Thread Ceremony





Held On 09-4-2000

In Sai Ramesh Hall

Trayee, Brindavan


Becoming a True Brahman

Embodiments of Love, Second born!

In life, Brahmacharya (celibacy, or the second stage of life as a student) is very sacred. It is best. In a pure time of Brahmacharya like this, the first and foremost ‘birth’ is the initiation into Gayatri Mantra. By this Gayatri Mantra, ordinary man will turn into a Vipra (Brahman). This Vatu (Brahmachari), gradually by chanting the Vedas, will turn into a Vipra. By practising it (Gayatri Mantra), delighting in it, keeping it in the heart, he will turn into a Brahman.

No one at all is a Brahman immediately after he is born. He is only a Brahman by physical birth (caste). However, after the initiation into Gayatri Mantra, he becomes a Dwija (second-born). Afterwards, by practising it, delighting in it and spreading it among people, he will turn into a Vipra. Due to this Vipra offering his whole life to Gayatri Mantra, he will become a Brahman. There is first stage - ordinary life. The second one is Dwija. The third is Vipra and the fourth is Brahman. In one life of man, these are the four stages that change.

Who is Gayatri?

This Gayatri is not an ordinary form. Who is Gayatri? Gayatri is the Mother of all the Vedas. The essence of all the Vedas, the basis of all the Sastras, the essence of all goals, and the goal of all the paths is one: this Gayatri Mantra. In such a sacred Gayatri, there are three names. The first is Gayatri. The second is Savitri. The third is Saraswati. Gayatri, Savitri and Saraswati. What is the benefit that these three names give? What is the bliss in it? Who is this Gayatri? Gayatri is the master of our senses. Savitri is the master of our life. Due the vow of Truth, Savitri could protect the life of her husband. Then, Saraswati, who is she? She is the very form of speech. Gayatri, Savitri, Saraswati - these three are the forms of heart, speech and body.

The man will attain the true form of humanness when he unifies these three. Therefore, the proper study of mankind is man. It means, when what comes from the heart is said in the speech and done with the hands, the three of them, when they are in unity, that form is humanness. Where are these three forms? They are in man. There is no power greater than that which is in man. The essence of all powers is the life of man. The essence of all goals is the heart of man.

Therefore, man means not only that which is decorated as man. Man should be useful in practise. However, where is this Gayatri? In it, Bhur, Bhuvaha, Svahah, Tat, Savitur Varenyam, Bhargo Devasya Dheemahe, Dhiyo, Yo Nah Prachodayat. Bhur means the Earth. Bhuvaha is Heaven. Svahah is the Infinite World. So, this world of Earth, world of Heaven, and the Infinite World are all in man.

Therefore, this Earth is the world made of materials. Bhuvaha means the life energy that gives the body vibration. That is the life force. This life force, makes it steady, develops it, makes it blissful, and makes the whole body do action. This is Svahah, the Heaven.

So, this Bhuvaha is the material world. That which gives it vibration, this life force, is the true Bhuvaha. It gives vibration. Svahah, this gives one type of teaching of Jnana, knowledge. They call this radiation. Materialisation, vibration, radiation. They call this radiation Jnana. No, no! This is not physical Jnana. It is not worldly knowledge. It is not the knowledge of Nature. They call it Prajna Brahma in the Vedas. It means, this Prajna is beyond all other types of knowledge: constant integrated awareness.

Man has donned this type of sacred power. This man who has all powers, he has lost his own power, and he has forgotten self-confidence. The day that man loses self-confidence, that day he will lose all the powers that are in him. Therefore, Bhur Bhuvaha Svahah, the three are your own form.


You are not one person, but three. First, the one you think you are - the physical body. The second one - the one others think you are. That is the principle of the life-force that is in us. That only is Om. It comes from inside. It comes from the navel. This is that which comes from Brahma sthanam, the place of Brahma. This is also a kind of form of life force of man. The one others think you are - that is the mental body. The one you really are - that is the principle of Atma. This physical body, the mental body, the body of Atma, these three are you. Therefore, God is not different from you. You only are the embodiment of God. Only due to attachment to the body, you are forgetting your form as God. Man is not different and apart.

The pundit said this first and foremost: Sahanavavatu Sahanau Bhunaktu (Sanskrit sloka) What is the essence of in this mantra? "Let us live together, let us work together, let us expand the knowledge that we have earned together, let us live together without misunderstanding." This is the unity that the Vedas declare. The Vedas have never declared diversity. Vedas teach the supremely sacred Non-duality.

Principle of Atma is One

Bodies may be different. Forms and names may be different. However, the principle of Atma is One. Truth is One, but wise men call it by various names. (Sanskrit sloka) All of you are seeing.

Students! Vatas!

So many bulbs are shining. Bulbs are seen as different. The colours are seen to be different. However, the current is one. In that same way, our bodies have different forms. They have different names. But the principle of Atma in all is the same. That is the true Non-duality.

What does Adwaita (Non-duality) mean? That is the Jnana Shakti that is related to one and all. Jnana is Non-duality. What kind of Jnana? Physical wisdom? Worldly knowledge? Secular knowledge? No, it isn't, it isn't! Atma Jnana (Knowledge of the Self) is Non-duality. A form of Atma like that is in you. We are forgetting this principle of Atma, an embodiment of Love like that, today.

What is the reason for all the troubles in India today? Man has lost faith in the Atma. He is developing attachment to the body. Due to increasing attachment to the body, the attachment to the Atma is decreasing. Therefore, nowadays man is increasing desires. But he is not trying for the inner path (Nivritti path) at all. Therefore, man has to gradually increase the quality of Atma in his life. That is our true life.

All the wealth that is earned may come and it may go. The body that is developed may grow or perish. Only bliss will never decrease. That only is eternal bliss, supreme bliss, bliss of Yoga, the transcendental bliss, Non-dual bliss, supreme happiness, the form of wisdom, beyond dualities, expansive as the sky, the One, eternal, steady, the Witness of all, beyond feelings, beyond the three qualities (Satwa, Rajas and Tamo). (Sanskrit sloka)

Children Are Pure

Embodiments of Love!

Truly, if Divinity is recognised, this whole world will seem like a scene in a dream. Dakshinamurthy also taught like this. The whole world is like a mirror. In it so many different pictures can be seen. The mirror is one. Nowadays elders are forgetting pure feelings like these. Even mothers and fathers are unable to teach correctly. Gurus (teachers) are even less able to teach. Therefore, what fault is it of small children?

Small children have very pure hearts: attributeless, spotless, eternal. (Sanskrit sloka) Children like that, who have such sacred hearts, they put them on impure paths and develop desires in them for impermanent, untrue things. They are making their whole life full of confusion. No, no! Unity should be taught to the children and they should be encouraged to tread a pure path, a selfless path, giving up worldly wondering. They should be taught to wish for the welfare of all: Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu. (Sanskrit sloka)

Individual and Society

We are individuals. The one who is an individual is a jeeva (living being). The form of all is God. Therefore, God is not separate. The individual is jeeva and the whole is God. Therefore, when we join with some people, there God will manifest. When there is only one tree, we cannot call it a forest. That is only one tree. If there is only one house, we cannot say it is a village. When many houses are together, it becomes a village.

If there is one man, they will not call it a society. Only when numerous people come together, they call it a society. There is no separate form for society. The collection of individuals is society. Therefore, the bliss in unity cannot be found in multiplicity. Therefore, with unity, we believe in unity, attain Divinity and God must be reached.

Therefore, why have we entered onto the spiritual path? This life has been given to transform humanness into Divinity. So, we have to change humanness into Divinity. When will humanness turn into Divinity? Only when Truth arises from within us. That is Divinity.

God is not different. Feet, eyes, head, mouth and ears pervading everywhere, God permeates the entire universe. (Sanskrit sloka) Wherever you look, He is there. There is no place at all without God. He is smaller than the atom and bigger than the biggest. (Sanskrit sloka) However, it is due to us not having broad feelings that we are not able to behold Divinity.

Chant the Gayatri


If you remember the Gayatri Mantra at these three times - at dawn, noon and dusk - your Divinity (effulgence) will spread all over the world. The essence of all religions is the Gayatri. The basis for all goals also is the Gayatri. We have to chant that kind of Gayatri correctly. We think that Gayatri can only be taught in the ordinary way. This isn’t so.

Every single man has the authority to chant Gayatri Mantra. All castes also have the authority to chant the Gayatri. So, don't put the difference that one can chant it and not the other. Since ancient times, because of some wrong practices, our original traditions were forgotten.

Inhalation and Exhalation

What did God give this body for? We can see it there itself. We have to do good actions with this body. Be good, do good. We have to do good actions. That is why He gave hands. We have to also take good breath through this body. That is what Gayatri teaches. At the time of inhalation, we have to inhale sacred life-breath.

We have to exhale the bad air from within us. Therefore, all that we have to take in today is sacred air. The thing that we have to get rid of is the impure air. When we inhale 'SO', with this 'SO' we are taking pure air. When we exhale 'HUM,' we are exhaling the impure air. Oxygen has to go inside. Carbon dioxide has to be sent out. Our life is for that. Then this body will be healthy. We have to eat good, tasty fruits and food. We have to excrete the bad foods. In God's creation, He has made such rules. No one at all is trying to recognise these rules. 'Oh man! Take pure things. Excrete that which is impure. Take good and excrete bad things. See good. Do not see evil.’ In this way also, we are forgetting that which God has given.


See no evil. See what is good.

Hear no evil. Hear what is good.

Talk no evil. Talk what is good.

Do not evil. Do what is good.

Think no evil. Think what is good.

This is the way to God.

Nowadays we are using the mouth which has been given for bad things. Nowadays also we are using the ears that were given to hear bad things. We are using the pure eyes that were given to us in impure ways. We should not see bad things. See only good. God has given everything to be put to good use.

Therefore Purandhara Das also said, Although you have eyes, you have become blind. You are not able to see God. What is the use of eyes if you cannot see Swami? What is the use of eyes and eyesight? (Kannada song) What has God given the eyes for? 'Why do you want to have eyes? What is the use of eyes that do not see God? (Kannada song) We should see pure things with the eyes that were given to us.

Today those types of feelings are zero in adults and in children also. Therefore from today onwards, these small children should develop pure sight. God is in everything. There is no bad and good. There is no sin and merit. Purandhara Das also said it. What did he say?

God Protects and Punishes

You all know very well. God is one who protects the devotees. God is one who punishes the devotees. See Krishna. He punished Kamsa and Shishupala. He protected His father. In every single thing, He is punishing the bad and He is protecting the good. In this same way, Rama punished Ravana. He protected Vibheeshana. It was Rama who protected Vibheeshana. It was Rama who punished Ravana.

Therefore, to protect and to punish is in one God. We are unable to enquire into this sacred nature of Divinity. Therefore, God is one who protects and who punishes. One who is equal-minded in both is God. Therefore it is said, 'Sahanaavavatu, Sahanau Bhunaktu.' This sahana (tolerance) is essential for man.

Five Faces of Gayatri

The form of Gayatri is in every heart. She has five faces. Why are there five faces? You have seen her. Only in the middle, there is a blue-coloured face. What is the reason? There are five faces. Bhur-Bhuvaha-Svahah: these three together are one face. 'Tat' is the second face. 'Savitur Varenyam' is the third. 'Bhargo Devasya Dheemahe' is the fourth one. 'Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat' is the fifth one.

Therefore, because this Mantra is divided into five parts, they say that Gayatri is 'Pancha Mukha Swarupini', the form with five faces. It means that she is not only seeing the four worlds. Gayatri is one who also sees the ‘udhyo’, upper realms also. Therefore, in Gayatri there is prayer, there is meditation, there is desire.

Therefore, the prayer is: 'Bhur, Bhuvaha, Svahah.' The meditation is: 'Tat Savitur Varenyam.' 'Bhargo Devasya Dheemahe': They pray, "Remove the darkness of ignorance in me." 'Dheeyo Yo Nah Prachodayat': It is prayed, "Mother, give me good buddhi (intelligence, thoughts, mind)." Therefore, devotion, Jnana and vairagya (dispassion) are in the one name of Gayatri. Therefore, we don't need to think of anything else at all.

Study Well

Students should always keep on studying, remembering this Gayatri Mantra. It won't put any obstacles in study. It won't give obstacles in anything. Gayatri will not obstruct you in any way. Gayatri is that which is the inner conscience. Therefore, today you have to install Gayatri in your heart. It has the power relating to the inner conscience. The day that you install this Gayatri Mantra in your heart, your Divinity, radiance, and intelligence will increase.

Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat. 'Dhi' means develop intelligence. In ancient times, it is said that one should be given initiation into Gayatri Mantra at the age of eight years. But, due to some adverse situations, due to the changes in Nature, nowadays that custom has been forgotten.

Even if we start to chant this Gayatri Mantra now, our intelligence will shine brilliantly. Even things that were forgotten will come to memory. All that is studied will stay in the head. Therefore, that which gives this pure Jnana is Gayatri. Therefore, Gayatri is not an ordinary form. Satyavan who had died, escaped death due to this Truth of his wife, Savitri.

Therefore, Truth, Dharma, Peace and Love are the form of Gayatri. They only are the five faces of Gayatri: Truth, Dharma, Peace, Love, Non-violence. Therefore, we have to keep always a pure quality like this in our heart. We should not do harm to anyone. We should not hurt anyone. We should not think bad of anyone. Think good.

Based on this only, Vyasa gave the essence of the 18 Puranas in two sentences: Help ever. Hurt never. These two are enough for us. As far as possible, help people. However, don't do bad. If we have these two in our heart, there is no greater sanctification than this.

They say ‘Moksha’, liberation. Moksha, Moksha, Moksha. What is this Moksha? Do they keep Moksha tied up in any special place? No, no! The destruction (kshaya) of ‘moha’ (infatuation, attachment) is Moksha. This ‘moha’ has to be removed. ‘Moha’ or attachment towards God has to be developed.

The Four Aims of Life

The ancients have put four aims of life: Dharma (righteousness), Artha (wealth), Kama (desire) and Moksha (liberation). There are these four. We have to change these four into two. The two, Dharma and Artha, have to be made into one. It means, we have to earn this Artha through Dharma. The two, Kama and Moksha, have to be made one. What should we desire? Not worldly desires. We should desire Moksha. Therefore, we earn this wealth through Dharma and with Love, we have to desire Moksha. These two form the meaning of the four: Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. With these we can transform our life in so many ways. Each person describes it in his own way.

Embodiments of Love!

That which we should aspire and desire is Love only. Love is God. God is love. Love is God. Live in Love. Without Love it is not possible for man to live even for a minute. Therefore, we have to make Love arise within us. With this Love, we will pray to Gayatri. Out of all the names, Gayatri is very high.


Bhagavan closed His Divine Discourse by chanting the Bhajan, "Prema Mudhita Mana Se Kaho…".