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The following discourse has been translated into English from Bhagavan's Telugu speech as heard on this festival's ashram audiocassette. It is a complete, literal translation made with the objective of preserving Bhagavan's precious original poetic style as much as possible.



General Hospital Sandesh


June 10th, 2001


Divine Discourse by

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba




Na Tapaamsi,

Na Tirthanam,

Napaapanam Japa Nahi,

Samsara Sagarotra,

Sajnam Sevanam Bina.


One cannot cross over the ocean of worldly life

By position, pilgrimage, scholarship,

Or repetition of the Name.

It can only be crossed by serving good people.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


Dharmaartha Kama Mokshanaam

Arogyam Moola Mutthamam.


Dharma, Artha, Kaama, and Moksha

Are the four Goals of a man's life.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


For the sadhana of the Chaturvidhas (the four Goals of life), health is essential. Without health, man cannot even participate in any small work. Health is a great good fortune. Health is the greatest and essential fortune of all fortunes. God is all powerful, all knowing, and all pervading.


Mamaivamsho Jeeva Loke

Jeeva Bhuta Sanathanaha.


The eternal Atma in all beings

Is a part of My being.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


Divine Power Given to Man

God is a part (present) within all. Though He is all powerful, He has also given some power to all. He gifted limitless power in man. Even though the physical strength of man is a little small, He gifted limitless power of the mind. If man resolves in the mind, he can do anything. He can achieve anything. There is nothing at all which cannot be achieved by man in this world with the power of the mind.

Putting to use all powers, he (man) is going to the moon. He is going lakhs of miles to the moon, but is he arriving even a half-inch inside his heart? No. Therefore, the power that reaches the heart is the power of the mind.

However, this Divine power should be used in the right way. Yet man, unable to know that there is such a power in (inside) him, is succumbing to numerous difficulties, sufferings, and sorrows. He is unable to recognize his own power.

If he wants to see his face, there should be a mirror that reflects (it). In that same manner, if he obtains (can experience within) the mirror of Divinity, (or) Divine feeling, he may fully understand his (own, innate) power.

Take a small stick. If it is put in fire, that fire enters the wood and makes all of the wood (turn) into fire. That only is:


Brahmavit Bramaina Bhavati.


The Knower of Brahman becomes Brahman Himself.

(Sanskrit sloka)


We can achieve anything by going near God and having close intimacy with God. If we keep a water bubble in our palm, it will become mist. But, if that water bubble reaches the sea, it will become the sea. So, the relationships that we keep should be superior ones. Based on this:


Tell me your company, I can tell what you are.


The type of people you keep company with, that type of person you will become. When you gain the company of the Divine, you also will become Divine. In the presence of God, there is no one with decreased (less) power.

There are all powers in everyone. But man is unable to remember his own heart, unable to behold it (seeing within), unable to understand it. For that reason, man is lowly.


Anoraneeyaan Mahatormahiyaan.


(God is) Smallest of the small,

Biggest of the big.

(Sanskrit sloka)


God Requesting Desires

God is all pervading, from the smallest to the biggest. Even when He is in everything, even God has some desires. Everyone has to understand this well. What is that desire?

Kuchela (Krishna's boyhood friend) came. Only Krishna gave Kuchela all powers. He gave all ornaments. But, after giving it, He did not keep quiet. He requested, "Kuchela, what did you bring for Me? Give Me some beaten rice!" That is also a desire of God. What is the reason? To sanctify him (Kuchela), He gave all powers and He accepted from him a handful of mere beaten rice.

Not only that. In Vamana Avatar, God, who has all powers, went to the devotee and He requested, "Give Me three paces of land." This is asking, isnít it? For what reason? To make him (the devotee) sanctified.

One day Krishna wandered, wandered, and wandered. Then He went to a gopika's house. He asked, "Gopika! I am very hungry. Give something to Me." The gopika was very surprised. She said, "God is hungry? Do we have that which should be given to You? We donít have it, Swami!" Then Krishna only said, "Even the watery buttermilk in your house is all right. Put it in a small tumbler and give Me. That is enough."


Is it possible to construct a temple to Him,

Who is expanding all over the Universe?

(Telugu poem)


"Who can hold an oil lamp to You, who has the radiance of crores of suns? Is it right to arrange a feast for You, who has the Universe in His stomach? Who can give a feast to You, Swami?"

God requested his desire (in order) to liberate them. Krishna went near Draupadi, who was suffering hardships in Kanadava forest and requested, "Younger sister, I am hungry. Give Me some food."

Then she said, "Krishna, donít You know? Are You thinking that I am in Hasthinapura or are You thinking that Iím in a forest? If I were in Hasthinapura, I would be able to give the food You ask for. But I am in the forest. I am spending time eating roots. What food can I give to You?"

Then He said, "If there is even a small bit in the vessel you cleaned, it is enough. Offer it to Me. Itís enough. My hunger will be satisfied."

Then, based on (following) Krishnaís order, she found a small leaf was clinging to the edge of the vessel she had cleaned. She had made leaf-vegetable that day. Alas! She took that (piece of) leaf vegetable and gave it to Krishna. Then Krishna said:


"Anoraneeyaan Mahatormahiyaan."


(God is) Smallest of the small,

Biggest of the big.

(Sanskrit sloka)


He said, "Draupadi! Your devotion and humility are the very best. So, let all of this be undiminishable." (Once Krishna put that morsel into His mouth,) not only His, (but) the hunger of the thousands of disciples that came with Durvasa was also satisfied.

To prove to the world and others about certain ideals, God also keeps a few desires and He keeps requesting them. It is not that God doesnít have it (whatever He is requesting). He has all. But to sanctify him (the devotee), to make his hand very sacred, He (God) continues requesting.


True Ornaments


Hasya Bhushnam Daana.

Charity is the ornament for the hands.

(Sanskrit sloka)


What is the ornament for the hands? Only charity is the ornament.


Kanthasya Bhushanam Sastram.

Sastram is the ornament for the neck.

(Sanskrit sloka)


To say (repeat) the Sastras is the proper type of ornament for this neck.


Srotrasya Bhushanam Sravanam.

The ornament for the ears is listening.

(Sanskrit sloka)


It is very beautifying for these ears to listen only to good, not (simply) wearing swinging earrings! So each one has a beauty, a bliss. So all the desires that God requests in the world are for the bliss of others, for the convenience of others. For the attainment of others, He continues requesting like this.


Story of Laila and Majnu

All of you know the story of Laila and Majnu. Laila was a very rich lady. Majnu was a pauper. Laila wanted him and she wanted to marry him. But then she had doubts. "I am rich. He is very poor. Will he accept or not? How is his mind? I love him. Does he love me or not?" Thinking that, she tried to test him.

She sent her two servants to Majnu. They asked, "Laila wants a little of your blood." He said, "Why only a little blood? I will offer everything that flows in my body to her. If she is well, it is enough for me."

They told that news to Laila. Then Laila understood. "Fie! I have measured my small love. His love is such a deep love! What a valuable love! What a great love!" She understood.

In this same manner, if God requests a desire, they (some people) think of God as low. This is a big mistake. He has no desires for Himself. He asks for these desires for others, to attain it for others, in order to uplift them. That (selfish attitude) is for others, but it is not for Him. He acts only for others. This (Divine) nature has to be recognized.


The Small Hospital

Dr. Rajeswari, who started this hospital, is known to all of you (old-timers). However, the new people here may not know (about her). She is the mother of C. Srinivas. At the very beginning, she started this hospital in a small room. She did a tour of the whole world and came (here). She did work in many countries like America, Japan, Germany, and India. She was highly educated.

She came to me and said, "Swami! Our Srinivas should study all the degrees: A, B, C, D, and up to Z!" (I said,) "Mother! You have studied, but he should also want it, isnít it? Donít keep these thoughts." Education was so dear to her, alas! She had so much love for everyone.

The hospital that was started in one small room has transformed into such a big building. Every year a new section is started. She made this hospital so big. Its name is 'General Hospital', but all kinds of medical treatments are going on here. It is not possible to say that any medical treatment is not here. How can it be a 'small' hospital? It isnít! It is big only! In its form, it is small. But the service (given here) is very great. There is no hospital (which is) more ideal.

Big, big buildings may be built. We also built a big Super Speciality Hospital here. Seeing it, it is (looks) like a big elephant. But what is happening there is small - small like the eyes of mosquitoes. They are sending them (home) after only doing two things: heart operations and brain operations.

But here in this ('small' General) Hospital, not only brain, not only heart, not only lungs, not only liver, they are doing all types of medical treatments here. They are doing it with such a great heart. They are doing with such a broad feeling. They are doing it with such expansive Love.


Serve With Sacrifice

If you see the people who come here (you come one day and see), all are poor people. They are very weak. It is necessary to do seva to people like that. What does seva mean?


Na Karmana, Na Prajayat,

Dhanena, Thyaaganaike,

Amritatvam Aanasuh.


Not by action, not by progeny or wealth,

Sacrifice alone confers Immortality.

(Sanskrit sloka)


Seva should be done with that sacrifice. It is not just doing a yaga nor doing great thapas. For whom are you doing yajna, yaga, and thapas? Are you doing it for yourself? Or are you doing it for God? If that enquiry is done, (it is) not (done) for God at all. Why all of these for God? You are doing (only) for yourself!

"I am doing yajna." For what? You are saying, "For the welfare of the world." (But it is) not for the welfare of the world! He is doing for his (own) welfare only. He is saying, "It is for the welfare of the world." (But) it is not for God at all. To give welfare to the world - to give bliss to all the world - is done by God only.


Feet, eyes, head, mouth, and ears

Pervading everywhere,

God permeates the entire Universe.

(Sanskrit sloka)


God is giving bliss to all in all ways. He is bringing all three - strength of the body, mind, and spirit together. However, a few people may have strength of the body, yet they may not be having strength of the mind. There may be strength of the mind, but no strength of speech (capacity for expression). Only when these three are unified is he a true man.


The proper study of Mankind is Man.


What is that 'Mankind'? ('Mankind' means) the unity of thoughts, words, and actions (deeds). With the unity of these three, they are doing expansive service in this hospital.

(Dr.) Rajeswari used to serve night and day. I only used to shout and I used to say, "Rajeswari! Only if you are well, isnít it, service can be done for so many people. So take a little rest." She said, "Swami, what is my rest? To do service to them is my rest."

In that same manner, continuing to serve, at last she said, "I should give up my life in the hospital only." In that way, serving, serving, serving, serving, sitting on the chair, she gave up (her) life inside this hospital only. Then she was not taken anywhere from the hospital. I had everything done here only.

In that same way, from that day (Dr.) Savitri also came. Savitri also is doing so much service night and day. (Nurse) Dolly also does a lot of service equal to her. These types of people are not (the) only (ones) doing service. There are also many doctors who come from the city. There is an eye doctor. There is a tooth doctor. There is an ear doctor. There is a bone doctor. He went to America and returned.

All of them are coming and continuing to serve. They are doing good (service) according to their capability. They donít show any dearth (lack) of capacity. Without showing any defect in capability, they are fully revealing their powers in this offering of service. All of these doctors come here and are doing work.

My desire is for increasing this Love. This kind of Love should come into all the doctors. Donít leave a patient once they are seen (having been diagnosed). They should be brought close and somehow cured. For (your) understanding, I will tell you a small example.

Now here there is a doctor. I gave a plate and a suitpiece to that doctor. At the end, unexpectedly another doctor came. There was no plate there to give him. Immediately this doctor went, brought the plate that had been given to him, and he gave it (to this unexpected latecomer). What great sacrifice this is! There is so much sacrifice like that in these doctors! Alas! They even sacrifice what is their own and (still) they have Love for others!

The whole world is sustained with Love. Love only is the true God.


Love is God.

Live in Love.


There is nothing greater than Love. Without Love, it is not true humanity. It is not important to consider God as meaning (being only) Vishnu, Siva, or God.


Love is God. Live in Love.

Start the day with Love.

Fill the day with Love.

End the day with Love.

This is the way to God.


To prove that Love to us, one doctor here immediately showed it (in this example of sacrificing Love). None of you paid attention, but I observed it. They are doing sacrifice like that.

That type of spirit of sacrifice wonít come to all doctors. They (other, outside doctors) have taken all great, great distinctions. They have attained great, great names. They have gained fame in the world. They advertise. However, our doctors wonít go anywhere near advertisement. They donít desire fame in the world at all. Seva, seva, seva. Only due to having all doctors like this, has this hospital got such a great name!


Foundation for New General Hospital

Yet, I saw (that) the area is very small (referring to the original General Hospital in Whitefield). In those five acres, there is not even an inch of space (available now)! They have built on all of it. There are four operation rooms. But for that reason, before I came here (today), I laid the foundation to a new building of the General Hospital and (then I) arrived (here). The Chief Minister also came (with Me). Our Adi Keshava gave 10 acres of land there (near the new Super Speciality Hospital).

I laid the foundation for the (new) General Hospital but (actually) I never go to lay the foundation. I donít like that. I donít like to put so many rocks and come (return). Opening (ceremony) is very important to Me. I said, "Alas! This (today's) date is not important. Put (make) the opening date for 23 November." I even said the opening date beforehand!

If the (new) General Hospital is built (over) there, then what will happen to this hospital (referring to the original General Hospital in Whitefield)? This (original) hospital is very important. It was like a small seed. Now it has become like a big Banyan tree. The seed of the Banyan tree is very small. But the tree is very huge. This (hospital) will grow, grow, grow, grow even further (like the Banyan tree).

There, in the (new) General Hospital, the sections that do bones, lungs, stomach, and liver transplants should be there. My aim is that this hospital will change into a 'Mother and Child Hospital'. That has to be expanded further.

Without mother and child, what will happen to the world, tell Me? What a shame! Nowadays, the intention (or good feeling) of the mother to look after the child and the love of the child to look after the mother is not around. Children are being born. There are also those who donít receive the motherís love. Not only now, there are numerous stories from former times also (of children not receiving mother's love).


Mother Seeing the Children

You know Gandhari was Drishtarashtraís (the father of the 100 Kaurava sons) wife. Because Drishtarashtra was blind, she also tied blinds around (blindfolded) her eyes. She didnít ever see her children. She didnít see them with her eyes.

Then, after all 100 sons died in the (Mahabharata) War, Krishna went to console them. Then Gandhari said with anger, "Krishna! You made it so that not even one son was left to do the death anniversary functions (the annual Hindu functions held in honor of the deceased parents) for us, is it not! What results came to You by killing all my sons? Did they not come into (receive) Your looks? (Did You not look after them?)"

When she questioned (Him) like that, Krishna gave a proper answer: "Mother! Did you see the children that were born to you? They did not come into your eyes. They didnít come into your vision at all. Now, how will they come into your vision? The son who cannot have the look of the mother cannot attain the vision of God at all." So, we have to earn the (good) sight of the mother.


Mathru Devo Bhava.

Pithru Devo Bhava.

Acharya Devo Bhava.

Athithi Devo Bhava.


Treat the Mother as God.

Treat the Father as God.

Treat the Guru as God.

Treat the Guest as God.


Saying this, they (the ancients) gave first place to the mother. First and foremost, in what way could the Kauravas, who could not achieve the love of the mother, have the love of God? It wonít come. It wonít come!

Due to (such) sacred embodiments of sacrifice being born in the land of Bharath from that time, today Bharath is safe. Arjuna also said, "Why should I fight the war? What will be obtained by this war? Having fought the war, after relatives and friends are destroyed, what is it that has to be experienced? I donít want the war at all." Arjuna was such an embodiment of sacrifice.


Culture of Bharath

The sacrifice in Bharath, the Dharma in Bharath, the Truth in Bharath is nowhere else. It is such a sacred land. This is the land of sacrifice, the land of Yoga, the land of action, the land of yajna.

Today modern man in (these) modern times and all the children of today are looking to change such a country into a land of enjoyment. We donít want enjoyment at all. Sacrifice is needed. The bliss that is in sacrifice will not come with enjoyment. Bhoga (enjoyment) gives roga (disease, illness). Thyaaga (sacrifice) gives Yoga (Union with God). So, we have to achieve sacrifice.

Sacrifice (dedicate) the powers that we know and the stratagems that we do to give help to others. We have learnt for that reason. But all the education that we have learnt is not to be sold. You have to share all the education that you learned with others. It has to be used for others. What is greater than that, tell Me?

If there is a mother and child, give them a little medicine. If you have thus protected them, they will be happy. They will continue to think of you for their whole life. Protecting a mother and child like this, developing the relationship of love between mother and child, we have to give to them that power and capability in this land of Bharath.

We have to protect this feeling of Mathru Devo Bhava. We have to foster this sacred heart and we have to begin to sacrifice. When we do (some) sacrifice, weíll have the right type of well being.

From ancient times, in the culture of Bharath:


Sathyam Vada, Dharmam Chara.

Speak Truth, act righteously.

(Sanskrit sloka)


With the unity of these two, humanness was fostered in Bharath. Truth, reputation, Dharma, good speech, sacrifice, liberation - the human race is the form of these. They (humans) are the embodiments of Truth and sacrifice. (But) such a human race like this has totally lost morality and honesty. There is no honesty. There is no morality at all either. When that is not there, what is the use in living?

What is the use of studying so much? What is the use of wandering to so many countries? That is not what we should learn. There is no need to go to any country. There are all powers in our country. Having that (all powers here), think Truth, practice Dharma, live with sacrifice. There is nothing better than that. What excels that sacrifice?


Thyaagenaike Amrtattwa Maanasah.

Only sacrifice gives Immortality.

(Sanskrit sloka)


There is nothing that excels it (sacrifice).


So, Embodiments of Love!

Wherever it is, if anyone is suffering, if you see it with your eyes, you have to make any amount of effort to cure it.


Ideal Doctors

Through this effort, Rajeswari gave all the money that she earned to this hospital. "That room should be built. This room should be built. There are no rooms at all for ladies and for delivery." Saying this, immediately she built all the rooms.

After that, Savitri is a reflection of her in all ways, night and day, work, work, work! I said, "If you work without eating, what will be your plight? In what way will you be able to serve? Donít do like that." I took (made) her promise. "Eat on time. Then you can do anything."

What sort (of doctors) are they, do you know? No one will tell you. They wonít even take a naiya paisa (the coin of smallest value in India, value less than a penny). Even though it has been (going on for) twenty-five years, neither they nor the doctors that come and go (visiting doctors), none of them take (any) money. The doctors bring their own supplies and they use them only (the things that they brought). They are also giving medicines and serving with joy. There are crores of doctors like that in our land of Bharath. But they (this sacrificing type) canít be seen (noticed) by us.

Wherever one looks, (it is all for) money, money. There are those who run for (after) money. But that is not for us. The doctors who are here are running due to their compassion. Doctors like that are coming here. Doctors like this are coming once a week, serving and going. Is there anything greater?


Na Tapaamsi,

Na Tirthanam,

Napaapanam Japa Nahi,

Samsara Sagarotra,

Sajnam Sevanam Bina.


One cannot cross over the ocean of worldly life

By position, pilgrimage, scholarship,

Or repetition of the Name.

It can only be crossed by serving good people.

(Sanskrit sloka)


He only is a truly good person. He only is a true sevak (one who does seva). He is a true doctor. The Sastras say:


Vaidyo Narayano Hari.

The Doctor is God.

(Sanskrit sloka)


Doctors are equal to Narayana. What is Narayana doing? He keeps helping everyone. So, all these Vaidyo Narayans (doctors whom are God) keep helping everyone. By all of them serving, this hospital is getting an even greater name and progressing.

If anything happens in the Super Speciality Hospital in Puttaparthi, immediately they (doctors) will come running from here. There also we established sections of Cardiology, Urology, Nephrology, and Ophthalmology. Our eye doctor, Hemant, specially comes from here to Puttaparthi every week and he is doing operations for everyone there. Is it an ordinary matter, coming so far to Puttaparthi and doing service? Will anyone do such sacrifice? Even if called, they wonít come. They are doing so much service.

Then, the tooth doctor (dentist). He also is coming there. Sometimes when the operations are more, anesthetists are less. Itís enough to phone! Alas! He will come running. It is very rare to get doctors like that. The ones coming to his hospital are being obtained so easily. They are going to a lot of exertion and doing it. I told Hemant, "I will have all the necessary instruments brought for the eye operations. You do only one thing specially. Do ideal eye operations and show."

I am always saying that only. It is joyful to Me to give encouragement and enthusiasm to the ones who do like that, but not to mention (speak of) obstacles. No matter how many hospitals like this are built, I will do anything.


Where Does the Money Come From?

I donít have anything to do with money. I donít need money at all. You will think, "From where is money coming to Sai Baba? Does He materialize it?" But I donít have such bad intentions. Why? Because money is relating to the government. I will materialize any object, but I only wonít touch money. Why? Because all of that belongs to the government. Indian money to America, American money to Japan, Japan money to Italy, will not be accepted. How will this (Indian currency) money go to another place? It wonít go. When money is needed, at that time, someone will get the impulse: 'Money should be given.í And they keep giving.

Hence, whatever is needed, it is enough if Swami says one word. They come like a cloud, drop it off here, and go. That is how their devotion is, the devotees from foreign countries. Therefore, you donít have to think at all (about this). The right type of progress has to be done for the hospital. This (new one) would be retained as 'General Hospital'. Then there (in Whitefield) would be 'Mother and Child Hospital'.

Then for bone and liver: one liver specialist came from America. He did so many liver transplant operations. He came yesterday to our hospital and he said, "Swami, I will stay here and do liver transplant operations." When he said he wll do it, will I refuse? I am always ready for good. I said, "Without fail, do it!"


Today Everything is Polluted

Today they are all ruining their livers. For every person, the food that is eaten, the water that one drinks, the air that is breathed, all are only poison, pollution. Nothing is clean. Due to that kind of food, heart and brain are ruined and diseases come. In the past, were there so many diseases? No. Today the food is at fault. Water is at fault. Due to drinking this bad water, eating bad food, and breathing bad air, health is being ruined a lot.

I made the determination that, as far as possible, give good water, give good food, (even if it is more costly, give good food), and protect their health in the proper way.


Providing Water

In the very beginning, I said that children should have education. If children donít have education, it is no use. I started education for all the children in the villages. After that, water is needed. For water, if some small pipes are installed and borewells are put in, it is seen that even in these borewells there also is more fluoride. That is not the right type of water.

Thinking we do not want (water) like that, I also had it brought from Krishna River. Where is Anantapur and where is Krishna River? No matter how many crores it is, OK. I spent it and I had it brought. I had pure water brought. In the same way, the Chief Minister requested that water supply should be given to Bellary, Beedar, and Bijapur (places in Karnataka). (There) also there is great difficulty. I said that I would do it. I accepted.

Wherever there is no water, they should all be given water. We donít need to give any big amounts of money. If people are given a little water, they will all obtain health. To give that water also, many people are coming as obstacles. Arenít there so many very rich people in the country? Arenít there so many rich people? What is the use? At the time they die, they will not take even a handful of soil with them!


The Spirit of Sacrifice

Why shouldnít all the money that is earned be put to good use? Why shouldnít it be used in a good way? Why shouldnít good actions be done? So, all this money that comes has to be put into good actions, into good qualities, and into good practices. All of you know. But what is the use? All the money (that is) earned has to be left. It cannot be avoided. No one can take even the soil when they die. If all the people who die take the soil with them, even the soil in Bharath would have to go on ration! One has to leave all the wealth that has been earned (when) you will leave your body. When it is like that, then how will money come with you? To put it (wealth) to this good use, the spirit of sacrifice should come.

The ones who get that spirit of sacrifice are all the doctors in our hospital. More than the doctors outside, they have so much spirit of sacrifice. They are working, smiling, smiling, and smiling. No one puts on a 'caster oil face' saying, "Swami told (me to do it)!" They do work smiling. It is enough if Swami tells.

So, what we should do is we have to have close relationship with God. There should be the touching of God. Only when there is the touching with God (just like the stick that has no use, but will turn to fire due to contact with fire), with that touching, the power of God will enter in you also. Our tears evaporate in a second. But water in the sea, river, and well do not. In that way:


Satsangatve Nissangatvam,

Nissangatve Nirmohatvam,

Nirmohatve Nishchalatatwam,

Nishchalatatwe Jivanmukthi.


From good company to solitude,

From solitude to dispassion,

From dispassion to steadiness,

From steadiness to liberated-while-living.

(Sanskrit sloka)


Who am I?

But today there is no man at all with steady feelings. Whenever one looks, the mind is like a crazy monkey, jumping up and jumping down. That is not our Self. Mind is not our Self. We are not the body.

This is my body. I am not the body.

This is my mind. I am not the mind.

Then who are you?


Put the question: You are saying 'my body'. You are saying 'my mind'. You are saying 'my intellect'. You are saying 'my heart'. Who am 'I'? If the question is put, where is this ĎIí? This ĎIí is separate. It is the witness of everything. It is in everyone. It has no difference at all between a pauper and a millionaire. It is in every man.

If such a nature is to be recognized, we have to learn the right type of spirit of sacrifice. Any amount (of success) may be attained. In this hospital, so many patients are coming without difference of caste and religion - so many Muslims, so many Christians, and so many Hindus. We are seeing all equally. All are children of one Father.


Brotherhood of Man,

Fatherhood of God.


When those two are kept, any amount can be achieved. These differences are not anywhere in the Sai Organization. So many sevaks are coming here and doing seva in the Sai Organization. Here, in the Super Speciality Hospital, every day 100 people are coming and serving. That spirit of sacrifice should also start in the youth of today. As they grow, the spirit of sacrifice should also continue growing.

We have celebrated today, calling it ĎSilver Jubilee'. But this Silver Jubilee doesnít satisfy Me. This should progress even more and the 'Golden Jubilee' should be celebrated. Then many new doctors should come, should come, and should serve here. When they join in this, it will be like a plus, plus, plus. That which one person cannot do, if ten people come together, any amount can be done (accomplished).

Therefore, that which (Dr.) Rajeswari started should change into an even bigger building. In that big building, some big conveniences (accommodation) should be given to children, elders, and to poor people, and (we) should thus do (give) the right type of help.

I am hoping and blessing (this) and ending My Discourse.




General Jubilee:

General Hospital Sandesh



Taken from "A Glossary of Sanskrit Words

Gleaned from Sai Literature"


Adharma (pg. 123) Bad; wrong or unrighteous. Behaving as and when the whim dictates

Atma: (pg. 50) A spark of the Divine; a conglomeration of manas (mind), buddhi (intellect) and samskaara (civilised tendency); manís true reality is the Atma; the Atma is a wave of the Paramatma, God viewed as the Universal; the Soul

                    Brahma: (pg. 86) The creator in the Hindu trinity (or God).

Chaturvidhas (Purushartha chathushtaya) (pg. 98) The four goals of life: Dharma (righteousness), artha (wealth), kaama (desire)and moksha (liberation).

                    Chi! (a Telugu interjection meaning fie! pshaw! pooh! tush! nonsense!)

                    Dharma (pg. 291 righteousness

Gopika (or, Gopi): (pg. 143) cowherd maids, those who worshipped Krishna at Brindavan

Paapam- (Telugu expression meaning, "Alas!" or " What a pity!" or "Poor creature!")

                    Roga: (pg. 299) disease, illness

                    Sadhana (pg. 303) the path of spiritual discipline

Sastra (pg. 337) a category of scriptures; the moral code or precepts of practical living; intellectual scholarship

                    Seva: (pg. 345) Loving or selfless service

                    Sevak: (not found) one who does seva

                    Thapas (pg. 374) ascetic practices

                    Thyaaga (pg. 380) sacrifice; renunciation; detachment

Yaga (pg. 416) sacrificial rites; sacrifice made in order to go from one holy place to another

                    Yajna (pg. 416) fire sacrifice

                    Yoga (pg. 421) discipline; self-restraint; concentration; self-control





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