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The following discourse has been translated into English from Bhagavan's Telugu speech as heard on this festival's ashram audiocassette. It is a complete, literal translation made with the objective of preserving Bhagavan's precious original poetic style as much as possible.






Divine Discourse by

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba




Na Punyam, Na Paapam

Na Sukham, Na Dukham.

Na Manthro, Na Japam, Daana, Yajna,

Aham Bhojyam, Na Bhojyam, Na Sukha,

Sivananda Rupam,

Sivoham, Sivoham, Sivoham


I am not merit; I am not sin.

I am not happiness; I am not sorrow.

I am not manthra, not japa, charity, yajna.

I am the enjoyer of the food; I am not the enjoyer of the food, 

I am not happiness (physical comforts).

I am the blissful form of Siva.

I am Siva, I am Siva, I am Siva.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


    Embodiments of Love!

In this world, there is no merit or sin, happiness or sorrow. "Na Manthram…" Whether manthra (mystically powerful formulae recited for spiritual upliftment), yajna (fire sacrifice) or yaga (sacrificial rites), all of these are only illusions. There is only God, who is pervading everywhere. All of you also are the embodiments of the Divine.

Dharma - Sathya, Sathya - Dharma: It is true humanness for us to recognize the oneness of these two. In order to spread this Truth physically throughout the world, Truth is said to be Neethi (morality). Dharma only is said to be Reethi (the procedure). Thyaaga is said to be Kyaathi (reputation). Neethi, Reethi, Kyaathi - the unity of these three is the Jaathi of man (human race or humankind). However, unfortunately, in the physical world today, these three - Neethi, Reethi and Kyaathi - cannot be seen.


Buddha’s Way to Liberation

In ancient times, the individual who was known by the name Siddharthi, Gauthama Buddha, undertook numerous sadhanas (paths of spiritual discipline) to understand his form of Truth in order to achieve Nirvana (liberation). He also recited many Vedic mantras. He also had darshan (the direct seeing of a holy person, which brings his grace and blessings to the viewer) of all the elders in the world then. He also took part in all sadhanas. At last he recognized the Truth that, "These are not correct sadhanas at all."

He had faith that even the five life-breaths gifted by God were the Almighty. Shabda (sound), sparsha (touch), rupa (form), rasa (taste), and gandha (smell): these are the five aspects that the senses have. He understood that to put these five senses on the sacred path and experience them is liberation.

He realized that japa, meditation, yoga, and yajna, all of these also were only physical actions. These sadhanas are necessary only to the one with attachment to the body. None of these sadhanas are necessary to the individual with Atma abhimana (attachment to the Atma).


Samyak Drishti: Pure Vision

So he said that samyak drishti (pure vision), samyak vaak (purity in speech), samyak sravanam (pure hearing or listening), samyak mananam (pure remembrance), samyak kriya (purity in deeds), to experience these five actions on the right path, in the right way without blemish, only is the true liberation.

Why shouldn’t these eyes, which God has gifted, be put on the sacred path? Putting these eyes on a path of blemish, man is increasing such blemishes. He is polluting the nature of the mind. When the mind is polluted, then in what way will he be able to attain liberation? Therefore, first and foremost, samyak drishti - we have to develop good sight. In this sight, it has to be seen that no faults at all enter.


See no evil.

See what is good.


All suffering is coming due to the wrong development of this sight. It is polluting humankind. Terrible sins come about due to this sight. He said that to put it on the right path and to experience it thus is the proper liberation.

There is no a single sadhana that Buddha did not do. He did all sadhanas. He renounced everything. He developed intimate association with everything. In order to realize oneness, he experienced the Divine in diversity. At last, he renounced everything. Due to this thyaaga (sacrifice, renunciation, detachment) only, the good path could be seen by him. This only is stated in the Vedas,


Na Karmana, Na Prajaya, Dhanena,

Thyaaga Neki,

Amritava Manassu


Not by action, not by position or wealth,

Thyaaga (renunciation or sacrifice) alone

confers Immortality.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


This nature of Immortality is the true liberation. So to gain such liberation, one has to follow the right path. The first and foremost practice to follow is samyak drishti. God has given these eyes so that they will be put on the right path, see the right type of people, and teach the Truth. Whatever is seen, see it as equal to God. This vision should be full of Love. This Love-filled sight only is teaching the right type of path for man. He said:


All are one.

Be alike to everyone.


Therefore, we have to develop samyak drishti. Due to this, we will attain Oneness. It makes one realize the Divinity that is in all. Based on this only, in the Vedas it is declared:


Ekam Sat Vipra Bahuda Vadanti.


God is one, but wise men call Him by different names.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


Hence, realizing this Truth, we have to see this world with the sight of Truth. Therefore, our sight has to be sacred. This sight sees the father and calls him "Father". Seeing his child, he calls her "Daughter". In the way in which these bodies are different, so different relationships are developed. Who is father? Who is daughter? It is said:


Matha Nasthi, Pitha Nasthi,

Nasthi Bandhu Sahodaraha,

Artham Nasthi, Griham Nasthi,

Thasmath Jagrata, Jagrata!


Mother unlasting, Father unlasting,

Relatives unlasting, friends also;

Wealth unlasting, Home unlasting,

First, beware, beware!

(Sanskrit Sloka)


Unity in Diversity

All are one. All are embodiments of the Divine. Therefore, if we want to make the journey to Oneness, this diversity has to be renounced. This is what the Vedas declares: The real nature of Self is the unity in diversity.

What is unity in this diversity? There is one Atma only. What is it that is the same in all these numerous bulbs? There is the same current (electricity). In that same way, Atma darshan (vision of the Self) is the unity in diversity. 'My Atma, your Atma, his Atma, that one’s Atma', don’t give any chance at all for these differences.

Because of destroying this unity, humankind is immersed in ignorance. To make diversity into unity is the true nature of man. To make unity into diversity only is the perverted path of man. Therefore, we should not enter onto the path of diversity. We have to practice seeing unity: samyak drishti. The first and foremost thing that Buddha taught was samyak drishti. Afterwards was samyak vaak.


Samyak Vaak: Good Words

Words should be one quality only. They should not be agitated. They should not be untrue. They should not be unjust. They should not be improper. They should not be violent. It is said:


Words that are not agitating

Should be true, beneficial, and pleasing.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


Our words should be beneficial, pleasing, and without agitation.


You cannot always oblige,

but you can speak always obligingly.


Therefore, he said to develop samyak vaak. There is no other Divinity higher than sacred words. This vaak only is Sabdha Brahman (God in the form of sound). So,


Shabda Brahma Mayi, Charaachara Mayi,

Jyotir Mayi, Vaak Mayi, Nityananda Mayi,

Paraat Para Mayi,

Maaya Mayi, Sri Mayi.


Sound is Brahma,

Everything mobile and immobile,

Light, Speech,

Eternal Bliss, the Almighty,

Illusive, auspiciousness.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


God is the embodiment of the (above) eight forms of wealth.

It should be seen that the word given should not be changed under any circumstance. It has to be seen that agitation doesn’t come. It should be seen that harsh words are not spoken. This only is sadhana: for us to make the right type of effort to learn these correct ways of speaking.

When all is seen as One, there will be no chance at all for this agitation to come. When one’s reflection is seen in all mirrors, why should he get angry at his reflection in one mirror? All bodies are like mirrors. Yet in all these mirrors, you are seeing your reflection. Therefore, you have to talk with love to that reflection.

There is no other God beyond (higher than) Love. When the heart is filled with Love, only words of Love will come from that heart. From that heart only come loving looks. From that Love, only loving listening will come. From that Love, only thoughts of Love will come. From that Love, you will do only acts of Love. Because you do not know the way to fill it with Love, you are filling it with numerous other qualities and you are setting fire to humanness.


Love and Thyaaga

If you want to gain God's Grace, there is a small example for this: You have physically gone to a lot of trouble and earned money. You have deposited this money in a bank. That money is yours only. You have deposited it in a bank for safety.

That bank manager has made a few regulations. You may think, ‘It is the money I deposited. This money is mine, isn't it!’ But you don’t have the authority to ask, "Sir! Give me my money." What will that manager say? He will say, "Sir! You bring a check and come. You sign that check and come. Then I will give your money."

Your check only is thyaaga. Your Love only is the signature. If you give this to the manager, he will give your money back to you. Therefore, the money of merit only is the money you have deposited with the Chairman, God. So you bring the check of thyaaga. On that check of thyaaga, put the signature of Love. You give that to the Chairman, God. He will give your money to you.

This is the right type of path to follow in order to get your money. This only is the right type of path to attain Grace. This only is the path to attain sanctity. This only is the path to reach liberation.

You must try to earn and attain the quality of Love with thyaaga. Even though Divinity is the embodiment of thyaaga, even though the wealth is yours, there are also a few paths to help attain it. That only is the right kind of path that has to be followed. Your words should be proper.

You have made a deposit in a bank. If you give a check to another bank, there is no authority at all to get it from there. Recognize the Truth that Divinity is One. We have to gain it from that bank where we deposited it. These banks have all different names. In banks that have numerous names, if you go and ask for money, will they give it? In whatever bank you have deposed the money, you have to give the check to that bank only.

Whatever name and form you are contemplating on and having faith in as ‘my Chairman,’ you have to give the check only to Him. You have deposited a check at the Indian bank, but if you give a check to the Corporation Bank, will those at the Corporation Bank give the money?

So, you have deposited it in the Prema Bank. You have to give the check of that bank of Love only. The name of that check only is thyaaga. On that check of thyaaga, you have to put your signature of Love. What is your name? Deposit in any bank, your name is One. That only is Love, Love, Love. That is:


Love is God.

Live in Love.


If you write this name of Love on the check of thyaaga, without fail you will get it. Therefore Buddha spoke of samyak vaak. No matter how many changes happen in the heart, there should just be no changes in Love. Only this nature of Love should not be changed. With that Love and offering this thyaaga, the Grace of God may be gained by you.

What does 'wealth' mean? 'Wealth' does not mean currency notes. It means Jnana dhana (wealth of wisdom), Prema dhana (wealth of Love), Dharma dhana (wealth of Dharma), Shanthi dhana (wealth of peace). We have to gain these types of wealth. This wealth has many different kinds of names. Therefore, if we want to earn these different kinds of wealth, Love only is important to gain all this wealth.

Buddha worried a lot to himself: ‘Since so long I have been doing sadhana. What have I gained?' No result could be seen at all due to the sadhana. 'I have wasted this time. If I had recognized this waste in the very beginning, how much happiness I would have gained! I am making unsacred the qualities that God has Himself given me.’

Shabda (sound), sparsha (touch), rupa (form), rasa (taste), gandha (smell): He gave these five life-breaths to every single human being. For these life-breaths, there is no difference between the poor or the rich. These five elements are there in everyone.

Even if you use those five elements on the right path, the path of Love, Divinity will manifest to you there. For the sake of this worldly life, we are following different paths, catching hold of the wrong path, and we are using in a wrong way this prasad (gift) that God has given.

So, how much we are putting to bad use the speech! Criticizing others, accusing others, giving a kind of suffering to others due to these harsh words, we are even making the hearts of others unsacred. Therefore, you have to use your sound (speech) with Love, softness and sweet words. Then it will become samyak vaak.

Afterwards comes samyak sravanam. God has given the ears. For what use are they? Are they to listen to many different types of words? No, no! These are like loudspeakers. The Atma Thathwam that is talking within, that only should come through these loudspeakers. The reflection of the Atma should enter into this sound. We should hear the vibration of the Atma through these ears. For that reason these 'loudspeakers' (ears) have been given. Therefore, we have to see that sound is not made unsacred.

The ultimate reality is the nature of the Atma, which is inside. Atma is the same in all. There are no separate differences. The Atma in you is also the same. It doesn’t have any qualities at all. Atma is Atma Swarupa (form of Atma) only. We have to fill an Atma like this with Love.

This is a tumbler. There is nothing at all in this tumbler. However, if water is poured into it, water will remain. If syrup is poured, syrup will remain. If milk is poured, milk will remain. If buttermilk is poured, buttermilk will remain. Accordingly, whatever we pour into it, that tumbler will become full of that liquid.

So your heart is a tumbler. You should fill that heart with Love. Fill it with thyaaga. Fill it with Truth. Fill it with peace. Then you don’t need to desire peace separately. Your peace will arise out of you only. Your Love will arise out of you only. Therefore, every single thing is that which comes from within. Nothing comes from outside. Everything is a:


Reflection of the inner being.


The nature that is within you is always sacred. You are polluting your own true nature by following Prakrithi (the world) and the feelings of it. Therefore, you only are the one who is polluting it. But that is always pure - pure, steady, and unselfish. Why are you ruining such a sacred heart? What is the main reason for it to be spoiled?

The main reason is the absence of samyak drishti, the absence of samyak vaak, and the absence of samyak sravanam. Therefore, only when these five elements and also the five principles are changed in a sacred way, you will obtain samyak drishti.

The heart is the main cause for everything. Hrth + daya is Hridaya. Heart is always that with daya (compassion). That compassion only is Love. It is said that Love only is compassion. Therefore, it is only one Love that has so many names.


Eka Prabhu Ka Aneka Naam


One God has numerous names.

(Hindi bhajan)


The name of ‘Love’ was given. The name was given and it is being called ‘Truth'. Playing with Love as Dharma, we are experiencing peace with that Love. You are living with thyaaga. All of these are names of the one Atma. Therefore, you should try to experience the unity in diversity.

At last, after attaining unity, Buddha then attained bliss. He renounced all the feelings of these senses. He recognized that whatever we are experiencing with the senses in this world is useless. He felt that all of these senses only led to bondage. He recognized that it was the senses that came to ruin mankind. He thought that the senses had come to destroy the sanctity in human beings. He even renounced his wife and his own son. Gradually he increased this feeling of renunciation. After everything had happened, he had renounced all this sound (even listening). He recognized the principle of the one Atma. Then he was blissful.

The son of his aunt, Ananda, saw this sight of Buddha being blissful. His name was Ananda. Ananda was always with Buddha. He was crying that Buddha was going to Nirvaana (leaving the body behind, attaining liberation). Buddha called Ananda close. "Ananda! You have been born to experience ananda (bliss). Put the senses that God has given on the right path! Then you will be able to experience this ananda. You will be able to share this ananda with others."


Nithyanandam, Parama Sukhadam,

Kevalam Jnana Murtim.

Dvanda Teetam, Gagana Sadrishyam,

Tatvamya Sya Dhi Lakshyam,

Ekam, Nityam, Vimalam Achalam,

Sarva Dhi Saakshi Bhutam.


Eternal bliss, supreme happiness,

the form of wisdom,

beyond duality, expansive as the sky,

the ultimate goal,

the one, the everlasting,

the pure, steady, eternal Witness.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


So, you are struggling to experience such an ananda with these senses. You are also experiencing the happiness that dogs, foxes, and monkeys experience. Then why should you be born as a man? It would have been good if you were also born as a monkey, isn't it? Monkeys are also experiencing all that which you are experiencing. You are not monkey! You are 'mankind'. You have to be the one with kindness. You should be one with Love. You are not the one who was born to experience all this happiness that is broken in a moment.

As soon as every life-form is born, it cries, "Kyuu!" Why did he cry? "Oh! I have been again born in this world! I am becoming distant from ananda! I am becoming separate from Atma!" He comes in crying. The human being who comes in crying, if he dies crying, what is the use of being a human being? What is the use of human life?

So, you have to recognize the purpose of life. "I was born crying. I live crying. Finally, when I die also, I go crying. What is there to be attained by this? No, no! The man who is born crying should die laughing. (Applause) Therefore, you have to put yourself on that right path.

When will you die laughing? Only when you keep the senses on the right path, you will leave life smiling. Therefore, you should die laughing. What is death? It is merely changing the dress:


Death is the dress of life.


All this life is like a dress. As in life, you have put on this dress of the body. However, after you go (leave this body), another dress will come. Therefore, death does not mean to die. It only is Nirvaana. Every single person is wishing and wanting liberation. However, how much effort we have to make for that liberation!

So, we have deposited with God the merit we have attained from numerous births. That is saved with God. God also keeps giving interest on it. Therefore, when we get that interest, how should we get it? Take the check and go sign it. Then it has to be given to that Bank Manager, God. He only will give that checkbook. That check only is thyaaga.

This check of thyaaga is with all of us. However, if the signature of Love is not given on the check of thyaaga, what is the use of giving the check? Love and thyaaga are very necessary for every man. Only when both these, Love and thyaaga, are one, the result that we have to get will be gained happily by us.

God is having us experience so much. He is giving so many different types of results. He is giving so much Love. However, unfortunate ones are unable to receive this. What is the reason for this? The Sankalpa (Divine Will or Grace) of God is different and the sankalpa (intention or resolve) of the one receiving is different. Therefore, this becomes the main reason for them being unable to receive it.

God is full of compassion. He is the embodiment of Love, the ocean of mercy. When it is like this, why are you losing that which God gives? You are full of worldly feelings. You are full of worldly worries. The day that you desire to attain sanctity, that day your unsacredness has to be made distant.


Anything can be put in the head

which does not have anything.

When it is full of something or the other,

will the head become empty?

When the head is not empty,

how can it be filled with spiritual joy?

(Telugu poem)


You have filled the head with something or other. How can you keep that which God has given, the sweetness of Love, in it? Pour that other out! Renounce that! Fill it with this Love. The yoga of this thyaaga is such a great yoga. Yoga, yoga, yoga: "We are doing yoga." What yoga are you doing? You are doing picchi (Telugu for 'crazy') yoga. You are doing meaningless yoga. You are entering onto paths that obtain the wrong (distorted) results.


Yogaha Chittavritti Nirodakaha


To destroy the tendencies of the mind is yoga.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


To control the tendencies of the mind is the true yoga. Without doing that, if you are doing physical (hatha) yoga, that is a big roga (disease). Today everyone, with the name of yoga, is getting roga. You should develop the nature of your mind with qualities of Love. Only when the mind is made pure, man will become pure.


Yat Bhavam Tat Bhavathi


As the feeling, so it becomes.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


Therefore, you keep your feelings sacred. Then you will gain only sacred things. So, what is the proper type of sadhana to make the heart sacred? It is not meditation, not japa, not yoga. What is the use? If one sits and closes the nose, is it yoga for you? Good feelings have to be inhaled in this nose. That only is your praana (vibration or breath of life).

Praana has to be put on the right path. Don’t breath in carbon dioxide. Inhale oxygen. Oxygen maintains your lungs and your life in the right way. However, you are not inhaling oxygen. Oxygen comes from your heart. Carbon dioxide comes from the head. All crazy nonsense comes from this head. All of these mental things are winds of poison. Make even those winds of poison stop, and bring the air of nectar from the heart.

God's touch (sparsa), God's conversation (sambhashan) and God's darshan cannot be estimated. You are seeing people. However, who are those people? They are all embodiments of God! You should think with that feeling. Then only your sight will become pure. Therefore, all that is seen is sacred. All is God. Yet even when seeing the world, you are thinking, "I am not seeing God."

God has no one specific form or place. All forms are His. All names are His. So God, the Witness of all, is in all forms. Only when you keep that feeling, you will attain that right sort of procedure.

Taking a picture of Vishnu or taking a picture of Krishna, all of which are painted by Ravi Varma, does it make God come and take the form of these paintings? These are all only painted pictures. God has no form at all. Easwara (God) is the embodiment of all forms.


Easwara Sarva Bhutanam.


God is in all living creatures.


Isavaasyam Idam Sarvam.


All is pervaded by God.


Sarvam Kalavidam Brahma.


All is Divine.


(Sanskrit Slokas)


Wherever you look, you see God only. Feel that your son is Divine. Feel that your mother is Divine. Feel that your father is Divine. Feel that your wife is Divine. This is the right sort of best path.

"She is my wife." After you tied the Mangala Sutra (the Hindu marriage necklace) on her, she is your wife. But before that, who was she? For another woman, you say, "She is my mother." After she gave birth to you, she is your mother. But before that, who was she? These relationships are all passing clouds only, which have met in the middle.


Passing clouds come and go, come and go.

But morality comes and grows.


Therefore, with this control of senses, we can attain anything. Based on this only, Patanjali declared:


Yogaha Chittavritti Nirodakaha


To destroy the tendencies of the mind is yoga.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


Today man has become so weak. Man who is Divine has become weak. For every single little thing, anger comes. For every small thing, sorrow comes. When all of these weaknesses are here, then how will you be able to experience the nature of God? Take everything with equanimity.

One son was born. You are happy. Then that son has gone (died), and you are sorrowful. Who is it that came and who is it that went? They are all passing clouds that have come in the middle. Therefore, due to these passing clouds, we are having imagination.

Saying, "This is marriage," we are seeing a mirage. Seeing a mirage, how long can you quench your thirst? Wherever you look, only water can be seen. Also when you go there, water continues to be seen. But when will your thirst be quenched? It cannot be quenched. This only is the result in the mirage. However, you do your duty. Do your duty. That is the true path.


Duty is God.

Work is worship.


You should feel that even your work is Divine. Consider even your duties as Divine. Think only that. But don't feel, 'This is my housework. This is my office work. This is schoolwork.’ Don’t feel this way. Because you stay there, it is a home. Because you arrive there, it is an office. Because you study there, it is a school. They have been built like that (for that purpose) but you should not express it like that. There is One that neither comes or goes.


    Embodiments of Love!

It is most important that you understand this simple path: There are only three things that man has to recognize - the first one comes and goes; the second one comes and does not go; the third one doesn’t go and doesn’t come.

Ignorance (the first one) comes and goes. However, wisdom (the second one) comes and stays. The third one, which doesn’t come and doesn’t go, is only knowledge of the Self. It is always steady. It is always eternal. This is not something that changes. Knowledge of the Self is nectarine. Without attaining knowledge of the Self like this, no matter how much knowledge of the world you study, what use is it?

Books, books, reading, reading, reading and reading, and then you are throwing them away! That which is in the books, where did it come from? It came from the mind of man. That which has come from the head, you are bringing it back into the head only!

However, knowledge of the Self is not from books or from the head. That is from the heart. So, first and foremost make an effort to control the nature of the mind. This mind is very crazy. Crazy! It is all a combination of thoughts. Due to these thoughts, we are polluting the feelings of the mind. Make the mind sacred. Desire that which you should desire. You have hunger. That which you should desire is food only. Eat the food and the hunger will be appeased.

However, man wants liberation. What is this liberation? It is not a specially built air-conditioned village. It isn't that, it isn't! Mukthi (liberation) means - to become a mukta (released, fulfilled) is to have mukthi. Hunger is a way to mukthi. After eating, liberation from hunger comes. These are all worldly mukthis. A disease came. It has been cured by taking the medicine. That is liberation to health.

However, mind should have mukthi. What is there to that mind? To make steady that which is restless is mukthi. This is liberation to the mind. However, all of these are worldly (or physical) mukthis. What is the true Mukthi? That which doesn’t come and doesn’t go - to recognize the nature of the Self only is the true liberation. The Atma in all is One.


Eka Atma Sarva Bhoota Antara Atma


The One Atma is the Indwelling Atma in all.

(Sanskrit Sloka)


Buddha did so many different kinds of sadhanas to know feelings like this. He called this liberation. What is this liberation? It means, there are three natures in man. Having these three, that only is the true liberation: first and foremost, morality in society; then fear of sin; and finally Love of God. The nature of these three is the true liberation.

There should be fear of sin. Seeing Love, there should be joy. One should mix and mingle, seeing society. That is the true liberation. Therefore, we should not be near to sin at all. God's sannidhi (proximity), that is the true pennidhi (wealth).

However, foolish man is not understanding God in the right way. They are feeling something like this: ‘If meditation is done, God will manifest.’ There is nothing at all in meditation. Our life only is a way of life. That is the true meditation. You walk along a path. If you don’t have your sight on the path, there will be an accident. You are driving. Only when you drive on the proper road, that will bring welfare for you. Or else, an accident will happen there.

Therefore, in every single thing also, our whole life is meditation only. In every single thing, concentration is necessary. If there is concentration, does it become meditation? No, no! This is concentration only. However, it is not true meditation. One must go beyond concentration. Then only it is the true meditation. It means feelings in the mind should become steady. It should be seen that no thoughts at all come. That only is the true meditation.

At one time, all the Gopikas were following this path only. Concentration on Krishna was their one path, with one-pointed sight. A new daughter-in-law came to that village. Poor thing! That new daughter-in-law came, wanting to go to Yasodha’s house to light her lamp and then return.

"Krishna was born (brought up) in Yasodha’s house. If I light a lamp in Krishna’s house, my house also will become a family of Krishna. That sanctity will also enter into me." Thinking that, she went with the lamp and she was lighting that lamp. That lamp was shining. She was seeing Krishna in that light. Seeing Krishna, she also forgot her hand. Then her whole hand was burning. That Gopika was standing unaware, without removing her hand from the flame.

Noticing the smell, Yasodha came running. "What is this? Your hand is burning! Why have you remained motionless?" Saying that, she took her hand out of the light and she sent her out. Yasodha came and told the Gopikas who were outside, "What is this? Is she a crazy lady or what? One who has come to light the lamp, even when her hand is burning, she has no awareness? What is this, Suguna? Why did you stand like that?" "Mother! Krishna could be seen in that lamp. How could I leave it and come?" So many Gopikas rose up, singing:


He was seen by Suguna, she said!

Our Suguna saw him, she said!

In Nanda’s house, Gopala, she said!

He was seen in the light, she said!

He was seen by our Suguna, she said!

(Telugu song)



He was seen by Suguna. In Nanda’s house, she said this. Where was He seen? He was seen in the light. What does it mean? In concentration, God can be seen everywhere!

So, our qualities should be sacred. Our actions should be sacred. Our sight should be sacred. Our speech should be sacred. When one lives in that way, he only will transform into the Divine. There is no need to search for God. God only will come and search for you.

Annie Besant wrote this in her writings: "It is said that people in the country of Bharath are searching for God. What is this craziness? Man going and searching for God? No, no! God only is coming, searching for good men!"

God is searching to see where there is a good man. One who is deserving of God's Love is a good man. That good man only is a God man. When he is not a good man, he is a bad man. Therefore, you should not become a bad man. You should be a good man. You should be a God man. Then only you truly become sanctified by taking a human form.

    Embodiments of Love!

The Love that is in all of you is sacred only. However, due to these illusions in the middle, you are polluting it. Due to that, our value is decreasing. I will tell you a small example for this and then finish.

You have a gold chain. It is pure gold. When it is pure gold, it is shining. Its value is appropriate to the weight of this gold. If some copper is mixed in with this gold, the purity will be reduced. Not only has the purity gone down, but its value has also decreased. Then you have mixed some brass into it. Due to this brass and silver being mixed into it, its shine has gone down even more. After that, you have added even more copper. Its shine has reduced still more. Finally, the value of gold itself has been lost.

Similarly, man is like pure gold. He is mixing in this copper of desires. Therefore, the shine has decreased in this 'gold' of man. The value of human life is also going down. He is again mixing brass into that. Due to mixing in this brass, the value of gold has completely gone. Because of that, even the shine has gone down. Today, what is the reason for man losing his value? He is mixing in all unnecessary things. Therefore, the value that should be here for man is not there.

Truth is a human value. Dharma is a human value. Peace is a human value. When you have these human values, you will have radiance. No matter what place you go, they will respect you. Every single man will esteem and honor you.


    Embodiments of Love!

Don’t pollute this sacred mind. Human life has been gained as the result of so many births. This human life is so very valuable. When will it be valuable? When these human values are developed, then there is value. This is the teaching that Buddha gave. But even the real Buddhists are not following this sort of thing.

Saying, 'Nirvaana, Nirvaana, Nirvaana', they are thinking that they are going to Moksha only. That is not Moksha here. The sinful nature in you has to be destroyed. Purify the heart. We have to develop morality in society. You have to develop fear of sin and love of God.


Love of God,

Fear of sin,

Morality in society.


If we develop these three, this only is liberation. Therefore, we have to earn the Love of God. Man has to have fear of sin. Animal has no distinction. What is the reason? They don’t know what sin is. Fear of sin has to come to man who knows what sin is.

Therefore, fear of sin, love of God, morality in society - the unity of these three is liberation. Thus, following the right path, first and foremost we must see that the senses are under control. Hence, now and then remembering this, we have to proceed with this spiritual charging (of our souls).

Now and then, we should meet in Sathsangha (in the good company of the godly and wise). If we join with good people, by that only we will be charged (inspired and energized). Therefore, continuing with this spiritual charging, if you do follow it, you will progress so much and you will become ideal people.


Bhagavan ended His Divine Discourse by chanting the bhajans, "Govinda Krishna Jai…" and "Vahe Guru Vahe Guru…".



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