(End of Sivarathri Discourse on February 18 2004, translated literally from the audiocassette.)

Embodiments of Love! (Applause) No matter how much things like this happen, there is no danger to this body at all. (Applause) Three tons weight has been relived from the stomach. Therefore, the body had some exhaustion. From two months, the right amount of food and strength was not given to it (the body). However, from today, there will be no type of tiredness and it will be quite well. (Applause & cheers from crowd) Importantly, seeing the exhaustion of this body, all of you were very sad. However, there is no need to be afraid or worry about this. (Applause) From tomorrow, I will go about just as I wish. (Loud, prolonged applause)

Embodiments of Love! I have offered this body to you. Whether you look after it or ignore it in any way, it is your responsibility. So there is no need for you to be sad in any way.

(Swami sings “Siva, Siva, Siva, Siva, Sivaya Namah Om”)

(The tape ended soon afterwards and the second time Swami spoke was not on it.)