The following discourse has been translated into English from Bhagavan's Telugu speech as heard on this festival's ashram audiocassette. It is a complete, literal translation made with the objective of preserving Bhagavan's precious original poetic style as much as possible.




Trayee, Brindavan


In the supremely sacred Bharat,

Forbearance is our beauty.

Out of sweet feelings in our country,

Is there any better than the feeling for the mother?

The highest character is more than the life-breath,

And such morality of our country is being ruined.


Today foreign countries' moral values are given,

Indicating unlimited freedom, which is like a sharp knife.


Indeed! Oh, what can I say about India's rule?

Just as an elephant does not know its own strength,

Our Bharatiyas today have become like that.

(Telugu poem)


Wealth Of Spirituality In Bharat


Embodiments of Love!

Boy Students and Girl Students!

We are forgetting today that from ancient times so many sages were born in this sacred land of Bharat. This sacred culture of Bharat spread to the whole world and gained the name and fame of spirituality.

You have to recognize the truth that the land of Bharat is only dependant on the wealth of spirituality, but not on other powers. Just consider the state now of this sacred country of Bharat that had made the Divine radiance to shine at all times and gave it to all countries.

Troubles Experienced By Ideal Human Beings

Every human being who was an ideal, experienced numerous types of sufferings, troubles, losses, sorrows and grief. However, to offer an ideal to the world, each was steady in their determination.

You have to remind yourself today about the nature of Jesus, who was an ideal. From time to time during past ages, great ones like this, ones of great power, spread to the world noble types of teachings. All the numerous people who were ideals gave teachings and help to everyone. They did good to the world with Divine feelings, though they went through numerous difficulties.

However, foolish men, unable to understand the inner meaning in this, only disrespected spirituality. Even from the time that Jesus was born, he had to undergo numerous types of difficulties, losses, sorrows and grief.

When the Divinity of great men is spread to the world, numerous people become jealous. Anasuya (absence of jealousy) and Asuya (jealousy), both are sisters. One may teach stories to Bharatiyas in a way that makes the meaning well understood. Kama (desire or lust), anger and hatred are the three children of Asuya. Anasuya has three children. They are ones who have good qualities: Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara (Siva). However, the children of Asuya - lust or desire, anger, and greed - became greatly evil, and they harmed others in numerous ways. They also gave a lot of suffering to Jesus in many ways.

Obstacles In the Life Of Jesus

Jesus went through many struggles, desiring to give peace and security to society. He brought near to him poor people, spiritual seekers, and those with difficulties in their lives. He then took away their difficulties and reduced their troubles with his compassion.

However, unable to bare these sacred activities, many people created obstacles in numerous different ways. At last, this hatred increased day by day. Some communities began to hate him a lot. Priests also became envious of him.

What was the cause for this? Jealousy, due to the increasing name and fame of Jesus, was the main reason for this. All the poor and gentle fishermen worshipped this Jesus a lot. In this same way, all the young people also loved him a lot. As they became his disciples, his fame, name and repute increased day by day.

A number of people were unable to bear his name and fame increasing like that. So they devised numerous types of obstacles. They also imposed many types of sufferings. At last they even tried to take away his life. Even one among his disciples also participated in this. There were twelve disciples. Out of them, the twelfth one was Judas.

In those days, there was one Judas. Today numerous Judas's are starting out. Due to so many Judas's following this unsacred path, in view of their increase in the world, peacelessness is growing and there are many types of agitation all around.

Many with mean intelligence like this, only tempted by money, have fallen. This Judas gave up his Guru to the authorities, desiring only twelve rupees. This dependence on wealth had started even 2000 years ago. They gave Jesus suffering due to their desire for money and other unsacred desires.

Jealousy And Desire For Money are Responsible

By giving and accepting money, they make use of money to harm many people in many different ways. Taking part in unjust, unrighteous, bad activities of untruth, and by attributing terrible evil, which is not really there, they propagate a path contradictory to pure, eternal Truth. That is the way of the world both in those days and these days. No one should have any kind of fear regarding this. Why should we be afraid of faults that are not in us? Why should we tremble at faults, which are not in us?

Reputation spreads in the world when there are true, eternal feelings and teachings about the principle of Divinity. Thus some become jealous. Even in those days, many people entered upon those kind of unsacred paths. Today also it is no different. Due to the name and fame of Sai increasing day by day, many people are becoming jealous. Never mind if at least they are doing good activities. But they are truly not trying to do good.

Offering Water, Medical Treatment And Education

Has anyone of repute in the world given even a drop of water to Rayalaseema? (Note: Rayalaseema is the name of the area in Andhra Pradesh in which Puttaparthi is located. It is the driest region in the State. Even the name means, "place of bare rocks".) Even from the time of the British, they weren’t able to give the region water to drink. There are so many rich people. There are so many leaders. Not even one is taking part in good activities. Therefore, feeling that water is life and it was necessary to quench the thirst of those in this Rayalaseema, Sai Baba gave everyone water. (Applause) He gave water to every single house.

To cure the disease of any individual, if they want a heart operation, so many hundreds of thousands of rupees are needed. Without giving any trouble to the people by charging money, He built a Super Speciality Hospital and is having many hundreds of thousands of people undergo heart operations.

If one wants to join in a school the child who is born and does not know even the alphabet, first and foremost Rs. 20,000 in fees has to be given. Unworthy men, who cannot take care of the education of his own children, are indulging in this type of bad propaganda.

Who did this thing? Who is offering education for free? Is any government doing it? No, no! (Applause) Is any government giving free medical care? They are not even realizing what things are being done. All the highly educated ones of these days have very low, mean-minded intelligence.

Selfless Service

How are the works that are being done? Is anyone doing even a thousandth part of it? No, no, no! Only one, Sathya Sai Baba. Without any trace of selfishness, He is doing all this for others. (Long Applause)

Sai has a very sacred heart. He has only pure feelings. He is entirely selfless. Therefore, they say Sathya Sai Baba represents three P’s, P-P-P, meaning Purity, Patience, and Perseverance. Because of these three, Sathya Sai Baba has no selfishness at all.

From the feet to the hair on the head, Sathya Sai Baba is doing service without any selfishness. Can’t even these people with brains understand this? Why are they doing this propaganda? Even this bad propaganda is for money. All these bad thoughts are for money only. Even these bad thoughts are for money only.

Even Renunciates Taking To Bad Paths

Not only that. The people of one religion are giving money and creating propaganda to make those of other religions convert. Numerous people are putting on ochre cloths as renunciates. Even those ones who put on the orange cloth see one Swami, imitate another Swami, see another Swami, and imitate that Swami. They are carrying on like this with bad propaganda.

Can one have devotion immediately upon donning ochre robes?

Will sins be destroyed by holding the Gita in the hand and singing songs?

(Telugu poem)

Doing bad propaganda in this way like this, even these sadhus (renunciates) are entering into many types of bad paths. Then the heads of spiritual institutions…no need to mention them. We should not say anything about anyone. But the time has come. Therefore I am trying to tell. Those who give help to human beings, no matter whoever it is, they are very meritorious. Therefore no one should have any type of fear regarding this bad publicity.

Again, now in Bangalore also, we are spending three hundred crores of rupees and building a Super Speciality Hospital. (Applause) In this state of Karnataka, has even one Minister entered even a tiny bit into works like this? Then, they go sitting and talking great exaggerations.

Bad Publicity Is Shameless

These types of publicity are shameless. Truly they are not human beings at all. The ones who put obstacles in the way of all sacred works are demons, not human beings. The determined vow of Sai will never change, even if demons like this may be all over the world. (Swami bangs his fist decisively on the table to emphasize His point. The audience applauds for long.)

They are trying to reduce the respect for Sai Baba with all this lowly publicity. I do not desire respect at all. If it lessens, what is the loss for Me? Gradually the respect will go on increasing. Even if this publicity goes on, using all the letters of the alphabet, in this whole world and in our country of Bharat, My glory and the respect for Me will NOT BE reduced by even a fraction.

Even many devotees are becoming very weak. They are not true devotees. Even when recognizing the powers of Sai, why should you be afraid of all this crazy, useless talk? The writing that is written on the wall, all the heap that is spoken on the stage and the heap that is written in the paper, they are all rotten heaps. No one needs to pay attention to them.

My Determination Is One

Our Sathya, our Dharma, our Prema must be the publicity. Sathya Sai Baba does not ever know selfishness. Then, no matter how many millions are spent, the troubles in this world have to be cured. My determination is one only: to help the ones who suffer. Poor people, who are without food to eat or without any means to be educated, should all be educated. All their stomachs have to be filled.

Even ones who are great, great millionaires, if one comes to their house saying, "Mother! I am hungry," they are releasing their dog and having it jump on them! Are they human beings? Are ones like this educated? Are ones like this leaders? Chi, chi, chi, chi! ("Very bad, terrible, shameful!") It is a matter of shame even to call them leaders or ones of authority. Are they able to do even a thousandth part of what Sathya Sai Baba does? Then, how are they coming foreword with propaganda? This is shameful for them only.

I Always Have Love Only

Following Sathya Sai Baba, show the right path for the whole world. I don't have any wishes at all, no desires at all, no jealousy at all. I always have Prema only, Prema only, Prema only. Prema, Divine Love, is My very life. Jnana, Divine Wisdom, is the fruit that I grant. I have taken these two as the foundation of My life. So, the ones who do bad publicity with money in this way will always fall. The ones who make them to do it will also fall. There is no need to say about those who do it.

Is this how we should spend money? Money should be spent in charity. Compassion should be shown with money. Therefore, this is not the path that shows compassion. All of you should put man on the right path with Love and should give others the right type of happiness with compassion.

No matter what kind of publicity anyone does, I will never be afraid. Why fear? Why fear for Sathya? Why fear for Dharma? Why fear for Prema? No need to be afraid of anything. Mine is always the path of Sathya. Mine is always the path of Prema. Mine is always the path of Dharma. No matter what anyone says, never mind. I am describing fully the nature of My Love today.

Troubles For Other Avatars

This type of evil arises at the time of every Avatar (Divine Incarnation). When Krishna came to show the world numerous ideals, wicked ones like Kamsa, Dantavakra and Sisupala came as demons. Saying, ‘Dharma, Dharma, Dharma,’ Rama came to propagate Dharma. At last, useless, negative reasoning made him undertake exile in the forest. So many troubles were put to him in the forest. Also later, due to separation from his wife, he experienced many sorrows and problems.

Did the one who made him go thorough all of this achieve anything? Not ever. To the ones who put harm to the Divine, to the ones who put troubles to the Divine, to the ones who criticize Divinity, only sin will come but no merit. If you are not able to do merit, close the mouth and sit. You don't enter into sinful actions like these.

Not only that. Many people declare, ‘We are devotees, devotees," even while they are entering into these bad activities. Why? They think that they will be respected because of their width, height and weight. That is the extent of their respect. What are these personalities? 'Person' means 'one who is sacred'. Such a one is called 'person'. Just because he has a personality, will he become strong? Never.

Therefore we have to live with Dharma. It should be there. We have to live with Sathya. All should be unified with Prema. The Prema in every single human being is one. The Prema that is in you is in others also. When the Prema that is in everyone is unified, it will become the family of the universe.

The Service I Am Doing

There will be no happiness at all for the ones who cut Love into pieces, make hatred strong, and live their life with jealousy. From the time I get up in the morning till evening when lying down, I am spending My time with Love. I am teaching free education to so many students. Not only free education. I am also giving instruction on how to be ideals in daily life. In a situation like that, some are projecting all their bad feelings on these kids.

Yat Bhavam, Tat Bhavati.

As the feeling, so it will come about.

(Sanskrit sloka)

They are ruining the kids with their feelings. No matter what anyone tries to ruin, our kids are like gold. (Applause) You will not get noble feelings equal to the dust under the feet of our kids. Either ladies or gents, what a sacred life they are leading! They are proving such an ideal with their lives.

The ladies in 'Kingdom of Mother Sathya Sai' (Note: the organization formed by the girls graduated from Swami’s college, now named 'Messengers of Sathya Sai') are doing so many types of seva (service) in so many countries. They are even putting the husbands that they married on this sacred path. They are also undertaking seva through them.

Bribes To Betray The Guru

Switzerland, America, Japan, Germany, China, Russia - our children have entered in all directions. Some foreigners are trying to bribe them. They are saying, "See, foolish ones! I will give this much money. I will give so many dollars. I will give this many pounds. You write and give some stories against Sathya Sai Baba."

Ones of certain religions create this bad publicity leading to conversions. They are offering bribes like this. Even one girl staying in Switzerland said that they told, "You write a story and give us." That girl took the boots which she was wearing from her feet and yelled, "Is this the Truth that your religion teaches? Is this the ideal Truth of your religion? Chi, chi, chi, chi! ("Very, very bad!") Go!"

Many of these Judas's get desire for money and they are entering into things like this. Entering into such activities, at last what happened to Judas? He said the name of Jesus, revealing him to the authorities to be captured. After the deed happened, he sat with tears in his eyes. "Cha! Did I do such deceit to my guru? I am Guru Drohi, betrayer of the guru, betrayer of God." Saying this, he hit himself.

Any betrayal may be done. However, just don't anyone start to betray God. Betrayal of God is the worst of all betrayals. It will not be atoned for no matter how many births are experienced. Therefore, you don't take any part in betrayal of God at all.

Love everyone. No matter who comes and criticizes, you say one namaskar (greet or salute them). Why? Because the Divinity in all is one. The quality of Love in everyone is one. We should not spoil our minds only due to temporary frenzy. All should pray to God with Love.

These things are that which come to all great ones and to every single Avatar (Divine Incarnation) also. Some people ask, "Why must they come?" This glory will increase only if they come.

Shadow Beside The Light

Pleasure is an interval between two pains. Between two sufferings, happiness increases. Wherever there is light, right beside it there is shadow. Just because that shadow comes, we should not be afraid at all. There is also light in that shadow. The relationship between light and shadow is unity not diversity. Therefore, not only the matter of Swami, in any matter of any elders or in the matter of anyone, if anyone talks in any perverted way, you don't enter into it and take any action at all.

Begin by declaring, "That is a matter which has no relationship with us at all." If they speak about the faults that are in us, without fail we may take it. When they speak about faults that are not in us, we have to say, "This is not my one. This is not mine. Whoever’s is it?" Saying that, you live freely and happily. If they criticize harshly, it will mingle in the air. If they criticize within themselves, it will reach them only. Therefore, why should we have this suffering? No matter what anyone says, we have to feel that there is fullness within ourselves. Feel that, ‘All is for my good. Everything is good for me.' Our life has to proceed with a Samarasam (equality, kindness) like that.

Then, in the future, future, future, so many great things will happen. There is not a single activity that Sai cannot do (Applause). He is also able to do things that cause everyone to be amazed.

Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu.

Everyone should be happy.

No sufferings will come to the one who wishes for happiness. Even if any troubles come, they will not do anything.

Buddha Meets Jealousy With Love

One small example you know: Buddha was moving, wandering about. When he was going, a demon came, the demoness of Asuya (jealousy). "Buddha! I will kill and eat you."

Then Buddha smiled and laughed. "Oh dear! Are you coming to me with jealousy? Asuya (Jealousy)! I am also loving you!" By the time he said those words, that Asuya transformed into a dove of Peace and Love, and it went flying upward.

Therefore, we also have to overcome jealousy. We have to overcome hatred. We have to conquer anger. We have to Increase Peace. Then only we will become true devotees.

Equality in Opposites

Only being happy with people who praise, and hating those who blame, is not good. Both should always be the same for us. There should not be hatred for them just because they have criticized. Just because they praise, don't take them as friends.

All criticism, praise, rejection and acceptance also, all is from the mouth but not for us. All of these are obstacles to progress. Therefore, you don't hold any hatred for anyone. See good anywhere. Accept it. If there is bad anywhere, without looking at it, leave it.

No matter how much criticism, praise, rejection, and acceptance come, Sai will never waver. Sai is always one who will stand in Truth. No one can move Truth at all. You have to live with that kind of steadiness. Just increase faith in God, day by day. By the time your faith continues increasing, this evil will all disappear.

Therefore, continue the sadhana that you do without any change, regardless of the matters which are heard. It is only due to them putting so many troubles to Jesus, isn't it, that today the whole world is worshipping him.

How To Remove Difficulties?

One disciple came, a youth, and he asked Jesus, "Guruji! When I have difficulty, in what way should I remove it?" Jesus answered, "Crazy fellow! Are you wanting your difficulty, sorrow and worries to be discarded? God, who is fully pervading in your heart, love Him. Whoever is causing you difficulty, love the form of Atma that is also in him. If you love everyone, then where will you have sorrow? Your heart will be full of Bliss and Love. Therefore, you don't try at all for the removal of sorrow."

Once Arjuna also questioned Krishna that same thing. "Swami, is there anyone that you have a close, intimate relationship with?" Krishna answered, "Crazy fellow! I don't have any differences of one close and others enemies. Who is it in your heart? I only am in your heart. It is I only who am in the hearts of those who criticize Me. Love God, who is the Indweller in all hearts. Only he who sees God as the Indweller in all hearts has a close, intimate relationship with Me. They are the ones who have a close, intimate relationship with Me, not those related by birth. I have close relationship with those having Love for Me. Therefore, Arjuna! You didn't get to know this after so much time? Arjuna! I thought you were a great man. However, you made Me sit in your chariot, but you did not seat Me in the chariot of your heart, isn't it?"

We have to seat God in every single heart. You don't need to seat Him. He only is already there. It is enough if you recognize that He is there. If you recognize that one Truth, without fail you will also become Embodiments of God (Divine).

It is only the quality of Love that has to be spread the world now. There is nothing else in this world except for this Love.

Love is God.

Love is life.

Love is the world.

Love is Prana.

Love is everything.

Therefore you develop Love.


Mind Should Not Waver

Your mind should not waver in any situation. This mind that wavers will go very bad. Therefore, once Tyagaraja also said that:

"Oh mind, don't wander! Don't be deluded!"

(Telugu poem)

You are still suffering, being deluded in this way. For that reason only, we should not be deluded by anything and we should not waver due to anything.

Just don't leave Truth. We have to continue our lives with Love. The life that is continued with Love is so sacred. He is a true Jeeva (living being). He is a true human being.

Love is man.

Man is Love.

Man is God.

God is Love.

Therefore, there is unity in everything. So, we have to develop our Love, spend life with Truth, do our activities with Dharma (Righteousness), and dedicate our lives with Peace. Therefore, Truth, Righteousness, Peace and Love are supports to us. There are no better ideals for us. There is no better support for us. There is no better strength for us. Truth only is a big strength. Carry on daily life with Sathyam, Dharma, Shanti, and Prema.

Don't Fear Anything

Therefore, Embodiments of Love!

We don't need to fear anything. Even if a thunderbolt falls on the head, never mind. You don't be afraid. If life goes, it only goes once, but not a second time, isn't it? If not today, it may go tomorrow. Therefore, you don't need to be afraid that your life will go.

Be ready for anything. We should not be afraid of Truth at all. Our lives have to be carried on with Love. Only when it is like that, our life will be sanctified. Leaving Shanti, leaving Sathya, saying that the life has to be protected, simply doing Japa and Tapa, will life be kept for us? Therefore, whatever happens, OK. Be ready for anything.

Continue on with Sathya, Dharma and Prema. The fruits that we have to eat are these only: Sathya, Dharma, Shanti fruits. Give to the world the fruit of Shanti. The fruit of Sathyam induces Divine life. The fruit of this Prema gives Shanti in all ways to the world.

So, you develop Love. There is no need to fear anything when one has Love. "What will anyone think?" That fear is unnecessary. Let anyone think what they wish! Their likes are theirs and our likes are ours. We are not doing anything wrong. What is the wrong in loving Sacred God? This is not a wrong at all. Therefore, we have to leave our life with that, only that (Sacred Love for God). But don't give any chance for crazy, useless quarrels and useless doubts. Each one will have the consequences of their own karma.

Will anyone else experience the results of actions done by you?

What day? What time? Who can say?

Be ready to experience.

Even when Rama was such a great one,

Didn't he cry like an ordinary man when separated from Sita?

(Telugu poem)

Why this suffering? We should not give any chance for this suffering. When doing contemplation on God, how can suffering enter? It will never come. It will never come.

God is Always Protecting

In all ways, God will be like a protection, obstructing troubles for you. In all ways, God is with you, in you, above you, below and around you, protecting in all ways. Don't give any chance at all for these low, mean feelings. We should see that no pests (narrow thoughts) enter.

Hence, if there is true devotion to God, say 'Jesus', say 'Rama', say 'Krishna'. Give any name at all. God is one only.

God is One.

Goal is One.

Truth is One.

Love is One.

This Love only is God.


We have to put this in our heart. You should not waver in numerous ways, considering this Name of God and that Name. Therefore, you proceed in your life with Unity. Wherever you are, it is OK. You should not leave this.

In the forest, in the sky,

In the city, in the village,

On the mountain, or deep in the sea,

There is only God for those with no refuge.

(Telugu poem)

Wherever you are, God is with you. Therefore, no one has any authority to take your God from you. It is not wrong. Those are all useless words. No one has the authority to shake your faith.

Today, due to the effect of Kali Yuga, they are undergoing so many struggles due to the desire of money. They are dying for money. They are killing for money. They are murdering for money. All is for money, money. What money? This low, mean money. What we need is not this money. We have to earn the wealth of Love. Wealth of Love. If we earn the wealth of Love, due to it there will be no suffering at all.

Tonic Of Courage

Embodiments of Love!

Maybe I am putting trouble to you in many ways. This is not trouble at all. This is a great teaching. To those who are feeble with Adhairya (absence of courage), the tonic of Dhairya (courage) has to be given. Courage is the good insulin injection. Therefore, you should not give any chance at all to these types of suffering.

'Kingdom of Mother Sai' kids (graduated students from Swami’s schools, now named 'Messengers of Sathya Sai') are doing very great service. In what way they are doing it? They are even giving up eating. However, you should not ruin the health like that.

Small Help Is Valuable

We are building a hospital. The other day in Bangalore, the girls said, "Oh dear! In what way can we do any service to so many living beings? We are unable to! Our power is very small. We are ladies. When we consider giving help, carrying rocks or bricks like gents, we are unable to do it." So, saving, saving, saving a lot from the salary that they get, the other day they credited 75 lakh rupees in the Sathya Sai Trust. (Applause) 75 lakh!

Then, there are the gents (boys). They also, all the old boys (former students) are the ones who left, after graduating from our college. Although they are outside, they are my people only. However they also, Paapam! (It's a pity!) are going to trouble. They are saving, "Here is a little." Still every month they will be waiting (for their salary). Paapam! If they eat in the morning, they won't eat in the evening. If they eat in the evening, they won't eat in the morning. Saving, saving, saving in that way, all of these Sathya Sai old students came together and yesterday they credited 45 lakh rupees to the Central Trust.

We are not desiring wealth for the Central Trust. We are only asking for your Love. We are only desiring your well-being. We are only desiring your progress. We are only desiring your Bliss. No matter where you are, you should have Bliss, welfare, happiness, and ideals should be given.

You may feel something like, 'All big, big people are giving millions, millions, millions and millions to the hospital.' We are not asking big, big people at all. They are not giving us. However, I am happy with small, small donations.

Many people gave presents to Jesus. One very poor lady came and gave a small coin. All big, big people gave crowns and necklaces. He threw all of them away. He only kept that coin with him. He did not leave that coin from his hand till he died. That coin was given with Love. The form of that coin was his Love. It is told like that.

In that same way, today that is what I need also. I don't need any money at all. So many hospitals like this will come up in the future. (Applause) I am not asking anyone at all. Mine is Sat Sankalpa (Will of Truth). Therefore, many will be coming to give help to Truth. Truth doesn’t need anyone’s help. That which we are doing is good works. Good will happen to good works. No matter how much bad is done, nothing will happen. Therefore, good only is the help to My Goodness.

Therefore, Boy Students and Girl Students!

You take back again the money that you have given. Your Love, your welfare, your progress, that is enough for Me. You give an ideal in all ways. You have to show it in conduct. Only when showing such ideals in your conduct, I have a lot of bliss. "Sathya Sai students are behaving so well. Sathya Sai students are so good in their conduct!" Earn that name. I will not desire money, not only today but any day also. This bad money comes and goes.

Money comes and goes. Morality comes and grows.

You develop your good intelligence. You develop your virtue. You increase your morality. Develop your character. You develop your courage. You share the nature of your Love with everyone. Therefore in this way, devotees and kids are like this. Outsiders don't know at all.

Parents are suffering, "Why is our son losing weight? Why is our daughter getting thin? They are not even paying attention to their health. They are sending them to Swami’s service." I don't need service like that. You eat. Jeeva (the individual being or soul) is Deva (God). Even the Jeeva should not be harmed. You eat well. Be blissful. Afterwards, you enter into activities.

Mother Unable To Feed Her Child

You are going village to village and doing service. Is there any service higher than that? That amounts to millions in money. Therefore, you develop that wealth of service. Go village to village. Help all poor people. Give some food to the one suffering from hunger.

Now I also told this before, last time. It came in a small paper. The father died. There was a mother and child. The mother did not have the power to bring up that child. She was going for alms (begging) and somehow was raising the child. Some time ago, there were fifteen days of heavy rains. It was not possible even for the mother to go for alms.

Then that kid came in the morning. "Mother! I am hungry! Hungry! Give me some food!" What food can the mother give? She shed tears. "Son, God did not give me the power to give you food." Saying that, she suffered within herself.

At last she obtained some poison from somewhere. She mixed that poison in some water. She made the child drink and she drank it and both died. That was put somewhere in a paper and was found by Me.

"Cha! (What a shame it is!) In the sacred land of Annapoorna (Goddess of Food), in this Bharat, are there mothers unable to raise their children? Do they not even have the power to give them some food and raise them?" I felt badly.

Fixed Deposits For Mothers and Children

Feeling badly from that day, I made a big resolve: "When small kids ask for food, it should be given. They should be educated well. They should be molded into ones of wisdom. That is the characteristic of a mother."

Saying that, I arranged one lakh rupees fixed deposit in the names of some mothers and their children. As long as they live, if there is a lakh in the bank, Rs. 1,000 will come each month. If Rs. 1,000 comes, can't the mother and child live?

However, so many of those who deceive are coming. Wherever money comes, there all these conflicts begin. They say, "Hey! What will you do, keeping this one lakh rupees in the bank? You take it out. We will do business. A lot of money will come!" They will do all tricky strategies.

Therefore I gave strict orders to the Bank Manager. Whoever comes, don't sign it. As soon as the first of the month comes, only if the husband and wife both come and they both sign, the money should be given.

So, putting one lakh rupees in fixed deposit for them, we will make the kids to study. No one can look after them if they are in some distant village. Therefore we wanted to bring those in distant villages near. When the government was asked, the government didn't give any land at all. Why? We will not vote, isn't it? Therefore, why should they give land to us? Chi! (Very bad!) Are they prepared to spend notes (money) for no votes? Thinking this, I stopped asking them.

We have some land. Beside it is a fruit orchard. Why do we require fruits? These kids are my fruits. Therefore, we will build them a house. Each one can spend their whole life in that house. Two rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom will be built. We will bring that mother and child and they can live in that house. They can foster their whole life with the money in the bank.

I will educate these kids. No need to fear about education at all. There are so many of our students. There are so many of our girl students too. They can also go and educate them. Therefore, our girls and boys are ready for any service. Kids like this cannot be obtained anywhere.

However, it is not that I am praising our students. Their virtues are more than My praises. Kids who have good qualities like that are our kids. I am wishing to prepare kids like that and send them into the world.

Today, our kids can do service by relieving all the sufferings, troubles, losses and sorrows of the peoples in the world. I am hoping that they will give them service and the Grace of that service. Therefore, we don't need to lend ear to anyone’s words. You make ready your resolves. Do service to sanctify your life.

Now, I am going to Puttaparthi tomorrow. The Annual Sports Day will also be performed. Those kids have to give a lot of enthusiasm in these sports also. Then, there I am also making efforts to build these houses.

Hospital In Karnataka State

Then again, on 19th January I have to come here to Bangalore and arrive at (inaugurate) Sathya Sai Hospital. It is great. It will give joy to the whole of Karnataka. All the heart patients in the state of Karnataka should be cured.

I will have thirty to forty operations performed daily. I will be giving great salaries to them for that reason. There will be thirty doctors who will be doing the operations in eight to ten operation theaters. Daily twenty-five to thirty operations should be performed. There should not even be one patient with heart failure. It is My strong resolve that it must be done in that way.

I have no difference of this State or that State. Everyone, all are my States only. All are My people. I am all of yours. Therefore, wherever I am, that is yours only. Wherever you are, that is Mine only.

Therefore, don't doubt at all. Whatever is less, I will give. I am perfectly ready. Don't give place for weakness. Be courageous. When I am here, then why do you still have fear? Why fear when I am here? (Applause)

Therefore, girls or boys, obey the order of the parents and also give them Bliss. If they want it, you also get married and become ideal householders. I am hoping and blessing this, and I am ending my long discourse.

In only a few minutes, again these 'Kingdom of Mother Sai' people are enacting a drama in this hall. That drama also is an ideal drama. They won’t bring all crazy, useless novels and enact them.

Bad Things On T.V.

We have to close our eyes when we go anywhere and see things. It may be the craziness of this government but, wherever one looks in this world, there is TV, TV, and TV! The government is spoiling the children through this TV. Never mind if something good is shown. It doesn’t matter (harm). But they are showing very, very bad things. They are putting things regarding deceit and stealing. Is this what the government should teach? Chi, chi! (It's very bad! Very bad!)

We don't want a government like this at all. A government that teaches the path of Truth is wanted. A government that has us begin Dharma is wanted.

'Godment' only is government.

'Godment' is (the real) Government.

You enter into that. If they are proceeding along for their own selfishness, we should not also bang cymbals and go along (joining and playing to their tune). They have made it a habit. However, we should not make it a habit.

There are all kids here. No matter what kids they are, you don't enter into any government. You don't enter into these politics. You enter into service. Go village to village. Do service to every single individual.

The best way to love God is to

Love all. Serve all.

You learn that service.

Chaala Santosham! (Very happy!)



(Bhagavan closed His Divine Discourse by chanting the Bhajan, "Hare Rama, Hare Rama…")