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The following discourse has been translated into English from Bhagavan's Telugu speech as heard on this festival's ashram audiocassette. It is a complete, literal translation made with the objective of preserving Bhagavan's precious original poetic style as much as possible. . The words spoken by Bhagavan in English are highlighted in bold black.



DASARA, 2001

(4th Day)


October 23, 2001


Divine Discourse by

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Prashanti Nilayam



Why pleasures and prosperity?

Why education and high position?

A heart of compassion, happiness,

and peace is enough.

It is enough for human beings, enough, enough!

(Telugu poem)


God Is Atom

Embodiments of Love!

Scientists have been propagating so many scientific theories in the world. Spiritualists have been propagating so many principles of Divinity. The world has no understanding at all regarding what both of these have been doing (saying/achieving). Finally, all that we see are molecules and atoms. Without these atoms, there would be no world at all.

Our former Vice-Chancellor of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Venkataraman said, "Who is God? Where is God?"


God is the atom.

God is everywhere.


This is the correct answer for that. Without atoms, the world could not be seen. The whole Universe is the conglomeration of atoms. Therefore, Vedantic philosophers say:


Anoraneeyaan Mahatormahiyaan.


(God is) Smallest in the small,

Biggest in the big.

(Sanskrit sloka)


All human beings, all objects, all actions, and even all the five elements can be seen in this world due to the combination and union of these atoms. Atoms are spread throughout the world. What does ‘atom’ mean? It has a closely bound and combining nature. The nature of this atom is combining all. We cannot see anything else but atoms in this world. All that is seen, these people, this building, this light, all are the forms of combined atoms. All human beings are also just the combination of atoms.

The powers that are not in man cannot be seen in any other place in this world. Light waves move unimpeded in man. All electric waves also move unimpeded in man. Then the greatest of all is magnet power. This magnet power is pervading everywhere in man. Therefore, this form of man is able to attract other forms of atoms.

So, in every human being, the food that is eaten, the water that is drunk, and the birds that walk, all of these are also forms of atoms.


Small in the small atoms,

Big in the huge things,

He is the all-pervading Witness.

The atom only is Brahma,

And Brahma only is the atom.

(Telugu poem)


God Is the Form of All

Therefore, Brahma (God) is not a particular form. He is the total form of all atoms. Rama was born. Krishna was born. Numerous Avatars were born. Also, numerous noble men took incarnation. But they were also total embodiments of magnets. Why should these forms be taken?

Some say God has no form and others say He has an Infinite form. Though continuing to say all of this, both of these aren’t correct truths. Every atom has a form. So God also has a form. What is that form? God keeps on taking whatever form devotees expect, contemplate on, sing of, and have faith in. (Applause)

Today sound has no one form. Yet an object that makes sound has a form. (Swami taps something, which makes a ringing sound.) Sound has come here. This sound has no form, but the object that made the sound has a form. In that same manner, bliss has no form. The person who experiences bliss has a form. Fragrance doesn’t have a form, but the flower that gives fragrance has a form. Love has no form, but the mother who gives Love has a form.

In that same way, God has no form. The atoms that make up God have a form. When the forms of atoms combine together, it becomes a physical form. A few others are arguing that God has no form. This is a big mistake. God is the form of All. God has an eternal, infinite, and vast form. To think that such a God has no form is wrong.

Now the water in this tumbler has no form. But the tumbler that it is in has a form. Water can be seen in that shape only, based on the form of this tumbler. In that same way, rivers that flow everywhere have no (stable) form. The ocean that is the combination of all the rivers has a form.

In this same manner, there is one fundamental and basic principle for everything. The main foundation for everything is the atom only. If we forget this atom, we would not be able to see any object. The form of the atom is the form of the world. Therefore, who is God? The form of God is the atom. The form of all atoms is the form of God. Every man has to make the effort to realise an eternal Truth like this.

Scientists have been struggling hard for 1,000 years to show that atoms are everywhere. Yet even today, they are not able to understand this Truth at all. Finally, they forgot the Truth that the whole world is the form of atoms. Many thousands of years back, generations ago, the small boy Prahlada recognized this Truth.


Never have the doubt that,

‘He is in this and not in that.’

Vishnu (God) is present everywhere.

Wherever searched,

He is seen there.

(Telugu poem)


Today also, scientists are not trying to recognize this Truth. Hence, science is something that cannot reach God's nature. People call it transcendental power. They have given numerous names to this transcendental power. However, no matter how many names are given, the object that is the basis for everything is the atom. This is endless. This power of the atom is fully in everyone.


What Is a Magnet?

If anyone asks a boy, "What is a magnet?" he will answer, "That which has the power to attract an iron piece, a knife, or iron filings is a magnet." He will describe, "This is what a magnet is." However, if we go to a businessman and ask, "What is a magnet?" he will say, "Money is a magnet." If one goes to a man and asks, "What is a magnet?" he will say, "The wife is a magnet for the husband and the husband is a magnet for the wife."

What is the basis of this flower? What considers it as a magnet? A bee considers it a magnet. The bee is attracted towards it. Therefore, each thing is a magnet to another thing. We can see this in so many obvious and easily understood ways. There are many controversial issues regarding this in the science of today.

A magnet has very great power. A magnet has power in it that attracts everything. This attracting power is innate in a magnet. In the past, kings used to put a magnet in the crown that they wore. When they wore that crown, everyone was attracted to them. Likewise, the queens also wore a magnet in their ornaments. Everyone was attracted to them.

However, God is also the embodiment of a magnet. How is that? If one needs to say it in English, they call it ‘super specialty power’ or a ‘super magnet’ but this is not the right name for it. Socrates had this magnetic power.

Due to this power, Divinity attracts everything. Such a Divinity that attracts is also in every man. However, man is not trying to inquire well enough into this and behold such a fundamental nature of power within him. This kind of power is infinite only in Divinity.


The Bow of Siva

When Sita was a child, Janaka (Emperor Janaka, the father of Sita) put the heavy Bow of Siva in the house. While Sita was playing and playing with other children, a ball went under that Bow of Siva. The children saw this and made a lot of effort to get it out. However, Sita lifted this Bow of Siva with her left hand and took the ball out.

Janaka came to know of this matter. He was very surprised. "It is not possible for any ordinary man to lift it, isn't it so? Sita is only a child! How could she lift it?" He was astonished, but he didn’t tell anyone. Keeping that in mind, Janaka made the promise, "I will give my Sita to whoever breaks this Bow of Siva and will perform their marriage."

What is the reason for making such a pledge over this Bow of Siva? "Sita lifted this Bow of Siva easily. The man who can lift it easily is the proper match for her. The one who cannot lift it is not deserving of her. Only the one with infinite power is the proper match for her. There has to be super-human strength in him."

Therefore, making this kind of promise, he proclaimed her Swayamvaram (ceremony of choosing a husband) all over the world. All came. They tried to lift the Bow of Siva. They failed. However, both Rama and Lakshmana, whom Vishwamitra brought, attracted everyone there. All the people who came were sitting and looking only at these young boys. The people didn’t keep the Bow of Siva in their sight at all. What does it mean? It means that Rama and Lakshmana were completely full of brilliance.

Vishwamitra looked in Rama’s direction. When Vishwamitra looked, Rama had the power to understand the meaning of the look completely. (He knew Vishwamitra wanted him to lift the Bow of Siva). Rama got up and walked slowly in the direction of the Bow of Siva. Everyone laughed.

People noticed Ravana, who was mightily strong. One with more strength than Ravana could not be seen there in the world. ‘How could this young boy, Rama, possess the power to lift the Bow of Siva, which even Ravana could not succeed at?’ Thinking like that, they were laughing.

Rama went close, put the arrow aside, and lifted the Bow of Siva with his left hand. Seeing this sight, Janaka remembered the scene of Sita lifting it. He was happy thinking, ‘This boy is the right one for Sita.’

In the meantime, Rama lifted it and tried to string it. When the Bow of Siva was bent, it broke. All the people who saw that were surprised! "How is the good fortune of Sita? It is very great! Our Sita has caught Rama, who is so peaceful, virtuous, and strong!" What does it mean? Both Sita and Rama embodied fully this magnet power.


Purnam Adah,

Purnam Idam.


This is Fullness,

That is Fullness.

  (Sanskrit sloka)


Fullness is there (in Rama); fullness is here (in Sita). This is the full (complete or perfect) Bow of Siva. She is (represents) Nature and He is (represents) God. The pair and match of Nature and God are related to all.

Therefore, magnet power is the complete witness in order to recognize Divinity well. Though it is in every human being, this power is not possible for all to manifest. Light power (heat energy) is in every human being. Laser power is in every human being. Not only this. In magnet power, laser power, light power, and electric power, there is present a single Unity.


Man Has Great Power

All of this power is contained in every human being. But man is not attempting to know his own power. He is becoming pompous and only recognizing the power of the body (physical strength).


Why affluence and enjoyments?

Why education?

Why exalted positions?

The quality of compassion,

Peace and happiness is enough!

(Telugu poem)


One who has these qualities is enough. It is enough, enough, enough for humanity. The enjoyments and prosperity that man earns are not the great things for humanity. Great strengths to man are happiness and peace. This happiness and peace originate from a magnet (magnet power). This magnet has such great strength. Such a powerful magnet is in every human being. There is heat power in him. There is power energy. The body of man is a small generator. Every human being’s heart is a kind of TV. Man’s mind is like a camera. All is man. That which is not in man cannot be reflected and seen outside.

So, man is very strong. He has great power. It is very petty to think of man as lowly today. How we are misusing such ‘humanness’ today! How many types of terrible situations we are succumbing to! Today we are obscuring the ‘humanness’ that stands as a witness to all. Whatever power is in the individual in front of us, that power is also in oneself.


God's Power Appears To Be Less

In the Ramayana, there are also other subtle points. Hence, in this Ramayana it is mentioned that Vali was mightily strong. He was one who was born from magnet power. He was the embodiment of a magnet. When Rama was coming forward to shoot Sugriva (Vali), Rama’s power would have gone to Vali if He came before him. So Rama shot Vali while behind a tree.

Not knowing these secrets, people question, "Why did Rama shoot him from behind a tree?" Why? There was a great deal of this magnetic power in Vali. The magnetic power was also a great deal in Rama. However, despite the greatness of Rama, if even half of this power (of Rama) were attracted towards Vali, the power of Rama would decrease.

So, even though God is the embodiment of power, based on the appropriateness of the era, time, and situation, He will pretend as if He has to remain within limits to some extent. There is no possibility at all of God being under limits. However, based on the time and situation, for the welfare of the world, for the prosperity of the world, and for pleasing the people, His power appears to be less.

Just because it is seen like this, you may doubt, "Hey! Sai Baba has so much power, why can't He do this work?" However, that time was like that. It shouldn’t be done now. The power to change the situation completely is only possible for God, but not at all feasible for others. (Applause)


God Acts Based on Time and Situation

The time of Rama’s marriage was also like this. The four brothers - Rama, Lakshmana, Bharata, and Shatrugna - were all married at the same time. Yet, all of you know that at the time of the marriage, each bride and groom will put garlands on each other. All took garlands in their hands. Sita also held a garland in her hand. All the others, Lakshmana, Bharata, and Shatrugna, would have the garlands put on them by their respective brides only after Sita puts hers around Rama’s neck.

Rama was long-armed and He was very tall. Sita was very short. She had to put it around His neck, but He didn’t bend His neck down. Based on the gist of the time and situation, Rama acted out this type of drama.

At the time of this marriage, when there were so many great people present, if Rama had bent His head down to a woman in this great assembly, His respect would be lost. So, He shouldn’t bend His head to a woman. He was a great warrior, one of righteousness, one who completely adhered to Dharma, so He didn’t bend His head.

Sita was holding the garland and waiting for a long time. Yet all the people were very surprised. "Why can't Rama bend His head? Rama knows that she can't rise up, isn't it so!" But there is also a small secret here. Until then, Rama did not look at Sita in the worldly point of view (with physical sight). Why? Only after tying the wedding thread (Hindu equivalent of exchanging wedding rings), would He know that she was His wife and only then He would have the authority to look at her.

She was unmarried. Men should not look at an unmarried female. This is the natural Dharma of Rama, the Dharma of His personality. His name indicated having a character of Truth. He was such an embodiment of character and Truth that He kept all of these kinds of restrictions.

Rama looked towards Lakshmana. Lakshmana had subtle intelligence. Then Lakshmana said, "Elder brother, I know Your signs (I understand the indication You have given)." What does it mean? Lakshmana was the son of Mother Earth. Not only that. He represented Adisesha (the thousand-headed serpent that carries Mother Earth on his hood, and also upon which Lord Vishnu reclines). So, Rama told Lakshmana to lift the ground a little (upon which Sita was standing, thus raising her height).

Lakshmana also said, "Elder brother, it is not possible to lift (only) Sita up. If the earth is lifted, You will also go up! You’ll also be raised up! So, this is impossible."

Then Lakshmana acted with stratagem. As everyone looked on, Lakshmana fell on Rama’s Feet. Lakshmana didn’t get up from His Feet even after a long time. Then Rama bent over to lift up Lakshmana and said, "Lakshmana, get up!" (Applause) As soon as He bent over, Sita came and put the garland on His neck. Hence, even Thyagaraja described Lakshmana:


Will a monkey (Hanuman) cross the ocean?

Could He (Krishna) be tied to a stone used for grinding?

Would Lakshmi Devi love Him?

Would Lakshmana serve Him?

Would Bharatha, who has subtle intelligence,

Looking and looking (at Him), bow down?

Their devotion to Rama is so very great!

(Telugu song)


How was Lakshmana, who had such subtle intelligence, able to know the greatness of Rama!

In this way, God acts based on the time and situation. If He would simply bend, they would know that He bent His Head before a woman. Having a character of Truth like that, He began with such a determination. People are continuing to read the Ramayana like this. They are reading the Mahabharata and Bhagavatha. Yet no one is trying to recognize this subtle nature (or inner meaning).


The Attraction of This Name and Form

Therefore, magnet power is very important in every human being. Divinity arises through this magnet. Or else, who called so many people, people from so many countries, and people from so many villages, here? (Applause) What invitation did anyone send? No, no! The attraction of this Name and this Form brought all of you here. (Applause) No one is trying to recognize this attraction power. People may say, "We like it, therefore we came." Where did this preference come from? That only is the magnet power.

It is not possible to say this magnet power is ‘like this’ or ‘like that’. It can attract any power. However by thinking, ‘Magnetic power attracts, doesn’t it?’ those with magnetic power will not use it just as they wish. They will use it in a controlled way.

Taking a tumbler and saying, "It’s a big ocean, isn't it", if one dips it into the ocean, water will come into the tumbler. But just by saying, "It is an ocean, isn’t it" all of the water in the ocean won't come into the tumbler! The tumbler has limitations and the water will only fill it to that extent. However, the taste of the sea will be in the tumbler and it will be in the sea. Whatever taste is in the sea, the very same taste will be in the tumbler.

Likewise, no matter how much power God has, He keeps it in limitation and it is seen as limited when He acts. This power is in every single human being. Therefore, it is said:


Easwara Sarva Bhutanam.


God is in all living creatures.

(Sanskrit sloka)


It is said:


Isavaasyam Idam Sarvam.


All is pervaded by God.

(Sanskrit sloka)


Reaction, Resound, and Reflection

Hence, the heart that is like a camera experiences so many different types of pictures. Where do all these pictures come from? They are reflections that come from the heart. For everything there is reaction, resound, and reflection. So all that we see in the world is the resound of the atom. It is the resound of the atom and the reaction of the atom. All is the nature of the atom. Every human being should attempt to recognize the nature of such an atom.

Today people meditate. They are undertaking numerous types of spiritual practices. Yet, God cannot be caught through these spiritual practices. Due to no one teaching the proper path, they are teaching all these types of lower knowledge. All of these spiritual practices are not correct spiritual practices. This is not the correct path to attain God. In what way should God be attained?


Brahmavit Bramaiva Bhavati.


The Knower of Brahman becomes Brahman Himself.

(Sanskrit sloka)


Whatever Love is in God, you have to proclaim that Love. Whatever Love God is giving to all, you also have to give that Love to all. God will come near to you when there is such equality. The nature of the heart that comes from God is Oneness. We have to develop the nature of Love that has this Unity. Then we will attain Divinity. To attain Him doesn’t mean it will come from the outside. He will make manifest that which comes from within.

They call this ‘reaction’. They call this ‘resound’. They call this ‘reflection’. Every single thing is reflection, reaction, and resound. Reality is in everyone. Only the reality is the primordial fundamental principle. No one is trying to recognize that primordial fundamental principle. No one understands it either.

Listen to what is said. Do what is said. Act according to what is said. Without fail, you will get ‘That’ (Divinity). You will obtain ‘That’. It is not possible for ‘That’ to be obtained on any other path. There will be no gain for us if you sit and argue saying, "There is potency in this certain (another) path, is it not?"


God Must Be Obtained Through Love

There are no attributes in God at all. Therefore, they call Him, ‘attributeless’. There is only one quality. That is Love. That is praana (life breath). That is the true relationship. That is the relationship that is uniform in all: Love-to-Love. Attempt to attain this through this nature of Love.


Embodiments of Love!

It is very difficult to understand the nature of Divinity. But if you understand, there is nothing easier! Anything will be under your control. The human being that understands Divinity will be able to understand the entire world. This is what the Upanishads also taught. Whatever we try to understand, when we understand it (Divinity), then we will be ones who understand everything. When it is not possible to comprehend it, you cannot understand anything.

After we recognize that this is silver, keep it anywhere, (have it made into anything else), and it will remain as silver only. Even if it takes many forms, it will only be silver. In the same way, when God, who is full of Love, is seen (realized) with Love, wherever one looks will be full of Love.

The man who is unable to recognize this subtle secret is succumbing to abundant confusion. God must be obtained through Love. It is not possible to reach Him through hatred, money, position, or any type of pride. He can only be obtained through Love.

So, one time Radha was suffering a lot. Who is Radha? Radha is the earth. Dhara: (earth). People try in so many ways to understand the earth.

One day, a devotee was making an extreme effort to attain God. He didn’t have any kind of worldliness. There were no desires at all. He sat thinking, "I don’t need anything at all except Krishna."

At such a time, Radha resolved that, ‘He should attain something.’ Near his village, there was a small lake. There was a lake. A man who sold bangles was coming along the banks of that lake. That bangle seller was thirsty for water. He immersed himself in that lake. He took some water and drank it. The sound ‘gallu, gallu, gallu’ came from all the bangles.

One hand came out from that lake. A voice asked, "Sir, will you put bangles on this, my hand?" She didn’t show her face to anyone. She only held up her hand. He thought, ‘Who is this? This is very astonishing!’ She said, "I will give you as much money as it costs. Put bangles on my hand."

He put bangles on her hand. Afterwards, she put up the other hand. He also put bangles on that hand. She said, "Sir, how much does it cost?" He answered, "Mother, it isn't very expensive at all. It’s only two or three rupees."

She said, "See, those two rupees are in my house in this village. In that room (meaning, house) there is a small room. There is a window in that room. Behind that window, there is a small enclosure. I put the appropriate amount of money for this in that enclosure. Ask the owner of that house and have it given to you."

He went to that house, taking the number (address). He said to the owner of the house, "Sir, your daughter took some bangles from me by the lake. She said the money is with you, and to ask you for it." The owner said, "I am not married, so how can I have children? Someone told you an error. This is not right."

The house owner understood his own nature well. He thought and wondered, ‘Am I one of Truth or am I cruel? Has my mind wavered? No, no! I am certainly truthful. I don’t have infatuation like that. I don’t have any type of desire at all. So, who could have said it (directed the bangle seller to my house)?’

Again, he questioned the bangle seller: "Where did the lady say the money was?" The bangle seller answered, "She said it was inside a certain enclosure." The owner went inside and looked. He knew that there was no window and no enclosure in his house. He was one who had gone around this house numerous times.

But, when he went inside that day, he saw a window. Behind it, he saw a small enclosure. When he put his hand in it, he got the amount of money that was needed. The bangle seller said, "Sir, she had told me it would be like this. She said I should take only as much as was needed."

After the bangle seller had taken the money, the owner of the house prayed, "Sir, where is that lake? Where did you see her? Take me also and arrange for me to see her!" Thinking ‘Radha, Radha, Radha, Radha, Radha, Radha’, he followed that bangle seller.

When they arrived at the lake, the bangle seller said, "Mother, I got your money in the way that you said. He gave the money." An ethereal voice was heard saying, "Did you receive your money, dear one?" The bangle seller answered, "I received it. See, the owner also came with me. Mother, give him darshan once."

Then, from inside the lake she said, "Sir, my hands can be seen by anyone. However, I won't show my face to anyone else except Krishna. Hence, it is only possible for Krishna to see my face, but it is not possible for anyone else to see my face."

From that day up until he died, the house owner spent his life there, only thinking of ‘Radha, Radha, Radha’. Finally, he received darshan of Radha and Krishna.


Begin That Kind of Determination

People are keeping all kinds of determinations. A boy said:


That which is vowed,

You have already determined.

Stay like that until it is given!

 (Telugu poem)


So, God is holding onto that kind of determination.


What you have desired, you have already requested.

Don't leave it until it is fulfilled.

What has been asked for, you have already asked for it.

Until it is given, don't leave it.

What has been thought, you have already thought.

Until it is realized, don't leave it.

(Telugu poem)


However, there are two restrictions here:


Unable to bear the pressure, God should protect you.

Or without knowing any strain, you only have to ask. Only that.

But to go back is not the determination of a devotee.

(Telugu poem)


Those wavering types of devotees have to begin that sort of determination. Therefore, only when that kind of determination was begun, God gave that devotee darshan of Radha and Krishna. He was fortunate.


God Won’t Come In a Cheap Way

Hence, even though God is all pervading in every person, God gives darshan based on the appropriate place and cause, considering the time and situation. Without being based on the time and situation, God won't come in a cheap way and give darshan just thinking, ‘They asked, didn’t they?’ In this type of situation, He will inquire, ‘Is it necessary there or not?’ He will inquire into these five questions: where, why, when, what, and how. Hence, God will give an answer (grant darshan) only when the proper answers come for these questions of where, why, when, what, and how.

So all powers to recognize Divinity are within us. There is no need for us to go to another place and attempt to obtain these powers. The powers in man are not in anyone else. Man is greatly powerful and greatly sacred. He is ideal in everything. He can achieve anything. But he has to hold onto the proper determination. We should not turn around in the middle with bumps and jumps and doubts like this.

See, an American tried in so many ways, wanting to go and arrive on the moon. He was able to see (go to) the moon, which is hundreds of thousands of miles away. But he is unable to go even a quarter of an inch into his heart, which is near. What is the reason? He is making the journey outside for hundreds of thousands of miles, but he is not making the journey inside, for even half a second, even half an inch!

We are struggling so much for these physical, worldly, and secular objects. Narendra (Vivekananda) also asked Ramakrishna this: "Sir, you are saying that you have seen God. Why can’t I see Him?"

Ramakrishna asked him a good direct question: "Sir, you are crying in so many ways for relatives and friends, for wife and children, for property and possessions. You are also crying for mother and father. But how much have you cried for God? Have you cried on any day? You didn’t cry! Then how can God be seen? So, cry for God. Pray to want God. Take hold of that determination. Do only that. But simply if there continues to be ups and downs, ups and downs, God won't give darshan to you at all."

Whenever man is observed, doubts are always increasing in him. As long as doubts are there, he will be one who has a body (attachment to the body). As long as there is body attachment, they’re won't be attachment to God. We have to make these doubts distant to some extent. As long as there are these doubts, God won't manifest to us. We have to begin a kind of determination, no matter what the situation, to see that there is no chance for doubts. So that is the spiritual practice that we have to do. If we do that spiritual practice, God will arise to any extent in our heart.


Everything Is In That Service

So, Venkataraman who spoke today is a scientist. He’s also highly reputed in atomic research. He made full effort and achieved success to a large extent in the field of light rays also. He remained near C.V. Raman (a famous scientist), and he achieved full effort (success in his research) of light rays.

People who achieve like that usually only go towards a worldly path. But there is only one determination in him: "Let anything happen! I have caught God. I won't leave this place and go." He is retired. (Applause) His wife died. "Let anyone say anything. This is my place. I have caught hold of Sai’s Feet. I will not leave them. I have to achieve this." Having said that, from that day till today, he is achieving this determination.

We have to take hold of some of these kinds of determinations. They call that ‘austerity’. However, the austerity (or penance) that is done today is not real austerity.


Na Tapaamsi, Na Tirthanam, Na Shastranam, Japa Nahi,

Samsara Sagarotare Sajnam Sevanam Bina.


One cannot cross over the ocean of worldly life

By position, pilgrimage, scholarship, or repetition of the Name.

It can only be crossed by serving good people.

(Sanskrit sloka)


Venkataraman is doing that service here. Everything is in that service.

However, without darshan (seeing) Divinity, without sparshan (touching) Divinity, without sambhashan (conversing) with Divinity, what is the use of being here for so much time? It is only like being a lifeless animal.


Divine Vibration Is Within You

So many are going about, wandering around in the world. Even dogs and foxes are also going about like this. When I go out, even dogs are looking at Me. But just by seeing, will attainment immediately be secured? Not just seeing. You have to see Divinity. Not just touching. Divinity has to be touched. You are touching so many bodies. How many darshans you are seeing! How many people you are conversing with! But all of these aren’t related to this Divinity.

Divine vibration has to come whole-heartedly. Without a Divine vibration like that, we can't achieve anything. That Divine vibration is within you. The Divine vibration that is not in you is not in any other place.

However, God gives darshan in the form based on each one’s feelings. It isn't that He’ll be seen only in that form. He can come in any form. But He will only make the devotee’s expectation manifest. He will give darshan only in whatever form the devotee likes, but He won’t give darshan in any other form. Why? Because all forms are God's. He doesn’t have any (specific) form. But, due to the Love of the devotee, due to the prayer of the devotee, He will give darshan in that form. He assumes that form for the devotee.

Hence, the one who recognizes the nature of God and conducts oneself accordingly will know the full meaning of Divinity. So, first and foremost, there should be an attempt to recognize Divinity. There are so many very subtle paths regarding this. Tomorrow I will teach them to you.


Bhagavan ended His Divine Discourse by chanting the bhajan,

"‘Govinda Krishna Jai…"



GLOSSARY for 23-10-2001

Dasara #4


Taken from "A Glossary of Sanskrit Words

Gleaned from Sai Literature"


  1. Avatar: (pg. 58) the highest manifestation of God in human form; the Omnipresent Divine principle, embodied and yet unlimited
  2. Darshan (pg. 106) Direct seeing of a holy person, which brings His grace and blessings to the viewer
  3. Dhara: (pg. 119) The earth (prakrithi), jada (inert), or Creation
  4. Praana (pg. 275) Praana means ‘vibration’ and it is the very breath of life.; life force or vital energy; positive energy
  5. Radha: (pg. 293) A gopi whose devotion for Krishna was legendary.
  6. Sambhashan: (pg. 319) Hearing a great person or the Lord in conversation or discourse
  7. Sparsa (pg. 355) Touch or sense of touch; contacting the Divine or a great personage
  8. Swayamvaram (from Telugu dictionary): The election of a husband by a princess or daughter of a Kshatriaya at a public assembly of suitors held for that purpose.






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