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The following discourse has been translated into English from Bhagavan's Telugu speech as heard on this festival's ashram audiocassette. It is a complete, literal translation made with the objective of preserving Bhagavan's precious original poetic style as much as possible.





Divine Discourse


Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Trayee, Brindavan



Maanam Hitva Priyo Bhavati

Krodham Hitva Na Shochati

Kaamam Hitva Arthaat Bhavati

Lobhaam Hitva Sukhi Bhavati


Without ego, there will be dearness.

Without anger, there will be no sorrow.

Without desire, there will be wealth.

Without greed, there will be happiness.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


There's No Love When There's Ego

Embodiments of Love!

As long as there is ego, pomp and show in a man, no one will love him. Even his children and his wife won't love him. They will pretend to love him, but that is not really love. What is the reason? In man, ego and pomp are coming as an obstacle to this love.

Krodham Hitva Nashochati. As long as anger is in man, he cannot escape sorrow. As this anger increases in man, sorrow also increases. If he wants to be free from sorrow and experience peace, he has to get rid of anger.

Kaamam Hitva Nashochati. As long as man has desires, wealth won't look in his direction. Therefore, for man less luggage gives more comfort. We have to reduce our desires.

Lobham Hitva Sukhi Bhavati. As long as there is greed, man will not have any type of happiness. The day that greed reduces in man, that day all prosperity, all comforts, and all bliss will be gained by him.


Prosperity Depends Upon Actions

Today is the New Year Day. This has the name of 'Vishu'. However, many such New Years have passed and we keep on experiencing them. Every single man is waiting to see what prosperity, what welfare for the world, and what bliss will be gained in the new year.

However, the prosperity of the country is dependent upon the actions of man. The actions of man are dependent upon the mind. The actions of the mind depend upon the sankalpas (one's intentions or resolves). Only when those sankalpas become 'sat' sankalpas (resolves of Truth) will the world be prosperous. Therefore, every man who hopes for the prosperity of the world and the welfare of the world should do correct and good actions.

The good and bad of man, the happiness and sorrow of man, the sin and merit of man are dependent upon actions. Only when actions are good, the result will also be good. However, man of today is not thinking at all about the results of actions. He keeps performing actions just as he likes. Actions are very easy indeed. But their results turn into a mountain and come back as an obstacle to us.


Salutation to Actions

Therefore, all the good and bad are dependent upon the actions performed by man. Hence the Upanishads declare:

                                      Tasmai Namah Karmane.

I bow to the action.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


Bharatiyas say, "Oh, form of Action! To you, I do namaskaar (salutations). Every action that I do should be pure and for the welfare of the world, helping to spread this goodness throughout the world. Therefore, at the very beginning of every action that I do, I will bow to it." This is the importance of the culture of Bharat.

Even since ancient times, from a small work to also a very big work, every man used to bow to the work and then only do it. A dancer, before doing the dance, puts the anklets to her eyes (Note: which is the Indian way of saluting an object as God) and then fastens them on her ankles. They used to do this. The ones who play the tabla (Note: a type of South Indian drum) during bhajan will do namaskaar (salutations) to the tabla first and foremost before playing it. And only then they will began.

Whatever action was about to be performed, first namaskaar was done to it and then they started the action. Educated people as well as illiterate ones, and even dunces also have this habit. When a man went to drive an inert lorry, first and foremost the driver would do namaskaar to the steering wheel. This is the sacredness of our ancient culture. Whatever you are starting, first and foremost do namaskaar to it. What does namaskaar mean? It only means having a feeling devoid of ego.

So today people have forgotten such an ancient culture. They are doing actions just as they please. Therefore, the sufferings and troubles also are giving more worries and anxieties, just as they please!

When troubles are experienced, we cry out, "Oh dear! More suffering!" We are troubled now, but at the time of performing the action, we were not thinking, "Is this good or bad?" Therefore, first before we perform any action ask, "Is this good or bad? Is it right or wrong?" We have to think. Don't be hasty at all. Haste makes waste. Waste makes worry. So do not be in a hurry. Therefore, without us being hasty, the action has to be carried out with peace.

The happiness or sorrow of every single man is earned due to the actions that he performs. The New Year does not bring our happiness or sorrow, bliss or distress. We are experiencing these results only due to the actions that we perform. Therefore, first and foremost, regarding the works that we do, inquire and do good works. See to that. Actions that help others should be participated in. Without giving trouble to others, we should perform actions that give bliss to others.


Money is Spent for Good

One time, King Ashoka celebrated his birthday. Many neighboring kings brought presents according to how they felt, and they offered them to that king. Every king offered King Ashoka the tax that he had collected. At last, the King of Magada came, but he didn't even bring a single coin. King Ashoka asked, "King! Why didn't you bring your tax?"

King of Magada said, "Great King! This year my kingdom has had numerous troubles. Floods and drought have increased. People are suffering what should not be suffered. There is no water to drink. There is no house to live in. At a time when the situation was like this, all the wealth that I collected as tax, I offered it for water for the people to drink. All the tax that was collected was used for small children to study. All this wealth that I collected, I did not put to bad use. To the ones with ill health, I built hospitals that give health. All my tax was used for this. There is not even a single coin left in my hands to offer to you."

Emperor Ashoka was so happy at these words. He called him, "Magada King! Come here. You have done very great works. You have made selfishness distant. You have offered every paisa for the welfare of others. Water gives Praana. The heart maintains the body. Study develops the brain. Then Vidya (knowledge) is for the progress of Buddhi (intellect). Heart is for the protection of health. Water is to foster the body. Development of these three are important to man." Then Emperor Ashoka taught this well to all these kings who had assembled there.

Today people protest, "Tax, tax, tax!" Many people are complaining that tax is being collected. But if taxes were not collected, we couldn't do any of the helpful works that have to be done. From where does the government get this money? Tax must be collected. That money has to be put to good use. Therefore, we have to feel that this tax is a gift of God. It has to be known that, "I am the guardian for this gift." It has to be put to good use. This only is true seva.

"Bhakthi, bhakthi, bhakthi!" Bhakthi does not mean one who has Bhakthi (devotion). I do not want your Bhakthi. I want your transformation. (Applause) What does Bhakthi mean?


Paropakarardhamai Edam Sareeram.


Body is given to help others.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


Do Actions That Help Others

We have to do actions that help others. Actions have to be started that give bliss to others. Therefore, every single man has to determine to do seva activities. Therefore, man of today is wasting all his time only saying, "Bhakthi, Bhakthi." Actions that sanctify the time should be undertaken. Do as much seva as you have shakthi (energy). Do only that. But it is not desired that you do great seva to the whole world.

Therefore, keeping God in the heart,

Deho Devalaya Prokto,

Jivo Deva Sanathanah.


The body is a temple, and

The Jiva inside is the eternal God.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


The body is a temple. Atma is God in it. Therefore, no matter what body is seen, feel that it is a temple. Have the faith that in that temple God is there as Atma. Therefore, there is no place without God. There is no name that is not God's.


Sarvatah Paani Paadam

Tat Sarvatokshi Siromukham

Sarvatah Srutimalloke

Sarvamaritya Thishtati


Feet, eyes, head, mouth and ears

Pervading everywhere,

God permeates the entire universe.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


All is God

All is the form of God. You can do any work. You do it for the pleasure of God. So, we have to have faith that every single body is a temple. But there is not that kind of faith. We are thinking, 'This is a body of five elements. It is a body that will die some time or the other. What is the use of taking this body as a basis?'

It is not like this. In this unlasting, impermanent, untrue body the eternal, true Divinity, Atma, is contained. It is Chaitanya, Divine Consciousness. Due to this Atmic Consciousness being there, the conscience appears as a witness. There is no place at all without this Consciousness. That only is the Chaitanya Swarupa (one's very own form as Divine Consciousness) That Chaitanya Swarupa is in the body in the form of Praana Swarupa (one's very own form as vibration or life breath). However, quantity is different; but it is the same quality.

You take a tumbler and go to the ocean and bring water. You take a pot and go and bring water from the ocean. You take a lorry tank and bring water. That is tank water. This is pot water and the first one is tumbler water. You will think of the quantity like this. No, no! The salt in all of it is one quality only.

The Divinity, which is present everywhere, God, is the embodiment of Chaitanya, Consciousness. That which comes only in the pot of this body is conscience. In this body there is the conscience of this Atma. In the senses that act, it is called conscious. This conscious, that conscience, that Consciousness - these three are one only. Chaitanya is pervading the whole world. The whole world is only one God.


Sarva Khalvidam Brahma.


All this universe is Brahma.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


There is no place without the nature of Brahma. All of you are the cosmic form. You are seeing God in this form but are thinking, 'I have not seen the cosmic form.' This is weakness. So, we have to have faith that our body only is the temple of God. Therefore, without putting this body to bad use, it has to be entered onto the sacred path.


Do What is Good

This body is a temple. Will they make the temple unsacred? There are many doors to this temple. In it, five doors are very important. Therefore, the tongue is a big door. Even this door of the tongue should be entered onto the sacred path. Then, the ears are other doors. All matters that are heard should also be sacred matters.


Talk no evil. Talk what is good.

Hear no evil. Hear what is good.

See no evil. See what is good.

Think no evil. Think what is good.

Do no evil. Do what is good.

This is the way to God.



So these five elements also are there in the body. Only you have to put them to sacred use. This is the right type of security for the body.

In the Bhagavad Githa or in sacred Bharatiya culture, that which man should practice are nine proper paths: Sravanam (Hearing of God's Glory), Keerthanam (Singing God's Glory), Vishnu Smaranam (Remembering the Lord's Name), Paadasevanam (Serving God's Lotus Feet), Vandanam (Prostrating before the Lord), Archanam (Offering worship to God), Daasyam (Doing service as God's servant), Sneham (Worshiping God as a friend), Atmanivedanam (Total surrender to God).

The ancient culture teaches that these nine paths are the proper ways to participate in the worship of God. Therefore, we have to chant the name of God with this mouth. Hence, there should not only be contemplation upon God, one should also perform good actions. There should be the faith that, 'I am doing this for the welfare of others.'


Controlled By Actions


Karmadheenam Manishi Loke.


Men in the world are controlled by actions.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


This birth of man is controlled by actions.


Karmadheenam Manishi Jivitam.


Man's life is controlled by actions.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


Our very life has become controlled by actions. It is not possible for us to survive a moment without these actions. It has to be felt that every single action is a prayer of God. This true eternal path is expressed in the Upanishads as:


Tasmai Namah Karmaye.


I bow to the action.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


"First and foremost, oh Actions, I am performing you. Gift me it as a good action." This sacred action should be an action offered to God. It should be helpful to others. All actions should be for the welfare of the country. They should be for the peace of the world. Therefore think, 'All of my actions should be for the welfare of others.'


Reduce Other's Troubles


Paropakaardham Idam Sareeram.


Body is given to help others.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


This body has come only for giving joy to others. It is not only for selfishness. Selfishness should be changed to selflessness. Therefore, we have to get rid of this selfishness. Due to this selfishness being in us, we are participating in numerous actions we're not aware of. It should be selfless work. Making this attachment to the body distant, have faith in attachment to the Atma that is in you and in Me. There is one Atma only in you and in Me.

See here - lights are seen. Each light is seen separately. Here each light is seen separately. The names and forms are seen as separate, but the current is one. In that same manner, all bodies are like bulbs. In these bulbs, current is one as the principle of Atma.

Whoever is suffering, see that it is reduced. As far as possible for you, give some help to others. Based on this only, the Veda declares,


Paropakaartham Idam Sareeram.


Body is given to help others.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


Not only that, it is also said:


Paropakara Punyaya Papaya Parapeedanam.


One attains merit by serving others

And commits sin by hurting them.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


What does it mean? Help ever. Hurt never. If we spend our life with these two, what is greater sadhana? What is the manifestation or realization of God other than that? This only becomes the basis for Self-realization.


All is One

They say Self-realization. What is the meaning of 'Self'? "Self, Self, Self" - Atma is Self. There is only one Self, not two.


Ekam Yeva Adviteeyam Brahma.


Brahma is One-without-a-second.

(Sanskrit Sloka).


We are only thinking that there are many. But It is not many at all. There is only One.


Ekam Nitya Sathyam,

(Vipam Masam)


The One Eternal Truth

(Sanskrit Sloka)


I don't understand why you are not having faith in the Divinity, which is only One like this. Man of today has faith in everything. He will believe a TV. He believes in cinema. Then also he believes in radio. However, he is not having faith in God. He's not having faith in the sacred path. He is thinking that all these unsacred actions are so sweet. No, no! This sacred Atma Vishwasam (steadfast faith or confidence in the Atma) only is the true Vishwasam (faith or steadfastness). The one without Self-confidence is only blind.

Therefore, in every action that we do, the principle of Atma is contained. Therefore, in every bondage, due to Atma, we are being bound. There is no other thing in the world except Atma. Whoever is seen, feel that body is a temple. If someone comes in front of you, don't think, 'Who is he that has come?' He is the embodiment of God.


All are God

Don't criticize anyone. We should not ridicule anyone. What is the reason? All are the principle of God. Whoever is criticized, it is just like criticizing God. Whoever you give any harm to, it is just like giving trouble to God. Therefore, we should not hate anyone.


Sarva Deva Namaskaram Keshavam Prathi Gacchate.


Whatever God you bow to, it reaches Keshava.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


It is said, "Whoever you do namaskaar to, that is also namaskaar to God." Whoever is ridiculed, that is ridiculing God only.

Importantly, many are doing all of these practices like meditation, Japa, and Yoga. This is what should be done only. These are sacred actions indeed. However, the unity in all actions is one feeling. Know the feeling of Oneness in everything.


There is only one God and He is Omnipresent

Whoever is seen, He is there. Why are you not having faith in Divinity like that? If a friend who shows a bad path comes, you are having faith in him. If someone comes who is speaking good thoughts to you, teaching you good ways, and who follows the good path, you don't have faith in what he says. This is the effect of Kali Yuga. This is the defect of the education of man.


The World is a Book to be Learned

"Education, education, education, education." What is education? It is bookish knowledge. What is in this bookish knowledge for you? Your book is one - all the world coming together. The whole world is your book. You are one who should study such a world. What is there that comes from studying a small notebook?

First and foremost, bookish knowledge is superficial knowledge. How is this superficial knowledge useful? This should develop into practical knowledge. How should this practical knowledge change? It should become knowledge derived from experience. Only when knowledge transforms like that, you will become sanctified.


Embodiments of Love!



Love is God.

Live in Love.


Start the day with Love.

Spend the day with Love.

Fill the day with Love.

End the day with Love.

This is the way to God.


Possessing this love, why are you being ruined, acting as though you are without this love? Whomever you see, you hate. Finally, even when seeing the parents, the children feel hatred only. This is a big mistake.


Matru Devo Bhava

Pitru Devo Bhava

Acharya Devo Bhava

Athithi Devo Bhava.


Feel Mother is God.

Feel Father is God.

Feel Guest is God.

Feel Teacher is God.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


We just have to respect everyone. The one who does not respect mother and father like this, then in what way will you be able to respect God? The teaching that the mother does no one else can do. Therefore, this mother is only the true God.


The Self-Confidence of Lincoln

You know there was one man named Lincoln. He was born in a very poor family. He used to go to school with a few people who were rich village children. But when these rich people saw those poor kids, they used to talk and make fun of them. "Hey! See his clothes! There are no bracelets on his hands! There are no earrings in his ears!" They used to ridicule those poor kids like this.

As Lincoln was a small boy, he was unable to bear this ridicule. He came back to the house. He was simply crying. His mother came. "Son, why are you crying?" "Mother! All the school children are making fun of me! They say my dress is not OK. They say I have no ornaments. They say I am useless. They are saying that it is not possible to join with other students."

Then the mother brought the son close to her. "Son, you know our situation. Let anyone think what he or she wants to. You live with Self-respect. Have Self-confidence. That only will give everything to you." She spoke such good teachings to her son. Self-confidence, Self-confidence, Self-confidence - that is what she taught him. "Don't believe at all in the words spoken by others. Don't feel suffering on account of their words at all. With Self-respect, you will have Self-confidence."

From then on, Lincoln felt Self-respect and Self-confidence. No matter how anyone scolded him, he didn't care. That became his worship of God. Finally, what happened to him? He became the President of America. He had been just a small boy. Due to Self-respect, he developed and he became the President of America. This shows how much greatness can be achieved through Self-respect and Self-confidence!


All is Good For Us

Therefore, Self-respect gives everything to us. When any kids give any kind of trouble or suffering, none of you should have worries at all. You should think, 'It is good for me, good for me, good for me.' Think like that. No matter what anyone does, think that, 'It is good for me.' In that way, you teach equanimity. If you develop equanimity, who is there greater than you? Japa, meditation, and Yoga are not as important.


The ocean of worldly life can only be crossed

By serving good people.

One cannot cross over the ocean of worldly life

By position, pilgrimage, scholarship,

Or repetition of the Name.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


Seva is most important to us. Thapas, meditation, and yoga are not more important than this seva. Your most important seva is that which gives joy to God.


Embodiments of Love!

No matter whom we see, respect them. It is only that respect which will again give you respect. Whatever you give to others, that will be the result coming back to you. It is all reaction, resound and reflection. The very nature of this is the result of our actions. In this result only everything is contained for us. The direct manifestation or perception of God (Daiva Sakshathkaara) also depends on the results of actions.


Gain Bliss With Thyaaga

Therefore, today is the New Year. The New Year does not bring anything new. The same day that was yesterday has come again today. However, the good actions that we do today will give good results in the future. Today's action we have to make sacred without fail. The bliss experienced from Karmanandam (the bliss coming from good action) only is permanent Ananda.


Na Karmana, Na Prajaya

Dhanenna Tyage Naike Amrithatwa Manasu.


Not by action,

Nor by position or wealth;

Sacrifice alone confers Immortality.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


We have to gain bliss with this Thyaaga (sacrifice, renunciation, detachment). The result of action is only like the rich man's wealth for us. That wealth will never melt, break or diminish. Such a thing that does not melt, break, or diminish, that is eternal. That is the contemplation of God. We have to spend our time in it.


Have No Fear When God is Here

Wherever our step is put, God is there. All that is seen with the eye is God. All that is heard with the ears is the remembrance of God only. All that is thought with the mind is also the contemplation of God. Therefore, when God is everywhere, why should we be sad? Why should we have any sufferings or troubles? No need to have worries. We don't need to be afraid of anything.


Why fear when I am here? (Applause)


You should not be afraid of anything when God is with you, beside you, in your house, and in your very eyes. He is coming as your shadow beside you. That shadow won't leave you and go! That only is permanent. That is Truth. That is eternal. We should always have faith in such an eternal, true Divinity. Others can say any number of words. However, are they filling our stomach? No. It is said:

Whether in the forest, in the sky,

in the city, in the village,

on the hill or fallen in the stream,

there is only God for those with no refuge.

(Telugu poem)


Divinity is all-pervasive. Don't think that, "This is a hill (meaning, a small village), but this is a town." Today the Ashanthi in towns is not in any village. The pollution that is in the towns is not in any village. The whole world, humanity, has become polluted. The feelings of the mind have become polluted. Therefore, where is pollution? It is everywhere that is seen.


Past, Present and Future

Therefore, if we make the mind clean, all will become clean. Keep away all these worries that come. Past is past. Forget the past. We should not sit worrying about that which has past. Future - the future is not sure. Who can have the faith that we will be here tomorrow? We may go today. So, there should not be worry of the future at all. Do not worry over the future.

Present - this is important for us. The present we are experiencing right now. It is not ordinary present: It is Omni-present. We have to experience bliss in the present. The bliss of the present can't be attained anywhere else.


Students! Devotees!

Saying "bhakthi, bhakthi", we are only reading scriptures and going on doing pujas. Do it. But only our heart should be kept the same without changing. No matter what else changes, keep faith in the heart, without changing it. All these things are passing clouds, coming and going, coming and going, coming and going. But, it is the feeling of the heart that comes and grows.


Love is God. Live in Love.

You have to develop that quality of Love that grows. There is no other God at all higher than Love. Love is God. Live in Love. Love protects our Praana (vibration or life-breath). Our Love only is our Praana. Love only is our relative. Love only is our friend. Love only is our food.

Love is our everything. Love only is the important thing. The heart that has Love will never be polluted. No poison will ever enter into it at all. Prema is nectarine. Love that is nectar like that, why are you wasting it?


Embodiments of Love!

Due to your not knowing about this matter, you are wasting your life in many ways. Is there any wealth better than Love? This Love only is our true Bhaagyam (welfare). Our whole world, change it to being full of Love. It will become a world of Saubhaagyam (auspiciousness) and will protect the nation.

Only Love should be developed. Every single work that you do, do it with Love. Whoever you love, you keep Love. Therefore, Love will always give a pure result.


Bhagavan closed His Divine Discourse with the bhajan, "Prema Muditha Mana Se Kaho..."



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