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The following discourse has been translated into English from Bhagavan's Telugu speech as heard on this festival's ashram audiocassette. It is a complete, literal translation made with the objective of preserving Bhagavan's precious original poetic style as much as possible.



In Nanded

July 17th, 2001


Divine Discourse by

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Prashanthi Nilayam


In the sacred land of Bharath,

Forbearance is the beauty for us.

Out of all the rituals,

Adhering to great Truth

Is the most difficult penance.

In our country,

The motherly feeling

Is the highest of sweet feelings.

Our moral culture,

Which considers self-respect greater than life,

Is being burnt by seeing foreign moral culture,

Which gives strange freedom,

That is like a sharp knife.

What should I say about the reign of Bharatiyas?

Just like the elephant does not know its own strength,

Our Bharatiyas are like that today.

(Telugu poem)


    Embodiments of Love!

From ancient times, this sacred country of Bharath gave comforts and happiness to all countries through its peace and security. So, from then until now, it propagated in the whole world:

Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu.

    May all in the world be happy

       (in all aspects).


Types of Bliss

Every single Bharatiya wants bliss. This bliss cannot be obtained by us in Prakrithi (the world), in people, or in things. These are all temporary happiness. Bliss, eternal and true bliss, arises from every person's heart. However, man of today is unable to recognize such a supreme Truth. He is being deluded that bliss can be attained in people or in government or from things. Human beings are full of bliss. Man is the embodiment of bliss. Only due to his attachment to the body, he is unable to recognize the bliss that is in him.

However, today man has divided bliss into three categories. He is doing numerous types of actions with selfishness and self-interests, as he is unable to recognize the Truth that is in him. But another type is: He is succumbing to so many different types of troubles, having faith that bliss will be attained through the actions he does.

So, the bliss of Divinity in every single man is only One, but he has divided it.

Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu.

All should be blissful. All should be comfortable. That only is the feeling of Divine Love.


    Embodiments of Love!

The bliss that man wants is not in the outside world. It is not in the outside world. It is within us. Our bliss is the reflection that arises from our feeling. The bliss that is experienced today is reflection and reaction bliss, but not real bliss. The bliss within us is reflected to us in so many ways.


Bliss is in Us

Man of today has to develop inner vision. Gradually we have to reduce the body attachment. Attachment to Atma should be increased. Then only we will obtain eternal and true bliss.


Nirgunam Niranjanam Sanathanam Niketanam Nithya Suddha Buddha Muktha Nirmala Swarupinam


Attributeless, unsullied, eternal, always pure,

Pure intellect, free, unpolluted form.

                                                                      (Sanskrit Sloka)


Such an eternal and true bliss is within us. This only is what our ancient culture of Bharath teaches. The supremely fortunate child of Bharath, unable to know the Divine power in him, is being deluded by happiness in the outside world and is succumbing to numerous difficulties, losses, and sorrows.

We are feeling that we can be blissful with the money of today. This is absolutely false. The earth is going around the sun and people of today are going around money. Money may come today and may go tomorrow. The wealth of bliss is spiritual wealth. This wealth is within us. It is permanent.


  The Bharatiya who knows auspicious feelings,
Yet unable to know the Divine Truth (in those feelings),

That Bharatiya is deceiving himself.

(Telugu poem)


He is wasting all his time being deluded that he will get bliss in the outside world.


    Embodiments of Love, Bharatiyas!

All the bliss that you aspire for is within yourself. It is within you. It is completely ready. We should hope for the welfare of the world and keep in sight the welfare of the people also. We should hope for the happiness of the whole world. It is true humanness to have thought, word, and action unified.


The proper study of mankind is man.


However today, man's thought is one, word another, and action still another. Due to this, he is succumbing to disappointment and dejection. Every man today knows the Truth. He knows Dharma but he is unable to practice it. These (Truth and Dharma) are the actions that we have to do every single day.


From getting up from sleep until going to sleep again,

Due to his love of life,

He is struggling for his livelihood with no limitations.

Tell affectionately, O Man!

What great happiness have you obtained

By learning so much education and forgetting God?

(Telugu poem)


Characteristics of Human Beings and Animals

Animals, birds, and beasts are also struggling for food and sleep. However, being born as man, it is not justifiable for you also to struggle in this way for food and sleep like animals, birds, and beasts. The he-buffalo has two horns on its head. Did it get respect because of that? No, no! Being born as man, it is not proper for us to live as animals, birds, and beasts. This is not correct.

It is the characteristic of beasts to give fear. It is the characteristic of animals to have fear. Man is not a beast; he is not an animal. Today, wherever it is, man has fear, fear, fear, right from getting up in the early morning. Staying in the house, he has only fear. Going on the street, fear. Going outside, fear. Going on the train, fear. Going in the car, fear. Going in the bus, fear. Fear, fear, fear! He is living in fear.


To this man without compassion,

To those battered in Samsara,

Only difficulties are the relatives,

And tears are the presents.

What is this harshness?

Will this life never change, never change,

Never change?

It will change! It will change!

(Telugu poem)


    Embodiments of Love!

All of you should become single-minded. Pray to God with steady bhakthi. All kinds of welfare will come to us. All of these troubles are what man has created; but they are not that which God has given (or bestowed on man).

Whatever man resolves, God says, "Let it be, let it be, let it be." He will bless. So we have to develop good, true resolves. Eternal resolves have to be developed. Loving resolves have to be developed.


All is Our Own Reaction, Reflection, and Resound

So, the reaction, resound, and reflection in us arise out of the heart. Hence, we have no one outside hating us. There is no one outside who gives us trouble (or suffering or difficulties). We are giving ourselves this trouble (or suffering or difficulties). We are hating (troubling) ourselves.

All are friends to us; all are dear to us. All are brothers, so we have to make distant the demonic troubles of anger, hatred, and jealousy in us. We have to develop the natural (Divine) Love in us. We have to develop the natural bliss. We have to declare the form of Truth. This only is the important sadhana (spiritual practice) that we have to do today.


    Embodiments of Love!

When all are unified, there will be so much bliss gained. Due to each one becoming divided, we are unable to experience our own bliss. Every word, every action, every resolve is the nature of reflection, reaction, and resound.

You are thinking that others are very bad. No, no! The reflection of your own qualities are being found in others. Everything bad is only reflection, reaction, and resound. There is no fault at all in others. There is only the full nature of Love in them.


God is Love, Love is God


Prema Easwara Hai.

Easwara Prema Hai!


Love is God.

God is Love.

(Hindi song)

Our nature of Love will certainly arise from within us.


Brahma (God) is the form of Love

And full of Love.

If Love is joined with Love,

(When humans love each other with Divine Love),

The outer senses become controlled.

Therefore, if Love is strong,

One will have Divine wisdom

And become spiritual.

(Telugu poem)


Divine bliss is not away (distant) from you. All is only your reflection, your reaction, and your resound. All this air that is blowing, where is it from? It is everywhere. But is it seen by the eyes? Can it be caught by the hand? Yet, saying it cannot be caught by the hand, and it cannot be seen by the eye, can you say that there is no air at all? In what way can you live without this air? Therefore, air is the form of God. Therefore, all our life-breath also is full of air.


Wind is God.

Love is God. Live in Love.


That which is all-pervasive is the nature of Love only. Therefore, we don't need to search for God anywhere. He is with you, beside you, around you. He is going around without you seeing Him. Therefore, we are forms of God. Thinking like this, you should be happy.


Help Ever. Hurt Never

Whatever blemish (wrong or fault) is experienced, you have to feel that it's your reaction. Don't think that, 'Someone is doing harm to us.' Don't criticize others. This is the standard (basis) of our sacred culture of Bharath:


Help ever. Hurt never.


These hands always have to help. Then, why did God give these hands? He gave them only for thyaaga, thyaaga, thyaaga (sacrifice). We have to do charity to others. We have to help others. We have to do so many kinds of help to others.

But today man has stopped doing (giving) help. Therefore, in the sacred dictates of the Vedas, it is stated:


Na Karmana,

Na Prajaya,

Dhanena Thyaaganeki,

Amrita Manassu.


Not by action, not by progeny or wealth;

Sacrifice alone confers Immortality.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


Today, wherever one looks in the world, there is pollution. Water pollution, food pollution, conduct pollution - all is polluted. Only the heart alone is full of the nature of sacred Love. It is steady and selfless. Therefore, all the Vedic proofs taught about the Atma:


Nirgunam, Niranjanam, Sanathanam, Niketanam, Nithya Suddha Buddha Muktha Nirmala Swarupinam.


Attributeless, unsullied,

Eternal, always pure,

Pure intellect, free, unpolluted form.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


Live in Love

We have to make our quality of sacrifice steady. Along with the quality of thyaaga (sacrifice), the quality of Love also has to be developed. If both Love and thyaaga come together, they will become the form of everything. Therefore Love only is the form of God.


Love is God. Live in Love.


We have to remain 'in Love'. Love has to be loved. Love has to be shared with others. Today, there is Love in man from head to foot. But he is misusing it. He is entering into bad practices (behavior, conduct). He is playing with bad qualities. This is not the swabhava (one's very own nature) of human beings. Bad qualities and bad practices are only the characteristics of animals, but they are not the characteristics of man.

So, we have to attain God with Love. For the upliftment of others and of the world, we should bless all by saying:

Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu, Sukhino Bhavantu, Sukhino Bhavanthu.


Whatever seed we sow, that plant only will come (forth). We will only get fruits of that plant. But nowadays, what is the reason for us to experience all bad? We have planted these bad qualities. Therefore we are seeing bad, we are hearing bad, we are thinking bad. This distress has to be made distant.


See no evil. See what is good.

Hear no evil. Hear what is good.

Talk no evil. Talk what is good.

Think no evil. Think what is good.

Do no evil. Do what is good.

This is the way to God!


Even when this kind of sacred nature is in every man, he is not putting it to use. Therefore, we should always develop good resolves. We should increase and develop sweet, blissful feelings. Then only will we get true, eternal results. However, if one sows bad seeds and wants good fruits, they won't come. Therefore, we should sow good and sweet seeds only. Then we will get the good results of true bliss.


Everything Depends Upon Resolves


    Embodiments of Love!

All the good and bad in the world are dependent upon man's resolves. When man's thoughts are good, our whole life will be good. We will transform the world into a good form. We have to develop Divine, new, auspicious, good feelings. Then only, you will become a true human being.

One is not a human being just by having a stomach, legs, and arms. The right type of proof of being human is a good mind. Therefore, we have to develop a good mind. We have to sow good resolves. In the future that will take the form of good fruits.


    Embodiments of the Divine!

Even from ancient times, our sacred country of Bharath gave such a great, blissful ideal. What is the reason for such a sacred, pure country of Bharath to have this bad situation today? These results are only the effects of the actions that we do. Do good works and have good resolves. Develop this goodness. Everything will transform into good.


Cosmic Power is in Man

    Embodiments of Love!

The nature of your Love is indescribable. So many people have gathered here with Love. So this only is the Cosmic form of Bharath. Yet all scientists of today say, "Cosmic power, Cosmic power." Where is this Cosmic power? Human beings have the most Cosmic power of all! All of the world is contained within man. The Cosmic power and all powers that are in man become reflection, reaction, resound.

There is no power that is greater than man. Man is the form of Divine, auspicious power. Therefore, man should not feel, 'I am low and weak.' There is no higher good power in this world other than you. You may think of some atom bomb, hydrogen bomb, or nitrogen bombs. Actually, no bombs at all have more power. The resolve in man is all-powerful! Even when such a sacred power is in man, he is unable to understand it. Therefore,


    Embodiments of Love!

Foster the power of Love within you. Share that Love with all. Transform the whole world into Love. No pain, suffering, or difficulty will come as obstacles.

All powers are within you. Contemplate on those powers, inquiring inside with inner feeling. In the same way that earthquakes come from the earth, sacred feelings come out from the heart like earthquakes.

No hardship will come to our sacred country of Bharath at all. All should be well. All life-forms also should be peaceful. That is what I wish. Every human being should be full of Love. Nothing can be seen at all except for Love. We will see sights according to the kind of colored glasses we put on. Therefore, develop the sight of Love and you will become full of Love. So,


    Embodiments of Love!

Contemplate on the Name of God and do service, all for the upliftment of the world. Even though no tapas (spiritual practice) is done, even when no merit and sins are done, if seva is done with Love, all will turn into merit.

I am hoping and blessing that very soon this Bharath will be able to be safe and blissful and progress. And that progress will become an ideal to the world.

I am thus ending My discourse.


GLOSSARY for 17-07-01

Taken from "A Glossary of Sanskrit Words 

Gleaned from Sai Literature"


  1. Adwaitha (pg. 6) the philosophy of non-dualism, a complement of Vedanta
  2. Atma: (pg. 50) A spark of the Divine; a conglomeration of manas (mind), buddhi (intellect) and samskaara (civilized tendency); man’s true reality is the Atma; the Atma is a wave of the Paramatma, God viewed as the Universal; the Soul
  3. Bhakthi (pg. 73) true devotion. Or the highest form of love for God
  4. Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu: May all the world be happy.
  5. Prakrithi: (pg. 274) The world, the universe or nature.
  6. Swabhava (pg. 369) essential quality or nature; one’s very own nature
  7. Thapas (pg. 374) ascetic practices
  8. Thyaaga (pg. 380) sacrifice; renunciation; detachment




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