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The following discourse has been translated into English from Bhagavan's Telugu speech as heard on this festival's ashram audiocassette. It is a complete, literal translation made with the objective of preserving Bhagavan's precious original poetic style as much as possible.




AUGUST 11th, 2001


Divine Discourse by

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Prashanthi Nilayam



There is no disease equal to greed.

There is no enemy equal to anger.

There is no sorrow like poverty.

There is no attainment like wisdom.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


No Disease Worse Than Greed

There is no worse disease than greed (or miserliness). Disease is not only in the body. The senses relating to the mind also experience disease. History teaches all of you how much defeat and humiliation Duryodhana and Dussasana experienced due to greed. Therefore, greed is like a very long disease.

I have no greed in Me at all and no disease will come to Me. I am always healthy.


No Enemy Equal to Anger


There is no enemy equal to anger.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


An enemy other than anger cannot be seen in this world. I have no anger for anyone. No one hates Me. I love everyone. All love Me. The life in all living beings is One. The house of the world is One. This is the relationship of the 'Family of the Universe'. So, anger is the main cause of all differences. Hence, in Me there is no type of anger or hatred. These are not in Me at all. So, all are Mine. All love Me.


No Sorrow Like Poverty


There is no sorrow like poverty.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


Sorrow is obtained due to poverty. I am not poor. My Love only is My wealth. My thyaaga (sacrifice) only is My wealth. How can I, who has such wealth and affluence, be greedy? Therefore, I have no poverty at all.

It is essential for every individual not to have anger, greed, or poverty. Therefore, I am always blissful. There is no sickness. Hatred? It can't be seen. Poverty? Truly, there's none at all. Then, why should I have this difference? Why should I have this vichaaramu (grief, sorrow, worry, or anxiety)? There is no vichaaramu and I will never have it.


Garga's Meeting With Krishna

   Embodiments of Love!

Sage Garga was a guru to all the Kauravas and Pandavas. He was the guru of the Yadava clan - a great pundit, a great jnani. He was also a scholar. He came to the house of Yasodha and Nanda for the name-giving ceremony of the child.

He said, "I do not see here the things that are heard about in my time. Avatars come in three colors: sukla (white), aruna (red), and peeta (yellow). But, this child came with the color of krishna (dark or black). 'Krishna' is the right type of name for this color. He will sanctify that name." After this naming, he experienced well the waves of the future. He explained about many of Krishna's leelas (Divine plays or dramas) to them, and then he went away.

After some time, again this Garga came to the house of Yasodha and Nanda and he tried to see Gopala and Balarama. Krishna was very mischievous. He was coming back (home), after going around to all the other houses. So (then) Yasodha put the child in one room.

Garga had the custom of preparing his own food. He would not eat the food prepared by anybody else. His did his own preparation for everything. When Yasodha gave provisions, he said, "Mother, the time is not enough. Give me some jaggery, some rava (wheat granules), and some milk. I will make a pudding." (In those times, they didn't have sugar. They used to make all preparations with jaggery.)

He made a pudding. He poured it into the vessel. He was a devotee of Vishnu, so he was sitting and chanting the names of Vishnu. This boy (Krishna), who had been kept in a room, came running, and he drank the pudding in that vessel!

Noticing a sound, Garga opened his eyes and saw that Gopala was eating (his pudding offering). He called Yasodha, "Mother! Have you seen your son? I am hungry. Thinking I would eat it quickly, I offered it to Vishnu. However, Krishna came and ate it!"

Yasodha took Krishna’s hand and pulled him away. "Son! He is a supreme guru! He is the supremely sacred, greatly learned one to our family (clan) of Yadavas. Is it justifiable for you to eat before someone like that eats? It is our natural Dharma to (first) honor the guest."

Then Krishna said, "Mother, I went because he called Me. But I did not go on my own (due to my own wish)." Then Yasodha prayed to Garga, "Swami, why did you call our boy?" Garga answered, "Mother, I didn't call (him)." Immediately Krishna came, "Garga! Don't lie! Whom have you just prayed to? To Me only. You prayed to Me to eat (to partake of your offering), and so today I am eating (it). It is not justifiable to complain."

Then Garga thought it over. He realized the Truth that Vishnu and Krishna are both only One. (He understood,) 'I remembered Vishnu, and Krishna came and ate.' Then Garga ate the remaining food that Krishna had eaten, and he felt satisfied.


Krishna's Birth

At a time like this, when was Krishna born? Krishna was born 3,228 years before Christ, in the month named Suguna (Sravana), July 20th, in the middle of the night at 3 AM. Now it is 2001. (He was born) 3,228 years before Christ. Today Krishna's age is 5,229 years (old).

Therefore, He was born on such a sacred day. On Sravana (a Hindu month, based on the lunar calendar), Bahula Ashtami (the 8th day after the full moon), on the star of Rohini. Due to Krishna being born on Ashtami, under the star of Rohini, numerous kinds of amazing things happened to this world.


Killing the Demoness, Putana

In a situation like this, in Kamsa's court there was a demoness by the name of Balahantaki. She didn't tell her name to anyone, but they called her 'Putana'. What was the work of that Putana? She was going around every village, seeing every hamlet and seeing (into) every house. Wherever she saw a small baby crying, she gave poisonous milk and killed them.

Yet going around and around like this, she came to Repalle (Krishna's village). She stood in front of the house of Yasodha. She became a beautiful woman. She entered the house. She took Krishna, who was in the cradle, and she gave her milk. Krishna also did not give any trouble. But along with the milk, she also mixed poison. Sucking, sucking, sucking, He sucked (out) even all the blood in her body and made her fall down (dead).

When the sound of her falling came, Yasodha came running. A demoness! Seeing this demoness, she was very afraid. "Krishna! Why did You go near her?" He said, "Mother, I didn't go near her. She came to Me. She came to kill Me. It is My duty to kill this Putana."


Krishna Kills Demons

Having done so, by the time He grew and grew, Krishna was playing with the boys in Repalle. He used to join together with other boys in Repalle to take the cows and go to the forest. They took the cows to the forest and while they were eating green grass, Krishna played with the cowherd boys and they experienced bliss.

Playing in that way, time was forgotten. They forgot the cows. These cows gradually entered into another forest. A dense fire started in this forest. Seeing the fire that had entered (started) in this forest, all the children became afraid.

"Krishna! What will be our fate? Whatever has happened to these cows? Can't you protect them?" They prayed in this way. Krishna said, "Boys! Don't worry. Close your eyes for some time. All of it (the fire) will go out." The cowherders were not ones that ever went against the order of Krishna. The cowherd boys used to do what was told (to them). So, they all closed their eyes.

After some time, all of the fire was cooled. All the cows came back (out of that forest). The boys saw them. They thus discovered the amazing and wonderful leelas of Gopala. They went to the village, to every house in the village, and informed them (those living there) of the words of this Gopala.

"What a huge fire! No one could put out such a huge fire. Only Krishna was able to do it! Krishna is not ordinary. This is certainly the embodiment of God." They spread this (news) to the entire village.


Women Recognize Divinity

It is Important to note that on the spiritual path the ones who recognize Divinity (first) are women only. Women are the ones who identify Divinity at the very onset (in the very beginning).

The second day again He took the cows and went with the cowherd boys. After playing for some time, Krishna said, "I am hungry." A cowherd boy came and he said, "Swami, what can be done? I will go to the village and bring it (food)." But Krishna said, "No need to go. Nearby the Brahmins are doing a yagna. Hence, go near them and ask, 'Our Gopala is hungry. Give food.' "

They (the cowherd boys) went there. When they asked, the Brahmins said, "This is not possible. Who is Gopala? A cowherd boy? We don't need that. Only after we eat all of it, after the worship is completed, after the Purna Ahuthi (valedictory oblation) of the yagna is finished, will we give this prasad (consecrated food blessed by God)."

They (the cowherd boys) returned disappointed, and they told Krishna. Krishna said, "Mothers know the suffering of children, but what do they (the fathers) know? Therefore you go (back). Mothers (the Brahmins' wives) are over there. Go to the mothers and ask."

When all of them (the cowherd boys) went there, the mothers were cooking many types of food. "Mothers! We came because Krishna sent us. Krishna is very hungry. He said to ask you for food to relieve His hunger." The mothers answered, "Oh, sons! Is God, Who gives food to all, asking food from us? Did we get such good fortune?"

They packed all of the food, making bundles. Without telling their husbands, they brought those bundles and came to Krishna. They served all the preparations to Krishna nicely. After Krishna and the cowherd boys had eaten, Krishna said, "Mothers, your husbands are there waiting. You go."


Kartavyam Yogamyuchute.


Discharging (your) Duty is Yoga.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


He (Krishna) said, "Do your duty. Don't be late. Go." Their minds didn't feel like going. Feeling that 'Krishna's proximity is our wealth', they were feeling blissful. But they went, and by the time they told their husbands, "Krishna is the Leela Manusha Vigraha" (the one who does leelas in the form of a man), due to the result of His maya, their husbands' minds were changed. They were very joyful. Those husbands asked, "Did you bring any of Krishna's prasad to us?" They distributed that prasad to all the Brahmins there.

Then it was evening. They (the cowherd boys) were coming (returning) to their houses. On the path, suddenly there was a demon in the form of one big snake lying there. He was also a demon sent by Kamsa. His name was Agadha. If Agadha opens his mouth, even cars will go inside his mouth! Such a huge mouth he had!

He swallowed all the cows and he was ready to swallow all the cowherd boys. The cowherd boys prayed to Krishna, "Krishna! Krishna! Krishna! You only are our refuge. All the cows have gone! What will we say after returning home?" Krishna said, "Don't be hasty. Don't be hasty. You don't need to feel badly at all. I will remedy it."

Krishna entered into that snake's mouth and (then) He expanded. That snake tore apart. It died. The children saw the wonders of Krishna and day by day they increasingly spread the stories of His leelas. They told this news also to everyone in Gokul. The cowherd boys of those days experienced these types of leelas moment by moment.


Kamsa Calls Krishna and Balarama to Mathura

When it was happening like this, Kamsa was thinking, 'It is not possible to kill this boy!' So he made a decision. Kamsa thought it was good to send his Minister, Akrura, as he had come to know of the good relationship that Akrura had with Krishna. So Kamsa called Akrura. "Akrura, bring Krishna and Balarama to our yagna."

Akrura didn't like to bring Krishna and Balarama. He was afraid thinking, 'Kamsa is a demon. What will he do to those children?' But it was not possible to go against the order of the King. He obeyed and he brought the chariot to Repalle.

Balarama and Krishna sat in that chariot. Akrura was taking them and going. However, all the gopis came in the way of Gopala. Saying, "Krishna! Don't leave us! Who will protect us? He (Kamsa) is a big demon. While being here, he tried all sorts of guises. Therefore don't go." They lay down, blocking the chariot. But Krishna instructed them according to the situation. He talked to them so well, so sweetly, and with so much humility and He pulled them aside.


Straightening Kubja

Then they arrived at the town of Mathura. Kubja was a short and bent person. She was taking all different types of perfumes to Kamsa. This was Kubja's daily task. Then Krishna went there. "What is this, Mother, oh short Mother? You are taking all of these scents and going (somewhere). Who is it for?" She said, "Oh, child! You don't know this matter. Our Kamsa is an emperor. He likes my articles of perfume very much. I am taking them for him to anoint himself."

Then Krishna laughed and Balarama also laughed. They slowly went near her. He (Krishna) placed His foot on her two feet, put His hand under her chin, and He pulled her up! That short one, the bent Kubja, got a perfect form (stood straight up). Unable to contain this joy, she went running to Kamsa. Thyagaraja said this:


Not Possible to Comprehend


Is it possible to know the leelas of God?

It cannot be comprehended in words.

Is it possible even for Brahma (the Creator) to extol Your story?

I am eagerly awaiting for Your Grace.

Listen to my pleading: Save me!


You brought back and gave the Guru's son (Sandeepani),

Who was taken away by Yama (the God of Death).

You crushed the pride of the serpent Kaliyu.

You freed Vasudeva and Devaki from the prison.

You saved beautiful-eyed Draupadi when she cried, "Oh, Krishna!"

(When she was being humiliated).

You relieved the anguish of Kuchela.

You took away the bends in the deformed Kubja.

You protected the Pandavas very well.

You protected the 16,000 lovely ladies (gopis).


It cannot be comprehended in words.

Is it possible ever for Brahma to extol Your story?

O Krishna!

I am eagerly awaiting for Your Grace.

Listen to my pleading: Save me!

It cannot be comprehended in words.

(Telugu song)


The Death of Kamsa

This great story spread throughout the village. From then, Kamsa developed even more hatred. He organized a wrestling match. He made the soldiers fight in it. He sent Akrura to bring the boys to see that.

When both Balarama and Krishna were walking on the road, even the ladies who were hiding inside came out and were doing Namaskaar (making salutations to Krishna and Balarama). They were talking, "Who are these boys? They are shining brilliantly. They look like sons of a great emperor."

They entered into the palace. There was a wrestling match going on there. No one won and no one lost in that match. Then these boys came in. Where? They caught hold of the neck and dragged Kamsa, who was sitting up high, watching all of the scene. Kamsa fell down. Krishna put His feet on his stomach and He tore him up. Kamsa died.

He had two wives, Asthi and Prasasthi. As soon as Kamsa died, it was impossible for those girls to remain in that village. They started off to the house of their father. Moreover, they told the news to their father.

Their father was Jarasandha. As soon as he heard this news, his anger increased even further. He started off to kill Balarama and Krishna. Coming like this, many times he fought with Balarama and Krishna. Unable to achieve any kind of victory, he went away humiliated.

In this way, all of Krishna's leelas were only for killing evil ones and fostering the right path, to disseminate good conduct. Yet, that was Dharma to that Dwapara Yuga, but this is not Dharma to the other Yugas. Man has to be corrected to some extent through good words and through the ideal path. In this way, in those days Krishna showed leelas in many ways.


Transforming Rice Grains Into Jewels

One day, one lady who sold fruits came before the house, bringing and showing in this way her fruits in the basket. In those days, they did not buy fruits with money. They used to give some rice grains and buy the fruits.

When the lady who was selling fruit saw this Balarama and Krishna, she was so blissful that she forgot herself. She called them, selected good fruits, and put them in the boys' mouths. Krishna said, "Mother, I have eaten your fruits. I have to give (you) something in exchange. But I will not take and eat these fruits for free."

He went into the house and brought rice grains in his small, cute hands. The rice grains spilled out over the whole path. Only a small amount remained. He put that which was remaining in her basket.

She did not have the thought at all of, 'What is all this? I am working hard, selling fruit, eating, and thus making my living.' She went home and she put down the basket. The whole basket was shining with diamonds! All the rice grains that were put in the basket had turned into diamonds. The leelas of Krishna are unapproachable, inconceivable to the senses, and unknowable.


It cannot be comprehended by word or mind.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


It is not possible to describe these leelas with the mind or words. So, the cowherd boys experienced such leelas of Krishna to a large extent, and thus they made their life worthwhile.

In those days, life was very sacred. They never knew about hurting others, only helping others. Always help, help, help. In a situation like that, they recognized God fully. The thing that we should do is to help others. No one should be given suffering. No one should be hurt as far as possible:


Help ever. Hurt never.


Due to His helping like this, numerous people recognized this great power.


The Help That I Do

Today it is also the same (with this Avatar). But some news keeps coming. They keep thinking Sai Baba is angry with those people or is angry with these people. Sai Baba is not angry with anybody. There is no one who is angry with Bhagavan. (Applause) All are ones who love Him. Still, there are none who hate Him.

Everyone, the whole world, knows all the things that I do. All of you know how this education is going on (in the world today): As soon as a baby is born, if he should join in first class, initially a deposit of 20,000 or 30,000 (rupees) has to be paid. However, in our college, from KG (Kindergarten) up until PG (Post-Graduate), there are no fees at all. There are no fees at all, even for Ph.D. (Applause) We don't take even a single paisa from our students. All is free education, education, education. We have fostered a few thousand children. Everyone in the world knows this.

Similarly, if a heart operation has to be done, there are those (doctors) who take 2 or 3 lakhs. What is the plight of the poor people? From where can they get such money? So, this is not good. Wanting to cure these kinds of illnesses in all, we have built the Super Speciality Hospital. (Applause)

We don't even take anything from the government. Here also the government does not give even a single paisa to any of the teachers for salary. I am only giving to all of them. The salaries of teachers are increasing day by day. No matter how much they increase, we are giving according to the rules, thinking that these rules should not be disobeyed.

Then, if the hospital is seen, ten years have passed since our Super Speciality Hospital in Prasanthi was started. 12,000 heart operations have been performed. Who protected the life of these 12,000 people? In January, we opened the Super Speciality Hospital in Bangalore. 1,500 operations were performed within six months. (Applause) Who helped all of them there?

Each doctor has to be given one lakh salary. No one should object at all. "The one who gives is Me. What obstacle is it to you?" Telling them (those who objected) like this, I stopped them. No one should disobey the rules and regulations. This is the way it is happening here.

Then (there is) the water work: Now also in our Anantapur District, they are suffering with water scarcity. As far as possible, I spent a few crores - 300 crores - and arranged water for them. Then in Mahboobnagar, Telengana area, they are also suffering due to water scarcity.

The Chief Engineer, Kondal Rao, came. I asked him, "Make a plan like this. How much will it be?" He said, "Swami, it may be 60 crores!" (Swami replied,) "You don't need to count the crores. No matter how much it is, they (the people) have to be given water. Water that does not stop should be given. It is no use to give it by just digging borewells." Saying that, we also brought water from the Krishna River. It cost 110 crores.

From there, again we went to another district. That is Medak. In that Medak area, we are also working to supply water. Then, so many more water projects are going on in Warangal, Telengana. They are coming from so many villages. As far as possible, we have to do (to give) this kind of help to everyone.

This Hand is always doing (giving) only help. But it has never done a hurtful thing. (Applause) However, the ones who cannot bear this, the ones who are jealous, they are creating all sorts of stories and they are publicizing. I don't bother about this publicizing. My practice is most important.


My Truth

No one has hatred for Me. No one has dislike for Me. What is the reason? I am loving all and they are loving Me. (Applause) The whole world is a (One) Family. Where is fighting in this family? Where is hatred? Where is jealousy? These are all (only) imagined. No matter what anyone creates (or imagines), My Truth is My Truth only.


Sathyam Bruyath, Priyam Bruyath,

Na Bruyath Sathyam Apriyam.


Speak Truth.

Speak pleasantly.

Do not speak unpalatable truth.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


There is no God in this world which surpasses Truth.


Truth is God.

Love is God.

Live in Love.


We have to practice well these two (Truth and Love). I told you about the wealth that is within Me. Love is My wealth. Thyaaga (sacrifice, renunciation) is My bhoga (enjoyment). What other bliss is there for Me other than this? Because of this bliss, I have been able to do these activities since so long.

No one has to have any worry at all. All My activities will be victorious. What we do are good things. Therefore there is no need to have any worry at all with good activities. Help will come along with good activities.


Expenditures of the Hospitals and Education

Today, no one knows. Then truly, no one knows about Me (My activities). In Bangalore, we built the Super Speciality Hospital. How long can it be maintained? Every month, the expenses are three crores. Why? Because all of the patients need medicine, bulbs are needed, valves are needed. To look after all that, we are having supplies brought from America.

In the hospital in Prasanthi Nilayam, it is amounting to two crores (expenditure per month). No one gives in any way from the government. We don't desire this, and they don't give to us one naiya paisa.

Then, concerning the education purpose: Prasanthi Nilayam, Bangalore, Rajahmundry, and Muddanahalli - our colleges are in all of these places. For all of these, each month it costs one crore of rupees.

If one inquires like this, I have to give 6 crores every month. From where to get it in order to give it? Still, we are giving. We are not informing the government at all. As far as possible, only we have to take the responsibility. If a fixed deposit of 600 crores is made, (we will get) 'capital gains' (or accrued interest). (We will divide it so that) we will have 300 crores for the Bangalore Hospital, 200 crores for the Hospital in Prasanthi Nilayam, and 100 crores for our education purpose. If all of these are put together, the total is 600 crores, required for the (necessary) capital gains.

If we deposit these 600 crores today, no matter who comes and no matter what anyone does, during the whole lifetime (of these institutions), this will take place (continue to operate) comfortably. The curing of disease and the fostering of education may be continued, helping numerous people. I was thinking (like) this.

I am not asking anyone. There are so many people here, (but) I do not desire from anyone. My hand will always go like this (He makes a giving gesture), but it will not go like this (He makes a taking gesture). (Applause) My Hand is always going like this (taking gesture) only for Love. Yet no one understands this. Now, at a time like this, I do not desire anything because I want it.


Donation of 600 Crores

Today the news came! On Monday, 600 crores is coming from America. What I was thinking of was 600 crores - 300 crores for the Bangalore Hospital, 200 crores for the Puttaparthi Hospital, and 100 crores for the education purpose. If fixed deposits are put for these three, then with the interest from them, it may be continued to any extent during the lifetime (of these institutions).

I have no desires at anytime. I am selfless from the Feet to the Head. I never have selfishness. If anyone is asked, will anyone give 100 crores in charity? No one will give (like that). One single individual is giving 600 crores! (Applause) We do not have any (past) relationship with him.

He said, "Swami, put this in 'capital gains' (fixed deposits) for the Bangalore Hospital and for the Puttaparthi Hospital. As soon as it is received, immediately deposit it in the bank. It will reach you 12 noon on Monday." One person is bringing it.

For this kind of sacrifice, it (support) will be coming to us from anywhere. There are no people who will do acts of sacrifice. But if we undertake to sacrifice, so many crores will come to us.

The country of Bharath is a sacred land. It is the land of sacrifice. It's a land of yoga (discipline, self-restraint), not a land of bhoga (enjoyment). It's a land of action.


Na Karmana, Na Prajaya,

Dhanena Thyaaganaike,

Amritatwa Manassu.


Not by action, not by progeny or wealth.

Sacrifice alone confers Immortality.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


It is due to this feeling of sacrifice that so many things are brought about. I am thinking that so much more should be done. What kind of actions? There are no personal activities.


Upholding Respect of Women

When getting up in the early morning and looking at the (news) paper, in this paper, the culture of Bharath is seen in contradictory (opposing) ways.

The Dharma of women in our Bharath is so sacred. Even from ancient times, the respect (shown) to our ladies can be seen to be so great. All powers arose out of women. So, the appearance of ladies has changed to such an extremely opposite way.

The culture of our Bharath is being destroyed by these cinemas and through these (news) papers. This culture of Bharath has to be upheld. We have to protect the Dharma of women. We have to foster sacred actions. Some proper support for this has to be undertaken.

I thought of one thing: A few lakhs should be given to the one who will publicize respect and bounds of morality of women in the proper way. I have thought about this. If it is conveyed through (news) papers or in cinemas, the culture of our Bharath will be fostered. In this world, it is paisa, paisa, paisa; paisa (money, money, money) for everything. Therefore, we have to protect this Dharma with money only.

Perverse and obscene appearances should not be seen in the (news) paper at all. We should not see any kind of untruthful appearance. When children of today see that kind of appearance, they are changing so much. The future of the children is being destroyed. Our Bharatiya culture has to be fostered without all of this. Therefore to foster this, I will struggle to any extent. I am ready.

Then, in the future, this culture of Bharath has to be fostered. Truth should be spoken. Dharma has to be practiced. Injustice and misconduct have to be controlled. These perverse appearances have to be made distant (removed).

We have to protect all ladies with respect and (treat them within) bounds of morality. The respect of women is the respect of our Bharath. The good fortune of the ladies is the good fortune of our Bharath. Those who are Bhagya Lakshmi (the Goddess of Good Fortune) we are changing today into Brashta Lakshmi (the fallen Goddess).


Ideal of Krishna Kant (Vice-President of India)

(Here is) an actual example: Our Krishna Kant (the Vice-President of India) is here now. The mother of Krishna Kant is a very great devotee. She is always contemplating on God. Only that mother is the main cause for Krishna Kant being in such an exalted position today. (Applause)

In that same way, all the elders progressed so well in our Bharath due to numerous mothers' teachings like this. Now also she (the mother of Krishna Kant) is so blissful, seeing Me. She is always talking about the culture of Bharath. "Oh son, Krishna! Dear Krishna! Be peaceful. Do this, do that." She teaches him as if she is teaching a small child. He also will not go against the order of his mother at all. He is following the words of his mother with so much obedience, fear (of going against her wish), and faith.

For that reason, we should have mother and children prepared (and raised) like that today. Only if mothers are good, the children will be good. Hence, to make mothers good people and children good people, I will now build another hospital for the mother and child. If the mother is protected in the right type of way, she will foster the children in the right type of way.

Today, in the modern age, this is fully contradictory. Small children are lying down to sleep. What they are hearing is the mother and father fighting. They (the parents) get up (in the morning), continuing to scold each other. After hearing that, the children also get up fighting with each other. So, things like that should not go on. The words of the mother and father should be obeyed.


Matro Devo Bhava.

Pitro Devo Bhava.


Feel that Mother is God.

Feel that Father is God.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


It is important. We have to give happiness to the mother and father. The parents are offering their life-breath for the sake of the children. So, Krishna Kant loves his mother, obeys the command of his mother, and thus he joyfully fosters the love of the mother. This kind of behavior has to be fostered in Bharath.


Fostering the Mother and Child

However, unfortunately there are children with no mothers and children with no fathers. They are succumbing to many difficulties. It is My resolve to bring such children and settle them in a few villages. We have to then give them educational facilities and have to transform them into excellent, ideal people. (Applause)

Regarding that, I also told (spoke to) our (District) Collector many times. He said, "We will certainly do it." They also gave land to us. Now the foundation for that has to be laid and the houses should be built.

My aim is one only. I don't have the nature of concealing. I don't have the nature of grabbing. Mine (My nature) is only to be open. If there are any children, children without a mother and father, bring them and come. We will have them educated. If there is a mother and no father, a one lakh fixed deposit will be put in her name. The mother will continue living and the child can be fostered with the interest coming from that.

Keeping a plan like that, whatever I do is greatly ideal. So I told the Chairman of Nagarjuna Constructions (who has just now recited a few slokas), I told him, "You have to build the houses very, very quickly." He said, "I am ready, Swami! Whenever You give the Command, I will make the (necessary) efforts." Building one house for each of them, fostering that mother and child, My giving them the right kind of education - thus they have to be transformed into educated ones.

In that education, they should transform into ones with discrimination. How many educated people there are today! But they do not have discrimination. However, there should be viveka (discrimination, reasoning) in vidya (education). I have made the determination to develop such a viveka.


My Determination

Let anyone think anything. No one should think anything about Me in this respect. What I am doing is good work. There is no hatred for anyone. I am loving everyone. You also have to love everybody. Accordingly, everyone will love us. Where is there hatred in the middle of Love? Love to Love, Heart to Heart. No matter how much publicizing may come, none of you should pay any attention. Hence, that which we have taken hold of should be achieved.


That which is determined, you have already determined.

Stay like that until it is given.

What you have desired, you have already requested.

Don't leave it until it is fulfilled.

What has been thought, you have already thought.

Until it is realized, don't leave it.

What has been asked for, you have already asked for it.

Until it is given, don't leave it.

Unable to bear the pressure, God should protect you.

Or being unable to bear it, you may collapse.

(Telugu poem)


This is the relationship between both of us. At least you have to ask, unable to bear it. Or else, at least I have to save you, unable to bear the pressure. The relationship between the two of us should be like this.

Therefore, endeavor to do good works. Get addicted to good conduct. Protect our women. Their soubhagyam (auspiciousness, good fortune, and blessedness) is the soubhagyam (prosperity) of the country. The soubhagyam of the country does not come with money. It doesn't come with buildings. It comes with character.


Sacred Ideals of Women in Bharath

In our sacred land of Bharath, so many women with sacred qualities upheld the ideals and character of the household.


Harischandra was fully, perfectly always adhering to Truth.

Did he not leave the world and go?


King Nala, who ruled over so many worlds,

Did he take his kingdom with him?

(Telugu poem)


All women like this were born in the land of Bharath. Women like Savithri have also brought their husbands, who had died, back to life. The lady named Sumathi even stopped the sun from rising. There are women in our Bharath who have such sacred power.

Hence, we should protect the respect of women. We are not bothering about women. We are feeling that women are useless. It is very wrong, wrong, wrong! The soubhagyam of the country depends upon them only. Therefore, we have to protect the respect of those women. This only is your great education. Learn these types of education.

It is not greatness to acquire some big degree, go to foreign lands, and earn much money. So, it's not that. We have to protect the respect in our land of Bharath. We have to uphold the culture of Bharath. Hence, we have to enter into good activities.


Do Not Bother About Criticism

No matter who criticizes us, we have to love them with Love, not criticizing them (in return). I only am the proof of this. I only am the example. I only am the witness of this.


My life is My message.


Therefore, you also be like this. So many bad things will come to (those who are) good. A fruit-laden tree will be hit with stones. Who will throw stones (at the tree) if it doesn't have fruits? No one will throw them. Things like this will come to the one who does good. Therefore, we should not be afraid at all.

Only when we cut the stone that we obtained in many different ways will it become a great, valuable diamond. Without cutting it like that, there is actually no value in the diamond!

Therefore, without dushana (revile or blame) our bhushana (praise or honor) will not come up! Therefore even if dushana comes, we should not pay attention. We have to protect our bhushana. We should catch hold of the good that we should do.

In this way, I am hoping that all of our college boys will also stand as ideals. In those days, the cowherd boys were there with Krishna and Balarama, showing ideals in many ways. Today you are students. You have to give this ideal to the country.

The parents should be respected. You should love the parents. The right kind of service should be done to the parents. Their order should be obeyed. That is our important culture of Bharath.

In the culture of Bharath, Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu, ("May all in the world be happy"), that only is our important aim. (Applause) All should be happy. One should not think, 'Only I alone should be happy.' This selfishness should be sacrificed. Develop concern for others. Develop spirituality. This is the true education. Foster this education.


    Embodiments of Love!

All the knowledge that we learn is not only meant for money. It is (meant) only for earning virtues. You are developing only three: money, strength, and friendship. However, virtues should be developed. Money, friendship, and strength are not so important. Virtue is very important. Without virtue, what is the use of so many friendships? What is the use of so much money? Hence, we have to develop virtues. So, all of you should be virtuous. Becoming virtuous, the history of Bharath has to be spread throughout the world.


All Will Be Unified

Very soon everyone will be unified with our land of Bharath. Today is Krishnashtami. It is the day that God was born. Today I am making you a promise. The people of all countries - (Swami then listed some countries) Pakistan, China, Germany, Russia - all will move in the same manner. (Applause) We have to achieve that. What is the reason? It is the good nature of our Bharatiyas. This good nature only is the main cause for Unity.

So, this Unity is needed. In Unity, there is Purity. In Purity, any amount of Divinity will come to us. That only is Divinity. If that Divinity is needed, we should have Unity. If Unity is needed, there has to be Purity. So, (we should travel) from Purity to Unity, and from Unity to Divinity. We have to obtain such Divinity.



Bhagavan ended His Divine Discourse by chanting four bhajans,

"Hari Bhajana Bina Sukha Shanti Nahi",

"Prema Mudhita Mana Se Kaho",

"Subrahmanyam", and

"Vahe Guru".



Krishnashtami Sandesh Glossary



(Taken from "A Glossary of Sanskrit Words Gleaned from Sai Literature",

Published in 1998 in Singapore.)


    1. Bhoga (pg. 81) festivity catering to the senses; enjoyment
    2. Dharma (pg. 291) righteousness
    3. Duryodhana: (see Dussasana)
    4. Dussasana: (pg. 133) One of the Kaurava brothers, who became notorious for dragging the Pandava Queen Draupadi by her hair into Duryodhana’s Durbar and later for trying to disrobe her in public.
    5. Garga: (From Bhagavatha Vahini: Krishna’s family priest; sage consulted by Kaikeyi’s father about her marriage)
    6. Gokul: (pg. 142) Town on the banks of the Jamuna where Lord Krishna spent His childhood among the gopis.
    7. Gokula: (pg. 142) A herd of cows.
    8. Jnani: (pg. 170) One who has direct experience of the Divine.
    9. Leela: (pg. 201) God's Play or Drama; leelas are expressions of Divine qualities.
    10. Namaskaar (pg. 243) salutation, good wishes, from namamakaara: all that I am and have is due to Your Grace; or na-ma, not mine; a form of salutation by folding the palms together and holding them near the heart region. It symbolizes the touching of he Guru’s feet or surrendering the ego at the feet of the Lord
    11. Nanda: (pg. 245) The foster father of Krishna, chief of the cowherds at Brindavan and husband of Yasodha.
    12. Prasad: (pg. 279) Consecrated food blessed by God
    13. Pura-ahuthi: (pg. 289) Valedictory oblation
    14. Soubhaagyamu: (From Telugu dictionary: auspiciousness, good fortune, good luck, blessedness; beauty, grace; the happy and auspicious state of wifehood; also used in the context of affluence, luck, etc.)
    15. Thyaaga (pg. 380) sacrifice; renunciation; detachment
    16. Vichaaramu: (Telugu word meaning grief, sorrow, affliction, distress; or, worry, anxiety)
    17. Vidya: (pg. 406) knowledge of this world; education
    18. Viveka: (pg. 412) discrimination; reasoning; wisdom; intelligence; it means the capacity to recognize the nature of the objective world, i.e., the world of objects that ‘come and go’ and are not eternal.
    19. Yagna: (same as Yajna) (pg. 416) Fire sacrifice
    20. Yasodha: (pg. 420) Wife of Nanda and the adopted mother of Lord Krishna.
    21. Yoga (pg. 421) discipline; self-restraint; concentration; self-control







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