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The following discourse has been translated into English from Bhagavan's Telugu speech as heard on this festival's ashram audiocassette. It is a complete, literal translation made with the objective of preserving Bhagavan's precious original poetic style as much as possible.



of the

Super Speciality Hospital

January 19, 2001

Super Speciality Hospital,

Whitefield, Bangalore

Bharat is the Motherland of great ones, who achieved great name and fame throughout the whole world.

It is the land of battle that drove out the Westerners and gained independence.

The land of Bharat showed genius and gained much fame in scholarship.

It is the Divine land that showed outstanding excellence in music, literature, and science.

The land of Bharat gave birth to wonders in the fine arts.

To protect the good fortune of Dharma in Mother Bharat is your responsibility,

O Bharatians!

The responsibility is all yours, O Bharatians!

The responsibility is all yours, O Bharatians!

(Telugu poem)


Health Is Wealth

Embodiments of the Divine Atma!

From ancient times in Bharat, the great ones, Yogis and scholars have undertaken numerous types of investigations for the sake of health.


‘Arogyam Maha Bhagyam’

Health is wealth in life.

(Sanskrit sloka)

Therefore numerous people, even sages, helped in this: to protect health in order to develop bliss, and to give the country peace and security. It is felt that Allopathy, English medicine, is very important. However, not only Allopathy. They had the belief that Ayurveda is also very necessary. However, this Allopathy cures illnesses temporarily, but it does not give permanent release (cure). Hence, because Ayurveda cures permanently, it became so sanctified in the history of the country.

Importance Of The Heart

In our body, the heart is very important. If the heart fails, the whole life becomes useless. What is the work that this heart does? It brings together all the blood in the body. It pumps it into the lungs and there the blood becomes clean. Then it sends this blood flowing all over the body.

Heart does not only do a work like this. Some types of power and capabilities are there in that heart. That is, when it pumps blood to the lungs, if it pumps once all that blood makes a journey of 12,000 miles! What is the power that makes this blood flow this distance of 12,000 miles? Is it a scientist? No. Engineers? No. Yogis? No. Not machines. Not Tanthras (secret rites for attaining superhuman powers). The support for all of this is the power of God (Applause). Without the Sankalpa (will or resolve) of God, man cannot do any small work.

Man of today is losing the mind, the power of God and Self-confidence. For that reason today no matter how many types of Allopathy medicines are increasing, diseases also are increasing along with that. What is the result of this? Therefore, everyone has to foster the Self-confidence. This Self-confidence is the main cause for everything. Without such a Self-confidence, humanness is useless.

In this Allopathy also, some powers are there. After some time they will reduce. Then symptoms will increase again. So, one individual felt that Ayurveda had a great history. In the country of Germany, in a town called Mesh that individual was born. Samuel Hahnemann is the name of that individual. He is one who became perfect in this. The dictate of Bharat is Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu. Taking Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu - May all the world be happy as a foundation, that was his aim. Due to this, he achieved something great and permanent.

Protect The Poor

However, man of today is not struggling at all for this kind of progress of the world and welfare of the world. Heart diseases are increasing today. A Super Speciality Hospital was built in Prasanthi Nilayam and they are doing heart operations. Up to today 10,600 operations have been performed. So many poor people are joyful at being cured.

When any doctor has to be seen, money is very necessary. No one is thinking what the plight of the poor people is. Therefore, what is the plight of these poor people? Protecting these poor people and curing their diseases, the right kind of Karma marga (path of action) thus has to be developed.

Therefore, the true service is the service that protects the poor people. So, there are no leaders who see these poor people. The government is not even looking after them. The poor think that perhaps the doctors will see them. But doctors will truly not even touch them. If a doctor spends 10 million to build a hospital, he will expect 100 million in profits. Doctors have no compassion or kindness at all. Therefore, the plight of these poor people has become very difficult.

Now, from three days, from four days, operations are going on here. On what kind of poor people? One is a carpenter. One is a washerman. All people like these have come and doctors here are removing their troubles. Fifty people have been operated on. When their faces are seen, there is so much bliss!

What is the use of medicine that does not give bliss? What is the use of medicine that gives neither health nor happiness? Even when doctors become greatly, greatly educated, the plight of poor people is not bothered with at all. For that reason we are doing everything for the poor people with this hospital today. I am happy only when happiness is given to the poor people. I am offering my whole life for the poor people.

This Hospital In Karnataka

Today in this Bangalore hospital they will do heart transplants and lung transplants - all of these. Permanent happiness must be given to these poor people. Only when there is a healthy heart, there will be the right type of courage. After the health is spoiled, it is no use having everything. No matter how rich, no matter how much virtue, it is no use without a healthy heart.

For that reason, Patel (former Chief Minister), who was here in the past, gave so much help for this. Even Krishna, who is here at present, is giving us so much help. Therefore the people of Karnataka are working so hard for this. Hence, wanting the people of Karnataka to also experience the right type of bliss is our determination.

Diseases come to anyone. There is no difference of poor people and millionaires here. No matter who, it is OK. Here it is free, free, free! There will be no charges of even a naiya paisa (a single cent). Not only that. They will have free meals. It is our aim to have them reach to their homes happily without any type of problem. This is the Organization that will be permanent. A few people think that it is only for today and tomorrow. No it isn't, it isn't! The Organization started by Sai is permanent (Applause).

The other day one washerman came from Gulbarga. When he was seen he said, "Swami! Oh, our Lord Who protects! We have been cured! We had a heart operation." He was so joyful!

If there is a heart operation, money is needed. Only for entrance fees, 5,000 rupees is needed. But they don't even have 5 paisas with them! Paapam! (What a pity!) Aren’t there so many rich people in this world? Are there not so many rich people in this right position to help? Are any of them beginning this type of compassion and kindness?

A thousand may be said.

Even one is not done.

(Telugu poem)

Is any rich person doing even a thousandth part of the works that Sai is doing? (Applause) Spending millions, we are giving water to all the villages. Spending millions, we are giving education. Spending these millions, we are even increasing this health.

Many people have no bones in the mouth, no bones in the tongue.

(Telugu poem)

Anything at all may be said. If one comes to the individual who talks like that, tell him to give a full meal to a poor person. Let’s see. Even if a beggar comes to a rich man’s house, the rich will yell to the dog and have the dog pounce on him!

Therefore today in all spheres everything also is money, money, money, money. Education needs money. Music needs money! Literature needs money! Then in all different areas this money is required. To cure diseases also money is required. To buy medicines also money is needed. This money has even entered into this field of healthcare.

Embodiments of Love!

Even when there are so many of these doctors, they have to change their minds, have compassionate hearts, and do good service. Make this hardness distant. Money, money, money. When you go (leave the body), will you bundle up all the money and take it with you? No matter how much money may be earned, that will not come with you.

Service With Love And Sacrifice

Only do service with Love. Most importantly do service to poor people. It is the service to the poor that will protect you. Rama Seva means Seva (service) to poor people. That is Rama’s Seva. Therefore do service to the poor. Dedicate your life for the poor. I don't have any other desire. Service to the poor is My important aim. Whatever it is, OK. Even offering the life, we will try to protect them! (Applause) You at least develop a thousandth part of this aim. This is what man has to do today. What is the use of man being born? No, no! The power that God has given to us has to be offered to the poor.

Na Tapamsi, Na Tirthanam, Na Shastrana, Japa Nahi. Samsara Sagaro Thare, Sad Jana Sevana Vina.

Neither by penance nor by pilgrimages nor by learning sacred texts nor repetition of the Name of God …

To cross over this ocean of Samsara, there should be service to good people.

(Sanskrit sloka)

Therefore, you have to dedicate your lives to service to poor people.

By good fortune, you have studied so much. You have become great, great doctors. However, what is the quality of these doctors? Thyaagam, Thyaagam (sacrifice, inner renunciation) only is their welfare. The doctor with no Thyaagam is useless. Therefore, they have to begin Thyaagam. We have to think that Thyaagam is our life’s welfare. Therefore, seeing the poor people, you have to bring them near with so much kindness. That is the true Compassion and Love. Therefore, you develop that Love, do service, and you must be blessed.

So many people are giving up their life due to not having money in life. Life is not sustained with money. It is sustained with Love. Therefore, you develop Love. Develop Thyaagam. The welfare of the world will increase according to the amount of Thyaagam that you develop.

Therefore we are building a hospital not to make millions with the hospital. What is the use of making these crores of money? At last (at the end of life) you have to go with empty hands. Use that which is earned for the poor people. Hence, you have to offer your lives in this helping of others.

Paro Pakara Punyaya Papaya Para Peedanam.

One attains merit by serving others and commits sin by hurting them.

(Sanskrit sloka)

Therefore, you have to begin the determination to help others.

Sacrifice For The Poor

Because this hospital is here today, so many types of people have come and are building these buildings all around this area. Before there was no value at all for this land. As soon as our hospital developed the value of the land has increased a lot now, thousands and thousands. They are earning so many thousands. What are they doing for the poor? Therefore you have to sacrifice this for the poor.

If one poor person is happy, you will get so much joy. Help ever. Hurt never. Never earn by squeezing it out of another. If money is earned by making the poor bring it, crying and crying in earning it, and money is taken by you, they are even losing their lives! Become Embodiments of Love. Become Embodiments of Compassion. Become Embodiments of Thyaagam. This Thyaagam will give you so much Yoga (union with God).

Therefore from today this hospital, wherever it is, whatever people they may be, whatever country it may be, we don't have any difference. Anyone can come here and enter into it. We will give treatment - free treatment - to everyone. In any way, we will even take loans to give the treatment. Therefore, we are not doing it for financial gains. Our important aim is to give life.

Grace Of God

So all of you learn this new lesson. It is what doctors should especially learn. Doctors completely give up the desire for money. Develop the desire for Love. Develop Thyaagam. Money will come on its own. These diseases cannot be cured at all with medicines. It will be cured only with the Grace of God. Therefore, you earn the Grace of God. Earn it and cure everyone with it.

Embodiments of Love!

Along with medicine, there should also be the Grace of God. Along with God's Grace, Thyaagam should also be developed. What is the use of having so much? You are eating a full stomach. However, what is the plight of everyone else? We also have to search for them. We also have to see that. We have to enter into actions that help others.

Therefore, it is not that we have built this hospital only for beauty. Along with this beauty, bliss also has to be increased. Where will bliss come from? Only when the poor people are given happiness, we will have bliss.

Poor people are suffering a lot, falling into so many difficulties, and succumbing to so many miseries. They do not have the capability to buy even medicine. Therefore, all medicines we will give free. For that reason only, in the matter of this hospital, without keeping wrong feelings, you develop the feeling of Thyaagam and make the right kind of effort to give bliss to all the people. Because it is very late, there is no time to tell more details to you. Therefore, bliss and health should be offered, with all that we have given, with spiritual feelings.

Without the Grace of God, even a single vein will not move. You are thinking that disease is being cured with medicine. It is not being cured with medicines. Truly, if it would be cured with medicines, aren’t great Kings going (dying)? Did not so many rich people go (die)? It isn't, it isn't like that! There should also be the Grace of God. Medicines are negative. God's Grace is positive. When both of these come together, it is possible for there to be a cure. Therefore, along with medicines, we also have to pray for the Grace of God. Without the Grace of God, this body would not have grown so much.

There are so many wonderful and amazing aspects in the body. Who can make the beating of the vein? Each one’s vein is beating for itself. Who is doing blood circulation? Who is making the heart to beat? No, it isn't anything else. It is all God's power. With the power of God, this whole body is growing. Service should be done with the body that grows. It is no use just for the body to grow. Service should be done. Service should be done with the body that grows! Among all those kinds of service, service to poor people is very necessary.

Shakti Of Hospitals In Puttaparthi And Here

So you don't know the full matter of this hospital today. In the future it will reach a great state. The whole world will come here and have to undergo treatment. (Applause) In this hospital there is a Divine Shakti (power or energy) like that. In the past, when the Super Speciality Hospital was built in Puttaparthi, many people made fun of it. Now there is not even one heart patient in the villages surrounding Puttaparthi! A heart patient cannot be seen. If one has to go for a heart operation, even a small boy will come smiling and smiling with joy.

Even in Karnataka that situation also has to come about, the way devoid of heart trouble. (Applause) Bring the people who are in the villages and come. And you have to get them to undergo the right type of treatment. Bring anyone at all. We have no objection. Everyone has a right. Therefore undergo treatment, attain health, and develop joy.

Today our Vajpayee undertook so much trouble and came here. Even when it is like that, a leader like that is very necessary in the world. He will give a lot of enthusiasm and encouragement to do good works like this. Ministers who give that type of enthusiasm and encouragement are also very necessary. If the country has to be upheld, good feelings should come to those Ministers. They have to have Love for God. There should be the Grace of God. With that Shakti of God, anything can be achieved. There is not a single work that cannot be accomplished with the Shakti of God. Therefore,

Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu.

All should be happy.

This only is My desire. I will do anything at all for that. I will even offer My life. (Applause) What is the use of an individual who does not desire the welfare of the people? I will always wish for the good of everyone. Therefore, good feelings will always be coming to Me. When good feelings come, there is no need to search for money. That will come walking on its own.

Don't Waste

Therefore, Embodiments of Love!

We have wasted your time a lot. You have sat so long, three, four hours. You have become very tired. However, there is no one to discover your suffering. Yet having been here, there is one thing that you can achieve. What is it? Achieve that Thyaagam, and use money also on the path of service to others, and do help to the poor. That is what I am desiring. I will not ask anyone anything at all. You do help to the poor. Do all kinds of help. They want food. Food is God. Food is God. Therefore, give food.

Money makes many wrongs. Therefore, we shouldn’t use this on the wrong path. Misuse of money is evil. How much money you are spending! Rich people are wasting money in so many ways. Drinking, eating, acting just as they like, is this the true kind of wealth? Is this the work that money does? No, no! Put it to good use. There are four types of things for man to observe:

Don't waste food.

Don't waste money.

Don't waste energy.

Don't waste time.

Time waste is life waste.

Therefore, all of you are unnecessarily wasting time with all this talk. Instead of wasting time, take part in service to help others. That is what I am asking for. Do help to everyone. No matter what kind of person comes, help him to some extent according to our power. That is what I am asking for.

Then after a few days you come here and see. You will receive the Thyaaga, Bhoga (enjoyment) and Ananda (bliss) that is experienced here, which no one else achieves. All the poor people will play joyfully and laugh like the chirping of birds! We should see their smiles! We should see their health! We should see the bliss of the poor people! That is the right type of path for our life.

Paro Pakara Punyaya Papaya Para Peedanam.

One attains merit by serving others and commits sin by hurting them.

(Sanskrit sloka)

Therefore, you should make the effort to have the good fortune to see the bliss of these poor people. This only is My concluding Blessing.



(Bhagavan's Divine Discourse was followed by the National Anthem.)



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