The following discourse has been translated into English from Bhagavan's Telugu speech as heard on this festival's ashram audiocassette. It is a complete, literal translation made with the objective of preserving Bhagavan's precious original poetic style as much as possible.



January 14th, 2003

The sun appears peaceful,

The days become shorter, a chill wind blows strongly,

And there are haystacks in the fields

in the dull moonlight.

Farmers, opening their throats fully,

Start to sing words while winnowing.

Blossoming yellow flowers are in the jute fields

Like strings of pearls.

Ripe chillies shine red like kumkum.

Marigolds open their faces.

The wealth of rice is stocked in our house.

The festival of Sankranti, which is like a woman of good Taste and refined manners, has come!

The month of Pushya, which is like a woman of good Taste and refined manners, has come!

(Swami sings a Telugu poem)

A Sacred Day

Embodiments of Love, Young Men and Women!

The festival of today has come with numerous beautiful things. Bliss has increased through the aid (contribution or assistance) of young men and women. Such a sacred day is not an ordinary day. This is also called ‘Uttarayana Parva Dina’ (the summer solstice festival day). This great festival day is the day that bestows all noble qualities, brings about all good actions, gives all wealth and it also gives bliss.

Not only that; today is also the sacred ‘Mukkoti Ekadasi’. This day is the day that gave amritham (the nectar of immortality) to the demons and deities when Prakrithi (Nature, here referring to the ocean of milk) was churned.

However, though man of today has such (innate) noble, sacred, Divine and auspicious feelings in him, due to worldly feelings filling the heart he is unable to have such sacred thoughts.


Hiranyakasipu, Hiranyaksha, Kamsa, Duryodhana and Dussasana were not ordinary men. Though they had so many powers of the body and mind within them, they became weak due to bringing worldly feelings within them. Therefore, only when man’s sankalpas (resolves) are transformed into noble sankalpas, the entire world will be in their hands (under their control).

Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakasipu were great scientists. Hiranya (Hiranyakasipu) not only went to the moon, he also reached the sun. Hiranyakasipu who had so much power and capabilities, finally became weak in everything due to filling his whole heart with feelings of the five elements. Hence, every individual, though greatly strong and having great power and greatly intelligent, we should not fill our heart with worldly and mundane feelings.

It is only the young men and women of today who are the (future) leaders that (will) foster the entire world. The young men and women of today are individuals who are maintaining the prosperity and earnings of the country. The prosperity of the nation is dependent upon the young men and women.

These young men and women should be filled with good qualities, good thoughts, good contemplations and good feelings. When the heart is made to overflow with such sacred feelings, such individuals can achieve any powerful tasks.


Boy Students! Girl Students!

Today the games (or sports) and songs have prospered with bliss, joy and enthusiasm. The ones who are highest (noblest ideal) to the entire world are young men and women. Virtues are very important in these young men and women. Goodness, good character and excellence are three things that are the student’s most important powers.

Students of today are achieving everything (worldly). However, that which, once attained, they will be ones who have attained everything, only that, they are not trying to achieve and propagate that at all.

Many noble feelings are overflowing in man’s body. Such power cannot be seen in any other individual. That only is: the mind which has numerous sankalpas (resolves or thoughts). The individual who is victorious over the mind can achieve anything. A power that is greater than the mind is not observed in the world.

Manah Eva Manushyanam

Karanam Bandha Mokshayo.

The mind alone is responsible

For both the bondage and liberation of man.

(Sanskrit sloka)

The mind only is the important liberation. The mind is the important power. The mind is the important cause. Man today is unable to control such a mind. So, man is becoming very distant from bliss that can be obtained (is transcendental). The individual who has the mind under control can achieve and can experience any great work.


Boy Students! Girl Students!

You have to achieve the nature of a pure mind. The one who has this mind under control can achieve everything.

Today we have entered into games (sports) and songs. (The Sports and Cultural Meet has come to an end.) However one should not feel that these games and songs are physical, worldly and mundane. One should also have faith in moral, Dharmic and spiritual power and capabilities. Only the individual who achieves such moral and Dharmic powers is a true student.

We should not struggle only for the strength and satisfaction of the body. The appropriate efforts should be made for the strength and capabilities of the mind. We should keep the mind under our control. We should make the mind our slave. However, when man is a slave to the mind, though he has so much strength and capabilities, he will become weak. Therefore, the mind should become your slave.

The power and capabilities in the mind are not observed in any other thing in this world. Man’s greatly valuable qualities arise from that (the mind) only.

Though man loses wealth, he can earn it (again) in some way by straining (working hard). Though health is lost, we can even bring back health again taking refuge in highly qualified doctors. However, if the human values are lost, then there is no more value to the human life.


Today the human values are very necessary. Human values arise from man. Human values are not taught and achieved from a book or from a guru (a teacher or spiritual preceptor). Only when we practise actions of truth in our daily life and develop feelings of truth, these human values will be with us, beside us, in us and around us, protecting us.

Embodiments of Love!

When the human values are developed, all powers are within them, more than in the forms of education that you learn and more than the actions that you perform. Hence, Truth is our manifest God. Dharma is our manifest foundation (basis). Based on this, the culture of Bharath (declared):

Sathyam Naasti Paro Dharmah.

There is no higher Dharma than Truth.

(Sanskrit sloka)

Therefore, the appropriate effort must be made for us to dedicate our whole life to protect such a Truth and Dharma.


No matter how many of these worldly bahumathis (prizes) are obtained, they are not the true bahumathi. The individual who has a mathi (mind) is succumbing to numerous difficulties. Bahu mathi (bahu = many; mathi = mind): when numerous mathis (indicating various thoughts) come together, then the person will be more disturbed than a monkey.

Therefore, what we should receive is not a bahumathi (Swami refers both to a mind with many thoughts and to a prize in the Sports competitions). We should receive the nija mathi (true mind). Nija mathi is the sacred sukthi (good word, dictate or message) that arises from the heart. All powers come from the feeling in our heart.


We should have friendship with the mind. It is only the friendship with the mind that remains as the root cause for everything. In the culture of Bharath, only a true friend is obtained, you can easily obtain God.

Sravanam (Hearing), Kirtanam (Singing),

Vishnu Smaranam (Remembrance),

Pada Sevanam (Serving the Lotus Feet),

Vandanam (Salutation), Archanam (Worship),

Daasym (Servitude), Sneham (Friendship),

Atma Nivedanam (self-Surrender).

(Swami sings a Sanskrit sloka)

Only after friendship comes about we may surrender on the right path, ‘Atma Nivedana’. As long as we don’t have friendship with Him (God), ‘Atma Arpanam’ (Self-surrender) is only with our words but we cannot practise it in action.

The form of feeling is much stronger (important) than the form of action. You (P) may think and feel that you (P) have achieved great power and capability. That is only the form of action. It ends with that action. The form of feeling makes diversity into unity. Therefore, our feeling - noble feeling - should be fostered in our heart. So, feeling is much greater than action.



Here or anywhere, wherever you (P) go, foster Divine feeling with only one feeling and one contemplation.

Sarvam Vishnu Mayam Jagat.

Vishnu (God pervades the entire universe.

(Sanskrit sloka)

Sarvam Kalvidham Brahma.

All is God.

(Sanskrit sloka)

Divinity is not in any special (separate) place. He is with you, in you, beside you, around you, and protects you like the eyelid (guards the eye). Why have we left (or given up) such a Divine and auspicious power? Today we have lost the true values that should be in man. Due to losing those values, we have become completely weak.

You may obtain many different marks in the examinations. However, whether we obtain these marks or not, just don’t get (bad) remarks.


In the country and in the world, so many students and so many youth are undergoing many difficulties. They go around different countries for the sake of education. If they go within their heart for (to obtain) true values, that is enough, we will get the true bhagya (good fortune, happiness or wealth) there. True bhoga bhagyas (enjoyments, prosperity, good fortune), are within our heart but they are not in outside places.

Therefore, every student should turn the mind inward. Only when students turn the mind inward, they will be able to obtain any amount of the appropriate power and capabilities to it. This feeling has to be developed if youth, the emancipators of Bharath, are to obtain true power and capability and transform the country into having vijnana (higher knowledge or wisdom).

Therefore, first and foremost we should achieve the human values. No matter how much money is lost, it may be obtained (again). No matter how much the health deteriorates, we may obtain it (again). However, if we lose our values, we will be ones who have lost everything. Therefore, our values only should be protected.



From one week, I have been watching that you (P) have undergone so much strain and done so many efforts in these sports. You (P) are working, giving up food and drink, giving up sleep and food and going to so much strain. However, we should inquire into the difference between the works that are done by outside students and the works done by our students.

Outside students struggle for this type of name and fame, wanting to obtain some prizes and wanting to obtain some medals. However, our students, you (P), struggle for Swami’s satisfaction. (Applause) Hence, how should Swami’s satisfaction be? First and foremost we should be filled with good qualities. It should not be changed: today one kind and tomorrow another kind. We should foster a mind that does not waver and a vision that is not under illusion.


Truly, , why does our culture of Bharath teach three types of education? It said:

Sarvam Kalvidham Brahma.

All is God.

(Sanskrit sloka)

This means that you should have faith in the Truth that God is the only one who pervades everywhere. First and foremost such faith should be achieved. Only when this faith is achieved, we will be ones who have achieved everything.

Where there is Confidence, there is Love.

Where there is Love, there is Truth.

Where there is Truth, there is Peace.

Where there is Peace, there is Bliss.

Where there is Bliss, there is God.


Therefore, first and foremost: faith. The fruit (result) that is finally (obtained) for us is bliss. Therefore, if we want to obtain bliss: when a seed is sown in the earth, it gradually becomes a young plant. Then it becomes a tree, and it gives us fruits and flowers.

In that same manner, the sankalpa of man is the seed. When we sow it well in our heart, it becomes a great spiritual power. That gives the flowers of sukha (comfort), sonthosha (happiness) and ananda (bliss). It makes you to eat the fruit of peace.

So, you (P) desire peace. We do not see this peace anywhere outside. This peace is obtained from our faith. However, faith is not firm in man of today. He is acting (pretending) in front of people. Today, all people are changing into pretending devotees but are not transformed into permanent devotees.

Whether acting or permanent, both come only from within yourself. When you have a steady mind, faith is firm. Truly, when there isn't a steady mind, all that you obtain will only be temporary results.



If you desire to experience this permanent bliss, there should be firm faith. However, individuals of today don’t understand what steady faith is. They say that, “We believe in God. We love God,” but they don’t know at all what that Love is and what that faith is.

Truly, true Love means that Love contains true Dharma. Love is a flower of bliss that arises from the heart. It does not arise from an object or an individual. The pure nature of Love is the air that blows from the sky of your heart; it is this is all around you and fosters you. We should develop such a nature of Love. This only is the permanent nature of Love. Love is not obtained somewhere else. This Love arises from our heart.

The synonym of Love is Dharma. The important aim of our life is only Love. This only is a way of life. We should develop such a nature of Love. It does not come from objects or vehicles. It arises from the centre of our heart. Only when we obtain such a nature of Love, we may obtain any amount of power and capability.

You (P) feel that Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakasipu achieved (many amazing things). When you obtain Love, Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakasipu will be under your power. All of these big powers (that Hiranyakasipu and Hiranyaksha obtained) are only low powers.

The ancients extolled the culture of Bharath in such a sacred way. To prove (or determine, define) unity in diversity is the culture of Bharath. There may be any amount of names and there may be any amount of forms. However, Divinity is only one.

(Side B)

Numerous people write poems. They continue to write lakhs and lakhs of poems. However, the nature of Love is equal to the life-principle in all of these poems.


Such humanness is not available to everyone.

Man is not ordinary. Man has so many powers and capabilities. He is greatly brave, wise and unfathomable. When the Divine feeling is filled in his heart, (Swami restarts) regarding Hanuman who entered then into Lanka, all the residents of Lanka then said:

Shanttudu, Gunavantudu,

Balavantudu, Hanumantudu.

Hanuman is peaceful,

Virtuous and strong.

(Telugu poem)

Hanuman is peaceful. He is virtuous. He is strong. What is the cause for all of these? The fundamental foundation is only the Name of Rama. Through that Name of Rama, through dear devotion and through that Love, he even crossed over such a big ocean.


Today is Mukkoti Ekadasi. People also call it Vaikunta Ekadasi. Bheeshma lay on a bed of arrows for 46 days. However, his entire body was pierced with arrows. Only the body was supported by the arrows but the head was limp (hanging down).

In his last moments, (Dharmaja,) Arjuna, Bheema, Nakula and Sahadeva, went along with Draupadi to see the great grandfather. “Great grandfather! Why are you experiencing this unfortunate situation?”

He said, “This is my duty. The body has come to be dedicated to the welfare of the country, the welfare of Dharma, and the vow of truth. What is the use of the body existing? This only has to be used for one’s own Dharma.”

However, Arjuna! The arrows that you shot have only hit my body. However, they just didn’t enter my head. Hence, the head is hanging down. You only made a bed for me. However, there is no pillow. Due to this the head is hanging limp. You are the one who has done so much for me; also give my pillow.”

Due to those words, the mind of Arjuna melted. He asked, “Great grandfather, what should I do?” (Arjuna then shot) Two (arrows) crossed over each other: in this way, one this side and one on that side (in an ‘X’ position). Between these two, he put the head of Bheeshma. This only is the rest for Bheeshma’s head. Not only this.


He said, “Arjuna, I lost my mother long ago. I lost her as soon as I was born. I am the son of the (river) Ganges. So my name is Gangeya. Therefore, at these, my last moments, give me that Ganga. Do the appropriate type of effort for me to reach (be reunited with) my mother.”

(Arjuna was) One who earned all powers, was greatly brave, a devotee and had energy and capabilities, therefore, he shot an arrow by his (Bheeshma’s) side. Water sprouted upward nicely from the earth; it came like a fountain and it fell into the mouth of Bheeshma.

(Bheeshma said,) “In the world, there are so many people who do different kinds of help. However, the one who gives one’s mother at the last moments cannot be observed in the world. Arjuna, you have given my mother to me today.”

Then only, he gave Arjuna many kinds of titles. He said:

Arjuna (the pure one), Phalguna (the one born under the star Phalguna), Paarthah (scion of the Prithu clan), Kireeti (the crowned one), Swetavaahanah (rider of a milk-white horse), Beebhatsu (eliminator of disgust), Vijayah (embodiment of victory), Krishnah (the swarthy one), Savyasaachi (ambidextrous) and Dhananjayah (the winner of wealth).

(Sanskrit sloka)

So, you gave me joy through the bow.” He (Bheeshma) said this. And he said, “May the Pandavas be successful and be victorious.”


If one wants to gain the blessings of the elders, the appropriate satisfaction should be given to their minds. In that same manner, today all of our students have played so many games (sports) for the satisfaction of Swami.

Along with My satisfaction, you (P) should also be satisfied. This satisfaction is not only in a game. There should be satisfaction in words, in songs and in everything else also. Hence, you (P) should live your entire life with joy.

Nityanandam, Parama Sukhadam,

Kevalam Jnana Murtim.

Dwanda Teetam, Gagana Sadrishyam,

Tatvamya Sya Dhi Lakshyam,

Ekam, Nithyam, Vimalam Achalam,

Sarva Dhi Saakshi Bhutam.

Bhava Titham, Triguna Rahitam.

Eternal bliss, supreme happiness,

The total form of Wisdom.

Beyond duality, expansive as the sky,

The Ultimate Goal.

The One, the everlasting,

The pure, steady, eternal Witness,

Beyond feelings, devoid of the three qualities.

(Sanskrit sloka)

Every human being should receive this type of bliss.


Bodies come. We do all works with the body. However, that is not (most) important for us. We should make the nature of the mind that is within this body very pure.

There is a mind in every human being today but it doesn’t have sacredness. Wherever one observes, (there is only) pollution, pollution, pollution. There is pollution in everything: in the food that is eaten, in the water that is drunk, in the air that is breathed and in the behaviour that is conducted. It is like poison.

Hence, we should see that the mind is not polluted with bad qualities. This (the mind) should not be negative. Whenever one observes, positive is needed. No matter how long there is the negative mind, though one may undertake any big task, it cannot be successful.

We should have a positive mind. A positive mind is required. You should have a mind that always makes you experience bliss. This bliss should be shared with everyone. That only is true human nature.

What is the meaning of ‘manava, manava’? Ma-na-va: ‘Ma’ means ‘without’. ‘Va’ means ‘to act’. ‘Na’ means without. The one who acts without injustice, without ashanthi (peace-lessness), without misconduct and without asathya (untruth), is manava. Therefore, every single human being should bring in that kind of feelings devoid of poison (pollution).


Boy Students! Girl Students!

You have studied so many kinds of education. You have taken all great titles (degrees). However, you studied three or four postgraduates. These are not the degrees that we should take.

Srunvanthu Viswe Amrutasya Puthrah.

Listen, Oh sons of immortality!

(Sanskrit sloka)

We should earn the degree of, ‘You are the son of immortality.’ Only when we earn the tile of being the son of immortality, that only is the right degree. Though we keep such a sacred title, we play for low and lesser titles.


Embodiments of Love!

Fill your heart with Love. Foster your mind with Truth. Be Divine in words and actions. This only is the education that you should learn. Along with this education, worldly (physical) education is also necessary.

However, true education is to feel the unity in all. The true unity which we consider is the culture of Bharath. It isn't ourselves considering diversity. Unity should not be broken into diversity. Consider the diversity as unity. That only is true culture.

What do you think is Culture, culture, culture? This is not related to a religion. This is only related to the heart. This is not a religion. It is not a caste. It is not devotion. It is not a faith. All of this contains Divinity.


Embodiments of Love!

All that you have experienced should give you so much joy. Fill your (P) heart with this bliss throughout your entire life. True Love is the Love of unity (oneness or the One). It is love that never changes.

You all love Swami, saying, ‘Swami, Swami, Swami!’ However, that love is not love that wavers. (Feel,) “Swami is mine. I am Swami’s.” Then only you (P) will be one who has attained Oneness (unity). So, you should achieve such oneness. That is the true path of Truth.


All is created from Truth.

All of creation will merge again in Truth.

The place without the grandeur of Truth

Cannot be seen.

See, this is the pure Truth!

(Telugu poem)

That only is Truth, that only is our Dharma and that only is our life. That only is said:

Truth is God.

Truth is one for all, for people of any country and people of any caste. It is not possible to separate it as, “This is American Truth, Pakistan Truth and Indian Truth.”

Truth is Truth.

Truth is Truth only. That Truth is one for the people of all countries.

Embodiments of Love!

Spend a life of Truth. Live it in daily life. Give an ideal life to all. That only is your true education. It (true education) is not studying only for yourself and transforming your heart into a book. That only will become a book. This will become a mastaka (head). We don’t need it to be a mastika (head) or pustika (book). Experience this bliss in your heart.


Embodiments of Love!

No one thought that your Divine life would be going on like this. At any time, in any situation:

Sarvada, Sarva Kaaleshu,

Sarvatra Hari Chintanam.


Contemplate on God always,

at all times and in all places,

(Sanskrit sloka)

Just don’t forget God. Just don’t leave God. What is devoid of Daivam (God) becomes dayyam (a demon, ghost, demonic). Therefore, you should become Daivam but just don’t become dayyam. You are:

Srunvanthu Viswe Amrutasya Puthrah.

Listen, Oh sons of immortality!

(Sanskrit sloka)

Maintain that sanctified name. Only when it is maintained like that, (Swami restarts) youth of today: don’t waste the power and capabilities of this body. Feel that all is offered to God.

All the powers in the body are very much gifts of God. There is God's power in every inch, in every cell and in every atom also. When we waste anything, we will be ones who betray God. Feel that it is fully offered to God.

Hence, your plays (sports) are not just sports played for a few days. You (P) should always be in games. There should be only one (harmony) in the behaviour that is conducted, the words that are spoken, the things that are listened to, the thoughts that are contemplated on and in the acts that are done. That only is the culture of Bharath. The culture of Bharath says:

Sathyam Vada, Dharmam Chara.

Speak Truth, act righteously.

(Sanskrit sloka)

I am hoping and blessing that without forgetting, you (P) will protect these two, and I am ending My discourses. (Applause)

Bhagavan ended His Divine Discourse by chanting the bhajan, ‘Hari Bhajana Bina Sukha Shanti Nahi…’