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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Discourses

Sri Sathya Sai Baba Discourses

 Prof. Anil Kumar

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*New : AUDIO 2002

*New : AUDIO 2002



The following discourse has been translated into English from Bhagavan's Telugu speech as heard on this festival's ashram audiocassette. It is a complete, literal translation made with the objective of preserving Bhagavan's precious original poetic style as much as possible. . The words spoken by Bhagavan in English are highlighted in bold black.


Discourse By Sri Sathya Sai Baba


14 January 2002



The sun appears peaceful,

the days become shorter, a chill wind blows strongly,

and there are haystacks in the fields in the moonlight.

Farmers, opening their throats fully,

start to sing words while winnowing.

Blossoming yellow flowers are in the jute fields

like strings of pearls.

Ripe chilies shine red like kumkum.

Marigolds open their faces.

The wealth of rice is stocked in our house.

The festival of Sankranthi, which is like a woman of good taste and refined manners, has come!

(Telugu poem)





By separating and pushing blame far away,

developing feelings of Love and

having the good intellect that all is One,

only by such people, the earth becomes heaven.

Through such people only, the earth becomes a heaven.

 (Telugu poem)


Amazing Feats

Embodiments of Love!

Boy Students and Girl Students!

For the last four days, Prashanti Nilayam looked like a special world. Every single student from the Prashanti Nilayam campus, Anantapur campus, Bangalore campus, Primary School and the Higher Secondary School performed and exerted during Sports day Festival, showing so much interest in all fields. Not only the students, the teachers also, young and old, exerted so much and gave assistance on the ground.

If it is truly investigated one discovers that institutions having this type of unity, love, devotion and surrender, cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. (Applause) If such institutions are spread throughout the world, the troubles of the world will be rectified.

Boy students, girl students and teachers performed so many amazing feats. Not only regarding education, these students also demonstrated their talents in many other fields.



Awareness is life.



When there is full awareness in everything, it is a true life.

Not only in games and not only in songs, our students progressed so much in many different areas of skill like the band and nadaswaram (instrumental Indian festival music) also, and gave joy to the world. (Applause) It was not only students from lower classes who performed the (Chinese) Lion Dance. Senior post-graduate, MA, MSc, M.Tech and MBA students also entered into this with a lot of enthusiasm and encouragement and gave joy to the people.

Not only that. The Anantapur students wanted to learn nadaswaram for Swami’s Birthday and for the Convocation function. They went to proficient experts with so much enthusiasm, practiced for some days, learned nadaswaram in this way and came here. Today also in the early morning, they played nadaswaram to awaken Swami. (Applause)


Not For Their Own Satisfaction

All of these games and songs are not for their own satisfaction. They participated in this with the fathomless enthusiasm of love feeling, “Swami should be satisfied; Swami should be given joy.” (Applause) They came forward accepting, enduring, bearing, tolerating and braving all types of difficulties, whatever they might be.

A few minutes ago, a Darjeeling boy spoke. In this Lion’s dance, even though told not to, he climbed up 12 feet to show amazing feats to Swami. He slipped down from there. When he fell, his neck became very swollen. Then I said, “Dear son, take a few days rest. Give someone else your place.”

That boy said, “Swami, my life is for You. How could I give this place to someone else instead of offering it to You? I came from Darjeeling to give satisfaction to Swami. Let anything happen to this body. I won't leave this task. I have so determined and I will achieve.” He made that vow.

That vow gave My mind so much joy! I put My Hand on his neck, stroked it and I said, “From now, it will be OK. Go.” (Loud applause)



Enta Matramuna, Evari Talachina, Anta Matrame, Nenu.


To the extent each one thinks, to that extent I am.

(Telugu poem)



Based only on each one’s resolves, My resolve also develops accordingly. Finally that boy performed accordingly in that position and gave a lot of joy.


The Mystery Between Mind and Matter

Today in the world, children and elders have determination in so many different types of actions, and achieve many kinds of victories in that which they were previously unable to achieve. However, no matter how much time has passed, no individual has been able to recognize the difference between mind and matter.

In every man’s life, from early morning till lying down at night, he is spending time with the intermingled forms of mind and matter. Yet today also, no matter how highly educated, if the question is asked, “What is mind?” he will say, “It does not matter.”

They will argue, “There is no useful result at all from knowing that.” If it is asked, “What is matter?” they’ll answer, “Never mind!” They will say, “It is not necessary to know that.”

What man should know today is the difference between mind and matter. It may be said that a man who does not know the mind is foolish. Therefore, the one who recognizes the mind is great.


The Mind, Intellect and Resolve

However, what is the form of this mind? From where did it arise? What is its action? What is its grandeur? If this inquiry is made, one discovers that there are three powers that the Atma has. One is the mind, the second is intellect and the third is resolve (will power). The Atma is the form of mind, intellect and resolve.

Hence, the mind arose from the Atma. It is not possible to describe the vastness of this mind. In Sanskrit this is described as:



Sarvata Paani Paadam, Tat Sarvota Chi Siromukham,

Sarvato Sritomeloke, Sarvamato Tishtati.


Feet, eyes, head, mouth and ears pervading everywhere,

God permeates the entire Universe.

(Sanskrit sloka)



If it is resolved upon, the mind makes the journey in an instant, no matter how distant the place. In an instant it pervades everywhere. No one can recognize or inquire into the power of the mind. Language is not enough to describe it. Hence, it is not possible for anyone to determine the power of the mind as ‘like this’ or ‘like that’. We cannot perform even a small action without the power of the mind.

Yet how is the mind? This mind does not have a form. All the work that the mind does is done through the power of the Atma. So the Atma, which is within, performs all actions in the world through this mind.

If one wants to recognize the transformations of the mind and the expansiveness of the mind, even a few years is not enough. It is not possible even in a few eons.

The second one is intellect. It is effulgent. It is shining. It is just that which inquires. The nature of the intellect is to discriminate. In that discrimination also, it is intellect that determines something, without giving any place at all for selfishness and self-interests.

Then, the third one is sankalpa (will power or resolve). These resolves will give so many results not only in this birth, but in births to come also. These are samskaaras (inherent tendencies; also refinement). What does samskaara mean? It means making the bad distant and fostering good. It is samskaara to eradicate the faults of whatever actions we are doing in daily life and to transform actions into being completely faultless. Samskaara is not that which involves a lot of strain.

In this way, it is not possible for any book to describe the refinement of the mind and the intellect. However, My aspiration and resolve today is that today’s children should be taught about the powers of these three: mind, intellect and samskaara.

Therefore, first and foremost, every human being consists of mind and matter. Without matter, there would be no mind. Without the mind, there would be no matter!

(Swami picks up the rose in front of Him.) Now, this is a rose flower. This is matter. However, if this weren’t matter, the thought would not enter into the mind that, “This is a rose.” If there were no mind, this rose flower would not be seen by the eyes.

The matters that are in the world are a reaction, resound and reflection of this mind. So the effect of the mind is very great. Even a single human being is not making the proper effort to recognize the effect of this mind. The one who recognizes the effect of the mind first and foremost is a true human being.

They think that the power of the sankalpa (resolve or thought) is the form of the mind. However, from where are those sankalpas arising? So there is also a basis for the sankalpas. It also comes from the Atma. It is that which arises out of Chaitanya Shakthi (the power of Divine Consciousness).

There is a kind of vijnana (wisdom or higher knowledge) blossoming in every human being. Yet a few foolish people have the pride that, “We have learned so much knowledge”, due to familiarity with books and due to some words that elders speak. The ones who learn these types of knowledge are not truly educated people.

Now, the truly educated person is one who inquires well into what should be recognized. No matter how much education one learns, the one who doesn’t recognize the knowledge of the Atma is only foolish.


You Are the Master

There is a greatly educated person. Go to him and ask a question. Ask him, “Sir, who are you?” Even though he is such an educated person, he will not give a correct answer for this. He will say, “Sir, my name is Rama Sashtri Garu.” ‘Rama Sashtri’ is given to the body but it is not you at all!

Then ask a second time, “Then, who are you?” He will say, “I am a scholar.” That is also not the correct answer. The power of the scholarship is only due to the education that you studied but it is not you.

Then, ask the third question of “Who are you?” “Sir, I am an Indian. I am American. I am British.” He will utter the name of his country.

To the question of “Who are you?” only the name of the body, the name of the profession and the name of the country are being described but he is not recognizing at all who he actually is. What is the reason? Instead of recognizing his nature of Atma, he is keeping in sight only the nature of the body, the nature of the education and the nature of the profession.

How long can the one who doesn’t have knowledge of the Atma live with knowledge of the body? It is the body that studies knowledge. It is only the body that has fostered knowledge. If it is seen in this way, all of these are instruments that are in your hands. Are you your own instruments or are the instruments under your control? Therefore, all of these instruments are instruments that are under your control.



You are the Master.



For that reason Veda says:



Master the mind. Be a mastermind.



So you should be a master for all of this. After all of these are fully inquired into, then when you ask, “Who are you?” then he will be able to say: “Sir, due to body attachment I succumbed to many different types of ignorance and answered giving the professions of the body, the names of the body, the situations of the body and the time. Yet the One who is beyond time, the One who is beyond the body, the One who is beyond education is Atma. That only is I.”

Atma is behind all bodies, education, culture, and it makes them all play. But man is forgetting the Master. Seeing the dance, he is under delusion. It is the body only that is doing this dance. That which makes the body dance is the Atma.

Therefore, you develop attachment to the body and you are describing that you are related to the country, the name of the country, or the power (level of achievement) of the education. None of these are permanent at all. They are all lowly. They are those that are destroyed in a moment.

You are the one of Truth. Your name is Truth. That only is the Atma. Hence, you have to consider Atma as the basis, propagate the knowledge of the Atma and reduce attachment to the body. As long as there is attachment to the body, you cannot understand even an atom of the knowledge of the Atma.

You may take a few quotations from books and give the answer. All of these quotations are not correct. These are magics’ (illusions) that are going on daily. This is not you. You are gradually becoming aware that you are the basic form of power in everything. Suitable effort must be made to understand the power of Atma.


The Power of the Mind

First and foremost, understand the nature of the mind. Then you will know how great the power of the mind is. The power of the mind is not ‘like this’ or ‘like that’. Bliss is born and grows in man, lives in the mind and ends in the mind. All actions are the mind. Difficulty is the mind. To live is the mind. To go bad is the mind. All of these are only the powers of the mind.

Therefore, no one can decide that the power of the mind is ‘like this’ or ‘like that’. Hence, first and foremost, one should try to recognize the power of the mind. Only when the power of the mind is recognized, you will have the power to recognize the form of the matter.

If you are one who cannot control your senses, how can you have the authority to be the master of others? Only when you put your senses under your authority, will you be able to be the master of others. So first and foremost, recognize the power of the mind.



Being born is mind. To be on the earth is mind.

Worldly life is mind. Death is mind.

All of youth is mind. Old age is mind.

To live is mind. Injury is mind.

All actions are mind. Troubles are mind

Happiness is mind. Worry is mind!

(Telugu poem)




All of these are only the power (effects) of the mind. Keeping such a mind with so much power with you, you think you are low. You are experiencing infinite pride having only an atom of education. That is big foolishness. No bigger fool can be seen in the world. You think, “I know everything.” Yet you are not paying attention to some things. You do not recognize the nature of Atma at all. You are recognizing the nature of lowliness. For that reason, man of today is always weakening due to sorrow and difficulties.


You Are the Root Cause


What is the root cause for man’s happiness and sorrow? You only are the root cause. There is no other reason. What is the reason? Due to you being unable to recognize your nature, you are increasing your happiness and sorrow. If you recognize your nature, it would not be possible for happiness and sorrow to come with you. It would not be possible even for them to touch you. Therefore, the root cause for happiness and sorrow is you only.

You are saying something like, “Those people, these people; these people, those people,” and taking them as a basis (blaming them). This is even more sin. We are thinking, “That person is the reason for my sorrow. This person is the reason for my misery.” This is a big sin. No one is responsible for your sorrow. No one is responsible for your misery. You only are responsible for yourself. So, you only are responsible for yourself; but it is an even bigger sin to put the blame on others.

What is the reason? There are not the right kinds of moral feelings in you, this means good behavior. Through this conduct, today’s good conduct becomes tomorrow’s refinement. Today’s refinement becomes tomorrow’s swabhava (nature or personality). Today’s swabhava becomes tomorrow’s goal. It is only your resolves that are the root cause for the refinement, your nature and your goal. Hence, what is the goal? The goal will be according to your actions.

So first and foremost, we have to recognize morality. The power of morality accomplishes the actions in this world. The accomplishment of all these actions arises due to the mind.


The Control Room and Main Switch

Embodiments of Love!

The mind is with us. One is not a human being without a mind. However, man who is a manishi (human being) is unable to recognize the manas (mind). If you don’t recognize (understand) the mind, how are you able to say, “I am a human being”? There isn't even authority to say this! It will be possible to say that you are a human being on the day that you recognize the mind. This is the correct essence of Vedanta.

Therefore, Vedanta means: the end (essence) of all Vedas is Vedanta. They call this ‘Atma Jnana’ (Knowledge of the Self). Forgetting Atma Jnana, increasing the ignorance of the body and arguing that “I am this and that” is utter foolishness, isn't it?

The Atma is a control room. Make yourself under the control of that control room. Then all the senses will be under your control in an instant. If the main switch in the house is turned off, the lights in all rooms will go off. (Swami decisively pounds the table with His Hand saying:) If you put on the main switch, the lights in all the rooms will be lit.

So the main switch is your Atma. Your sight, your words, your statements, your hearing, your actions, all of these are like switches in different rooms. You are creating these yourself.

Now you have built a big mansion. This is a bedroom. This is the bathroom. This is the storeroom. This is the kitchen room. You have given all of these different names. Who has made these? You have made them. They are determined by you.

There is a wall separating the bathroom. There is a wall separating the bedroom. There is a wall separating the drawing room. There is a wall separating the dining hall. Due to there being so many walls, you are making so many rooms. If all of these walls are broken down, it will become one vast hall.

Therefore, without making these customs broad (without being broadminded), you are building these walls. You are taking these walls and rooms as important. It shouldn’t be, it shouldn’t be so! Vastness should be gained. That only is the true nature of Atma. That only is infinite.

You have forgotten such an infinite and immortal nature of Atma and you are developing the lowly and narrow attachment to the body. Hence, we have been developing this body attachment from numerous births. Gradually it should be reduced.

What is this body? You are saying, “This is all mine.” How long is it yours? Only as long as this body exists! Afterwards whose will it be? What name will come? So why are you thinking that it is yours?

However to some extent, in actions relating to the outer world, the word ‘I’ is useful. There are the two: ‘I’ and ‘mine’. ‘I’ is the Atma. ‘Mine’ is matter. The Atma is the basis of the mind. The mind is the basis of this matter. So when we recognize the power of the mind and the matter first and foremost, all will become One.


Be Very Careful At This Age


You are ones who have a long life, ones who will be able to live for a long time. So, don’t neglect thinking that, “We will look into spirituality when old age comes.”



Start early, drive slowly, reach safely.



We have to be very careful at this age. If we waste time at this age, it will not be caught or kept by us again. Hence, take this age as a very important aim. We have to find out well about things that should be known at this age. Or, when will you get to know? 



Not able to see due to cataract,

folds on the face, gray hair and legs that stagger,

 children will laugh, calling you an old monkey.

See the joke of the puppet!

(Telugu poem)





Don’t be proud of your beauty or youth.

In the future, very soon your festival of old age

will approach.

(Telugu poem)



Then who will look after you? Will you then be able to look after yourself? It will not be possible. You will have to aspire for the help of others. Therefore, as long as you are alive, you should try to achieve without the help of anybody.

Hence, it is not possible to say at what moment and in what way the condition of this body will change. Therefore, don’t keep excess body attachment. However, suitable effort has to be made to be well (healthy, safe) without being dependent on others.


Do your duty.


See that your body is not dependent upon others. It has to be kept under your own control. Who are you? That ‘I’ is the Atma. It has to be kept under the control of Atma.


The ‘I’ in Everyone Is One

The ‘I’ in everyone is One. If it is asked, “Who is Ramayya?” that one will get up saying, “I”. “Who is Anil Kumar?” He (Swami indicates the translator by His side) will get up! “Who is Giri?” (Swami indicates someone behind Him.) He will get up. “Who is Sashtri Garu?” He will get up.

They are saying, “I, I, I.” He is saying, “I”. That one is saying, “I”. Another one is saying, “I”. Therefore, this ‘I’ is that which is in all, the feeling of the one Atma. That ‘I’ only is fundamental. All ‘I’s have come from the one Atmic ‘I’.

You probably know that there are so many lights shining here. In that same way, on Deepavali, we light all the lights from one single light. You may think, “But how much would it cost for so many lights to be lit? How many lights should be used?” Nothing at all! All has the same current. If that current goes off, all of these bulbs will go out.

So every human being in the world is like a bulb. However, God is the suitable generator for it. (Applause) This only is a jana-rator! (‘Jana’ is ‘people’ in Telugu!) (To make sure he gets it, Swami asks Anil Kumar aside, “What does jana mean?” Anil Kumar says, “Generator, Swami!”) That only is jana-rator. That which makes all the jana shine is jana-rator! (Applause) What is the use of only sitting and holding the bulbs without seeing that generator?


Reflections of the Atma

So if anyone comes and asks, “Who are you?” the right answer has to be spoken. “What is mind?” One should say, “My mind is a part of the Atma. It is not matter.” It should not be said, “Mind is matter.”

In that same manner, what is your mind? This is a reflection of the Atma. What is your intellect? It is a reflection of the Atma. What are your senses? Reflections of the Atma! All are parts of this Atma. There is only one foundation for all the parts.

Mysore pak, gulab jamun, burfi, paalkova, mithai, jelabi (names of various Indian sweets): we have made all of them. What is important for all of them? Only sugar. If the sugar were taken out, there would be no mysore pak and no gulab jamun! In that same way:


God is Divine.


Due to ‘Divine’ (Divinity), which is the sugar, you are experiencing so many different situations and you are cooking and eating so many different preparations. So we have to take hold of the main foundation, the fundamental right. The fundamental right for man is only the mind. Why? This is because it is the form of the Atma.


Monkey Mind and Mankind

They think that the mind is a monkey mind. It is a big mistake. When you are a monkey, it looks like a monkey mind to you! However, when you have come as a man, that is not monkey mind. Then it will be mankind. It transforms into mankind. You have to earn this mankind (human qualities). Don’t develop a monkey mind. It should be like a man (human being). You should not be a monkey. Only when it is like that, you will be a true human being.

Also for everything people ask, “Why is your mind becoming like this?” They answer, “It is going around like a monkey!”

A monkey is actually so much better. That monkey (Hanuman), obeying Rama’s order, crossed over Lanka, crossed over the ocean, and brought back Sita’s amulet (to be given to Rama). Then it is said that the monkey said, “Oh crazy fellow, O Man! You are making fun of me saying, ‘Monkey, monkey, monkey!’ Is there any other monkey worse than you? What works of God have you taken part in? I have taken part in God's work. So, I obeyed the order of Rama. Near Rama I was deena (humble). Near Ravana I was dheera (brave).” Near something bad one should stand bravely. Near the good you should stand humbly. A monkey is speaking this advice to us.

So, we should not be monkeys. When a monkey has a tail, it is a real monkey. All of you are monkeys without tails! Don’t think you are human beings just because you don’t have a tail. The tail has gone but its monkey qualities are all within us.

Therefore, completely get rid of those monkey qualities. Enter onto the sacred path, keep the nature of Atma as an aim, develop the nature (conviction) that “I am a part of the Atma,” and we should aspire for the unity of the three: mind, intellect and samskaara (refinement, culture).


Samskaara Is Very Amazing

Samskaara (in this case meaning vasanas, past impressions or tendencies) is very amazing. I am telling you in simple words but still you do not understand. Samskaara (vasanas): that which is done today won't go away tomorrow. It will be following you for a few births. Wherever we go, it will follow us like a shadow. Hence samskaara is very great.

It is said that, that which is refined is samskaara (in this case meaning culture, refinement). We should not neglect samskaara. You don’t have that samskaara (culture) in you. There is power to be refined. Yet you are not refining it. That has to be refined. Only when it is refined will you enter into the correct samskriti (culture).

Therefore, what is the culture of Bharath like? It is maha bhagya (greatly auspicious) culture. It is like pure gold. It shines. No pollution can be seen in it at all. Today we are wasting such a shining culture that is ours. When elders are seen, we are forgetting to respect them. Then, seeing great ones, we are forgetting to show humility and obedience. We are even forgetting to love the parents.

Then, what is it that you have not forgotten? The only thing that remains is what you have studied. How long is this education? This is culture only as long as your head exists. Afterwards nothing will come with us.

For any man at anytime…finally at the time man goes (dies), samskaara (past impressions or tendencies) will come but samsara (worldly life) will not come. (Applause) You think that, “Samsara will come, samsara will come.” Samsara will not come with you at all. Therefore, it is only samskaara that comes with you.

Instead of earning such a samskaara that comes with you, you are bound to this samsara that blows away with a sneeze. Feeling that this only is truth and eternal, you are succumbing to many types of ashanthi (peacelessness). You are making a big mistake.


He is Not Recognizing His Own Nature


One studies so much knowledge,

gaining a lot of discrimination.

But still he does not know his Self, the dull-head!

(Telugu poem)



Who is he? He is not recognizing his own nature of Atma.



Still he does not know his Self, the dull-head!

No matter what lifestyle there is,

he will not give up his low qualities.

Studying again and again leads only to argumentation

but he can never get full wisdom.

Studying and studying all education,

why should one die?

The education without death should be studied.

 (Telugu poem)



That only is the nature of Atma. It has no death. (Applause), We will be forms of Eternity and Truth only when such knowledge of the Atma is studied.



From getting up from sleep until going to sleep again,

man is using all his education spending his life

for his stomach (to earn a livelihood) with no limitations,

forgetting the Lotus-petal eyed One (God).

What great happiness have you obtained?

Tell fondly, O student!

(Telugu poem)



Tell fondly! Say it and let us see! No one will be able to say. Forgetting God, believing the world, what have you earned? “I went. I went around all countries and returned. I earned tens of millions.” You brought it. Whom will that come to? At the time of going (dying), not even a single coin will come with us.

You have gone all around so much. What is the use of going around and returning? It is like only seeing a map and thinking that one knows about the world. Seeing the map one says, “This is England. This is America. This is Japan. This is India.” Just by knowing that will it be like seeing the actual countries? This is not possible at all.

There is a spoon. That spoon goes into the chutney (hot pickle). It goes into the sambar (spicy soup with vegetables and daal). It goes into the rasam (tamarind soup). It goes into payasam (milk pudding). It enters into all of these. Yet this spoon does not know any taste. Like that, you are going around all countries. What is the use? You are reading all books. What is the use? You don’t have the essence in you at all.


Right Leg and Left Leg

Therefore, Embodiments of Love!

First and foremost, recognize this nature of Love. Develop your Love. Share that Love with others. Share it and see the world become full of Love. Then you will not have any kind of sorrows. However, all of these sorrows come due to your mind. Therefore, realize the nature of the mind. Then only you will be fortunate (or blessed).

You played (participated in) games. You gained prizes. You showed great skills. This is all related to the world. It is certainly necessary. This is:



Ehamunu Sukhimpa Hemataaraka Vidya;

Paramunu Sukhimpa Brahma Vidya.


For happiness here, there is secular knowledge.

For happiness in the other world,

 there is spiritual knowledge.

(Telugu poem)



Secular education should be seen to. Spiritual knowledge should also be seen to. Spiritual knowledge is the right leg. Secular education is the left leg. When there is this left and right, left and right, left and right, it becomes marching! (Applause) Marching is going on. What marching is going on? Left right, left right, left right. Left is the left side. This is to be left.  Right: always right! (Applause)

Then, another one: If you also want to understand worldly matters properly, there are so many very good ideal meanings. For everything we are using the right hand, right hand. However, what are we using the right hand for? Right things should be done! Other people should be pleased. God should be made happy. Then your right hand will be put to very good use.

What will happen to the left? It will always be merely left. What is the reason? That left hand will not do good things. It cleans all dirt. The left always goes behind, right always comes forward. (Laughter and applause)

Recognize well! Hence, both have different work. So in the world, the left we should always be left. The right should always be followed. Right is that which we should achieve. That only is the aim of our life.

What is man’s important game (goal)? That only is our aim. The fundamental Truth has to be recognized. That only is ‘I’. That ‘I’ is in you. Recognize that.

How should it be recognized? It should be recognized through the mind. Why? This is because the mind is the reflection of the Atma. We are discarding this reflection of the Atma and we are entering into these worldly, momentary and physical matters. They should indeed be entered into, but they have to be overcome. In that also, we should divide that which should be made separate. They call that ‘intellect’. They call that ‘discrimination power’.


Discrimination Power

 When we take a small orange, you will peel the entire outer rind. You will throw away all of the used pulp and you will only take the juice inside. This only is the aim of the intellect. Throw out the bad and accept the good. Therefore, that which is tasteful should be accepted and that which lacks taste should be thrown away.

Not only man! You may have seen somewhere that monkeys also do that work. Throw a monkey a banana. It will peel it nicely. It peels it and it only eats what is inside. Are you a monkey? You are also doing that same work! But you are not a monkey. You are mankind. The things that you are doing a monkey is also doing.

What you are doing is also done by animals. You are not even doing that. At least cows do not have selfishness. First and foremost, they enter into the fields. They enter into the fields and eat whatever comes to their tongue. How does it eat? It eats it up very fast. Then it goes back to its own place. After reaching its own place, then it brings it up again, chews it and again swallows it.

Therefore, when we are going about in the world, all the good should be accepted.


Don’t waste time.


Use all of this time for sacred things. Don’t delay at all. Eat well all the good. Afterwards, go to your own place and after going to your room, what has been eaten should be ‘chewed as cud’ (meaning, slowly digested and absorbed). Then only the jiva shakthi (power of life) will arise in you. That jiva shakthi will give the true power to the body.


First Class and Last Class


There is so much vijnana even in animals, birds and beasts. There is so much prajnana. There is so much sujnana. Yet even though so much knowledge is studied, this sujnana, vijnana and prajnana are becoming extinct in people. Hence, achieve that sujnana, prajnana and vijnana.

Many students are changing into being utterly foolish. Why? This is because they get good marks in physics and math. Good marks come in chemistry. Good marks come in mathematics. Five out of five comes in everything. You think so it is like that.

What is this five out of five? This secular knowledge that was learned, you vomited it up there in the examination hall. Yet you progress only in that.  How far have you made touch with what is fundamental? (As Swami says ‘touch’, He taps the table in front of Him.) What spirituality have you passed?

In this worldly knowledge, you are first class; in spirituality, last class. In this, you get a sort of first prize; in that - last prize! In this - marks; in that - remarks. (Applause) We should not give place (opportunity) for those remarks. We have to get marks in spirituality also.

There is one small matter, which that young boy said. All of these remarks are not correct just because someone has said it. They should be practiced and experienced. When he fell, he thought, “Now I have lost this chance. Swami will put someone else in this place. My achievement has gone, gone, gone!” He felt very badly.

Feeling badly he came to Me. He said, “Swami, I feel very badly. You must take this suffering and again give this place only to me!” As he was holding to that determination, I certainly healed him in an instant. (Applause)


He Will Do Harm and He Will Give Help


That determination is needed. That faith should come. Therefore Annamacharya said:



Enta Matramuna, Evari Talachina, Anta Matrame, Nivu.


To the extent each one thinks, to that extent You are.

(Telugu poem)



God will do both. He will do harm and He will give help. That only was said by Purandara Das. “Rama! Though remembering Your Name in so many ways, I am unable to recognize the nature of Atma, which liberates. At the time of protecting me, You are Rama. When You punish, You are Yama (the god of death). You are Yama and You are Rama.”

To Kamsa, Krishna appeared as Yama. However, to Kamsa’s messengers (other people there), He remained as Krishna. So, don’t think that God is separate and someone else does harm or help. He does harm and He does help.

He helped Prahlada. He harmed Hiranyakasipu. He was Yama in the sight of Hiranyakasipu. That same Yama was Narayana in the sight of Prahlada. So, for one He is nara (man) and for another He is Narayana (God). For another He is Yama, and He was Narayana for Prahlada.

So there is no difference between Yama and Narayana. When He helps, He is Narayana. When He hurts, He is Yama. But why does He hurt? He hurts evil. He helps good.



Help ever, Hurt never.



Vyasa also said this:



Paropakara Punyaya Papaya Parapeedanam.


One attains merit by serving others,

and commits sin by hurting them.

(Sanskrit sloka)



If the mind of God is given pain, there is no messenger of Yama other than Him. If God is criticized, there is no Yama other than Him. If one becomes distant from God, there is no hell other than Him.


Develop Quantity

You may think, “Aren't there so many people in the world who are carrying on living, not thinking of God?” They are living; they are living. But how are they living? They are living like jackals and dogs. They are not living like human beings, like devotees and like sacred people.

So, it is good if we develop quality. Don’t go for quantity. Be deserving of the Grace of God. Spread a proper name for the Institute, develop well and live ideally. Just uphold well the name of the Institute because you have studied here from so long for free. Why? It is the suitable gratefulness for the help done to your life.

Wherever, in whatever institute, they will not give even a slip of paper unless money is given. They won't even let you in the front gate. All is money, money, money. Money, money, money. What use is money?



Money comes and goes. Morality comes and grows.



Develop that. When developing so much love, gratefulness should remain in every drop of blood toward that which gave so much help to you.


We Should Develop Gratitude

One small example: Wanting to teach our students the Lion Dance, our Vice Chancellor made a phone call to Singapore saying, “Send one trainer here.” So the trainer came. When he came, no one inquired about anything (his needs) at all.

How is the education of today? Common sense and general knowledge are zero. However, only in studies they are good heroes. They will answer all the questions that are asked. They are heroes in that but a zero in general knowledge. They don’t know what should be done for some people.

Then I called the Warden: “Warden, you brought the trainer. We have become happy. The children (students) are happy. However, he should also be made happy. So what is to be done?” The Warden answered, “I don’t know, Swami.” “Foolish fellow! Don’t leave it like that.”

Swami Himself looked after the needs of every single boy and the needs of every trainer also. You think, “Swami is somewhere else. He doesn’t know.” But here, there, wherever one looks, He is residing as the One Atma. (Applause)

After the trainer has to go, isn't it? I said, “Give him the charges (travels expenses).” “Swami, the charges will come to 40,000 rupees for coming and returning.” I said, “Don’t think about this. Don’t worry about money at all. We have to sustain our gratefulness. We should develop that gratitude.” Saying that, I immediately gave 40,000 into the Warden’s hand and said to give it to the trainer and send him home.

I continue to give satisfaction to every person who comes. I only am bearing the works that you do and all the losses and difficulties. You are unable to recognize this truth. How can you, the one who cannot recognize this, be able to recognize your own nature?


The Root Cause Is This One Only

Thus, everyone went to so much exertion. The teachers also went to a lot of exertion. Not only young teachers, elderly teachers also. Rama Murthy, Radha Swamy, all of them are very elderly. Even after retirement, they are again doing work in our college. All of them gave so much help. Each did according to their capacity. All worked.

Hence, if we always have unity, we can achieve any amount of Divinity. If that One, Divinity, is there, we will gain everything. So all of you exerted and did work. You made the suitable efforts and you achieved so much victory. Who is the root cause of this success? Not only you. All are the root cause of this success!

Therefore, no other institute can be seen anywhere like our Institute. (Applause) Here they have such coordination and cooperation with so much Love. The root cause for all of this is (Swami points to Himself) this One only, this One only. (Loud applause) It is only the nature of Love, which arises from this (meaning Himself), which is responsible for all of this unity, for this unity.

I won't bother about tens of millions (of rupees in expenses) at all. The children should be well. An ideal should be given to the country. Yet even though so much is experienced, some people don’t have gratitude. It is their karma (fate), that’s all.



Destiny cannot be changed

even though worrying about it for a hundred years.

(Telugu poem)



Therefore, their karma is that only. Your praapti (positive gain) is like that only! So no matter where you go, make the suitable effort to uphold the name of this Institute. That only is what I am hoping for. Whatever you want, I am ready (to grant it). However, the reputation, the reputation of the Institute, has to be upheld. All the people who have come are so happy regarding the activities of this Institute.


The Women In Anantapur

The women in Anantapur also, the girls also went to a lot of exertion and came here. Truly, the ones who are in Puttaparthi have great good fortune. They are coming morning and evening, morning and evening to Swami’s darshan. Conversing with Swami, touching Swami, all of this continues happening. However, the women in Anantapur have nothing at all, poor creatures!

It has been 12 years since I have gone to Anantapur. Yet, even though I have not gone, they are doing work with sraddha (interest, steadfastness) and devotion, feeling that Swami is there only.

Hence, very soon their devotion and surrender will also bring them success. I will also go again soon to Anantapur (to confirm, Anil Kumar asks aside, “Swami?” Swami repeats:) Going very soon to Anantapur. (Applause) Since so much time they are ones who were so disappointed and disheartened. I will give them joy and come there. (Applause)

So first and foremost, we have to continue waiting. There is a result for every single action. Hence, we cannot escape experiencing the results of actions. Very soon sacred results will also come.


There Is No War

Importantly, a lot of auspiciousness will come to the country of Bharath. (Loud applause) Numerous people are smoldering with fear: “At what moment will war come? In what moment will a war between Pakistan and India break out?” Nothing will happen. (Loud and long applause) The country of Bharath is a sacred county. It will always be safe.

Very small things continue to happen. Even in a family of only four members, there will be fighting. In a country with so many crores of people, it will not be without very small conflicts. But there is no war.

Those people and these people, those people and these people - all will become unified and will live like brothers. In your daily prayers also, pray suitably and wholeheartedly:



Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu.


May all the beings in all the worlds be happy.

(Sanskrit sloka)



We have to hope for the happiness of the whole world. We are living due to the existence of the world. Without the world, who are you? Without you, where is the world? Therefore, there is such a close relationship between the world and you.

So contemplate on the Name of the Lord, wish for the welfare of the world, take part in the efforts for the welfare of society and do service also, long-term service.



Bhagavan ended His Divine Discourse by chanting the bhajan, “Hari Bhajana Bina Sukha Shanti Nahi…”






Taken from

"A Glossary of Sanskrit Words

Gleaned from Sai Literature"


1)     Ashanthi (pg. 41) Peace-lessness that is confounding the world

2)     Atma: (pg. 50) A spark of the Divine; a conglomeration of manas (mind), buddhi (intellect) and samskaara (civilized tendency); Man’s true reality is the Atma; the Atma is a wave of the Paramatma, God viewed as the Universal; the Soul

3)     Chaitanya (pg. 94) Divine consciousness

4)     Manas: (pg. 213) The mind

5)     Manishi: (pg. 220) Man

6)     Paapam  Telugu expression meaning: Alas! What a pity! Poor creature!

7)     Prajnana (pg. 168) The higher or spiritual knowledge.

8)     Samskaara: Purifying acts to transform, reconstruct and reform; the inherited instincts and tendencies shaped in previous births (vasanas)

9)     Sankalpa: (pg. 326) Divine Will or God's Grace; one’s intention or resolve (or thought)

10)  Shakthi or Sakthi (pg. 347) The great universal power or energy

11)  Sraddha (pg. 356) Faith and interest; steady faith; steadfastness; devotion

12)  Sujnana (pg. 169) A higher technology than science

13)  Swabhava: (pg. 369) Essential quality or nature, one’s very own nature.

14)  Vedanta: (pg. 402) The metaphysics of the Supreme Reality; from Veda, knowledge and anta, the end

15)  Vijnana: (pg. 407) Wisdom or higher knowledge.






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