Held On 16-7-2000

Prashanti Nilayam


Bhagavan chants:

It is the power of Love that is responsible for the earth rotating without a pivot. It is the power of Love that makes the stars stand in the sky without falling onto the ground. It is the power of Love that restrains the ocean within its limits. It is the power of Love that makes the wind blow incessantly in all the seven worlds. That power of Love is infinite, most wonderful and One-without-a-second, and It permeates the entire Cosmos. The entire Creation is saturated with Love.

(Telugu poem)

Love is Beyond all Attributes

God is Love. Love is the form of God. The Bhagavad Gita teaches: All beings are the eternal sparks of My Divinity. (Sanskrit sloka) In the same way that God spreads His Love over the entire world, man should also spread that Love. Love is beyond all definition. As man is not able to understand the sacred nature of Love, he is using it for fleeting worldly, material and physical purposes.

God is beyond all attributes. Love also transcends all attributes. But man is wasting his human birth by attaching attributes to a sacred Love which is beyond all attributes. In this physical world, there is the love of the mother and the child. In this physical world, there is the love of the wife and the husband. There is the love between elder and younger brother. There is the love between friends and relatives. Man is spending his life, using this sacred word ‘Love’ for all of these worldly relationships.

Before birth, who is the child and who is the mother? At that time, does the mother have love for the child? No. It is only after the child is born that the mother develops love for it. It is only after marriage that the wife loves the husband and the husband loves the wife. This love is only from that time. It happens only after the marriage.

In this way, the love between relatives and friends, elder and younger sister, elder and younger brother, are all dependant on the body and are all negative forms of love. The relationship between bodies is only a physical relationship and cannot be called Love in the true, sacred sense.



True Devotee Will Give, Not Take

In true Love, the relationship of giving and taking does not exist. Devotees will love God in this way: They will pray, "O Lord! If You give me what I want, I will offer You such-and-such." He promises an offering in return: "I will break ten coconuts." He will offer his mean hair by shaving his head and then pray for his great desires to be fulfilled. But is this devotion? No, not at all! Giving and taking happen in business relationships. But it is not part of the relationship of devotion. The true devotee only gives and gives. But he will not take. Therefore the most important duty in devotion is to give.

Human life is a combination of the here and hereafter. However, man of today, forgetting the hereafter, puts his faith only in the here. As long as only the intellect is followed, it will not bring peace or security to him, to the society or to the country. Therefore, it is only when we develop the relationship of the heart, give up this body attachment and develop Love wholeheartedly, that peace and security will reign in the world.


Dharma and Adharma

The entire Creation is based on or composed of duality: Dharma-Adharma (righteousness and unrighteousness), Truth-untruth, sin-merit, heat-cold. These are the dualities in the universe. It is not possible to have only Dharma (righteousness) in this world. Neither is it possible to have only Adharma (unrighteousness). Many hope to eradicate Adharma and establish Dharma instead. But this is impossible. This world is a combination of Dharma and Adharma. There lies the entire secret of human effort. Only when these two are present, there will be effort and enthusiasm in man.

This world would not be able to last even one day without the opposites Dharma and Adharma, and without Truth and falsehood. Out of the two, we have to accept only Dharma (righteousness) and give up Adharma (unrighteousness). So life has to be lived by discriminating and testing between these two, giving up Adharma (unrighteousness) and accepting only Dharma (righteousness).

However, what is the Dharma (code of conduct) of human beings of today? What is the Dharma (code of conduct) of animals? Man is finding himself unable to distinguish between human Dharma and the Dharma of animals. Non-violence, truth and forbearance or sympathy: these three qualities are the uniform Dharma for all beings. Man’s heart will not be able to remain peaceful and secure so long as he gives up these human values and only accepts and develops the animalistic qualities.

Both man and animals have in common food, sleep, fear and procreation. However, what is the Dharma of humans, Manava Dharma? What is the Dharma of animals? To know and have faith that "I am a human being" is only half of the truth. The other half of the truth is "I am not an animal." You have to decide. The combination of these two is eternal Truth. "I am man; I am not an animal. I am man; I am not an animal. I am man; I am not an animal." Man has to develop this understanding.

However, Dharma will not be fulfilled just by knowing these two truths. Realizing "I am a human being only," mankind should go on inquiring: "Am I a female or a male? Am I a Grihastha (householder) or a Brahmachari (celibate)? Am I a Vanaprastha (retired or recluse) or a Sanyasi (renunciant)? He must enquire into all of these and then he should only follow the proper Dharma (code of conduct) for his position.



Appropriate Dharma

When man is in the Brahmachari (celibate) stage of life, he should not experience the Grihastha (householder) stage. If this happens, it would amount to the mixing of Dharma in the society, and from this mixing, agitation would arise. Man is behaving without understanding what is meant by Dharma.

Therefore, at the time of carrying out his own duties, every man should ask himself, "What situation am I in? Am I in the celibate stage? Am I in the householder stage? Or am I a recluse?" These questions should be asked and the appropriate code of conduct (Dharma) relating to that stage should be followed. The Dharma followed by one should not necessarily be adopted by another. It should not be felt that all human beings have the same Dharma. That is the main cause for unrighteousness (Adharma) today.

Every individual that is born as a human being should consider his age and conduct himself accordingly. Because he does not follow the discipline expected of him at his age and stage, and as he behaves differently, Dharma (righteousness) is weakened and he follows Adharma (unrighteousness). It is not possible to be without Dharma and Adharma in this world. By understanding the relationship and co-ordination between these two, humanity can be transformed into Divinity.

So, what is animalistic temperament? Animals do follow the rules of their nature and spend their entire life dedicated only to food, sleep, fear and procreation. Even animals have certain rules and disciplines. In the same way, there are certain disciplines in mankind. It is impossible to expect both man and animal to follow the same discipline.


Caste and Religion Not Responsible for Conflicts

Many people have contradictory understandings of the customs and ritual worship followed by Indians. They feel that caste and religion are responsible for all the troubles, conflicts and violence in India. There are numerous religions in India. It is not possible to be without religion. However, the fighting has not come about because of religious differences.

Religion is not of man’s making. It is a natural code of life. Many feel that the different modes of worship and the different religious paths are responsible for all the agitation which is around. In fact, caste and religion are in no way responsible for the agitation. The main reason for agitation is the inner feelings of man.

Here is a small example: In Germany, there were no castes or religious differences. However, after the Second World War, the country was divided into four parts and each one was ruled separately. Was caste or religion responsible for this? Japan also was divided into many parts and for some time there were disturbances there too. But differences in modes of worship, caste or religion were not responsible. It was only the inner feelings of man which were responsible for all the unrest.

Therefore, it is a BIG mistake to consider caste and religion as the main cause of agitation. Even though there are so many castes and religions in India, Indians spent many thousands of years living in unity and mutual brotherhood with each other.


Religions are many; the path is one. Clothes are many; cloth is one. Jewels are many; gold is one. Colors of the cows are different; milk is one. Races and species of living creatures are many; life is one. Varieties of flowers are many, but worship is one. (Telugu poem)


We are bound to carry on our lives in spite of many difficulties. Different religions and codes of conduct (Dharma) are established to give us guidelines as to how to live, not to increase conflict and fighting. There is no hatred in Matham (religion) at all. But there is hate in the Mathi (mind). If the mind is good, how can one find fault with religion? (Telugu poem) Therefore, it is a big mistake to put the responsibility for this fighting on religion.


Different Jathis

In India, religions were based to some extent on community castes. The caste system was also not established by man. The meaning of ‘Jathi’ (caste or community) has to be understood well. Jathi is based on the form. (Swami holds up a flower). This is Pool Jathi. Pool means flower, so ‘Pool Jathi’ means the species of flower. Due to its form, it is part of a certain species. (Swami holds up His handkerchief). This is Batta (cloth) Jathi. It belongs to the cloth world and cotton is the root cause. Therefore, Jathi is not determined or formed by one individual. One individual can be killed, but it is not possible to destroy the entire human race.

There are numerous trees. There are mango trees. There are neem trees. These all belong to the Jathi of trees. Just because all trees belong to the same Jathi, if you sow a mango seed, while desiring a neem tree, will a neem tree grow? Or, if you sow a neem seed whilst wanting a mango, will a mango tree grow? But they all belong to the Jathi of trees.

Jathi is one, but fruits are many. There are 450 different tastes in the fruits in this Jathi of trees. Therefore, how can you feel that they are all one when these trees have so many different types of tastes? Similarly, the human race is one. But human beings are different. Their feelings and thoughts are different. Their behavior is different. Their resolves are different. These differences are evidence of their inner feelings.

It is foolishness to try to annihilate the entire human race. No one can destroy Jathi. One may kill an individual but not annihilate the whole human race. Jathi is always Truth and eternal. That only is Manava Jathi. It is only ignorance to believe that the sacred Jathi is responsible for agitations and confusion.

Today the main reason for all the agitations and unrest in the world is our mental makeup and feelings. The behavior of individuals is the main cause for these disturbances, not Jathi, religion and caste. But those individuals who are unable to understand this root cause of the problem feel that Jathi, religion and caste are responsible. This is a big mistake.

So, Jathi and religion are not the cause of all the agitations, disturbances and conflicts in the world. It is only the individual’s capacity, and the culture or refinement of the individual, that is responsible. Therefore, we have to make our culture pure and sacred.

In the ancient culture of India, there was only the one true principle of unity. We have to keep as our main view that principle of unity, that spirit of Oneness.

Stars are different, but sky is one.

Beings are many, but breath is one.

Nations are many, but Earth is one.


Do you see? We have to proceed recognizing this Truth. Therefore, we have to feel the Divinity in all individuals as sacred.



God is Love

The root cause for everything is Love alone. This Love is not brought about by one or taken away by another. It happens quite naturally. No one is the main reason for this Love. God is Love. Love is God. Therefore, how can we feel that this quality of Love that has come from God is diversified?

First and foremost, we have to enquire into the nature of Love.


Brahma is the Form of Love and is full of Love. Love should join with Love. Therefore, if Love is strong, one has the ability to experience Advaita (the non-dual state). (Telugu poem)


All of non-duality is contained in Love. This Love becomes diversified only because of man’s attachment to the body and the subsequent feeling that relationships with the body are different. This fragmented love is not true Love. It is a segmented love that is related to different relationships. Sacred Love is only one. Whomsoever the individual, whatever the country, wherever the place may be, the nature of true Love is only one.

Swami says continuously, "Love, love, love." But many people wonder, "What is the form of this Love?" Love is God. (Swami starts singing a Hindi bhajan, "Prema Eswara Hai, Eswara Prema Hai".) Love is God. God is Love.

This very Love is God Himself. This Love is the heart only. This Love is Existence (Being). This Love is Atma. This Love is Brahman. Therefore, no matter what you call it, Love is one and the same. Brahman is Love. The same primordial principle of Love exists in one and all. Atma is Love. The heart is Love. Everything is full of Love. How can we describe the form of a Love like this?



Atma in all is One

Therefore that which is in you and that which is in Me is the one Atma. That which is in you and in Me is the same heart. Therefore, heart loves heart. There is a heart-to-heart connection. If you recognize this principle of unity, hatred cannot arise. Because unity is considered as diversity today, many types of conflicts and disturbances arise.

So the Atmic Principle is one in all of us. Bodies may be different. But just because all of them may be considered as different, it does not make the one nature of Atma different. The one Atma is the same Atma in all living creatures. (Sanskrit sloka) They say, Non-duality is Brahma (God). (Sanskrit sloka) Brahma is non-dual. Brahma means the form of vastness. That vastness or principle of Brahman flows in all and is all-pervasive. The nature of Atma is omnipresent. That which pervades everywhere is not Binatvam (duality) but Brahma Tatwam (nature of Brahma).

Therefore, we have to have strong faith in this unity. Numerous sorts of differences crop up due to this body attachment. The reason anger, sorrow, spite, jealousy, pomp and show arise is because of body consciousness.



Praying With Expectations


Many people go to the temples. They go to the temple of Lord Venkateswara. (This temple is in Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh, and is said to be the richest temple in India.) They say, "Swami! If you fulfil my desires, I will pay for the celebration of Brahmotsavam (a big special festival). Swami! If my daughter is married, I will perform Your marriage!" (This refers to a special puja, which a devotee can perform at a certain cost, whereby the temple statues of the Lord and His Consort are ceremoniously married.)

Are they the ones who will perform the marriage of God? Will God fulfil their desires so His marriage can be performed? No! They are trying to tempt God in order to cheat Him!

Anything that is prayed for to God with an eye on the results is not Love at all. Without any desire for the results, you must understand that there is only one Atma. "I am seeing my own Atma. I am talking with my Atma. I am in the company of Atma/God." We should develop this feeling of Oneness or unity.


Embodiments of Divine Love!


I call you ‘Embodiments of Divine Love’ on numerous occasions. Your real nature has nothing to do with this body attachment feeling. Your true nature is Love, which has no attributes.

For that reason it is described as: Nirgunam, Niranjanam, Sanathanam, Niketanam, Nitya Suddha Buddha Mukta Nirmala Swarupam. (Attributeless, unsullied, eternal, always pure, pure intellect, free, unpolluted form). (Sanskrit sloka)


Love due to Faith


Therefore, it is not possible to give a form to Love. "This is my mother." Saying this, you feel that this form is your mother. When did you start to feel that this form was your mother? It was after you were born to her, and it was as you were growing up that the attachment came. When you thought, ‘I am the son and she is the mother,’ you started to love her. Without the faith that "She is my mother," you would not be able to love her. Therefore, this faith is the root cause for this love.

Where there is Confidence, there is Love.

Where there is Love, there is Peace.

Where there is Peace, there is Truth.

Where there is Truth, there is Bliss.

Where there is Bliss, there is God.

For that reason only, you feel that that form is your mother. You should not give up your investigation with that. From that point, make efforts to know the Truth and then you can acquire Peace. From that Peace you have to enter into Truth. Once there is Truth and Peace, your life will be sanctified. It is not anywhere outside. It is within you.

Truth is in you. Bliss is you. Peace is in you.

You are the Embodiment of Peace.

You are the Embodiment of Truth.

Where will you search? Your mistake is to search outside. There is nothing separate and outside of you at all. Everything is a reflection of the inner being. It all comes from within you.

Therefore, how should we pray to God? We should not pray, expecting something in return, with desire for the fruits of our actions. Just as you love your reflection in the mirror, love all bodies. No matter what body you see, feel that: "In that body is my reflection."


My Love and Your Love is One


Teaching these eternal truths, the Bhagavad Gita declares: All beings are the eternal sparks of My Divinity. (Sanskrit sloka) You are all parts of Me. You and I are not separate. Therefore, My love and your love are not different. All love is only one. Due to attachment to the body, there may be a few changes. But the nature of Love is one. Love is love only.

Love is love. Live in love!

You have to understand this well: Every single human being is the Embodiment of Love. Without Love, no matter how many sadhanas (spiritual practices) you do, they will be useless. You are doing puja (worship) with some expectation. You are doing japa (repeating the name of God) with some expectation. You meditate with some expectation. They all reflect your expectations.


Reflections in a Mirror


Therefore, you should not give any scope for such expectations or reflections. They are all reflections, but they are not the actual object. Can any reflection become the very form of the object?

You stand in front of a mirror and say, "This is my right eye." But your right eye will be seen as your left eye in the mirror. That is your reflection. However, without the mirror, your form is just your form.

Therefore, the world is a mirror. Basing your life on this mirror, you are living in this world. Everything that is seen in this mirror is negative, negative, negative. Everything is opposite. Your right eye is seen as your left eye. Your right arm is seen as your left arm. How can you consider this as truth? It isn’t, it isn’t!

When the mirror is removed, the reflection also disappears and the reality remains. That is called ‘Sakshathkaara (the manifestation of God). One says, "I attained Sakshathkaaram in meditation." That is not Sakshath-Aakaram. It is only a reflection. It is the picture of your own illusion. That is not Sakshathkaaram at all.

What is Sakshathkaaram (manifestation of God)? Your own form is the true Sakshathkaaram! Therefore, every person has to feel that his own form is not only his own, but he should have the faith that his form is also that of God and experience the nature of Love in it.

Worldly relationships are temporary. They are all passing clouds, passing clouds. How long do these passing clouds last? They exist only for some time and then they keep on changing. However, the true form does not change. It will never change. It will not change on any day. It will not change anywhere. You have to recognize the nature of the changeless principle. That only is the nature of Love.


Love Never Changes


Love will never change on any day. However, worldly love may be love today and hatred tomorrow. Today you may have likes and tomorrow they become dislikes. Love has nothing to do with likes and dislikes. A sacred Love like this is the very Embodiment of God. This is described and sung in bhajans. (Bhagavan sings:) Prema Eswara Hai, Eswara Prema Hai (Love is God, God is Love).

Where is a God higher than this? You may call God Eswara, Allah, Buddha, or Guru Nanak. But no matter what name is used, they are all names given to God by you. Who gave you the name to your body? It is the name given by someone to you. However, it is not the name that you were born with.

Love is the natural name that you were born with. Love is the name given to that with which you were born. The Love given to this body is already given, whereas other names are later christened. So, the names that have been given may be changed. They are that which changes. But the nature of Love does not change. God's Love will never change.

We have to love that kind of Love whose nature is changeless and does not waver. We have to love that kind of Love. That is true devotion. Devotion is a synonym of Love.


Bhakthi or Devotion


From this devotion you will develop many kinds of Shakthi (powers): Out of this Love many types of Yukthi (discrimination, the knowledge of how to love all) will come. Many kinds of Rakthi (affection or attachment; likes or preferences) will also develop from this devotion and many sorts of Virakthi (cessation of desires; detachment) will also develop.

Rakthi, Virakthi, Yukthi, Shakthi, all of these come from the one Bhakthi. In all of these the letter ‘kthi’ is common.


Name of Krishna


Now, here is a small example of Divinity. Krishna. Many people have different kinds of Asha (expectations), different kinds of Love. How many letters are there in the word ‘Krishna’? Most people would say that ‘Krishna’ has two letters (‘Kri’ and ‘shna’ of all Indian languages including Sanskrit and Telugu). But no! There are five letters in the word ‘Krishna.’

We have the sound of ka, rru, a, sha, and a. Krishna. Ka - rru. Do you see? What does ‘ka’ stand for? ‘Ka’ is the name of Rama Devi (Goddess of Wealth). ‘Ka’ means Rama Devi. ‘Rru’ is Sita. Therefore, each letter has a meaning. ‘Sha’ is for ‘Shanti’ (Peace). Then, this ‘a’ is for ‘Adi Shakti’ (the Primordial Power).

If you look at it like this, the five elements and the five senses are contained in the name of Krishna. They defined the name of Krishna as Karasha Teeti Krishnah. Karasha means ‘ploughing the land’. So it means the one who ploughs the field of our heart is God. When the field becomes soft, the one who sows the seed of Love is only God. Therefore, Karash Teeti Krishanah. Kushu Teeti Krishnah. (The one who makes the effort also is Krishna.) Aakaarsha Teeti Krishnah. (The one who attracts is Krishna).


All is Divinity


The nature of God can be seen in all things everywhere. There is nothing higher than Divinity. There is no material higher than Divinity. All is Divinity. This cloth is Divinity. This flower is Divinity. Everything is Divinity. What is not Divinity? Truly, if there were no Divinity, why are we looking for it? If there were no Divinity in this cloth, why do we love it? The nature of Love is in everything. Therefore, we have to make an effort to understand this nature of Love.


Heart and God One


The heart in everyone is the form of Love. Many children write, ‘I love you.’ They put ‘I’, then they draw the shape of a heart like this. (Swami draws a heart shape.) Then they put ‘you’. What is the meaning of drawing like this (with the heart shape)? They write ‘I’, then the heart shape, then ‘you.’ This is Hridaya (heart). ‘I love you’ means Love is the heart. Love is the heart only. The heart is the Love of God.

Hri’ plus ‘daya’ equals Hridaya, meaning that which is full of compassion is the Hridaya or heart. That which has Love is the heart. Therefore, Love is the heart and the heart is Love. Therefore, that heart is the very form of God. So, God only is the form in the heart.

It is said, God is present in all living creatures. (Sanskrit sloka) He is in the heart of all beings. The universe is full of the Divine (Sanskrit sloka) God is in everything. Ishwara is in all living creatures. Everything is Brahma. (Sanskrit slokas) Whatever is seen is this nature of Brahma. That only is Love.

Therefore, all of your Love should not be kept only inside of yourself. Not only must we share this sacred Love which God has given us with other human beings. It must also be shared with animals, birds and beasts. Love has to be shared with every single living creature. We must all be united and consider the whole world as one family. Therefore, we should not give scope to any sort of hatred, anger or conflicts.




Expansion Not Contraction


Embodiments of Divine Love!

Wherever one looks in the world today, there are conflicts and disturbances. What is the reason for this? The main reason for this is that man lacks broad feelings. His love is a contracting love, not an expanding Love. He is not openhearted or broad-minded. He is narrow indeed and his heart is closed. Therefore, the narrow-mindedness is man’s own creation.

God has created broad-heartedness in man. It is not limited to this much or that much. That which does not have Parimitam (limits) is Aparimitam (limitless). But we are subjected to many difficulties because we put limits on the limitless nature of Atma.


Meaning of Guru Purnima


Embodiments of Divine Love!

Today is called Guru Purnima. Who is Guru? Venkata Ramana said that: ‘Gu’ is that which has no attributes. ‘Ru’ means that which is formless. So ‘Guru’ means that which is attributeless and formless. ‘Gu’ is darkness. ‘Ru’ is that which dispels. So Guru is the radiance that destroys the darkness.

In ‘Bhagavan’ (God), ‘Bha’ means effulgence. God is that which shines brilliantly everywhere. There is only limited, local illumination when you switch on a light. But God is everywhere and illuminates everything.


Killing Others is A Sin


You should not hate anyone. Today in the world, men are holding numerous narrow feelings of hatred, hatred, and hatred. One takes the life of another. What a sin that is! What a heinous sin! It is like hitting God Himself. Therefore, it is a BIG mistake. No one should hate anyone. By hating another, one is hating himself.

We are feeling some kind of happiness whenever we are hating or harming someone. But that is not the right sort of happiness or bliss. That is only Rakshasa Ananda or demonic pleasure. Give happiness to others. That is your true happiness. That bliss is your true form.

Don't cause trouble, sorrow or pain to anyone. Today you may hurt someone and you think, "That is my nature." But tomorrow someone else will come and hurt you. Then what will happen to you? Therefore, we should not hurt anyone even behind his or her back.

Today this kind of behaviour has become the fashion. It is fashionable to hurt others. To cause others pain or sorrow is the order of the day. To kill others is the fashion. Is it great to kill? Even an insect is capable of killing! Greatness lies not in killing, but in protecting and saving another’s life.

Therefore, you kill, kill, kill, and kill. And what will become of you at the end of your life? You, too, will also die one day. What will your death be like? Whatever actions you have done, you will attract corresponding reactions. Therefore, Embodiments of Divine Love! Reaction, resound and reflection, these three can never be escaped.


YOU Cannot Escape Results of Actions


You may be happy that you have escaped them today. But even if something doesn’t happen to you tomorrow, you will not be able to escape the results the day after. You cannot escape the consequences of your actions at some point of time in the future. If you do good, you will get good results. Don't feel disappointed if you don't get good results immediately. Wait for some time. Then that result will be attained.

No man can escape the results of his actions. However, prayer helps to some extent while you suffer bad results. You should be grateful. We have to express our gratitude by prayer. We have to show, express and practice gratitude. They say, Kritanjnananya Namah. (Salutations to the grateful one) (Sanskrit sloka).

Kshama is Everything


Venkata Ramana also said Kshama (forbearance, patience or forgiveness) is very important. Bhagavan sings:

Kshama is truth, Kshama is Dharma, Kshama is Veda, Kshama is Non-Violence, Kshama is everything. Kshama is happiness, Kshama is heaven, Kshama is everything. Kshama is in all living creatures.

(Telugu poem)

In every single human being, this Kshama is greatest of all. When someone does anything harmful to you, forgive him. Think, ‘This is good for me, good for me, good for me.’ If anyone criticizes you think, ‘That is good for me, good for me.’ The criticisms that are made of you do not really reach you. It is only a body-to-body accusation. That which was meant for the body only goes to the body.

Sankaracharya also inquired, "Was the body criticized or the Atma?" His whole philosophy of non-duality was based on inquiry, inquiry, inquiry. Ask yourself, ‘Did he criticize this body? It is I too who am criticizing this body. What is this terrible body?’

What is this impermanent body?

It is only made up of urine, faeces, foul smells, flesh and blood. The sweet smell of flowers will never arise from within it. (Telugu poem)


Think to yourself, ‘I too am criticizing my body. He is helping me by criticizing my body.’ But did he criticize the Atma? The Atma in him and the Atma in you is one and the same. Therefore, by scolding you, he is scolding himself. How much Kshama we need! This feeling of Kshama is so broad. We have to develop this broad feeling of forgiveness and forbearance.



Body is An Instrument


Embodiments of Divine Love!

Today is Guru Purnima. ‘Guru’ means he who dispels the darkness of ignorance. What kind of ignorance? Believing that ‘this is my body, my body.’ This kind of ignorance should be dispelled.

‘This body is my instrument. This body is only an instrument.’ Body is gifted for the purpose of performing actions or engaging in activity. However, this body should not be considered to be the eternal Truth. In order to perform actions in this world, God gave me this body. This body is God’s gift.

Deho Devalaya Prokto, Jeevo Deva Sanathanah. (The body is a Temple of God and the Indweller is the eternal God.) (Sanskrit sloka). When the body is a temple, the individual is God. When the body is a temple and the Indweller is God, what else could you wish for?

Therefore, whatever body you see, think to yourself, ‘This is a temple of God’ and offer your salutations! Even if that body is your enemy, it doesn’t matter. Salute him; do Namaskar. Whomsoever you salute, it reaches God. (Sanskrit sloka) It reaches Him. Whomsoever you scorn, it reaches God. (Sanskrit sloka) That also reaches Him. Therefore, Bangaroo, we should develop this feeling of Oneness.




Now and then I call you all ‘Bangaroo, Bangaroo.’ What does Bangaroo mean? You are the embodiment of Hiranya Garbha (the golden principle of Divinity). Hiranya Garbhaya Namah (Salutations to Hiranya Garbha) (Sanskrit sloka) Your whole heart is full of this golden Divinity. This gold of Divinity does not disappear or change.

Gold can be made into any jewelry or ornaments. Even if it isn’t made into ornaments, it can be kept as it is. Therefore, you may change the form, but the gold remains changeless. The forms that change into ornaments are gold. The basis of the ornament, which doesn’t change, is also gold. So both your ornament’s form and its basis, which has no shape, are gold.

You have to inquire into this gold a bit. If you take some gold, you may consider its value to be Rps. 500. However, if some copper is mixed into it, the price will go down to Rps.300. Then if some brass is added to it, it will go down further to Rps.200. What is the reason for this devaluation? The mixing of metals, the adulteration of the original gold, is the reason. Copper and brass are in the gold. Why should they be mixed? Due to mixing them in, the original value is decreased.

Similarly, when man is born, he is pure and sacred. He is highly valuable. He grows and grows and the copper of desires enters him. The brass of ego and ignorance gets mixed into him. Then his value continues to decline. What is the reason for his value decreasing? The main reason is the mixing of valueless desires with a highly valuable thing. Therefore, we should not let cheap things enter into us.


Run away from bad company.

Join good company.

Undertake righteous actions day and night.

Discriminate between the permanent and temporary. (Sanskrit sloka)

One should discriminate between what is permanent and what is transient. That is the true goal. We have to understand this Truth.


Speak, See and Hear Good


Embodiments of Divine Love!

Having being born as a human being, we must understand that Birth as a human being is the rarest of all living creatures. (Sanskrit sloka) Having been born as a human, God has given us a mouth. We should not say whatever we like with that mouth. We must not hurt another’s heart or feelings. Have you hurt their feelings? If you have either today or tomorrow your feelings, too, will be hurt.

You should not look at anyone with bad looks or intentions. Keechaka looked at Draupadi with bad thoughts, full of evil intentions. And what happened to him? Bhima went and smashed his head to pieces. Do you see? How disastrous that bad vision was! Therefore, we must control the way we look.

Buddha taught this well. First and foremost comes sight. He said we have to change our vision. It was only after he changed his vision that he transformed into the Buddha. Therefore, we have to change our vision.

Just because you have eyes, you should not look at everything and everyone. Whatever you see, feel that ‘This is the form of God’. Also whatever is heard, hear it as if it were about God. Whatever you say, talk about God. These only will you transform into Divinity.

See what is good. That is important. Hear what is good and talk about what is good. With these three, we can achieve anything.


I hate no one


Embodiments of Divine Love!

I have remained blissful for so long. Now the 75th Birthday is approaching. For 75 years I have been blissful. What is the reason? It is because I recognize that all is One. Similarly, when all of you, too, recognize our basic oneness or unity, without fail you will also experience permanent bliss.

I do not hate anyone. I am not hated by anyone. Therefore I have no fear at all. When there is fear, doubts come. I have no fear at all. What is the reason? Everything is My form. The same nature of Atma exists in everyone. I do not hate anyone. When there is no hatred, who will hate Me? No one can hate Me.

A mother is walking along, carrying her little baby. You are walking behind them. The little baby sees you and smiles. An innocent baby. When a baby like that looks at you and smiles, will you get angry? No. You, too, will laugh! Therefore, if I smile with bliss, you will see Me and will also smile.


Develop Sacred Feelings


So let us have good, sacred feelings. Let us have unsullied and pure feelings. Let us have a sacred heart. Then everything that happens to us will be sacred. Up until now nothing bad has happened to Me. It has all been good, good, good. Therefore, if we are good then everything that happens will also be good. As is your feeling, so will be the feeling in the other person.

Therefore, what kind of feelings should we cultivate? We have to develop sacred feelings. We have to have the faith that wherever we look, there is Divinity. No matter what troubles come, no matter how much we are blamed and accused, we must not lose our faith in God. There should always be faith in God. If you have faith, much good will come to you. Therefore, we have to feel that faith is our very breath.


Take Good Food


Every single man is the Embodiment of Love. Because of our food and habits, now and then anger, sorrow, envy, jealousy, pomp and show arise. Things like this will happen. As is the food, so is the head. As is the head, so is God. Therefore, food, head and God, all three are interrelated.

Therefore, first and foremost we have to consume good food. Good food does not mean expensive food! It means sathwic food. That is our true, Divine food. When we take Divine food, we will develop Divine feelings. Then while speaking, our words will be pure words. Even when I seem angry, I am only pretending to be angry. But I have no anger at any time.


All are Buffaloes!


Now and then when I seem angry, I will scold. What kind of scolding will I give? I will call you ‘Dunnapotha’ (he-buffalo). That’s all! That is My scolding. ‘Dunnapotha’ means ‘he-buffalo’. You are just a buffalo! Why? Because you are not doing good things. You are all buffaloes. Truly, do good things. Then you will be a ‘good fellow’.

So that is how I scold you. Dunnapotha! What a good thing this is! Everyone is a Dunnapotha! What is the reason? Not doing good things.

If it rains, a buffalo won’t care. The cow and her calf will run when it rains, but a he-buffalo won’t run. He will just remain there, standing still. What does it mean? No matter how much blame and accusation come his way, he never changes. He always the same.

But there should be transformation in man. Then, when there is transformation, he will become a true human being. How sacred is the word Manava (Human being)! Unfortunately, we have lost our humanness, our human values today.

Don't say anything that will hurt another’s feelings. I love everyone. I even love those who hate Me. Love is My form. That is the true Shakti. That is the true power. That is the true Divine form. Therefore, you must share that Love. Share it with everyone. In the same way that I share My Love with everyone, as you are all a part of Me, so you too must share that Love with everyone.

You are also Divine. When you follow these sacred thoughts, the whole world will prosper, progress and advance. Never doubt this.

So, Embodiments of Divine Love!

So dispel this ignorance of darkness today. Light the effulgence of wisdom. See this Love also merge in the effulgence of wisdom. That is the main message of Bhagavan today. Prema, Prema, Prema, Love, Love and Love alone. There is nothing beyond Love. When you don’t have Love, you don’t even like gold. You don’t expect anything when you don’t have Love. That which expects is Love. God is Love.

What happens to the diamond? It becomes ‘die-mind’ ultimately, and there is annihilation or withdrawal of the mind. Through Love, any disease will be cured. You can suffer if you don’t have Love. For everything, Love is the main principle. That Divine Love cures you and it eradicates the bad qualities in you. So develop that Divine Love. Never hate anyone. Love all. The main teaching of Bhagavan today is the principle of Love. Don’t merely love the body. Love means loving your heart. And with that the body also comes closer to you.

So, you have to love that Divine principle in your heart. The mind, the inner senses and the intellect are all matter. You are the master of all these. Master the mind. Be a mastermind. You should accomplish that. Master the mind. You should never be a slave to your mind. You should be a master of your mind. Inquire into this Divinity every day and, with this feeling, transform your life. You may speak any Name, meditate on Any Form. God is One, One, One, One.

Bhagavan concluded His Discourse with the Bhajan, "Prema Mudhita Mana Se Kaho…"