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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Discourses

Sri Sathya Sai Baba Discourses

 Prof. Anil Kumar

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*New : AUDIO 2002

*New : AUDIO 2002



The following discourse has been translated into English from Bhagavan's Telugu speech as heard on this festival's ashram audiocassette. It is a complete, literal translation made with the objective of preserving Bhagavan's precious original poetic style as much as possible.





International Seva Conference:

Second Address


22nd July 2002



Sarva Jiva Hitam Evam,

Bhajatye Katyamastitam,

Sarvada Vartamaneshu,

Sayogi Mayivartate.


I am present in all living beings.

 I accompany the yogis,

who always understand the difficulties of others,

and who conduct themselves with equanimity.

(Sanskrit sloka)


Sai: Spiritual, Association and Individual

Embodiments of Love!

The individual, who recognises that the Atma in all living beings and the Atma in himself are One, will always live in the presence of God. Though such a person may be an enjoyer, or one who renounces enjoyments, a wandering religious mendicant, or an ascetic, he will live at all times and in all situations feeling that the presence of God is his wealth. Therefore, what is it we should do? This means:


Sarvata Paani Paadam…

His Feet are pervading everywhere…

 (Sanskrit sloka)


The Truth should be recognized that the nature of the Atma in all living beings is One. Mankind, unable to understand the nature of his life properly, is falling into distortion, increasing misunderstanding and is forgetting Truth. Therefore, due to the crazy illusion of ‘I am the body’, forgetting one’s own true nature and forgetting the form of Truth, time is wasted, having faith in the transient, impermanent and unreal body.

First and foremost, one should not try to understand individual truth (the body-mind complex). However, people of today are trying to develop the physical body. This is a big mistake. After that, he is journeying towards the condition of society. After that, he enters into the spiritual line. Therefore, he is succumbing to numerous difficulties because he is unable to recognize and unable to know the Truth that he should know, and the Truth that he should recognize.

Hence, the Truth should be recognized that this only is the message of Sai. S-A-I: Sai. ‘S’ means that first and foremost the spiritual aspect should be understood. ‘A’ is the association that should be known well. Afterwards, one should take up the individual. Spiritual, association and individual: you should know about it in this way (order). However, people are going in reverse: individual, association, spiritual. What happens due to us going in reverse? People are journeying backwards and becoming distant from the presence of God.

Today, due to all of mankind undertaking this type of journey, they are wasting their time. Time is very important. Time is also a measure for man. Time is the true God. So, unable to understand such a Divine time in the right way, man is wasting it with many mistakes.

First and foremost, that which we should take up is the spiritual. After this spiritual, we should enter into association. Only after that, should one practise in society. After this association, we should understand unity and oneness in the individual aspect. Then we will easily understand the individual. If you enter into individual in the very beginning, you won’t understand the spiritual at all.


Hiranyakasipu and Hiranyaksha

The root cause for the destruction of Hiranyakasipu, Hiranyaksha, Kamsa and Durvasa is the following: all people like these distanced the spiritual and entered into the individual. They had plenty of power and capabilities. Unable to understand their power and capabilities, they became mixed up.

Hiranyaksha was greatly powerful and Hiranyakasipu was the first among scientists. What is the use in knowing so much science? “How is this substance? How did this substance originate? How did it come about?” There is no joy at all that is gained from knowing about all this.

Therefore, Hiranyakasipu and Hiranyaksha filled their heart with negativity. They gave place in their heart to worldly objects and impermanent, transient, untrue and worldly feelings. All of these are only temporary. They filled their heart with such fleeting negativity. What is the use of so much strength being in them?

Scientists of today have gone up to the moon. However, in those days Hiranyakasipu and Hiranyaksha even went to the sun! Why did scientists like them, having such great power and capabilities, fall into such defects? They journeyed with the physical, worldly, ephemeral and secular objects. Therefore, though they had so many capabilities, they couldn’t attain Divinity.

So we are putting power and capabilities to bad use. We are not entering into that which we should try to recognize. Man has very great strength. For that reason, the Upanishads cautioned:


  Uttistha! Jagratah!

Prapya Varan Nibodhata.


Arise! Awake!

Come near the sage and learn.

(Sanskrit sloka)


Oh crazy fellow! Get up from the sleep of ignorance! The dawn of wisdom is rising. Turn your vision in that direction. Make ‘thamo guna’ (the quality of inertia) distant, give up worldly desires and understand to some extent the transient and impermanent world.

Therefore, though Hiranyaksha, Hiranyakasipu and Kamsa had such great power and capabilities in those days, they were unable to attain God's presence even a bit. They even transformed the stars. They realised the secrets of Creation. They also investigated into the subject of the mysteries of Creation. Though doing so much, finally they were unable to understand Divinity even a bit.


God Is Present Everywhere

The son of Hiranyakasipu, Prahlada, though a small boy, was able to understand. Father questioned, “Son, what have you learned?” Prahlada replied, “The teachers taught me. They taught dharma (righteousness), artha (wealth), kama (desire) and moksha (liberation from attachment). Many books were studied, father. I have learned the secret of learning, father.” Then Hiranyakasipu said, “What is that, son?”

Prahlada answered, “Wherever is seen, there is nothing else seen except Divinity. God is present everywhere.” When Prahlada said that, Hiranyakasipu had a lot of anger. He threw his son out. “Is this what you have studied? You said that you had studied a lot. Is this your knowledge? There are so many matters related to the world, like desire. Instead of studying these, why did you study about the transient and impermanent Divinity?” (Note: In Hiranyakasipu’s eyes, God was transient and impermanent.) His father had a lot of anger and asked, “Where is God?” Prahlada, only a small boy, said:


“Father, never have the doubt that

‘He is in this and not in that.’

He is present everywhere.

Wherever searched,

He is seen there.”

(Telugu poem)


His father felt very badly. He thought, ‘Though I am such a great scientist, is this small boy coming to teach me?’ Hiranyakasipu said, “Where is God? Show me!” Prahlada replied, “Wherever one searches, He is found there.” Hiranyakasipu said, “Then, is He in this pillar?” Prahlada answered, “He is there.”

Prahlada had unwavering devotion. No one was able to change such an unwavering Prahlada. Then his father hit that pillar. God manifested from that pillar. It means that Hiranyakasipu was worshipping the body, feeling that only the body is Divine. God manifested the day that Hiranyakasipu broke body attachment.

Today, no matter how educated or how much power and capabilities one has, he is sleeping the sleep of ignorance. There is another illustration for this. How should we make God manifest?  When these three - unwavering devotion, a mind that does not change and firm faith - are present, we can make God manifest without fail. Prahlada said this.


Water in the Butter

Before there is anything else, there is milk. From milk we made curds. From curds we extracted butter. From the butter we extracted ghee. This only is the direct manifestation. The milk is Brahman, Divinity. That milk (God) was investigated and butter was extracted.

However, you may know this or not: When one goes to heat butter to extract the ghee, a bad smell comes. Yet, what is this? Taking butter from milk, can butter be so foul smelling? One investigated. “Dear one, this butter is jiva tatwa (symbolises the individual). All this bad smell in you is the smell of bad qualities. When effort is made to completely remove them, the bad smell will be removed.”

Therefore, while man does spiritual practises, the bad smell of bad qualities comes when he goes through a few stages. All bad smells come. However, completely control them (bad qualities). There is some water contained in the butter. As long as there is water in the butter, the bad smell cannot be avoided. All of that water should become vapour. When butter is boiled more and more, all of that bad smell comes. Then the water becomes vapour. Then, when all of this water becomes vapour, we will get pure butter (ghee) that is odourless (without bad smell).

Thus, the body of man contains the mind, intellect and heart. That is the grace of God, which comes from God. Hiranyakasipu asked, “Who are you? Are you the body?” No. “Are you the mind?” No. “Are you the intellect?” No. “Are you the heart?” No. “Then, what are you?”

Prahlada said, “Foolish father! The mind, intellect, heart and ego - where did all of these come from? All of these are only that which came from milk (God). Hence, when there is milk, what do I have to do with all of these other things? I don’t need this body, I don’t need the illusions of the mind and I don’t need this wavering chittha. I have given up all of these. Mind, intellect, heart and ego: due to my giving up all of these, I have a pure, unpolluted and steady chittha like clarified butter.”

If there is this or that much of the water relating to the world, this will also have a bad smell. So when boiling butter, not even a bit of water should remain in it. If water remains in it, a bad smell will come.

Many of you would have noticed when boiling butter, it is not possible to go there due to the bad smell. We should boil the water until it completely becomes vapour. No bad smell will come at all after all of the water becomes vapour.

Hence, as long as the water of these worldly desires remains in the mind, this bad smell will not leave. Though Hiranyakasipu and also Hiranyaksha were so great, they had such a bad smell due to containing some water. We cannot avoid a bad smell as long as worldly desires remain in the mind.


Wicked 'Devotees'

Today also, so many people sing bhajans, give discourses and go about from road to road. What is the use of going about? They are going about like dogs do. However, the bad smell of worldly desires in them doesn’t leave. As long as that bad smell of water is in the mind, they cannot attain any sacredness.

All human beings today have succumbed to this bad smell. They have become habituated to this. Doing bhajans, doing meditation, doing japa and doing austerity, they are falling into worldly desires within these practices. All of these are like butter that contains water. The bad smell of desires come into spiritual practices. This bad smell of desires should not enter into spiritual practices. 

Not only that. These wicked ‘devotees’ are increasing numerous types of desires even more. Are they devotees? No, no, no, no! Why should this bad smell come if they are devotees? It wouldn’t be possible for a bad smell to come. They have a bad smell in the body, a bad smell in the mind, a bad smell in the intellect and all the works that they do have a bad smell. They are unable even to know their own bad smell.



Importantly, we have to recognize what is the root cause of the bad smells that arise in us. No matter how great one may be, no matter how many difficulties, losses, sorrows and suffering are experienced, one should see that one has a mind that does not waver or change. Firm faith should be maintained. Then only one will be able to attain the proper kind of peace.

For that reason, Prahlada said, “Father, in spite of all the suffering you give me, no matter how many difficulties are experienced, though the body is given numerous types of suffering, I won’t bother about them. I will never lose unwavering Love for God. What is the use of me existing after losing that?”

If any tiny amount of difficulty comes to devotees of today, they undergo change. Then, if any doubts arise, they will completely change. They will lose faith. However, they don’t realise that they are losing vishwasa (faith). They are actually losing their very swasha (breath). Hence, man should do sadhana with firm faith, regardless of the situation. This only is true devotion.

Devotion, devotion, devotion! It is not devotion to only do worship, say Names of God and go about on the roads. Install sacred Divinity in your heart. It should be seen that bad smells don’t enter into the body. Desires should be swept aside and burnt. They should be burnt. How should they be burnt?

They should be completely put in fire. If any small amount remains in us, that only is the root cause for your bad smell. That is the root cause for bad smells to enter into us. That is the root cause for all bad behaviour. That is the root cause for all bad habits. That is the root cause for all bad actions. Therefore, in order for those bad habits not to enter into us, we should see that we don’t have these kinds of desires.

However today, due to the effect of Kali Yuga, every devotee has desires, desires, desires and desires. How are these desires? They are equal to a pig. (Laughter) When a pig comes from afar, there is so much smell. How can people bear putting that pig in their heart? Therefore, if this bad smell should go, the small bit of water that remains in the heart - these bad feelings - should go. Only when bad feelings leave, there won’t be any bad smell in the heart at all.


You Are Cheating Yourself

Embodiments of Love!

Mankind is certainly lucky. Not only lucky, but he is also allowing misfortune to come. Due to letting misfortune come, he is becoming completely evil. He doesn’t even have the authority to reach the presence of God.

People like that say, “I have read so much. I have written so many books. I am giving very great discourses.” What is the use of giving them? Why are you giving these discourses? To deceive others! You are cheating yourself. Speaking about all the feelings that are not in you, you are making yourself evil. If even one that is practised is spoken about, it is enough.

You have also kept heaps of untruths in your heart. So we have filled our whole heart with untruth. We have developed adharma (unrighteousness). We are immersed in ashanthi (peacelessness). Therefore, first and foremost, untruth should be made distant. Burn unrighteousness. The Vedas said:


Sathyam Vada,

 Dharmam Chara.


Speak Truth,

act righteously.

(Sanskrit sloka)


Truth is the form of God. If we make this Truth, which is the embodiment of God, distant, what will protect us?


You Should Become Pure

Embodiments of Love!

You may be proud that, “We are doing great sadhana.” But first and foremost, make distant the bad smell that is in your heart. Bad smell is not what we should develop. What we should develop is a sacred fragrance: that is, the good qualities. That only gives supreme peace. Like that:


Nirgunam, Niranjanam,

Sanathanam, Niketanam,

Nithya, Suddha, Buddha,

Muktha, Nirmala Swarupinam.


Attributeless, unsullied,

eternal, always pure, pure intellect,

free, unpolluted form.

(Sanskrit sloka)


Therefore, first and foremost, you should become pure. Filling your whole heart with evil and bad feelings is ruining you. You share all of these bad feelings with other people and also make them wicked. Becoming pure is not something that comes with books. It is even made less available through discourses. There should be sraddha and devotion. That only is sraddha (steadfastness, sincerity, interest).


Sraddhavan Labhate Jnanam.

One who has sincerity will attain Wisdom.

(Sanskrit sloka)


Only one who has sraddha will attain true Wisdom. Hence, we should develop sraddha. We should increase Love. A sacred heart will begin only when there is sraddha and Love. Your heart will transform into being pure only on that day.


Make Your Heart Pure

Embodiments of Love!

Importantly, what are the sadhanas that we should do? We should make the heart pure. In Tamil Nadu, there was one Thiruthonda Alwar (a Tamil saint). He used to say:


Chittha Suddhi Odu Unnai Pujay Sheydene,

Chitthathil Vandane

Rama Rama, Rama Rama, Rama Rama!


I worship Him with a pure heart.

Then He comes into my heart.

“Rama Rama, Rama Rama, Rama Rama!”

(Tamil poem)


He said, “I am calling You, ‘Rama, Rama, Rama, Rama’ with a pure heart. If I don’t have a pure heart, I wouldn’t even have the authority to call ‘Rama’. I shouldn’t think of any Name with a polluted mind.”

Today the whole world has become full of pollution: behaviour pollution, word pollution and listening pollution. Every action is also pollution. Then how will devotion come? It is a big mistake. Saying, “I have devotion, devotion, devotion,” people keep devotion on the top of their head. They put on a mask in this way and are deceiving others. Don’t deceive anybody.


Help ever,

 Hurt never.


Therefore, you should not deceive. You will be one who cheats yourself. Numerous types of ‘devotion’ and ‘surrender’ have increased in the world. However, today the right time has come to purify devotion; therefore we should. Just as efforts were made to purify the Ganga River, in that same way, the feeling of devotion arising in man’s heart should be purified. This cannot be done with mere words. Work should be done with the hands.

Thoughts, words and action should be unified. Mind, word and action should be one. But if action is in one place, word in another place, and thought in still another place, if it is like this, what use is it? The three should be unified. They say:


The proper study of mankind is Man.


Thought, word and deed: the three should be unified. Yet it is not unified anywhere at all. Only robberies, untruths, injustices, misdeeds and bad behaviour are becoming unified. The individuals who should develop sacred feelings today are becoming unsacred individuals. What is the use?


Devotion Should Not Enter Into Business

Some people are doing business everywhere, taking the name of Sai. They are deceiving in all ways with the name of Sai. I don’t like this. People like this are not devotees at all. (Applause) Going to some countries and going to some places, they are selling the name of Sai and filling their stomachs (earning a livelihood). This is a big mistake.

Sai, I will never yield to a single paisa (to money). (Applause) Will such a One as Me enter into such business? The one who does this kind of business, whoever they are, without letting them near your house, you have to say, “GET OUT!” (Applause)

Therefore, first and foremost, business should not enter into devotion. Do your own business. Therefore, don’t do business using the name of Sai. You may do business to foster your family. Yet today, day-by-day this type of business (using the name of Sai) is increasing. Numerous types of businesses are going on by going village-to-village, using false names and using the name of Sai. They have entered into other countries also. This type of business has begun in all directions: London, America, Japan, Germany, Italy, Singapore and Malaysia.

Therefore, we should not enter into such places at all. We should keep our heart pure. Then only you will be one who truly lives; or else, you will be lifeless - one who has lost the life principle. One should do the obituary rites to such people like this, but you should not do worship to them.

Hence, the thing that we should do is - sacred feelings should come when praying to God. How should these sacred feelings come? Sacred Divinity becomes distant only when worldly desires come.


Leave Bad Company

Embodiments of Love!

All of you are coming with such devotion and sraddha. Yet unable to understand the inner secret, you are becoming naïve. People from numerous countries also, you are spoiling your life with bad habits like these. When bad people come close, you should go far away.


Tyaja Durjana Samsargam.

Bhaja Sadhu Samagamam.

Kuru Punyam Ahorathram.


Leave bad company. Join good company.

Undertake meritorious deeds day and night.

(Sanskrit sloka)


That only is what we should do.


Tyaja Durjana Samsargam.

Leave bad company.

(Sanskrit sloka)


A snake may be kept near, but don’t keep these bad people near. So, don’t allow men like snakes to come close. I never ask anyone for even a paisa. So many activities are continuing on. I didn’t ask for even a naiya paisa anywhere. You know. (Applause) Until this day I never entered into the subject of money. Money only is the ‘God’ for many ‘devotees’ today. Money is God to them. If they begin such wickedness, how can they be devotees? It has nothing to do with devotion at all.

Now, I said before that I would bring up children without any parents. I will help them to progress. I will deposit one hundred thousand rupees in each of their names and after they are adults, arrange their marriage and future, and then give them leave to go. Up till today, this hasn’t been told to anyone.

But today some people use Swami’s Name by saying, “We are fostering all these children; we are giving donations to Swami.” In this way they are making the donations their own. Is there any other worse deceit that can be done to Swami? They are all betrayers of God. Using Swami’s Name and making wealth their own - I won't accept this. You may live by begging, but don’t use My Name for making money.


How Should We Do Service To Swami?

The old students came to Me today in the early morning. All of you know well: C. Srinivas is in Bangalore. He studied in our college and progressed in all ways. He also did work in the college as warden, and he fostered it in many ways. Finally, he didn’t get any (outside) job at all. He said he didn’t want it. “I want to do service to Swami.” With that object in view he asked, “What does Swami like? What is necessary? What activity should be done?” He carried on his activities with plans like these. He is looking after the entire Super Speciality Hospital that is run in Bangalore.

He came to Me today: “Swami, is anyone giving free education today? Who will give a better life to us? If we observe the hospital, they are giving free medicine, free medicine. There also, they don’t take any money at all. They don’t take anything from small children either. Therefore, because You are doing so much for us, fostering us and helping us to progress, how should we do service to Swami?”

They made a plan and came. “If there is no education in any village, we should build a school there. Hence, Swami must inaugurate this today.” I replied, “Dear one, don’t be hasty, don’t be hasty.” All of the youth today proceed with speed. No.


Start early, drive slowly, reach safely.



Don’t be in haste. C. Srinivas said, “Swami, there are so many people, old students, who are here. Because You have educated us, fostered us and brought us up, isn't it necessary that we do even a little bit of service? Therefore, in this way we should show our gratefulness to Swami. It should be announced this evening.”

I said, “Good.” I accepted. If anyone says they will do good works, I will not say “No.” Hence, the ones who want to do things like this should take responsibility and enter into activities. Only when it is done like this, even the old students will progress a lot.


The Elders Won't Do and Won't Let Others Do

There are many old students from Madras and Hyderabad. So many are even coming from Madras. But in a few situations, like ‘stitched old cloth that is suitable to cover a hole’, all of these are the dramas appropriate to the leaders. If all big people, the ones who are presidents, enter into wickedness, the youth will also enter into wickedness. Therefore, it is not possible to say what karma (bad fate) the cities of Madras and Hyderabad have.

I said so often that I would buy some land and I would build. I would build the required buildings. However, they don’t have that sraddha and devotion. They act (pretend) as if they have sraddha and devotion. Therefore, what is the use in acting? It is only a loss to them.

There are so many devotees from the past who are feeling very badly. Madras has been falling into that same plight. Hyderabad has fallen into that same plight. Youth are aspiring, “It should be done; it should be done.” However, what are they able to do? In everything, the elders won't do and they won't let the youth do. (Applause).

So, what I want is - I don’t need temples and I don’t need any lands. Do seva with joy. Even when the elders don’t accept your prayers, leave it. Their karma (bad fate) is their own. You, who are youth, should enter into activity and have the suitable sraddha. (Applause)

Give suitable type of help to all the ones who have no protection. Give food to the ones who are suffering without rice and food. Throughout the world, the head consists of (is nourished by) food. So the three - food, head and God, should be unified. Therefore, if you wish to do seva, you can do any seva that is helpful to others. Hence, you don’t need to wait for these people or those people.


I Will Give, But Don’t Ask For Donations

If you have any necessity, ask Me. (Applause) I will give, but don’t ask for donations anywhere, not even a naiya paisa. One collects donations for one hundred rupees and advertises it, spending 1,000 rupees! Therefore, we don’t need advertisements. If you need anything individually, ask Me and I will give. (Applause) Why do you have these difficulties while keeping Swami, who is like a mountain, with you? (Applause)

Don’t take refuge anywhere. If you go and take refuge with such people, they will speak very big philosophy. This philosophy is not worth a single paisa. (Applause) Useless, useless, useless! (Applause) Not only here in Bharath. It is also like that in other places. Go to England and see; go to Japan and see; go to Germany and see. No matter where one goes, there are businesses like this.

Wherever one goes, this is the news that one must listen to. I receive this news; much comes. I put this nuisance aside. Is this what I must listen to? “All are fine. All are happy. All are comfortable.” Things like that I should listen to. (Applause) I have a lot of suffering, knowing people are undertaking this type of ‘journey’, selling Swami’s Name. Devotion should not be sold at all. Even the ocean may give drinking water; but this kind of fake devotion won't give it  (purity) at all.

None should go near the one who asks for money. Even now I am very late (in speaking about this). I am not even asking anyone at all. Why should I keep all of these agents? Don’t let any of these fake agents near. I don’t have any need of money. I have need of Love. Give and take, give and take, give and take. (Applause) If I have that one thing, Love, it is enough.

Sanctify your life with that Love. There is no devotion that excels Love. Therefore, do even any small task with this Love. If you even give a tumbler of water to someone who wants to drink it, you will be greatly sanctified. What else is needed other than that? Thirst must be quenched and bliss should be experienced.

Today many people, 90% of the people who are ‘devotees, devotees, devotees’, are phoney. In the past, it used to be so joyful. All the devotees came together and they used to spend time so joyfully. Day-by-day, day-by-day and day-by-day, phoney people are increasing. As soon as they get up in the early morning, they will put bottu (a mark of devotion on the forehead). (Laughter) They will put on a scarf. However, they then wander about. What wandering do they do? The dogs that wander about on the streets are better than them! Therefore, we should not let dogs like this near us.


You Don’t Know How My Mind Suffers

Embodiments of Love!

Develop Love. However, there are so many individuals who have Love. Experience that Love, without tearing that Love or breaking that Love. There is no need to build Me temples anywhere. There is no need to build any lodgings, no need to build any meeting places and no need to build any places of worship. I don’t need anything at all. Give the temple of your heart, that’s enough. (Applause) I will be so happy there.

Instead, temples are built like that and bad reports come from there. My mind is spoiled so much by this. You don’t know how much My mind suffers. However, except for the pain that, “They are doing like this,” I don’t have any suffering. They are using the Name of Sai and going about in this way. This is very bad. Bad things should not be done anywhere with the Name of God.

If you don’t have the capability to do something good, close your mouth and sit. Only do that, but don’t continue to make the promises of, “We’ll do.” Due to these promises, all is being spoiled. Divinity should be experienced with Love and in silence.

Today, the people of all countries have gathered here. Therefore it was necessary to say this today. If anyone comes near, do namaskaar (pay your respects) to him or her. It’s enough. They will come softly and say, “Sir, we are doing this business.” We should say, “A namaskaar to business, go away!” (Laughter) The ones who make friendship for business are fools, fools: fools, fools, fools, fools! (Laughter) We should not make friendship with business at all. Say goodbye to this kind of friendship and leave.

If you want or need anything, ask Me. (Applause) I will never do any kind of deceit to anyone. I won't do it. I won't speak untruth. However, today it became necessary to speak about the sinful actions that are happening to devotees. Hence, whoever it is, I am hoping that from today, such situations will not be embarked upon.


Today There Is No Namasmarana

Numerous people are entering numerous types of paths and are putting obstacles in the way of spirituality. In the past when I went to Bombay, wherever one looked, there were only devotees. They used to do nagarsankirtan (singing the Name of God throughout the town). They used to do bhajans. They even used to do bhajans in the aerodrome. They used to do bhajans throughout the roads. Today there is no Namasmarana (repeating the Name of the Lord) anywhere at all. There are many devotees, but they don’t like to enter into these kinds of things.

Now and then, I feel a lot of suffering. From the beginning, I used to go so much to Bombay, Madras and Hyderabad. They gained a lot of fame and are well known. Today My mind doesn’t feel like going there. Such degenerate people have developed there. Therefore, first and foremost, we should send these degenerates far away.

The people who contemplate on God should be treated kindly. God will never leave anyone at all. He offers hospitality to everyone. Divinity will not have any kind of differences. Outside people may have hatred. However, God has no type of hatred at all. Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love - develop this Love.


I Want Only Quality

Tomorrow is the Valedictory function. I will tell you tomorrow what you should do and what you should make others to do. (Applause) I don’t want that many devotees should come to this hall and fill it up. All of this is only ‘quantity’.


I want only quality.

Why barrels of donkey’s milk?

One teaspoon of cow milk is better.



Therefore, it’s enough if there are one or two people who have good feelings. Therefore, the State Presidents and Trust Conveners (of the Sai Organization) should take the proper caution and take the proper care, or else leave it (resign their position). We will look after things. (Applause) We didn’t give the position to you because we can’t do it. We can do things for ourselves.

There is also the All-India President. The All-India President should also take note. If anyone in the Organisation is like this, throw them out immediately. (Applause) They should not keep them for even a day. Won’t anything continue on without them? Any amount can continue. Such fools like this should be thrown out from here.

Today My mind has such difficulty. For many days My feelings have been rising, rising, rising and overflowing so much. However, an opportunity did not arise then. To whom should I tell? Today numerous people have gathered, so this is the right opportunity. Noticing this right time, it should be told to you.


God Is Always Ready

So, Embodiments of Love!

All of you develop Love and slay hatred.


Help ever,

 Hurt never.


Hence, make distant all bad feelings. In the Sathya Sai Organization you have to embark upon a very lasting, true and eternal path.

People only act good when they come to Puttaparthi. As soon as they go beyond this road, they play their own former plays. Therefore, such bad intellect has to be turned into ashes today. When it is like that, you should attempt to develop theism (faith in God).

God is always completely ready. He is ready to give what is asked for. Hence, don’t keep any doubt regarding God. God is always with you, around you, beside you and in you. (Applause) Therefore, you will never be distant from God. Make the appropriate effort to develop such a Divinity. Don’t make this into a business.


Truth Is Our God

Embodiments of Love!

I am saying this with so much Love, but I don’t have any hatred or difficulty. Hence, recognize well this truth. Tell the ones who don’t know. Devotion to God should proceed silently. No one should spoil their life with untruth in any way. Hence:


Sathyam Bruyat.

Speak the Truth.

(Sanskrit sloka)


Truth is our God. Therefore, spend your life with this Truth and end your life with this Truth. Tomorrow, bring all of your doubts. Without fail I will dissolve your doubts. However, only make distant bad company. One should immediately make bad company distant. If you do that, that will be so much help to Me.

I am not asking you to do work for Me at all. I don’t need any help with My work. I have My work. Who is doing it? I, Myself, am doing it. I, Myself, am doing even very small works. I won't ask anyone to do this work. The whole world is giving so much help to Me. (Applause) Therefore, you don’t need to give that help to Me. Just take part in service to society well, and rectify it in the right way.


Bhagavan ended His Divine Discourse by chanting the bhajan, “Hari Bhajana Bina Sukha Shanti Nahi…”


I Have No Suffering At All

Many people are suffering since four days. Why? Because they are also feeling very badly, thinking that I have taken someone’s illness and I am suffering. I have no suffering at all regarding that which I have taken with Love. From where will I get pain? I am taking their pain, isn't it? I won't have pain here (in this Body).

However, there is a system to this. There are rules and regulations for everything. I have taken someone’s illness. However, as much as they have to experience it, it cannot be escaped (by this Divine Body) to have that pain to that extent. At a time like that, I took their pain. They escaped it, but I have taken it. So I (this Body) have to experience it, don’t I? Hence, I cannot avoid experiencing it. The time that he had to experience it, for that much time, I  (this Body) have to experience it.

I have no suffering at all and no difficulty at all. You know, truly, if there were so much swelling, would it be possible to talk so much? No! So, I don’t have that suffering at all. The entire suffering has reached this Body.

All should be well. All should be blissful. (Applause) All should be comfortable. I have no suffering at all. You don’t need to feel badly, thinking that I have suffering. Then, if you have any suffering, give it. I will take it. (Applause) Hence, all of you be joyful, knowing that I have no suffering. (Applause)



International Seva Conference

Second Address Glossary


Taken from "A Glossary of Sanskrit Words

Gleaned from Sai Literature"


1)     Adharma (pg. 123) Bad; wrong or unrighteous; behaving as and when the whim dictates

2)     Ashanthi (pg. 41) Peacelessness that is confounding the world

3)     Bhajan: (pg. 68) The singing of devotional songs in praise of God.

4)     Chittha: (pg. 100) Mind or will (Telugu dictionary: mind or heart)

5)     Gunas: (pg. 148) Sathwa guna - peaceful, emphasizing on virtues. Rajo guna - active, emphasizing on luxuries. Thamo guna - dull, emphasizing on vices.

6)     Namaskaar (pg. 243) Salutation, good wishes, from namamakaara: All that I am and have is due to Your Grace; or ‘na-ma’, ‘not mine’; A form of salutation by folding the palms together and holding them near the heart region. It symbolizes the touching of the Guru’s Feet or surrendering the ego at the Feet of the Lord

7)     Namasmarana: (Pg. 244) Repeating the name of the Lord

8)     Sadhana (pg. 303) The path of spiritual discipline

9)     Seva: (pg. 345) Loving or selfless service

10) Sraddha (pg. 356) Faith and interest; steady faith; steadfastness; devotion

11) Swasha (pg. 371) Breath

12) Vishwasa: (pg. 411) Faith; steadfastness






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