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The following discourse has been translated into English from Bhagavan's Telugu speech as heard on this festival's ashram audiocassette. It is a complete, literal translation made with the objective of preserving Bhagavan's precious original poetic style as much as possible. The words spoken by Bhagavan in English are highlighted in bold black.



(3rd Day)

October 22nd, 2001


Divine Discourse by

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Prashanthi Nilayam


The fish is born in water, lives in water, and dies in water.

Even though milk is superior to water,

A fish gives up its life in milk.

It gives up its life!

(Telugu poem)


Holding onto ignorance without any fear of sin,

Holding onto that which does not have any Love for God,

Human values are reduced in men.

This only is detrimental for World Peace.

(Telugu poem)


God's Love Is Equal

Embodiments of Love!

In this world, so many differences are seen in human beings regarding (in respect to their) forms, activities, and colors (complexions). However, all are human beings only. Don’t forget the Truth that we are all One Family of human beings. All are members of One Family. All human beings are part of one race. That is the human race. This whole race has one Father. He is God. The caste is One, the race is One, and the Father is One. If one wants to behold such a Father, every human being has to earn the character of Truth.

God is the embodiment of Love. That Love is in the heart of every human being. God's Love is equally shining in the same way in everyone. Every human being should go forth in this way and share that Love with everyone equally. That only is man’s important duty. Having God's Love in his heart, one should not use that Love for selfishness and self-interests. It has to be shared with all human beings. Then only he will become deserving of God's Love.

Man is getting two types of results from this Love. One type of result is sharing his Love and bliss with all. God loves the individual who is loved by others. When man loves other human beings around him, God will bestow Love on those who love others. The individual who wants to attain God's Love will have the authority to attain God's Love when he develops his own innate Love. Hence, many results are obtained regarding this nature of Love. In the same way, as there are numerous colors joined together in the sunlight, in that same manner, there are also numerous Dharmas, justices, and natures of Love contained in human beings.

Human Love is like a compass. No matter where a compass is kept, its hand turns in the direction of North. In that same way, the ‘hand’ of the Love of man should always turn in the direction of God, without selfishness and differences of self-interests like ‘mine’ or ‘thine’. The one who has this kind of natural quality is a true human being. One should not succumb to the differences of ‘his’ and ‘others’. It should be recognized and practiced that the same nature is in everyone.

So if we want to understand the nature of Love, first and foremost we have to try to understand Divinity. This Love is a very sacred Love. This Love is very valuable. This Love is very vast. This Love is equally flowing in all human beings. The difference of ‘It is more in this’ and ‘It is less in that’ cannot be seen at all. God's Love is equal.

It is the duty of man to recognize the Truth that God is in each person as the embodiment of Love. Why is man not trying to recognize that God, the embodiment of Love, is within him? The reason is that he is succumbing to so many kinds of troubles due to the feeling that he is different from God. God is not One who is separate from life forms. God exists as the true form of Love in all living beings. We have to try to recognize this fully and to experience this Truth.


Love Is In Every Human Being

A man without Love cannot be seen in the world. You feel that this Love is something worldly, physical, and secular, and you neglect it. But this Love is not different from God's Love. Recognizing the relationship and closeness of bodies, based on those bodies, they are giving names and experiencing different types of Love. They are calling Love ‘vatsalya’ (affection) for the baby that is just born. They are saying ‘prema’ (meaning moha, infatuation) for the wife that is tied (united in marriage). For the love of relations and friends, they are saying ‘anuraga’ (attachment). They are calling the love for objects ‘ichcha’ (desire).

Man is using these names, recognizing the physical relationships. But truly this is God's Love only. No one should forget this Truth. Due to forgetting such a Truth, man is travelling on the path of division and divided ways, and he is succumbing to various sufferings. What is the reason for succumbing to so much suffering? The differences only are the reason. The man who has these differences can never attain Divinity.

For so long I am saying to end your attachment to the body. Due to only increasing this attachment to the body, attachment to God is gradually reducing. Attachment to the body is only related to the world. Love is related to the heart. So every man has the proper authority to experience such a Love relating to the heart.

Man can't even understand God's Love. This means that he is only comparing it to the limited extent of his own love. This comparison is not good. Why? This means he will compare this (Divine) Love based on his own (divided love). The Love of the Almighty is without selfishness. It is Infinite Love. There is no measurement at all to such an Infinite Love, Immeasurable Love, and Eternal Love.

The blood that is flowing in man is all pervading and in spiritual parlance it is called 'Angirasa'. The embodiment of that essence is Love and it is going about in every limb. What does 'Angirasa' mean? God, who is going about in the 'anga' (limbs) in the form of essence ('rasa'), is called 'Angirasa'. There are so many Names for God. Based on this nature of Love, His Names also continue to change.

However, such a nature of Love is in every human being also. The Love that is not in man cannot be seen (does not exist) anywhere else. God's own Love is within you. No difference of ‘this Love’ or ‘that Love’ can be seen. In both these, the quality and quantity are one and the same. When such a nature of Love is the same, why does man have fragmented feeling (regarding Love) in this way? This is a big sin.

Man is comparing this Love to his worldly activities. There is no relationship between worldly action and Love. Actions are different and Love is different. Even though you have taken on humanness, you have this type of Love and Divinity of your own. But you are not recognizing it. Based on this only it is said:

Janthunaam Nara Janma Durlabham.

Of all life form, human life is the rarest to attain.

(Sanskrit sloka)


God is present in every man in the form of Love.


Daivam Manusha Rupena.

God is in the form of Man.

(Sanskrit sloka)


Even though the form of man is obtained like that, one who is a human being is not recognizing the nature of God. Manava (man) was born from the nature of Madhava (God). Why should there be differences between the nature of man and the nature of God? So, He is our Father. The blood of the Father also flows in the son. The man who recognizes this Truth cannot make God distant at all. But man is making God distant due to numerous actions. One shouldn’t make God distant at all. God is the form of Love.

Love is God. Live in Love.


That nature of Love only is the true nature of God. It has no form. Yet, what form will you give to Love? Many scientists are upholding that Love has no form in the world. However, this is a big mistake. Objects that have no form cannot be seen in this world. This is a flower. It has a fragrance. It has a scent. People are arguing that the flower has a form, but the scent has no form. That is a big mistake. The smell also has a kind of form. The flower is the main cause for us to experience this smell. This flower is only the basis: how could the smell come without it? If there was not the mother to show this Love, in what way could human beings experience this motherly love? Hence, the mother is the main cause for this Love. Therefore, in this world there is a form for every object.

Anoraneeyaan Mahatormahiyaan.

(God is) Small in the smallest, big in the biggest.

(Sanskrit sloka)


Yet, you are feeling the difference of quantity and quality in this. But there is no difference in this at all.

Purnam Adah, Purnam Idam,

Purnat Purnam Udacyate,

Purnasya Purnam Adaya,

Purnam Evavasisyate.


This is Fullness. That is Fullness.

When Fullness is taken from Fullness,

Only Fullness will remain.

(Sanskrit sloka)


All is Fullness only. Purnam Adah: That is Full. Purnam Idam: This is Full. Purnasya Purnam Adaya: That which is taken from this Fullness is also Fullness. It is all a form of the Full Form (Divinity)!

Therefore, the main reason for man not recognizing God is attachment to the body. Increasing, increasing, increasing this attachment to the body, finally he is breaking attachment to God. So you are thinking this attachment is very great. Great in what way? It is great in things relating to the world. There has to be attachment. There is attachment between child and mother. There is attachment between brothers and sisters. There is attachment between wife and husband. There is attachment between mother and children. But this is attachment only. What is attachment? It is only that which is created, but it is not that which we had (which we are born with). You yourself are creating it! Yet, in this attachment is the nature of Love, which cannot be seen.


All Is God Only!

God is wearing His form within all. He only is the actor in this drama of the world. He only is the director. He is acting all roles. You are feeling that your role is different. However, you have only one role in the drama. There is also God in this role.

So, this Divinity is punishing one and protecting another. However, He only is experiencing both. He is demonstrating one as bad and another as good, yet He considers good and bad as one. So Divinity is the main cause for everything. He only is acting. He only is experiencing. He only is practicing. He only is demonstrating an ideal. We have to recognize such a Truth, first and foremost.

You are studying. The one who fails in the study (school or examinations) is God only. The one who gets ‘O’ grade (outstanding) is God only! The one who fails is God only. All is God only! Based only on your form, you think, ‘He has failed and he has passed.’ But we are only examining it in the worldly sense. In the nature of the Atma, there is Oneness. Praise or blame is also God only. God only is criticism and acclamation. Rejection and acceptance is also God only. All is God's. The one who recognizes such Truth is the true individual.

Hence, you feel one is an individual. What does vyakti mean? I said yesterday. One who expresses the hidden, concealed, unseen Divinity is a vyakti. Therefore, that nature of individuality is the hidden power.

So, there are numerous paths to recognize Oneness.


Ekam Sat Vipra Bahuda Vadanti.

Truth is One,

But wise men call It by different names.

(Sanskrit sloka)


Numerous people are calling It (Truth) by numerous names. Yet these are only names that are given, but not names that originate out of Itself. We have to make an effort to understand a Truth like this. God is the embodiment of Love. There is no other quality in Him at all. Any kind of hate, any kind of conflict, or any kind of difference cannot be seen in Divinity. All of these differences within you come forward as reflections. God has no differences at all. However in the world, due to wearing bodies, a few differences must be observed. A few differences should be regarded to give an ideal to the people. Therefore, the Divinity in all is One. This is true humanness.

Manava’ means ‘one who is permanent’. In the Upanishads, they called it ‘nara’. ‘Ra’ means ‘that which is impermanent’ and ‘na’ means ‘not’. Therefore ‘Nara’ means ‘not one who is impermanent’: One who is permanent. Hence, ‘nara’ is the embodiment of akasha (ether, space). The five elements arose out of akasha. The embodiment of these five elements is the nature of man. Hence, these five elements are moving about in every human being. These five elements also are moving about in every man. Love expresses itself as these five elements.

Numerous times I have told you about the Gayathri Mantra: ‘Bhur Bhuva Suvah’. ‘Bhur’ means the evolution of worldly objects. A force is there that makes it move. That only is praana. There is one basic nature for both vibration and materialization. That only is radiation. ‘Bhur Bhuva Suvaha’ is said, representing radiation, vibration, and materialization. The three together are one.

In that same manner, God is only One, even though Divinity is called by numerous names. He is called ‘Manava’ (man) due to doing worldly actions. They call him ‘God’ when experiencing Divine actions. One who isn't God in this world cannot be seen. All of you are forms of God. All your forms are Cosmic Forms. But based only on your bodies, you are feeling you are human beings. Push the body aside and then you will recognize your true form (of Divinity).


Your Form Is the Form of God

Jivatma, Dehatma, Paramatma: In these three names, Jivatma = Jiva + Atma, Dehatma = Deha + Atma, Paramatma = Para + Atma. ‘Atma’ is the same in all these three. The individual soul is God. Only the body and names are coming and going. The Atma is uniform in all of them. Hence, these are all forms of Atma. Jivatma means form of Atma. Paramatma is the form of Atma. When speaking about the body, it is Dehatma. It is also Paramatma. In the body, there is Atma, so they call it Dehatma. In the individual also, due to there being inhalation and exhalation continuously, it is called Jivatma. The vibration of the Atma is called Paramatma. This always remains.

Man, unable to recognize a true and eternal nature of Atma like this, feeling that individuals are separate from God, believes that he is without power. You are not lowly. Man is not weak. Man is God. You have obtained such a Divinity, so why search for Divinity?


Pashyannapi Cha Napashyati,

Moodho, Moodho, Moodho!


He who sees,

Yet does not see the Reality

Is a fool, fool, fool!

(Sanskrit sloka)


It is foolish to aspire to see God when all that you are seeing is God. All the ones in front of you are embodiments of God. Even though you have human birth, you are not feeling godly.

At one time, Vivekananda came to Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. However, Ramakrishna was giving many teachings. After some time, when everyone had gone, Vivekananda asked Ramakrishna, "Swami, have you seen God?" Ramakrishna said. "Ah! Of course! I am seeing Him." He didn’t say, "I have seen Him." He said, "I am seeing Him." Vivekananda asked. "What form did you see Him in?"

Ramakrishna answered, "See, I am seeing Him manifest in your form. Your form is the form of God. The form of Brahmananda (a person present at the time) is the form of God. The form of Nithyananda (another person present at the time) is the form of God. Hence, all are embodiments of God. In this form (of Vivekananda), I am seeing God."

Unable to understand this, Vivekananda (whose name means ‘bliss through discrimination’) communicated some indiscriminate words. He said, "All of us are also only ordinary human beings, isn't it! What a big mistake it is to think that we are Divine!" Ramakrishna then answered, "Crazy fellow! You are seeing with the vision of the body. I am seeing with the vision of the Atma. So, when seeing with the vision of the Atma, you are also God." So:


You are not one person but three:

The one you think you are - the physical body.

The one others think you are - the mental body.

The One you really are (God, Atma)!


"That is the nature of Atma. I am seeing such a nature of Atma. You are seeing the nature of the body and the nature of the individual. Change your vision. If you change your vision, God will be seen in you. It’s the fault of your sight, but there is no fault in Creation. Crazy fellow! You are seeing fault in Creation. In your vision there may be differences, and these differences are being seen as reflections in Creation."


Reflection, Reaction, and Resound

All of these are reaction, resound, and reflection. If you have eaten a mango fruit, what is the belch that you will get? A mango belch will come. The belch of a cucumber won't come. Therefore, from where is this belch? It is only from that which you have eaten. Hence, what is it you see? You are only seeing the feelings within your heart. Therefore, your reflection, reaction, and resound are only reflecting back to you. So first and foremost, we have to install sacred Divinity in us. Accordingly, only when we increase such a Divinity will we understand human nature.

What is the meaning of ‘Manava’? ‘The one without ignorance’ is ‘Manava’. ‘Ma’ stands for ‘Maya’ (ignorance). ‘Na’ stands for ‘no’. ‘Va’ stands for vartinchu, (to act).Manava’ is ‘one who acts without ignorance’. The one who acts without ignorance is Manava. So, you are the embodiment of wisdom.


Adwaitha Darshanam Jnana.

The perception of non-duality is Jnana.

                                                                           (Sanskrit sloka)


That only is the embodiment of God. Such wisdom is the embodiment of God. Therefore, why go aside to have Darshan of God's form? You are everything. All is within you. Some moments ago, our Sanjay Sahani said, "With you, in you, around you." If you think of ‘with you’, it means that you are going towards Divinity. ‘In you’ means that you are making a study of it. ‘From you’ means that you are going about in the world.

But these are not the correct meanings. These are the meanings in English. All wrong meanings are coming. We are spending our life in misunderstandings. Even if one wants the correct meaning, it is impossible. So we are entering into wrong meanings. The nature of the Atma has to be understood. ‘P-u-t’ is pronounced ‘put’ (poot). ‘B-u-t’ should be pronounced ‘but’ (boot); yet will they say ‘but’ (but). This is all only the phonetics of language. All in this world is Creation. We are only following this (man-made) creation, but we are not following the proper embodiment of Truth.


Embodiments of Love!

The Love in all is One. This Love is not related to the body. It does not relate to the mind. It does not relate to the intellect. It is not related to the senses. It is related to the Atma. Therefore, Atma is the embodiment of Love. The Veda calls this "Prema, Prema, Prema, Prema". At last, after some time, it becomes silent. Words stand still.

A man who is fully immersed in water cannot speak words. He is able to talk when he is in the water to some extent, immersed up to the neck, as long as the neck is seen. Hence, when you are going about right on the surface, all these words come to you. But words won’t come at all to the ones who are fully immersed in the Ocean of Bliss. The one who is immersed in the sacred Love of God cannot speak. Here, there, or anywhere, he sees the same Atma with Love. Everything is the same Love. Words won’t come at a time like that.

Therefore, if you are talking, what does it mean? You are not immersed in this Love. You are floating on the surface waves. In what way can the one who is floating on the surface of the waves understand Divinity? Hence, all of this superficial level has to go. One must come into the superior level. This is true Oneness (Unity). The whole inner meaning is contained in this Oneness. The human being that cannot reach this Oneness is immersed in numerous types of doubts. Hence, it means that he is one who is not immersed in this nature of Love. So, we have to be immersed in the Ocean of Love and receive the bliss of Love. We should be embodiments of Love and it should be shared with others. What is shared should come back to us. We should behave without differences.


The Nature of Atma In Everyone Is the Same

Embodiments of Love!

All of you are still young adolescents. You are making so many plans, thinking that you still have to experience so much of your nature. No matter how much is experienced, just don’t forget the Truth that this Love is the embodiment of God. Also, don’t forget the Truth that we are all members of One  Family. All of us are only one race. The Father of this race is One. He is God. You have to recognize a Truth like this first and foremost and conduct yourselves accordingly.

The Father is One and all are members of One Family. Everyone’s Love is One. Why will feelings of differences arise in us when this Truth is recognized? There will be no chance for differences at all. Then don’t develop any differences of opinion at all. First and foremost, recognize the nature of Love like this. Colors may be different. Race and ethics may be different. However, there is only one quality of humanness.

We can make so many shapes with the same sugar. All of you know how they will make a deer with sugar for small children. They will make another shape of a dog with sugar. They will make another, a swan with sugar. They will make a parrot with sugar. They will say, "Two annas! (an outdated coin whose value was 1/16 of a rupee) Two annas!" They keep singing the song. (Swami sings the rhyming Telugu village shop refrain), "Take whatever you like, only two annas each!" They will say, "Two annas, take anything! Take a deer, take a tiger, take a jackal, or take an elephant. All are only two annas each!" These forms and names are different, but for what are we giving two annas each? We are giving it for the sugar. We are giving it equally for the sugar.

In that same manner, your body, your complexions, your weight, and height, all may look different. But the nature of Atma in everyone is the same. It has no death and no birth.


This (God) has no death and no birth.

He is permanent, without death or birth.

He is One who has no beginning or end. He is ancient.

He will not die, will not be born, and will not be killed.

He is shining in all as the embodiment of Atma.

(Telugu poem)


He (God) is the embodiment of Atma in everything. First and foremost, we have to attempt to recognize this nature of an eternal basis and primordial foundation like this. Then it will be possible for you to recognize Oneness.


Even a Dog Knows

We are going to the ocean. When we go to the ocean, we take a bath. When taking bath in the ocean, all the salt will adhere (to us). When the salt adheres, we come to the house and again wash it off with clean water.

Why did you go to this ocean and take a bath? Why do you come home again and take another bath if that salt in the ocean clings to you? How much help is this salt doing to you! It is not possible for you to recognize that. After having a bath in the ocean, keep salt on the body all day. The salt will get into the body and cure so many types of diseases. Everything in nature cures some diseases.

Man of today goes to the ocean and takes a bath. He goes home and he takes another bath with tap water. Why take this sea bath? Is it for any ornamentation or to be praised by others? It isn't, it isn't! The one who takes a sea bath will have all the disease that is inside cured. That salt gets into the skin. When it gets into the skin, all contagious diseases are cured. God created the whole world with cures for diseases like this. He created everything for a cure, but man is unable to recognize that Truth.

Now many people are growing grass. It is very green. It is very soft and cool to sit on. Among that grass, there is white grass. If diarrhea due to contagious diseases comes, if you take two strands of that white grass and eat it, your diarrhea will be cured. Man is unable to know even what a dog knows. We are raising dogs. When we let the dog go once a week, it goes to the lawn and eats the grass. What is the reason? To cure its digestive troubles. So that dog also knows about this white grass.

So, from God to dog, from dog to God, they are made equal. Hence, the dog has God in him also. You, the ones who raise dogs properly, will understand this very well. It gets a high temperature. If it gets a high temperature, it won't eat anything. It will not drink, even if milk is poured in its mouth. What is the reason? It has digestive problems. You should not eat anything either. If you eat like that, your digestive problem will increase. Even a dog knows that.

But today, the educated individuals, the ones who are greatly educated, when they have a fever, if there is nothing in the house, they will even go to hotels and eat idlee (rice cakes) and dosas (pancakes). The ones who have fever should not eat this. Don’t they know even that? Man is unable to recognize what a dog knows.


Narayana (God) Is the Doctor

In this way, there is Divinity in all life forms also.

Prajnana Brahma.

God is Supreme Wisdom.

(Sanskrit sloka)


The Vedas proclaimed this dictum. That prajnana is not only awareness. It is Constant Integrated Awareness. They said that such a prajnana was Brahman (God). That is in every human being also. But man doesn’t think so far. Man is only in haste, haste, haste. He hurries too much.


Haste makes waste.

Waste makes worry.

So do not be in a hurry.


So don’t hurry. This is the cause for so many heart ailments coming today. Hurry, worry, and curry. One is hurry, being in haste. Worry is having useless thoughts (worries, anxieties). Then curry. These three are mainly responsible for heart ailments. First and foremost, if someone who is fat goes to a doctor, he will say, "Sir, reduce your weight." Hence, in every condition there are some inherent diseases (health troubles). God only is the doctor for all the diseases in the world. Therefore, in the "Vaidya Ratnam" (a text on medicine), the doctor is described as Narayana Himself.


Vaidyo Narayano Hari.

The Doctor is God.

(Sanskrit sloka)


Narayana (God) is the doctor. Narayana is our friend. Narayana is our relative. Our forms are Narayana. All of our forms are Narayana. Forms are different. We are only wearing different dresses, but God is One.

Ek Atma Sarva Bhutantaratma.

The One Atma is the Inner Atma in all.

(Sanskrit sloka)


Eka Prabhu Ka Aneka Naam.

The One God has numerous Names.

(Hindi bhajan)


Therefore, all human beings are embodiments of God. There is no need to consider that, "God and I are different."

Daivam Manusha Rupena.

God is in the form of Man.

(Sanskrit sloka)


Truth Is God

Go to anyone and see: God is in the form of a human being. Therefore human life, which contains Divinity, is the true God of Truth. Without forgetting an embodiment of Truth like that, we have to make an effort to resolve that God is Truth. Truth only is God. I said yesterday:


Sathyam Nasti Paro Dharmah.

There is no Supreme Dharma other than Truth.

(Sanskrit sloka)


Therefore, the embodiment of Truth is God. Wherever there is Truth, there is God only. Hence, we don’t need to search for God. Where can you search? What is the use of searching everywhere for God, (He) who is seen wherever you look? Therefore, everywhere you put your step there is God only! Whatever is eaten is God. Whatever is spoken is God. All is the embodiment of God. So, feel that you are embodiments of God.

Don’t develop differences of, "On this side is God and on the other side is an individual." The individual is God and God is the individual. We should not hurt anyone. We should not make fun of anyone. We should not criticize anyone. That is outright sin. The Upanishads said this:


Sarva Jiva Namaskaaram Kesavam Pratigachchati.

Sarva Jiva Tiraskaram Kesavam Pratigachchati.


Salutation to any being proceeds toward God.

Rejection of any being proceeds toward God.

(Sanskrit sloka)


Hence, if you criticize anyone, you will be one who criticizes God. If you worship anyone, you will be one who worships God. Therefore, the Upanishads teach Oneness well and prove (demonstrate) Divinity. What is the meaning of ‘Upanishad’? It is said:


Upasamipena Nakshedasye Manet Upanishat.

‘Upanishad’ means ‘sitting near’ (God).

(Sanskrit sloka)


‘Upa-samepe’ (means 'sitting near'): God is the One who is closest. Even the mother is a little far, but God is not far. God is always near. He is coming with you step-by-step. He is coming as your shadow. He takes all forms in everything.


Na Tapaamsi, Na Tirthanam,

Na Shastranam Japa Nahi,

Samsara Sagarotare,

Sajnam Sevanam Bina.


One cannot cross over the ocean of worldly life

By austerity, pilgrimage, scholarship,

Or repetition of the Name.

One can cross only by serving good people.

(Sanskrit sloka)


If service to everyone is done, it is service to God. No need to do any austerity. No need to do any japa (repetition of God's Name). You don’t need to do meditation. Feel Divinity. That is japa and that is austerity.

We feel that this kind of human life is weak and we feel that human life is useless. We are neglecting it. That is a big sin. It is not good. God is in everyone. Yet this body relationship, the correlation with the body, may be experienced. But we should not keep the body in mind. (Don’t go by the form alone.) Keep the vision of Atma. When the vision of Atma is within you, all are One.


Ekam Sat Vipra Bahuda Vadanti.


God is One,

But wise men call Him by different names.

(Sanskrit sloka)


He is seen in many ways.


All Is Only Bliss

Embodiments of Love!

You should not divide it as, "The nature of God is separate and human nature is separate." Man is God and God is man. If you see every man as God, life may be spent so blissfully. Due to us feeling that all living beings and us are different, bad qualities like hatred, jealousy, ostentation, and ego all arise in us. If you consider the Divinity in all as One, there would be no chance for these differences at all. There would also be no chance at all for criticism and praise, rejection and acceptance. All is only bliss, only bliss, only bliss. It will begin for us there.


Nithya Anandam, Parama Sukhadam,

Kevalam Jnana Murtim,

Dvandva Teetam, Gagana Sadrushyam,

Tatvamsyadhi Lakshyam,

Ekam, Nithyam, Vimalam Achalam,

Sarva Dhi Saakshi Bhutam.


Eternal Bliss, Supreme Happiness,

Total Form of Wisdom, beyond duality,

Expansive as the Sky, the Ultimate Goal,

The One, the Everlasting, the Pure, Immovable,

The Eternal Witness of everything.

(Sanskrit sloka)


How fortunate it is for us to obtain this human birth! It is so fortunate to sanctify such humanness. But, unable to recognize that good fortune, we are putting it to bad use. We are entering into bad habits. We are going about with bad qualities. We are becoming wicked. Then how will we understand the nature of Atma? It won't happen at all. Only when you forget this nature of the body to some extent will you understand the nature of Atma.

Embodiments of Love!

Sanjay Sahani said:

Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu.

May all in the world be happy (in all aspects).

(Sanskrit sloka)


"All should be happy in all aspects." What does it mean? God only is the embodiment of sukha (happiness). That sukha should be experienced in everyone. The nature of Love that is in everyone should confer sukha. Then we won't have any differences at all. There will not be any conflicts. No wars will start.

If one observes the world, 5000 years ago was Dwapara Yuga. By the time 5000 years passed, 11,000 wars happened. Now also, wars are still going on. What is the reason? The main cause for these wars, these differences, is that we don’t recognize our own nature (of Oneness).


What is ‘Yours’ Here?

"This is mine. That is yours." Have you brought it and come? At the time of coming (at birth), you won't wear even a tiny piece of cloth and come. When you go (die), you won't even give an address before going. Then, what is ‘yours’ here? What is ‘yours’? Things are ‘yours’ only as long as you are here (alive on earth). When the eyes close (when one dies), all that was ‘ours’ will belong to someone else! When it is like that, why is there so much ego of ‘mine, mine’? This is ignorance.

Hence, we don’t bring anything (at birth) and we don’t take anything (when leaving the body). All that is brought, what comes and goes (with us), is merit and sin. We came (took birth) due to sin, and through merit, we have to prevent coming again. We have to make an effort to be without (re-) birth. How will that ‘without birth’ come about?

There is paddy. As long as the husk is on the paddy, wherever it is put:


Punarapi Maranam, Punarapi Jananam.

Again death, again birth.

(Sanskrit sloka)


The paddy will germinate only if this husk is removed:


Purna Janma Na Vidyate.

There will be no more re-birth.

(Sanskrit sloka)


Due to the husk of Maya and attachment:


Punarapi Maranam, Punarapi Jananam.

Again death, again re-birth.

(Sanskrit sloka)


If this husk is removed:


Purnar Janma Na Vidyate.

There will be no re-birth.

(Sanskrit sloka)


Then we won't have any more re-birth at all. All the sadhana that we do is to remove this husk. It is our true responsibility to remove this. That is man’s effort. Efforts and endeavors are man’s Dharma. Victory and defeat are dependent upon God. So, you also have to make some efforts to attain such victory and bliss.


God Himself Is Coming and Asking

If you don’t ask, even the mother won't serve food. Without knocking, no one inside will open the door. You must knock and the door should open. You first have to ask, and then eat. In that same way, keep asking God and you will then have to receive it.

Even when God Himself is coming and asking, you are becoming distant. How unfortunate it is! (Applause) Truly, there is no worse sin. God Himself is coming and asking and asking. But you are becoming distant. This is due to the sins accrued over past lives. So don’t succumb to such a sin. Earn merit. Increase merit. Come close in all ways to this Divinity.


Upasamipena Nakshedasye Manet Upanishat.

‘Upanishad’ means ‘sitting near’ (God).

(Sanskrit sloka)


This is what the Upanishads taught. Next, not only that, it is also praying (telling us) to get up (to awaken).


Utishtata! Jagrata! Praapti Varane Bodhata.

Arise! Awake! Stop not till the Goal is reached.

(Sanskrit sloka)


"Oh crazy fellow! You are immersed in the sleep of ignorance. Get up from this sleep of ignorance and behold the shining sunrise of prajnana. That sunrise is the radiance of your intellect."

Every Upanishad taught in this way, but no one is following these words of the Upanishads. Follow it, experience it, and without fail you will get peace.


Bhagavan ended His Divine Discourse by chanting the bhajan,

"Bhaja Govindam, Bhaja Govindam..."



GLOSSARY 22-10-2001

Dasara #3

Taken from "A Glossary of Sanskrit Words

Gleaned from Sai Literature"


  1. Akasha: (pg. 17) Ether or space; sound is its nature, e.g. a clap
  2. Angirasa: (pg. 25) The Divine power in man; the Divine power that is present in every limb of man. It helps him to make judgements, using his powers in observation and discrimination; anga, limb and rasa, essence.
  3. Anuraga: (pg. 32) Attachment born of desire; worldly love.
  4. Deha: (pg. 113) A body or that which has to be consigned to the flames; from dah, burn
  5. Dehatma: (pg. 116) The exterior ‘I’, body consciousness, self-love; refer ahamkaara (ego).
  6. Dharma (pg. 291) Righteousness
  7. Ichcha: (pg. 155) Yearning, desire
  8. Japa (pg. 162) The repetition of the Name of the Lord
  9. Jiva (pg. 164) The individual soul; a person; consciousness; the ‘I’ consciousness
  10. Jivatma: (pg. 164) The soul, aka Atma; the Lord declares in the Githa, "The individual on earth is a fragment of My Eternal Self."
  11. Madhava: (pg. 207) God; Master of Maya; Lord of Lakshmi, from Ma: Lakshmi and Dhava: the Lord
  12. Manava: (pg. 216) An individual without any trace of ignorance, i.e., he who knows his true reality or the Atma; man. The difference between Manava and Danava is this: Manava (man) has or ought to have 1. Dharma (morality) 2. Dama (self-control) and 3. Daya (compassion). They are the three essential components of ‘human-ness’. Danava (the demon) does not have these components nor does he consider them as desirable qualifications. He spurns them and pays no heed to their prompting.
  13. Moha: (pg. 232) Delusions relating to the physical attachment to worldly objets; delusion caused by false evaluation
  14. Nara: (pg. 245) Man who knows his manas (mind) and who practices manana (discriminating reflection on what he has heard and what he has been taught)
  15. Para: (pg. 261) Above, beyond, more glorious than all; Knowledge of Brahman versus apara, lower or inferior
  16. Paramatma: (pg. 54 and 265) God viewed as the Universal. The Universal Soul. The Cosmic Self.
  17. Praana (pg. 275) Praana means ‘vibration’ and it is the very breath of life.; life force or vital energy; positive energy
  18. Sukha: (pg. 364) Happiness; aka, santhosha; comfort
  19. Vatsalya: (pg. 389) Affection of a mother for her child
  20. Vyakthi: (pg. 415) He who makes clear (vyaktha) the shakthi that is in him and the Divine Energy that motivates him; man is described as vyakthi or the manifestation of the Divine (Telugu dictionary: manifested; person; an individual)









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