in the snare of greed, at last, what happened? All his 100 brothers turned to ash. Yet, the Panduvas only practised Dharma. Those Panduvas lived safely. They stood as ideal men for the country of Bharat. They had the reputation of being embodiments of Dharma.
Therefore, Kaama, anger and greed are VERY bad. No matter how much wealth, how many virtues, how much strength one has; finally one can’t avoid being dragged down. So, one should not depend on the strength of wealth, strength of education, strength of virtues or strength of shoulders (body), and feel proud.
You should develop the strength of Love. If there is Love, even your enemy will turn into your good friend. So, develop love. Whoever you talk to, talk to them with love. Whatever work you do, do it with love. Then your life will be very lucky (fortunate, blessed). Only that but, without love, without Bhakti, no matter how much you do, it is no use.
Numerous people are declaring, “What is this bhakti you have? You are having faith in a God that cannot be seen!” They say that it is all foolishness.
We are seeing God in everything. Seeing and seeing, how can you say that there is no God? Whatever is seen, is God. All forms are also God. All bugs are Him. All animals are Him. All tiny insects are also Him. Vedas say, Eswara is in all living beings. (Sanskrit sloka). When it is all God, isn’t it, that is seen, you are not seeing God in this Nature.
You are seeing Nature, therefore you are not seeing God. Forget the feeling that it is Nature. See it is God, then without fail God will manifest before you. (Taking a flower,) If this is thought of as a flower, it is a flower. Yet, where did the smell in this flower come from? Who put the fragrance? It (the fragrance) is natural to it.
In that way, the Dharma of man is to (feel) Divinity. The Divinity is with him only. How can you say that it is not so? You are loving the mother. The mother has a form. However, does the love of the mother have a form? Without that love, in what way can you love this body? There is love in the body. That love only is God. Only when we love with that kind of love, our people will also love our Praana (our life-breath, or ourselves).
Therefore, have respect for the mother and father. Obey her orders. Make your feeling pure. This Gayatri Mantra is very sacred. Shastri also said this. The essence that is in the Gayatri Mantra is in no other deity. There are numerous deities. Yet, no matter how many deities, the (Divinity) in them is one.
(Shows a garland) Just see-there are so many flowers in this. Flowers are many but the string is one. It is the string that binds all the flowers. Therefore, the Divine Shakti is one. Individuals are many. Therefore, recognise the unity in diversity. There will never be any problems to the one who has recognised that unity. Even when troubles the size of mountains are stalking us, there will disappear like mist.
Therefore, develop that faith. Don’t listen to whatever anyone says. They may say according to their whim. But, you should follow your conscience. Then, safety will be yours.
Youth! Today is a very pure, auspicious day. It is an important foundation to life. Only when this foundations is very secure, the respect of the nation also will be secure. Therefore, you also have to keep the welfare of the nation in mind. We have to have National thought. Nowadays national feelings (patriotism) has gone. What is the reason? It is due to the work of the politicians.
If we would only have attachment to the country, just think how the situation of the country will change. We have to increase attachment to the country. If needed, we have to be ready to sacrifice the body. Then only we will live for Aasaayaalu (ideals); don’t have Aasaalu (desires). Just don’t keep desires. Take Aasaayaalu.
Only when you develop these type of feelings, Divinity will arise within you. You are bound to experience that, some day or the other. If you have a great desire that you must see God, with that steady faith, without fail God will manifest to you.
Just don’t remain with the doubt, ‘Does He exist or not? Does He exist or not?’ He is there for those (who believe) in Him. He is not there for those who don’t (believe) in Him. Yet, it all depends upon what feelings they have.
Develop faith and repeat the Gayatri Mantra learnt today, at the three times. Bhur, Bhuvah, Svaha; Tat Savitur Varenyam; Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi; Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat. Always repeat the Mantra like this.
Not only in the morning, at noon and in the evening. In all places, at all times and in all situations. There may be afternoon, early morning and evening for you; but God has no such thing as time, like afternoon, evening and early morning. This is something beyond time.
To contemplate on a God like that, Who is beyond time, must a special time be fixed? Therefore, they say Remember Hari in all places at all times, in all situations. (Sanskrit sloka) Therefore, wherever you go, when you have baadhas and even when you are without baadhas, just do remembrance of the Name.

Youth! Mothers and Fathers! Today, initiation into Gayatri Mantra has been performed. With this Gayatri Mantra, recognised the truth that the three gods Brahman, Vishnu and Maheswara (Siva) are in us.
Gross food also is only taking the form of Brahman. When it takes a more subtle form, it is the form of Vishnu. The most subtle form of food is Eswara (Siva). Therefore, you all come, go to the Canteen, eat the food which is the embodiment of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara, keep those three steady in your heart and live a life of peace!
It is not only the feeling of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara. The gross from will give strength to the body. The subtle part will give strength to the mind. The most subtle part will protect the speech. Therefore, you have to give the ideal of Divinity in body, mind and speech. I am hoping and blessing this and ending My speech.
(Swami calls one boy to the stage) You know the serial on TV presented by Smt. Anjali Devi, by name of ‘Shirdi Sai Parti Sai Divya Katha’ (The Divine Story of Shirdi Sai and Parti Sai). In it, this boy is Parti Sai!
He could act wonderfully due to past Samskaras (habits from previous births). He acted all by himself without guidance. It is all the accrued merit of past lives. He wants only one thing. I asked him to tell me any desire that he has. He answered, “I don’t want anything, I don’t want anything! I want to remain with You.” All the actors are from the Sri Satya Sai primary school.

(Mangala Arati)