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The following discourse has been translated into English from Bhagavan's Telugu speech as heard on this festival's ashram audiocassette. It is a complete, literal translation made with the objective of preserving Bhagavan's precious original poetic style as much as possible.



Given In Chakur (Maharashtra State)



Divine Discourse by

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba


The whole universe is under the control of God.

Truth is under the control of God.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


Worldly and Spiritual Love

Embodiments of Love!

The whole world is full of Love. The ‘world’ does not only mean its physical form. Praja (People) are prapancha (the created world). This Love is manifested as two types in the world: worldly love and spiritual Love. The two are not different. All of you are embodiments of Love. Your Love makes Divinity manifest.

Yet God's Love is selfless Love. When there is no selfishness, there will not be any fear. The third quality is Love is for Love's sake only, not for any other reason. However, the worldly love worn by the body has selfishness. Wherever this selfishness is, there fear will come.

Therefore, worldly love struggles for something (material objects). The whole world contains Love. There is the quality of Love in a man even if he has no other quality. This quality of Love is a magnet. That is attraction power. The main cause of one person being attracted by another is Love only. Such an attraction, Love, is only in the world. This magnet is also in all of you. There is no human being in the world without Love. That Love is the nature of God. But, we have to use that Love selflessly. There is no selfishness in God at all.


Self (ego) is lovelessness.

Love is selflessness.


The nature that has no expectations at all is Divinity. God has no particular form.


Love is God.

Live in Love.


However, worldly man is using this love in the world with the wife and children and for property and for happiness. So, the nature of Love is the form of God.


Brahma (God) is the form of Love

And full of Love.

If Love is joined with Love,

(when humans love each other with Divine Love)

The outer senses become controlled.

Therefore, if Love is strong,

One will have Divine wisdom

And become spiritual.

(Telugu poem)


Due to there being the supremely worshipful Love in all of you also, you are able to see Me and I am able to see you, the embodiments of Love. All of you are not merely human beings. You are Cosmic forms. The shakthi (power, energy) that is in you is not to be seen anywhere. There is limitless shakthi in you. Yet, you are not able to recognize it.

Only when we love others in the right way, we will also be deserving of other's Love. Therefore, first and foremost, love everyone. Only when you experience such a Divine Love, humanness will transform into Divinity. However, the love of man today is proceeding on the journey in a temporary, unlasting, and untruthful way.

Divine Love is:

Nirgunam, Niranjanam, Sanathanam, Niketanam, Nithya Suddha Buddha Muktha Nirmala Swarupam.


Attributeless, unsullied, 

Eternal, always pure, 

Pure intellect, free, 

Unpolluted form.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


Such a Love is pervading everywhere. Therefore, there is nothing that can be seen in the world that is without God. Every single object is the form of Easwara. Unable to recognize this non-duality, man is making numerous types of mistakes.


Nature, the Soul, and God are ONE!

What is this? This is a cloth. However, this is not a cloth. This is (really) the combination of threads. But, this is not (only) thread. This is (originally) cotton. Cotton, thread, cloth - these three are one. Prakrithi (the world, universe, or Nature), Jivatma (the individual soul), and Paramatma (God, as the Universal) are all One. So, you are not human beings.


The one you think you are,

That is the physical body.

The one others think you are,

That is the mental body.

The one you really are,

That is the Atma Thathwa

(the Reality of the Spirit).


You are swarupas (embodiments) of the Atma, but not swarupas of the body or swarupas of the mind. We are using all of these (body, mind) like instruments.


Embodiments of Love!

We should not enter into spiritual points that everyone does not understand. In daily lives, the nature of Love that we all have is One. The nature of Love is the same from a pauper to a millionaire. Therefore, you have to develop the faith that "We are Divine, the embodiments of Love." When you recognize that you are the amsa (fragment) of Easwara, then only humanity will become fortunate. However, due to varied names and forms being visible in Prakrithi, we are forgetting Divinity.


Is it possible to build a temple for You

Who is pervading

Throughout the Universe?

(Telugu poem)


Your heart only is the temple of God. Have Darshan of God there. This is an easy path.


Even for a millionaire,

Only food and clothing are needed.

But he cannot swallow the glittering gold.

(Telugu poem)


So, that which we desire is food.


Food is God.


Hence, we are aspiring for this food for the body. The thathwa (one's reality or identity) of the mind is only a sort of combination of delusions. Therefore, humanity is with delusions nowadays. The main cause for this is desires.


Embodiments of Love!

There should be no other nature for you except Love. All types of feelings arise out of Love. Therefore, when we recognize the nature of Love, we will become ones who understand the entire universe.

First, have faith in yourself. Develop your own faith (in yourself). Where your faith is, there your Love will arise. Where Love is born, there Truth takes form. Where there is Truth, there is God. Where there is Truth, there we will get Peace. Therefore, Peace is not in any other place in the world. Peace is in us only. Truth is in us. Love is in us. The whole world is in us!


God Is Equally In All

Here so many thousands of people have gathered. Forms and names are different, but there are the five elements in everyone. A man in this world without these five elements cannot be seen. Those five elements are the form of Paramatma. If we lose Truth, we have lost one Praana in us.


Varieties of flowers are many,

But worship is one.

Jewels are many,

Gold is one.

Colors of the cows are different,

Milk is one.

Races of living creatures are many,

Life is one.

(Telugu poem)


Understand this well. Each body of all of these people is like a bulb. However, the powers of each bulb may be different. Their colors may be different. Their voltage may be different. But the current is One. Therefore,


Easwara Sarva Bhutanam.

God is in all living beings.

(Sanskrit sloka)


The principle of Easwara in all is One. Therefore, all of us have to live life feeling that we are forms of Easwara. Truly, if one thinks about it, man has no sorrow at all. There is no scope for sorrow at all. It is all bliss within each of you. However, due to you having unnecessary vishaya vasanas (attachment to sensory objects), you are having sorrow.


Sukha Dukhe Same Kritva,

Labho Labha Jayo Jaya.


Treat happiness and sorrow,

Victory and defeat,

Gain and loss


(Sanskrit Sloka)


Our mind only is responsible for both our happiness and sorrow. When our desires are not fulfilled, this becomes sorrow. When they are fulfilled, you will have happiness. Therefore, you should not yield at all to either happiness or sorrow. Truth is contained in every single thing.


The entire world has originated from Truth

And ultimately merges in Truth.

There is no place without the principle of Truth.

See! This is the pure Truth!

(Telugu poem)


Human Love Declines

Therefore, the Truth in us, that only is the swarupa of God. Today we have lost Truth. You may take a small example, showing how our Truth, our Love, is worldly love.

Man of today will get married at the proper age. After this marriage, for two or three months, he will feel very much that 'Wife is life!' If a thorn is seen when they are walking somewhere, he will anxiously warn his wife saying, "A thorn, a thorn!" and he will pull her back.

After another six months, when a thorn is seen while going on the path, the husband will say, "See, when we are coming, thorns are on the way." After another year has passed, if a thorn is seen, he will say, "Can't your eyes see? There is a thorn!"


Reduce Desires

Human love is declining day by day like this. Divine Love is not like that. It will never diminish. It will never increase. It is said that only that (Divine Love) is Sathya Swarupa (the very form of Truth). We have to attain such a Love that is the form of Truth. Due to desires increasing in us, we are using this Truth in various ways. So we are passengers on this journey of life.


Less luggage, more comfort

Makes travel a pleasure.


If desires are reduced a little, you will not have worry. Hence, our mind only is the reason for our sorrow and our love.


The mind is responsible

For one's bondage or liberation.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


There is a lock. There is a key. Put this key in the lock and turn it to the left side. It will come open. If this same key is turned to the right side, it will close. Your heart is the lock. Your mind is the key. If we turn it in the direction of the world, it will become locked. If we turn it towards the direction of Divinity, it becomes opened. Therefore, every single man is becoming bound due to these actions. Human life is very Divine.


Jantunaam Nara Janma Durlabham.


Of all life forms, 

Human life is the rarest to attain.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


Today we are wasting such a Divine, auspicious human life. It has to be felt that God has given this great gift of the body for us to recognize the nature within us. However, nowadays we are not feeling like that. We are only taking the body as an instrument.


Limbs in the Body of God

Now inquire a little. These are hands. These are legs. This is the nose. These are ears and these are eyes. All of these are limbs of the body. Without these limbs, it is not a body at all. This body is a part of Prakrithi. This body of Prakrithi is a sort of limb of society. Without this society, there can be no Divinity. Therefore, this society is a limb of Divinity.

The whole world is made up of a combination of limbs. When the limbs (societies) are separated, there is no body at all. However, man of today is trying to make all separate. Even from ancient times, when asked, "Which country did you come from?", they used to say, "My country is Bharath." They felt that the whole country was their house.

However, man of today is separating it saying, "Mine is the State (city) of Bombay." "Mine is Maharashtra State." "Mine is Karnataka State." "Mine is Tamil Nadu State." If it (society) is separated in this way, how difficult it is for us! Our unity is being destroyed. Our Oneness is being destroyed.


Ek Atma Sarva Bhutantaratma


The One Atma is the inner Atma in all.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


If each limb is made separate, how much blood will be lost! So, when each State is made separate, the nature of Love in us will be broken.


We Are All Members of the Human Race

Embodiments of Love!

We are all together Bharatiyas.


All are One. Be alike to everyone.


We have to love everyone. All are members of the human race. Therefore, the human race is only one in this world. Therefore, these human values have to be developed. Due to the loss of the human values, the whole world is becoming divided. Therefore, we have to develop human values.

If thought, word, and deed are one, he is a true human being. When it becomes thought different, word different, and deed different, he will become divided.

So all of us are human beings. "Mine is the human race. I am from the country of Bharath." The country is one. The human race is one. Varieties of flowers are many, but worship is one. Therefore, every single person has to recognize the Divinity in this human life.

Although we have that Divinity, we are wandering around somewhere and we are wasting time. Divinity is in every step for you. Every place that you move about in the country is Divine. Every word you speak is the word of God.

Keeping such a true Atma Thathwa in us, why are we becoming such crazy people? Hence, we are embodiments of Truth. We are embodiments of Love. Don't hate anyone. Don't give anyone baadha (pain, trouble, grief, or sorrow). If we give baadha to anyone, it is like giving baadha to ourselves.

Therefore, only when you feel that all mankind is one, your humanity will transform into Divinity. Hence, we have to feel it is the 'Family of the Universe'. When we are all from the same family, why do we have hatred among us? Why do we have fighting among us? So, we should not have hatred for anyone. We have to love everyone.

This Love, how it flows, how it moves forward, how fast it is! Love is immortal. We are changing such an immortal Love into poison today. Therefore, today everyone has bad qualities like hatred, anger, jealousy, and pomp. All of these are entering us. We have to see that bad qualities like this do not enter into our heart.


The Jiva is in the body.

God is in the body.

Coming together, they are playing.

(Telugu poem)


Jiva (the individual soul) and Love are not two. The unity of these two is one. If gold is worn here (on the wrist), it will be bangles. If it is worn here (on the neck), it is a chain. If it is worn here (on the finger), it is a ring. However, gold is one.


All of You Are Embodiments of Love

Embodiments of Love!

All of you are embodiments of Love only. It is not good for you to hate each other. Everyone should love each other. We will gain immortality through this Love. So, change such a humanness into immortality and transform it into Divinity.

Why are we ruining such a Divine human life today? There is no relationship between one house and the other. It has to be felt that all are human beings. It should be felt that Sathya, Dharma, Shanti, and Prema are one. There is Truth in all. There is Love in everyone. Having them (these good qualities), what are you doing? You are using them in a bad way.


Embodiments of Love!

We can achieve anything with this Love. We can have the five elements under our control. When the five elements are under our control, the whole world will be under our control. Therefore, you should not feel that you are an insignificant person. You are a great person. However, due to your ignorance, you are feeling that you are an insignificant person.

Therefore, to make this ignorance distant, develop only the nature of Love. Love is God. God is Love. If we develop a small thing like this, the whole world will become unified.

What kind of relationship is there between you and I? If this body is seen, it is one that was born in Andhra Pradesh. All of you have been born in Maharashtra. What is the connection between you and I? Love only, Love only, Love only! Due to this Love for Me, all of you have been able to gather here. That only is very great to Me. That only is My Bliss. It is My Bliss to become the object of the Love of all of you.

How powerful is your Love! How infinite it is! How deep it is! How immortal it is! You are unable to recognize such a nature of Love like this. We should not hate anyone. All are your sisters and brothers.

Brotherhood of man,

Fatherhood of God.


It is enough if you foster this brotherhood. It is enough if we do this seva.


One cannot cross 

Over the ocean of worldly life

By penance, pilgrimage, scholarship,

Or repetition of manthra or God's Name.

It can only be crossed 

By serving good people.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


Where is the bliss that surpasses this? No matter how much money is given, we will not get this bliss.


Money comes and goes,

But morality comes and grows.


Weren't so many people born in this world? Haven't so many people earned wealth? But what happened finally? Did even one take a single paisa (coin of smallest value) with them (at death)? This money is not something that we take with us. Truly, if man were able to take even soil along with him, the soil in the world would have been rationed! He won't take anything at all when he goes.


Be a Good, not a Great Man

That which we take with us (to the beyond) is the good and bad. We should earn a good name. We don't need to earn great names. There should be a good name. Ravana was such a great man. He's a great man but not a good man, whereas Rama is a good man. What is the reason? Rama used those qualities in a good way. Those good qualities were also in Ravana, but he used them in a bad way. So, Ravana is a great man, while Rama is a good man. Therefore, a good man is desired. (One should be a good man.)

Wherever we see in the world today, there is pollution, pollution, pollution. Therefore, all our feelings that come are bad feelings. The water we drink is polluted. The food that is eaten is polluted. The air that is breathed is polluted. All is polluted. At last, our mind is becoming polluted. Therefore, how can you be a good man?

So, you should be a good man. We don't need to be a great man. Great men are like passing clouds. They come and go. You are rising to such high positions. How much wealth is being amassed! But nothing remains with us. A good name is what we should earn. The (good) name should come (to you): "He is a good man, a good man."

Therefore, we should be good people. All Bharatiyas are good people. We have to earn such a good name and live up to this name. If you think you want to get the proper type of bliss, one should get a good name. All the things that you do should be good things. Don't do bad things. If you do good things, you will never get a bad name.


Right and Responsibility

Embodiments of Love!

Friendship and unity are still in the villages to some extent. However, there is some difference in our right and responsibility. Today people will become a friend by saying, "Hello, hello…How are you, how are you…Goodbye, goodbye" and then they are going away. However, there will be right and responsibility to the one who gives one's heart to another.

We have to earn this right and responsibility. One should be deserving. There should not be pomp only. Only when you are deserving, you will get bliss. The bad qualities that come to us should be made distant.


Good qualities, good buddhi (intellect),

Truth, bhakti (devotion), discipline, duty:

These six should be acquired in education.

(Telugu poem)


Man should learn all of these. These do not come to us by turning the pages of books. However, it may be in the pustaka (book), but it is not in your mastaka (head). Your mastaka should be a pustaka. It is no use just to take the book and learn.


Develop Love, Have Self-Confidence

Embodiments of Love!

Let us develop our Love. Accept everyone as younger and elder brothers. Let us feel that we are all elder and younger sisters. If anyone has any baadha (difficulties, suffering), we have to bring them close with amity and welcome them.

We have to sustain our Self-respect. We can achieve anything with Self-confidence. Hence, every single man should develop Self-confidence. Then only, humanness will transform into Divinity. Every single man in the world is looking at how Self-confidence can be increased. But he is unable to develop it. That only is what we should learn.

Why have we been born in this world? What are we achieving after being born in this world? If the question of "What is the purpose of life" is asked, one answers, "Eating, drinking, sleeping, and death." Is that all? No, it isn't, it isn't! Even animals, birds, and beasts are also doing that. But at least they have a season. Man of today has no season, no reason. What is the reason? His bad qualities are the main cause.

We are wasting all of our senses a lot. We are making such sacred senses distant due to our bad qualities. Therefore, when we make our senses proper, we will become good men. Therefore,


Buddhi Grahyamateendriyam


Such a sense of good mind (intellect)

Is transcendental.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


The Devotion of Meera

The king came and told Meera, "It is not possible for you to stay in my house any longer! Go!" Yet she was a great devotee. The King even asked her to go out of the temple. Then she got a shock. "Where will I go?" Immediately she meditated on Krishna.


Go, oh mind! Go, oh mind!

To the shores of Ganga and Yamuna.

Go, oh mind!

(Hindi song)


Ganga and Yamuna represent Ida and Pingala. In the middle of both of these is the Sushumna Nadi.


With the pure water of Ganga and Yamuna,

The body is cooled.

Go, oh mind! Go, oh mind!

To the shores of Ganga and Yamuna.

(Hindi song)


Due to that kind of supreme Love, she considered her own breath as Ganga and Yamuna. She did not book a ticket, wanting to go on a journey. Ganga and Yamuna were in her. Therefore then she said:


The water of Ganga and Yamuna,

Without bhajan....

(Hindi song)

(Swami did not complete this song.)


What should we do? Bhajan has to be done. When we are doing that remembrance of Paramatma, the whole nature of our life will become Brahma Loka (the highest heaven).

There are many, so many noble souls in this Mumbai (Maharashtra) State. Great and noble souls are also throughout the whole world. However, how are we living in such a sacred place? The tongue that utters the Name of God and the hand that serves God cannot be seen by man anywhere. Therefore, we have to repeat the name of Easwara.

There is no nature that excels that Love. Love only is the true nature of Easwara. We have to feel this Love is Easwara. With this Love, we can merge in Easwara. Therefore,


Embodiments of Deva! Embodiments of Love!

You are all only sacred particles of the Divine. Krishna said:


Mamaivamsho Jeeva Loke

Jeeva Bhuta Sanathanaha.


The Eternal Atma in all beings

Is a particle of My Being.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


So, no one at all is only a human being. Due to the body, you may be thinking you are a human being. But if your Atma Thathwa is considered, you are Easwara Thathwa only.


Prema Easwara Hai.

Easwara Prema Hai.


God is Love.

Love is God.

(Hindi song)


Caste of Humanity

Whether Nanak (Sikh), whether Islam, or Christian, or Muslim, or Indian (Hindu), the nature of Easwara in all is the same. That is the Divinity in our humanity. You have to declare with courage, "I am a Bharatiyan."

So, the true nature of Love is the nature of Easwara. Therefore, all of you should contemplate on the Divinity within you, and all of you unified together should protect the Divinity and the country. Truly, if only the name of God is contemplated on in the heart of everyone, our country will progress so much.

There is no need to take refuge in any other country. The greatness held by India is not in any other country. So, Bharath has assumed the leadership of all places. Being born several times in Bharath, man sang the Divine Glory and propagated the nature of God.

Hence, no matter what the religion, it should be felt that Divinity is One. Never consider God as different. "I am a Muslim." "I am a Christian." "I am a Parsi." "I am from Islam." Never feel like this. All is One. God is One. Muslims are One. All Christians are One. All Hindus are One. All lives (life forms) are One. If Love is cultivated in the heart, he only is a (true) Christian. He only is a (true) Hindu. Therefore, the one who develops true Love in the heart, no matter what religion he is, it is all One. We should not develop enmity.


I Have So Much Ananda!

Embodiments of Love!

I have so much Ananda! In this State of Mumbai (Maharashtra), so many have come together and are loving Me. I have so much Ananda! May all of you obtain happiness and peace and progress with the bhaagyam (good fortune) of ananda, peace, and happiness. I am wishing for this.

If everyone is unified, any amount of bhaagyam can be attained. Therefore, the State will always get a great name if all of you have mutual unity and the nature of Love in this way.

It is not possible for only a few Ministers to foster the country. All of you have to become unified and give those Ministers the right type of help and co-operation. Then good strength will come to this State.

If each thread is removed from this handkerchief, it may be broken with two fingers. However, when all the threads come together, how much strength it will have! Therefore, when the people and the government are unified, we may obtain Divine strength.

People are a positive. Government is a negative. We can achieve any type of work only when there is unity of the two, negative and positive. Therefore, achieve unity.


Embodiments of Love!

I am so blissful today. All of you achieve permanent happiness, desire the welfare of the society, and hope for the progress of society. You have to wish for the welfare of society. I am hoping and blessing thus, and I am ending My speech.

Pray to God, hoping for the soubhaagya (good fortune) of the people, timely rain, and timely harvest of the crops.


Bhagavan ended His Divine Discourse by chanting the bhajan, "Sivaya Parameswara Chandrasekharaya_"


I am ending My speech, hoping that everyone should be well. Happy life, healthy life.



GLOSSARY for 16-07-01

Taken from "A Glossary of Sanskrit Words 

Gleaned from Sai Literature"



    1. Adwaitha (pg. 6) the philosophy of non-dualism, a complement of Vedanta
    2. Amsa: (pg. 20) a fragment; (from Telugu: a share, part, portion subject, point)
    3. Atma thathwa (pg. 53) reality of the spirit
    4. Baadha (Telugu word meaning pain, trouble, affliction, torment, torture; annoyance, grief, sorrow)
    5. Bhaagyam (Telugu word meaning fortune, merit, luck, destiny, affluence, welfare)
    6. Brahma Loka (pg. 87) the highest heaven
    7. Darshan (pg. 106) direct seeing of a holy person, which brings his grace and blessing to the viewer
    8. Easwara (pg. 134) Name of God (also see Ishwara)
    9. Ida: (pg. 240) see nadi
    10. Jiva (pg. 164) the individual soul; a person; consciousness; the ‘I’ consciousness
    11. Jivatma: (pg. 164) The soul aka Atma
    12. Nadi: (pg. 240) Nerve centers within the body. Of all the nadis, the most important is the sushumna, whose counterpart in the physical body is the spinal cord. On either side of the sushumna, are two other nadies called ida and pingala, which correspond to the sympathetic ganglia of the spinal cord. Ida nadi marga is the lunar path, which is used by the average man. Pingala nadi marga is the solar path, which is used by the yogis
    13. Paramatma: (pg. 54 and 265) God viewed as the Universal. The Universal Soul. The Cosmic Self.
    14. Pingala (pg. 240) see nadi
    15. Praja: (pg. 273) The people
    16. Prakrithi: (pg. 274) The world, the universe or nature.
    17. Prapancha: (pg. 277) The created world. That which is composed of the Panchabhuthas, or that which consists of earth, water, fire, wind and ether.
    18. Saubhaagyamu (Telugu word meaning auspiciousness, good fortune, fortunatenness, good luck, blessedness; beauty, grace; the happy and auspicious state of wifehood; the fourth of the astronomical yogas
    19. Shakthi or Sakthi (pg. 347) the great universal power or energy
    20. Sushumna: (pg. 240) see nadi
    21. Swarupa (pg. 371) one’s very own form
    22. Thathwa (pg. 378) one’s reality or identity; elemental principle; elements
    23. Vishaya vasana: (pg. 410) wishing for sensual pleasure, attachment to sensory objects
    24. Vishwa: (pg. 411) the whole universe or creation





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