My aim in exposing Sathya Sai Baba and his unapologetic followers and the agenda I follow

Anyone who reads a fair selection of my webpages about Sathya Sai Baba may ask why I am so concentrated on exposing his faults, lies, deceptions, failed promises and prophesies, and on bringing forth the allegations against him for widespread sexual abuses, murder complicity and cover-up. So why do I no longer – as once I did – praise him, promote his teachings or enthuse about any good works he has done? (More to the point, his followers’ works done in his name).

The simple answer is that I discovered what a huge abuse of faith he perpetrates on his followers. I was taken in until I learned despite all my hopes and wishes that he is involved in lies, crime and major deception. Therefore I cannot recommend his in ANY way, whatever else he may have done, good or indifferent. Moreover, I have a duty to make known what I have learned that only few others who dare speak out know to be true, to protect the vulnerable and provide the information for those who do not wish to fall into any of his traps, especially sexual abuse at his collegres or university, where it has been reported to me by several insiders among former students that all his staff were aware of Sathya Sai Baba having abused countless students. These boys and young men were totally powerless to do anything about it, and cannot obtain redress or any form of normal justice under the present regime in India. That is a well-recognised fact among the many decent and concerned Indians who contact us about him. Some of his current staff are his former 'form boys', who perpetuate the abuses themselves. My duty is partly also indicated by the fact that I have believed in him (mistakenly) and worked for 18 years to forward his ‘mission’, not least through writings many articles and an all too popular book ('Source of the Dream') supporting him and by leading one of his ‘spiritual centres’ for nearly two decades until I became aware of the facts, all of which has led too many persons into his clutches.

Until 2000 there were few critical articles to be found anywhere and until then his deceptions had much success… nearly all who knew about him and followed him believed his assurances that he is a pure, ever-truthful, faultless, self-sacrificing and not least celibate person. Unfortunately, none of these claims hold water any longer. His image is rightfully now seriously flawed. I applaud this because his negative and untruthful activities and words have been undiscovered and/or overlooked for so long. My task is therefore to demonstrate his untold lies and abuses to the exclusion of anything that can be said in his favour. As to who Sai Baba is, enough is already indicated in these web pages to answer that question more than adequately for most people.