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The following discourse has been translated into English from Bhagavan's Telugu speech as heard on this festival's ashram audiocassette. It is a complete, literal translation made with the objective of preserving Bhagavan's precious original poetic style as much as possible.



August 31st, 2001


Divine Discourse by

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Prashanthi Nilayam


Indha Pujyamaya Onam

Divasam Ella Janangalukum

Paripurna Anugraham Asirvadam.


On this auspicious day of Onam,

Full and complete Grace and

Blessings to all of you!


(Swami said this sentence in Malayalam, the language of Kerala.)



Stealing the four Vedas and abusing You (God),

What happiness did Somakasura

(the demon appearing during the Fish Avatar of Vishnu)


Desiring another 's wife,

What did the ten-headed one (Ravana) firmly take with him 

(in the end)?

Refusing to yield 

even the space to place a pinpoint to the Pandavas,

What did Duryodhana (and his 99 brothers) gain in the end?

Catching hold, torturing, and killing innocent babies,

What could Kamsa see?


This only will be the fate of you, the evil persons of today.

If not today, at least tomorrow,

Evil cannot remain here in the world.

Do not keep high hopes. It is best for you to have


(Telugu poem)



Sathyame Ishwaro Loke,

Sathyamoolam Idam Punyam,

Sathyam Nasti Param Sukham.


Truth is God in the world.

Truth is the only merit.

There is no Supreme Happiness other than Truth.

(Sanskrit sloka)



Truth Pervades Everywhere

Embodiments of Love!

The whole world is pervaded by Truth. Truth pervades everywhere. Even affluence, secular enjoyments, money, gold, material possessions, and vehicles also take refuge in Truth. Without Truth, there would be no world at all. Man is succumbing to numerous kinds of difficulties due to losing Truth today.

Truth is very valuable. If one wants to hide it, it cannot be hidden. If one wants to change it, it cannot be changed.


Trikaala Baadhyam Sathyam.


Truth is changeless in all the three modes of time.

(past, present, and future).

(Sanskrit sloka)


Truth is that which does not change even in the three periods of time. From ancient times, Bharatiyas took refuge in Truth. Due to speaking Truth and spending a life of Truth, from then until now the land of Bharath was able to remain very safe. Bharatiyas spread the nature of spirituality based on Truth to the whole world.


Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu.


May all the beings in the worlds be happy.

(Sanskrit sloka)


This sloka arose out of Truth. Today people are forgetting such a sacred and such a genuine Truth. Without Truth, there would be no Dharma (righteousness) at all.


Sathyam Nasti Paro Dharmah.


There is no Supreme Dharma other than Truth.

(Sanskrit sloka)


Truth is our most important Dharma. Truth only is the life-breath of man. There would be no humanness without Truth. The human values are dependent upon Truth.

Embodiments of Love!

Truth is very great. Everyone may recall Sathya Harischandra. Taking refuge in this Truth, he lost (gave up) his kingdom. He even sold his wife and child and worked as caretaker of a graveyard.


The entire Creation has originated out of Truth and it will merge back into Truth. Is there any place in this Universe where there is no principle of Truth?

No! It is the pure, unsullied Truth.

(Sanskrit sloka)


Embodiments of Love!

Truth may seem like a small word to us. However, it is very great to understand Truth. Everything is contained within this Truth. Even the whole world is dependent upon Truth. When we lose Truth, which is such a basic foundation, what will be the fate of our life? There is no place at all without Truth. Truth is that which is pervading everywhere.


Emperor Bali Radiated Truth

Embodiments of Love!

Based on Truth, Emperor Bali spent his time looking after the people (his subjects) as his own life and fostering them as his own children. Emperor Bali was very charitable. He was the embodiment of Love. He radiated Truth. Due to such an emperor as Bali being in Kerala in those days, men lived without any lack, without any dearth of food, water, comforts, or vehicles.

He attained victory over the demi-gods. After attaining that victory, he performed a great yaga (sacrificial rite) along the banks of the Narmada River. He started the yaga named Viswajit, on the shores of the Narmada River. Vamana was born at that time. That form of Vamana was born to Kasyapa and Aditi.

At that time, Vamana was walking towards the yaga of Emperor Bali. He was living in Siddhashram. As he was coming to the yaga, everyone looked very surprised. He was a very young boy. The form of Vamana, who was such a young boy, was shining with effulgence. That effulgence was attracting everyone. 'Vamana' means (had) 'the attracting power of a magnet'.


Ratnamala, the Daughter of Emperor Bali

Ratnamala, the daughter of Emperor Bali, saw this scene. She saw Vamana and thought, "Ah! What is this effulgence? How radiant is this boy! If such a son had been born to me, how fortunate I would have been! I would have fostered him, cradling him and giving him milk. I would have played in so many ways with him. I didnít have such a son, is it not so?" She felt badly.

In the meantime, Vamana pressed Emperor Bali into Pathala (the lower or nether world) with his foot. Ratnamala, who saw that scene said, "Fie! Did I desire such an evil one as my son? No! I would have given him poisoned milk and killed him!" Vamana saw this scene (understood her thoughts) and said, "May it be so."

God always continues to bless no matter what kind of resolves or feelings anyone may have. So we have to think of good. There is no place without God. God is everywhere.


Sarvata Paani Paadam,

Tat Sarvota Chi Siromukham,

Sarvato Sritomeloke,

Sarvamato Tishtati.


Feet, eyes, head, mouth, and ears pervading everywhere,

God permeates the entire Universe.

(Sanskrit sloka)


It is not possible for one to hide anything from God, who is seen everywhere. Vamana cursed, "Mother, Ratnamala! In the very beginning, you aspired to foster Me with your milk. Due to attachment to the body, due to Me pressing your father into Pathala with My foot, anger arose in you. You are thinking about giving Me poisonous milk and killing Me. So in the Dwapara Yuga, you will be born as Putana. You will give Me milk and may you die from that poisonous milk!"


Develop Good Thoughts

Hence, every single human being should develop truthful thoughts. No matter what resolve it is, even if we think of it unknowingly, God will keep blessing, "May it be so; May it be so; May it be so." But people are worrying about all sorts of things, unable to understand such a sacred One (God). So we always have to think of good things.


See no evil. See what is good.

Hear no evil. Hear what is good.

Talk no evil. Talk what is good.

Think no evil. Think what is good.

Do no evil. Do what is good.

This is the way to God.


Therefore, you when you contemplate on sacred things, sacred blessings will be gained. Today we play, sing, and fall prey to bad resolves. Due to that only, all bad results are gained. Moreover, we suffer when we receive these results. However, these bad resolves donít make one suffer when only thinking about them! So the key that Ratnamala taught is this only: Her bad resolves created her bad results.

We will worry about, "Why did God give me such a result?" Yet that resolve is your own fault. It is not the fault of God. Therefore, we should join good company and have good resolves. When you join good company, good feelings will arise within you. So Ratnamala taught the country that you should increase good company.

Emperor Bali was greatly charitable. He gave everything away in charity during the yaga. Emperor Bali offered his everything for Truth. Vamana came and asked, "Give Me three steps of land in charity." However, Emperor Bali did not (pause to) think. He immediately made the promise, "Without fail, I will give it."

Sukracharya came and objected. He said, "Emperor Bali! Vamana is not ordinary. He has great power. He is the manifested form of Vishnu. After you give Him your word, it should not be taken back. So you should not give this word." Then Emperor Bali said, "Is there anything worse than going back on a word given?" He ignored the order of the Guru, and Emperor Bali gave the promise to Vamana.


Bali Struggled for Truth

So Bali struggled for Truth. Therefore, he had all types of comforts and happiness, plus he was pressed into Pathala (the netherworld) with Vamanaís foot. What does 'Pathala' mean? It means 'being without rebirth'.

That day Emperor Bali requested Vamana for a boon. He requested, "Swami, just as You entered into our country of Kerala today, in the same way that You talked with me today, every year You should come to this country of Kerala. You have to protect the people of Kerala." So the people of Kerala are joyful, celebrating the symbolic day that Vamana came (returned), naming it 'Onam'.

Therefore, Emperor Bali was very meritorious. Divine feelings arose in him even though he was born in a family of demons. Hence, this great Onam festival came about for the Kerala people, due to the merit of Emperor Baliís past lives.

Onam does not only mean preparing and eating sweet pudding, sweet rice, and sweets. We should remember the experience that Emperor Bali had with Vamana. Today Vamana is manifesting and entering into our land of Kerala. We have to experience so much bliss, feeling on this day of Onam that this Vamana is the Incarnation of God. We have to live a moral, spiritual, and Dharmic life.

Sathyam Bruyat.

Speak Truth.

(Sanskrit sloka)

That is moral.

Priyam Bruyath.

Speak pleasantly.

That is Dharmic.

Na Bruyath Sathyam Apriyam.

Do not speak unpleasant Truth.

This is spiritual.

Hence, these three (statements) are dependent upon Truth. So we should take refuge in Truth and experience the spiritual life. We have to practice in such a way that the world will have auspiciousness.

Hence, even today in this land of Kerala, even though it is a communist center, all are so devoted. Every man takes bath every day, rubs on vibhuthi, puts on sandalwood paste, and goes to temples. Today also this (same) spiritual nature is continuing. Accordingly, the Love and devotion that is in them (the Kerala people) cannot be seen in anyone else. (Applause)


Take Character as Most Important

Kerala is a very beautiful land. Spiritual nature is in the inner feelings of all the people there (in Kerala). But according to time, place, and piety, the heart of man became changed. The heart full of compassion has changed today into a hard heart. What is the reason? Our behavior only. The good and bad of the country is dependent upon the conduct of the women and men of that country. So, if our character is lost, it is just like our life being lost.


If money is lost, nothing is lost.

If health is lost, something is lost.

If character is lost, everything is lost.


So in our life, we have to take character as most important. From then until now too, the one and only thing that God expects is (for us to have) good character. However, unable to recognize this Truth, man is struggling for individual selfishness and self-interests. This selfishness and self-interests in man should be destroyed.


All are One.

Be alike to everyone.


All are members of the family of the world. So all men are the same caste. The human race is the same one human race only. Questions about the names - like theist or atheist, Jewish or Buddhist - are not necessary. You are the human race. This is Truth. It is enough if you understand just that one thing. Also, put aside the question of "I am a atheist or theist." One should only think, "I am a human being, human being, human being."


Develop Human Values

We have to develop human values. To consider myself to be a human being, there must be human values. Without human values, a human being is human in form, but not in practice.

All qualities like anger, grief, envy, jealousy, and ostentation (exhibitionism) are entering into humans. This anger and jealousy are all only animal qualities. Anger is the quality of a dog. A wavering nature is the quality of a monkey. So,


You are not a monkey.

You are not a dog.

You are Man.


When that anger comes think, "I am not a dog. I am Man. I am Man. I am Man." That anger will go.

So today human qualities are disappearing. These animal qualities are entering into man. This is not, this is not, this is not our humanness. Sacred qualities like Compassion, Love, Patience, and Sympathy should be developed.


Reflection of the Inner Being

God is doing numerous actions for so many reasons. But man cannot understand that act at all. Unable to understand, man is reflecting his own feelings in it. That is just:


Reflection of the inner being.


It is only his own feelings. We are thinking that the other person has anger. It is not his anger. The anger within you is reflected on him. Therefore, every desire, anger, greed, attachment, and envy is the reflection of your inner being. Hence, every single thing is only the fault of our own self, not the otherís fault. God is always:


Nirmalam, Nischalam, Nirgunam, Nishaantham.


Pure, unwavering, attributeless, tranquil.

(Sanskrit sloka)


So, to imagine that these faults are arising in such a sacred Divinity is a reflection of your own faults. These faults are not God's.


Make Sure Bad Thoughts Do Not Enter

Therefore, first and foremost, you should not control your thoughts. Many people are trying to control anger and grief. That is a big mistake! Donít control them. Make it (sure) so that they do not enter into you in the first place. You have to close your heart so that they do not enter in at all. If they are controlled after they enter in, these bad feelings are always there, and they come out at one time or another!

In the world today, they are extracting coal, petrol, and oil from some places. Where are these from? They have gathered there in the past. They are only taking them out today. In that same manner, desire, anger, and greed - all of them - have gathered inside you. They are hidden within you. They keep coming out (are exposed) at different times. So it should be seen to that they donít come (or get) inside at all. Practicing that is practicing the true human values.

It is no use controlling anger only after realizing, "It has come, isnít it!" To control anger is a weakness. We should not give a chance to that weakness. It should be seen that anger does not come in the first place. Then only there will be no need for you to control it.

Embodiments of Love!

So many qualities arise in man. Yet, we should not control the (bad) qualities that come. (We should not let them enter in the first place.) Good qualities should be made to arise (instead). They have to be proclaimed and propagated. Share them with others. You have to experience them. This is true human value.


Love is Very Important

First and foremost, Love is very important.


Love is God.

Live in Love.


We have to sanctify this Love. If there is only Love in our heart, it will not be possible for even one bad quality to enter. Your heart is only a single sofa, not a double sofa. It is not a musical chair (where we change from chair to chair). You have only one heart. Fill it with Love. Then it will not be possible for another (quality) to enter in there. So, all these bad qualities are entering into you due to your Love not being there. Therefore:


Start the day with Love.

Spend the day with Love.

Fill the day with Love.

End the day with Love.

This is the way to God.


We have to live with Love. There is nothing higher than Love. Love arose out of Truth and Truth arose out of Love. Without Truth, there is no Love at all. Without Love, there is no Truth at all. Hence, Truth is an undercurrent. Love is the outer current. So:


Antar Bahischa Thath Sarvam Vyapya Narayana Sthithaha.


The nature of Narayana (God) is

That which pervades inside, outside, and everywhere.

(Sanskrit sloka)



Attach Value to Our Word

The unity of these two (Truth and Love) is the nature of Narayana (God). Hence, the undercurrent in you is always flowing. That is the true form of Saraswathi. See - you see Ganga and Yamuna. But Saraswathi flows as an undercurrent. (This is referring to the three rivers in North India. Ganga and Yamuna Rivers are above the ground, while the River Saraswathi is flowing only under the ground.) This means that the nature of our word is Saraswathi. Therefore, we have to use words in the right way. We should not speak just as our mind likes.


You cannot always oblige,

But you can speak always obligingly.


Therefore, we should attach value to our word. It is said:


Kaalu Jaarite Kalagadu Nashtam,

Naaluka Jaarite Naarakame Raa.


If the foot slips, there will be no loss.

If the tongue slips, it is hell.

(Telugu poem)


So we have to see that the tongue does not slip. We have to see that we do not speak any words that give suffering to anyone. Words that do not give pain to anyone should be spoken. That is the main characteristic of a human being.

You may feel, "That is very difficult, isn't it! Who can do this?" It is a big mistake. This is very easy. All words are in our hands (under our control). Words are on our tongue. The tongue has no bone. It moves about in all directions. So sacred words should be kept on it.


Nirgunam, Niranjanam, Sanathanam, Niketanam,

Nithya, Suddha, Buddha, Muktha, Nirmala Swarupinam.


Attributeless, unsullied, eternal, always pure,

Pure intellect, free, unpolluted form.

(Sanskrit sloka)


So, all our sound begins from the tongue. Hence, they gave the name of the embodiment of sound to God.


Shabda Brahma Mayi, Charaachara Mayi,

Jyotir Mayi, Vaak Mayi, Nityananda Mayi,

Paraat Para Mayi, Maaya Mayi, Sri Mayi.


Brahma (God) is sound,

Everything mobile and immobile,

Light, speech, Eternal Bliss,

The Almighty, illusive and auspiciousness.

(Sanskrit sloka)


So our sounds should be sweet. They should be very sweet to the ones who hear them. When it is like that, humanness will blossom. If one wishes to make humanness blossom, the main foundations for this are Truth and Love.


Follow the Conscience

Embodiments of Love!

Emperor Bali attained heaven through Truth. Through Love, Emperor Bali asked for his own place (surrendered to the Will of Vamana). Only the body of Emperor Bali perished, but the Atma is always sweet. One day or the other, the body will perish.


Body is like a water bubble.

Mind is like a mad monkey.

Donít follow the mind.

Donít follow the body.

Follow the Conscience.


That only (Conscience) is man's true form. That will never change. It will never die.


That (Atma) is permanent, without any death and birth.

That is eternal, with no beginning or end.

That does not die, is not born, and will not be killed!

(Telugu poem)


He is always the form of Atma. In what way can you feel (comprehend) such a Divinity? No matter what feelings arise from within you, they are only your thoughts, only your own imagination.


Vibration is Spreading Everywhere

All of your sounds are pervading everywhere. Now what sweet songs they sang today in this bhajan hall! They have sung so many sweet songs. Where did these songs go? They have merged everywhere. They have merged in this table. (Swami taps the table.) They have also merged in this table (referring to the nearby podium). They have merged in those pillars. They have merged in the wall. The vibration of God and sound spread everywhere. (Applause) So, it is not possible to say that song is in one place and not in another place. When you hear it (song), you think that they are singing in some specific place. But it is spreading everywhere, even if it is not heard in those other places.


Sarvato Paani Paadam,

Thath Sarvoto Chi Siromukham,


Feet, eyes, head, mouth and ears (are) pervading everywhere.

(Sanskrit sloka)


That which is spreading from our feet to our head is also sound (vibration). Hence, we should utter sacred words. Donít speak any words that give suffering to anyone. Donít revile anyone. Donít criticize anyone. Then the feeling in you will change into being proper and sweet. So,


Without fear of sin, holding onto ignorance,

Holding that which does not have any Love of God,

Human values are reduced in man.

This only is the cause for revolution against world peace.

(Telugu poem)


What is the cause for this disaster? Your life only. If your life is good, the whole world will be good. Therefore, be a good man. Regarding your words, speak good words. Let your behavior be good. Then our life will change into being good. So, changing our life into good, we have to discover the path to share that goodness with others.

Therefore, all of us have to sing with Love. We should speak with Love. This is what the gopikas (cowherd maids, who worshipped Krishna at Brindavan) said in those days:


In the barren land without Love,

For the seeds of Love to sprout,

With the emotion of Love,

To make the nectarine rains of Love fall,

To make the rivers of Love to flow,

Play Your flute, O Krishna! Play Your flute!

(Telugu song)


All your singing is sweet. Your whole heart has Love. Song is the reflection, which arises from Love. So all is reflection, reaction, resound. Hence, we have to consider our life as a reaction. However, we have to consider our heart as the reality. Only when there is that reality, reflection and reaction will be good.


Spiritual Love is One

Therefore, today we have to fill our heart with Love. What kind of Love? Love is One. There are so many types of love in the world. But these (other) types of love are not true Divine Love. These are worldly loves, physical loves, and only secular loves. However, spiritual Love is One. That is true Love, which arises out of the heart. We have to develop such a Love. These other types of love are all negative. All that is coming from the heart is positive.

You are worshipping. You do japa (repetition of the Name of the Lord). You are doing meditation. All of these are negative. The hand may be turning the japamala, but the mind is going to the market. So what is the use? It should not be like that. The mind should be steady in japa. The true prayer is to control the mind. Prayer is not to let the mind go just as it pleases.


Manah Eva Manushyanam Karanam Bandha Mokshayo.


The mind alone is responsible 

For both the bondage and liberation of man.

(Sanskrit sloka)


Where do we have to turn the mind? We have to turn it in the direction of God. This is a lock. This is a key. Put the key in the lock. However, turn to the left, it opens. Turn to the right, it locks. It is the same lock and the same key. Only there is a difference in turning (the key).

So, your heart only is the lock. The mind only is the key. Turn the mind in the direction of God and you will get liberation. Turn it (mind) in the direction of the world and you will get bondage. Therefore, we are always looking (outwardly), turning in the direction of the world. We are not going in the spiritual (inward) direction. Worldly, worldly, worldly! We are only striving towards this worldly life.

This physical world always exists. All that we experience in it is only temporary. But One only is Truth. That only is the nature of Atma. That (Atma) is 'mergence'. This physical world is 'marriage'. However, this is not even 'marriage'. This is 'mirage'. This 'mirage' can be seen, but it does not join heart-to-heart.

You are thinking of marriage and being joyful. If the wife says Ďyesí, the husband says Ďnoí. When the husband says Ďyesí, the wife says Ďnoí. How can this be marriage? Is it the same nature? There should be unity.


Ekam Sath Vipra Bahuda Vadanti.


God is One,

But wise men call Him by different Names.

(Sanskrit sloka)


That is the true nature of Atma.


Man is Wasting His Life

So today, from getting up in the early morning until evening, our whole life is passing like this.


From getting up from sleep,

Until going to sleep again,

He (man) is using all his education,

Spending his life for his stomach

(To earn a livelihood) with no limitations,

Forgetting the Lotus-petal eyed One (God).

What great happiness have you obtained?

Think about it fondly, O Man!

(Telugu poem)


Man is wasting his life,

Being caught in difficulties just for filling his small belly.

He learns thousands of things from various sources 

With determination,

But is unable to obtain complete, full bliss.

This human race is simmering in the world today.

To the devotees who meditate on the Supreme Lord,

Will He remain without showing the way, O Man?

(Telugu poem)



Trying to Increase Money

We are undergoing so much suffering only to fill the stomach. We are doing so much business. We are wishing for so much money - more money, money, money, money. Are we taking any of this wealth with us (when we die)? As long as we are here, we need (only) as much as it takes to live.


Money makes many wrongs.

Money makes many things.


Money comes and goes,

But Morality comes and grows.


We have to earn only this Morality first and foremost.

Today in the world, no matter where one goes there is desire for money, money, and money! Man of today and students of today also are trying to increase money, strength, and friendship. Man is developing friendship, strength, and money, but virtues are not being developed. If virtue is not there, what is the use of having so much strength? Without virtue, what is the use of having so much money? Without virtue, what is the use in having so much friendship? So friendship, strength and money, all of these are useless. Only virtue is permanent for us. We have to develop such virtue.

One with virtue is a true human being. The one without virtues is not a man at all. At least animals have some qualities. At least they have some limits. They have a few seasons and reasons. But man of today has no season and no reason. So what is the use of these types of 'human qualities' (those without any limits) developing today?


Materialization, Vibration, and Radiation

The people of Kerala should strengthen this sacred ancient culture. The ancient seeds are in them. So we can foster to any extent a land that has such a sacred feeling. Emperor Bali was an emperor who fostered such a culture. He was 'Maha' Bali. What does 'Maha' mean? It means something very valuable. He was a 'Maha' Bali: greatly strong in all virtues.

The land of Kerala where this Maha Bali was born is not ordinary. Seeing a map we are thinking in a worldly way that this is merely the kingdom of Kerala. No, it isnít that! It (Kerala) is the center of God. (Applause) It is a blissful place. Emperor Bali was born there and Vamana was born there. So it was also there that Visvamitra preformed a yaga. The greatly sacred Gayathri Manthra was also taught there.

Visvamitra said, "Om Bhur Bhuvah Suvaha." Bhur, Bhuvah, Suvaha: The entire world consists of these three. Hence, there is nothing higher than these three in this world. Bhur is materialization. Bhuvah is vibration. Then, Suvaha is radiation. Materialization, vibration, and radiation: Radiation only is Divinity. Vibration is life. Materialization is the body. So, these three are within you.


You are not one person, but three:

The one you think you are - the physical body.

The one others think you are - the mental body.

The One you really are - that is spiritual.


You have to recognize that Truth. Then you will be a true human being. We should not have attachment for this body at all. It should be protected as long as it is here. For the path of action, the body is the means. The mind is the basis for worship. Then the heart is the basis for merging. Therefore, we have to have the unity of these three.


What Should Be offered to God?


Trigunam, Trigunakaram, Trinetramcha Triyayudham;

Trijanma Papa Samharam Eka Bilvam Sivararpanam.


Siva has three attributes, the form of the three qualities,

Three eyes, and holds three weapons.

Offering one Bilva leaf to Siva will destroy the sins of three births.

(Sanskrit sloka)


So what should be offered to God? Even the body should be offered. This is the leaf. Our mind is the flower. Bliss is water. Our intellect is the fruit. So it is said that one should offer leaf, flower, fruit, and water.

Instead of taking this unlasting nature of the body as the most important, we have to feel that the nature of the Atma is the most important. So even the principle of the body should be offered to God. In what way (should the body be offered to God)? In Divine actions - action, worship, and wisdom - all three are important foundations for humanness.

Embodiments of Love!

We donít need to go to some temple and worship God.


Deho Devalaya Prokto,

Jeevo Deva Sanathanah.


The body is a temple,

And the life inside is the Eternal God.

(Sanskrit sloka)


Where is God's temple? Itís not in a hut. Itís not in a mansion. It is in the heart. That heart is the true place of God. We have to safeguard that mansion carefully. Hence, in the Veda it is said,


Ekam Sath Vipra Bahuda Vadanti.


God is One,

But wise men call Him by different Names.

(Sanskrit sloka)


That heart only is Truth. The Love in the heart is steady. The Divine feeling that arises out of it is the Dharma that is used for the welfare of the world. Manís heart is important for these three (Truth, Love, and Dharma).

Embodiments of Love!

Most important, if we think we want to worship God, we donít need to go somewhere. Where is God? All of you are embodiments of God.


Sahasra Seersha Purushah Sahasraksha Sahasra Paad.


Thousands of heads has the Purusha (Supreme Lord),

Thousands of eyes, thousands of feet.

(Sanskrit sloka)


So, all of you are embodiments of God. Therefore feel,


I'm not Man.

I am God! I am God! I am God!


Feel like that! Become God!


Brahmavit Bramaina Bhavati.


The Knower of Brahman becomes Brahman Himself.

(Sanskrit sloka)


Whatever you contemplate on, you will attain that form. If you think, 'I am a man, a man, a man', then you will be a mere man. But youíre not only a human. The form is that of a human being, but in practice you are the embodiment of the Divine. Atma is within you. So we have to remember the Atma continuously. Consider the Atma as sacred. Keep the Atma perfectly pure. It should be clean. That is the true nature of Atma.

Hence we are observing numerous festivals to keep the heart sacred. The most important aim of these festivals is the purity of the mind. Where there is purity, there unity will come. Where there is unity, Divinity will be there. Purity is very important for Divinity. So for unity, our Oneness is important. Hence, for us our heart is the proper goal for everything.

So, with the nature of Love, and through the feeling of Love, we have to practice in our daily life with the actions of Love.


Bhagavan ended His Divine Discourse by chanting the bhajan, "Prema Mudita Manasey Kaho, Rama Rama Ram".




Have Faith in One

Embodiments of Love!

Today there are many obstacles coming in the way of spirituality. Yet, in the very beginning there is a wavering mind. The right type of environment for the mind to become even more restless is increasing today. Why? Heart is only One. Breath is only One. Heart is only One. Only feelings become numerous. These feelings are only temporary obstacles; they are not permanent.

If we have faith in one thing, we have to dedicate our life to it. Finally we should end our life with that same faith. Feelings like that are lacking today. What is the reason? Today in the world, numerous Mathajis, numerous Swamis, and numerous Babas are appearing wherever one looks. Hence, our mind is becoming very restless due to this.

God is One. Whatever God (form) it may be, aspire for One only. You should follow that only. Only have one-pointed faith in that.


Ekam Sath.


There is only One Truth.

(Sanskrit sloka)


You should have only one. By going unnecessarily towards this and that, finally you are ruining the feeling that was there in the beginning. You will ruin the firm faith in you. Try to develop it, not to ruin it. How long will the tree live, if you keep planting it here and there? Manure, water, and foster it right in the place where it was born.

So it is not true devotion for us to hold onto everything that is available. Ekam Sath. That is true devotion. However, it is adulterated devotion to continue to change to this and that. You should not go towards something like that. Whatever it is, it is all right. Have faith. Whoever is seen, have faith that God is in him. Why? Because:


Mamaivamsho Jeeva Loke Jeeva Bhuta Sanathanaha.


The Eternal Atma in all beings is a part of My Being.

(Sanskrit sloka)


The Bhagavad Gita said this. So the reflection of God is in everyone. Feel that all are God. It is not wrong. But the ones who change, by leaving this and leaving that, in this way they are truly phony devotees, not proper devotees. So we should not shift in all ways. We should be steady.


Nischalam, Nirmalam, Nirgunam, Niranjanam,

Sanathanam, Niketanam,

Nithya, Suddha, Buddha, Muktha, Nirmala Swarupinam.


Unwavering, pure, attributeless, unsullied,

Eternal, always pure, pure intellect,

Free, unpolluted form.

(Sanskrit sloka)


We have to develop true devotion like that. Let any number of difficulties come and let any number of sorrows be experienced. We have to bear them, overcome them, and proceed forward. That is true, permanent devotion.


Meeraís Devotion

So many difficulties happened to so many devotees. Many difficulties have also happened to numerous sadhus (spiritual aspirants, who are detached, devoted, virtuous, and wise). Difficulties also happened to great ones and great mothers. (Women are referred to as Ďmothersí.) Meera, Sakkubai, and all others like this held on to the determination they had without falling. No matter how much unsteadiness was experienced, they overcame it. Finally, their own husbands opposed them.

Due to being angry with Meera, even the King himself came, grabbed her hair and threw her out. He said, "It is not possible for you to remain in my temple. Get out!" After fostering so much Love, having Love and devotion, she got a shock. It came for only a second. Immediately Meera became courageous.


Chalore Man, Chalore Man, Ganga, Yamuna Teer, Chalore ManÖ


Go, oh mind! Go, oh mind!

To the shores of Ganga and Yamuna!

Go, oh mind!

(Hindi song)


You have two breaths: Ganga and Yamuna. Your place is in the middle of these two breaths.


Ganga Yamuna Nirmala Paani,

Sitalahotasarir Chalore Man, Chalore Man,

Ganga, Yamuna Teer, Chalore Man.


The body is cooled with the pure water of Ganga and Yamuna.

Go, oh mind! Go, oh mind!

To the water of Ganga and Yamuna,

Go, oh mind!

(Hindi song)


She went off there to Dwaraka. So Meera was one who achieved pure devotion in that way. For that reason, today Meeraís devotion is like that. Wherever we look, people are following the example of her devotion. We have to develop devotion like that.


The Teachings of the Great Ones are Changeless

Shankaracharya also taught only one (Divine) feeling, not many. How many different kinds of paths were taught - the path of wisdom, the path of devotion, and the path of action. He taught all of them. He was one who chanted numerous manthras. He taught about the intellect. "Oh foolish Brahman! 'Dukrunkarane', 'Dukrunkarane', 'Dukrunkarane', 'Dukrunkarane' (the name of the Rules of Panini Sanskrit Grammar)! What is in 'Dukrunkarane'? There is nothing at all in 'Dukrunkarane'!"


Bhaja Govindam, Bhaja Govindam,

Govindam Bhaja Mudha Mate!

Samprapte, Sannhite Kaale,

Nahi, Nahi Rakshati Dukrun Karane.

Bhaja Govindam, Bhaja Govindam,

Govindam Bhaja Mudha Mate!

Bhaja Govindam!


Repeat the Name of God,

Repeat the name of God,

Repeat the name of God, O fool!

When the hour of death draws near,

The rules of grammar will not protect.

Repeat the Name of God,

Repeat the name of God,

Repeat the name of God, O fool!

Repeat the Name of God.

(Sanskrit sloka)


All of these teachings of the great ones are changeless teachings, permanent teachings, and true teachings. Those types of teachings should be followed. If we continue to change - today one, tomorrow another; today one, tomorrow another - our heart will be ruined. Donít change like that. Feelings that donít change should come. A mind that doesnít waver and a vision that is not deluded have to be developed. This is the most important quality for a true devotee.


Pray to Any Form

So all of you pray to any God. Pray to any form. God has thousands of Names and forms.


Ek Prabhuka Anek Naam.


The Lord is One,

But He has numerous Names.

(Hindi song)


Repeat any Name, but God is One.


You are repeating the one thousand Names of God:


Keshavaya Namah, Madhavaya Namah,

Narayanaya Namah, Govindaya Namah,

Madhusudanaya Namah, Trivikramaya Namah.


Salutations to the One with beautiful hair,

Salutations to the Lord (husband) of Lakshmi 

(the Goddess of Wealth),

Salutations to Vishnu,

Salutations to the Protector of cows,

Salutations to the Slayer of the demon Madhu,

Salutations to Vamana (the fifth Incarnation of Vishnu).

(Sanskrit sloka)


(These many names are said during the worship of one form of God.)

You are doing the repetition of many Names of God. Whom are you doing it to? You are doing it only to one form. So all are One - Madhava, Keshava, Rama, Krishna, Govinda, Narayana, Allah, and Jesus. All are One. Break apart these feelings of differences. There is only One God. Install feelings like that in your heart and sanctify your life. Always live blissfully. You should always be blissful.


Happiness is Union with God.



You are the Embodiment of Peace

So with that feeling, you have to unite with God. If one joins with the world, bliss will not be obtained. If one joins with the world, there will only be pieces. Many people are coming to Me and saying, "Swami, I want peace, I want peace, I want peace." I keep saying, "Dear one, peace is not outside. Outside it is only pieces, pieces, pieces. No peace.


You are the embodiment of Peace.

You are the embodiment of Truth.

You are the embodiment of Dharma.

You are the embodiment of God.


You will become Peace itself. When you yourself are Peace, why are you desiring some other peace? No need to desire. Follow your own heart! If you follow your own heart, you will arrive at the goal. So, through following your heart, develop the feeling of One Atma. (All are One.) Your life will be very blessed.


Man Has So Many Worries

On this great day of Onam, the important thing you need is the feeling of One Atma (Unity, Oneness). So many difficulties keep coming. Man has so many worries.


Being born is a worry.

To be on the earth is a worry.

Worldly life is a worry and death is a worry.

All of youth is a worry.

Old age is a worry and to live is a worry.

Injury is a worry.

All actions are worry.

Troubles are a worry and happiness is a worry.

Worry, worry!

(Telugu poem)


(Applause) How will man obtain peace with all of these worries? So all of our worries should disappear in the contemplation of God.


God is Like the Ganga

If a well is dug on the shore of an ocean, only salt water will come. Will sweet drinking water come? If a well is dug beside the Ganga River, only Ganga water will come. However, salt water won't come, isnít it so?

While the sacred Ganges is flowing in man today, people are digging very small wells of this individual, that individual, this person, that person. It is all a waste to dig these wells. It is a waste of money and a waste of energy. Therefore, take the water of Ganga that is there. How inexcusable it is to dig a well and drink the water that comes out of it! Hence, there is no need to dig any well while being right beside the Ganga. God is like the Ganga. So experience all bliss being dear to a God that is like the Ganga.


The People of Kerala are Really Fortunate

Truly the people of Kerala are so lucky today. When in Kerala, these people cannot get this bliss (which is here). (Applause) They may be celebrating festivals in each oneís own house. They end the celebration with that day. However, we cannot receive from anywhere else the same bliss of this assembly.

Truly the people of Kerala are really fortunate, very meritorious, and greatly auspicious. (Applause) Being the followers of such a sacred Emperor Bali, you are a great people who have joined with Vamana. Remember a sacred ancient culture like that. That only is your life-breath. Foster that culture in your life.

Today culture is fully gone. If culture goes, what is there for us? Tell Me. All will go. Foster culture. We have to protect the culture that sacred Bharatiyas fostered. Foster the sapling, which they (the ancients) planted and develop it further.

No matter when it is or where one goes, we notice a lot of devotion shown in Kerala. It may be any sort of people, even atheists. If anyone goes there, they do like this. (He demonstrates how they salute each other.) So devotion arises from (within) them. That culture has remained in them. Foster the culture that has remained. That is what I am desiring. I do not desire anything.


I donít want anything. There is not any selfishness in Me.

I only want your happiness. I want your Love.


I only want this Love. Develop that Love. That is what I am hoping for.

Very happy!





Taken from "A Glossary of Sanskrit Words

Gleaned from Sai Literature"

  1. Atma: (pg. 50) A spark of the Divine; a conglomeration of manas (mind), buddhi (intellect) and samskaara (civilized tendency); manís true Reality is the Atma; the Atma is a wave of the Paramatma, God viewed as the Universal; the Soul
  2. Dharma (pg. 291) righteousness
  3. Gayathri Manthra: (pg. 139) That which saves, when repeated; It is the torch of jnana; a prayer to the universal intelligence
  4. Gopika (or, Gopi): (pg. 143) cowherd maids, those who worshipped Krishna at Brindavan
  5. Japa (pg. 162) The repetition of the Name of the Lord
  6. Maha: (pg. 208) Big, huge, or great
  7. Manthra: (pg. 220) Mystically powerful formulae or sound symbols to be recited for spiritual upliftment
  8. Pathala: (pg. 269) The lower world or the netherworld
  9. Puja: (pg. 284) Worship or ritual worship; offerings at His Lotus Feet
  10. Sadhu: (pg. 305) An aspirant who is detached, devoted, virtuous and wise; a pious mendicant; one who has good thoughts and good ideas; embodiment of truthful thoughts.
  11. Vibhuthi: (pg.404) Sacred ash, a manifestation of Divine glory; glory, power, might, splendor, majesty
  12. Vishvamitra: (pg. 411) One of the seven rishis. He was a sage who exemplified the transformation from the rajasic to the sathwic quality.
  13. Yaga (pg. 416) sacrificial rites; sacrifice made in order to go from one holy place to another



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