This account sent to the exposé already in 2005, not posted here until now, is by a former Sai student who moved out of India to New York. We have confirmed the identity of the person and a prominent family member in the USA. The full names are withheld because close relatives of his were still deeply involved in the Sai Baba ashram at that time and later. His account gives a unique insight into the workings of the ashram, which seems very authentic, especially as it by no means is one-sided, as is seen with the description of the security boys being trapped into a very difficult situation and being made into unwilling accomplices. It confirms (post factum) that Sathyajit was a sexual partner of Sathya Sai Baba in 2005 and was already close. This really brings home once again the atrociousness of it all.

The story of my life seemed to have changed when I first came in contact with Sai Baba at Whitefield in 1996. listening to the bhajans and watching him made me feel calm and serene. Later I decided to apply to his college and was grateful enough to get an admission to in it. Whatever I am going to write in here is what I have truly witnessed. I would also recount the experiences of my fellow friends and their names are changed for privacy. I am going to start with saying that I am no Baba basher. I feel that I got a free education in his college and I am fortunate for that. I graduated with Honours and afterwards did my Masters degree. As i was a devotee then i felt like working in swami’s ashram and stayed on for a couple more months. Later i was told by Swami that he will give me some work in the super speciality hospital. It never materialised. Then finally after waiting for two years and learning the real truth about Baba i left.

I am going to leave the part out where I became a devotee. It is similar to the experiences most people have. I was close to Baba and was in form for quite some period. I used to get a lot of interviews and was quite happy and contended. I guess that I was a sincere devotee. Being “in form” means that a person is close to swami. This person gets regular interviews, gets gifts from swami like rings and necklaces. Swami, also talks a lot to this person and identifies him immediately in a crowd. As a point of note, it does not necessary mean having sexual relations with swami. A person is swami’s ” chick” if he is sexually involved. This term (chick) was used locally, by students, during my period of stay in the ashram. Form boys also get unique privileges like sitting in the front for darshan always, can break several rules in the hostel like coming late for dinner, sleeeping late, avoiding classes, going out to the city. For others this is considered inappropriate behaviour and the concerned student may be kicked out of the college.

Then one fine day I saw a vibhuthi pellet in his hand and was quite confused. I did not understand its meaning or rather I should say its significance as in his ashram we try to analyze the mystery behind swami’s words and actions. I was intrigued and debated over this issue. Others as usual made up some stories but I was determined to know what’s going on. Later I got to sit in the bhajan hall where the tabla player sits and this moment defined my approach towards swami. After the interview swami comes out and stands next to the pillar, and then he goes in. Luckily the interview door room is half open and I could see him going to the window. Then he picks up an envelope and takes out a vibhuti ball from it. (Swami usually keeps crisp 500 rupee notes in the envelopes. It was the first time that i saw vibhuti in them.) He then realizes that the door is open and looks straight at me, then winks and comes out to give that vibhuti pellet to Dr.Goldstein by crushing it.

Later during darshans I have seen him do this act several times and I have seen him carrying watches in Trayee, rings in kodai etc. Now I knew where it came from but I did not know the source. So I asked my buddies who lived inside the ashram and also in charge of security for swami about it. They said that baba has a small vibhuti pellet making machine. Also he gets his rings and fake jewelry from Kharwad in karnataka and Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh.

When Shyam – WHO I KNEW – was in Kodai, he told me a very interesting incident. It was during darshan and he was inside the house doing some work in the kitchen. The rest of the boys and guests have gone for walks. He was cleaning up some cabinets downstairs with Dileep when he found a big box. He wanted to open it but Dileep stopped him and told him not to do so. Reason was that it is swami’s and no person should touch it. Later dileep went out on an errand and shyam got a perfect opportunity to peek inside the box. He was shocked to see all kinds of diamond rings- 3d’s,9d’s and 1d’s where d stands for a piece of diamond stone on the ring. Then during the rest of the trip he saw swami materializing the very same brooches, rings, necklaces and what not. He was personally devastated. Even more so, when swami gave him an interview and when they were alone Swami unzipped his pants and squeezed his penis. He asked shyam how he felt and was the sensation pleasant?.

Swami, in my personal opinion is a homosexual being. There are several reasons for that:
1) He molests only boys and no girl so far has reported about a molestation experience.
2) He spends most of the time with men and never with women.
3) The men around him are all homosexuals- at least in varying degrees. I do not think that I need to give out names here.
4) He loves fondling young boys. 6-24 is the age group he chooses. He likes tall, slim, fair, handsome, girlish boys a lot.
5) I have repeatedly heard him say to his favorite boys that marriage is bad and swami goes away from a boy’s life when he marries.
Most of the homosexual students had come from primary school. It was a common (well known) belief among students that these guys had been (were) molested by swami while very young and also by male school teachers. Also the fact that such students when progressing from primary school (till 6th Grade) to high school (7-12th grade) were bold and lived an active sexual life.

This was the cause of major concern to both wardens in the hostels. I was personally told (by Shiv Shankar Sai) about such happenings – that school and college boys mixed and had regular sex). I was in my final year of masters then. How do (can) ten year old boys learn to have sex with other boys? Sai Baba had a direct influence on controlling the sexual orientation of these kids. These kids are meeting him since grade three and that’s 6 years of age.

One of my friends had this sexual experience with swami and then new never told any one about it. He got interviews many time and I used to wonder why is he so confused and flabbergasted every time he stepped out after the interview. I also saw him reluctant to come any more for darshan. He was afraid to sit in the front of the verandah. He started hiding a lot. So I began to suspect that something is going on and one day I confronted him. I clearly asked him if swami is molesting him. He beat around the bush for a while and then later realized that it is better to share the experience with someone else as it relieves some pain. He told me that swami used to rush towards him in the interview room and hug him and kiss him longingly in the mouth. Baba has the nasty habit of not only kissing but also sucking the lips of the victim. Then swami had oral sex and during this time would say “This is oneness with god, this is union with god”. My friend is like a girl in a lot of aspects like talking walking and speaking thus attracting “divine” attention. I also knew a wonderful human being called C. and he used to be a mandir boy. What it means is this guy slept in swami’s room. His life was a miserable and painful one. He had a porn star kind of a life with swami and he was so fed up with it that he nearly lost sanity. He finally found some caring woman and fled puttaparthy. Such is the situation with swami’s chosen boys. As for me, I never had a sexual experience with Swami but I believe my friends and trust them.

There is something I wish to clear, swami’s college has 300 odd students in each campus and it is portrayed that all these students are homosexuals and immoral. I sincerely believe that these men and women are of a very good nature. I trust them to do well socially. However, there are a few perverts there. Some form boys molest other students and some of these students are teachers now still molesting other pupils. Here the most perverted teacher is Ravi kumar of Whitefield College. I have personally seen him escorting boys to his room and molesting them later.

Apart from these experiences the most profound one I had was during shivaratri 2002. Here for the first time I saw swami bringing the lingam tucked under his robe. Later he switched it into a kerchief and the rest of the story is well known to all of you.

I know and still do the boys who were and still are in charge of security. They are all victims of rape and abuse. These guys and the rest of the crowd cannot flee as their parents would not believe them. Swami ensures that not only the student but also the family comes to the ashram for a permanent stay. So these guys are stuck there for ever and suffering quietly.

Students involved in security are of two kinds:

1) Two or three students are picked up by swami and asked to follow him while giving darshans. These guys have no knowledge of whats happening in the ashram. They come and do the job.
2) Others like Dileep, Satyajit and Prusthi are of a different kind. They know all that’s going on inside swami’s room,central trust and in the interviews. These guys know of swamis needs and fullfills them out of fear. These guys started out as devotees. Their parents were devotees too. Then they applied to the college and became students and form boys. Their parents got interviews and swami asked them to settle down in the ashram. Then they were given (these) jobs. The boys on the other hand got jobs too and everyone fell into a trap. Now the boys have to do whatever swami/ trustees tell them too. Like hiding lingams in the big hand kercheifs. These boys are torn between loyalty to swami and also feel betrayed by him. They fear for their family name as banishment from ashram means social shame. They are afraid that their parents would be treated badly if they did not behave well. It is very complex situation. Then the last hope they have, that of youth fades away. Now these boys are old and have lost all hope of leaving the ashram. At their age who will give them jobs? Hope gone, hope which actually never existed. Now they will do as told.

This is the way ashram authorities and swami break peoples heart and hopes.

Another notable person is Dr. K. Anil Kumar who is the official translator of swami. (I came to know him and we were good friends.) He (told me) said that he has to exaggerate a lot about the deeds of swami because he is told to do so. He is scared to lose his position and fame if he does not do these things. The famous water project catered only for 120 villages but he told everybody that 720 villages were given water. He told me this during the grama seva a few years back.(is this secure to say?)

Also, what happened to the money involved for the water project or the Super specialty hospital? Some of my friends in the Central Trust told me that Bangalore Srinivas and others in the trust like Janaki Ramaiiah swindled sizeable portions of it. One of them even heard srinivas asking a Larsen & Tubro person that ONLY if Srinivas is given 10000 shares of the company would he give them this project. (Village for destitute children). L and T refused, but their competitor Nagarjuna builders paid up and the project was theirs to take.
One of the boys knowing about the Central trust told me that building the Super speciality hospital in Puttaparthy was a scam too. About 100 crores were given to the Trust and the trust utilised only 40 crores. Guess what happened to the rest? It is believed that Srinivas, Janakiramaiiah and others took it.

Some of the experiences I share today only reflect the nature of society we live in and are part of. The story of swami being a fraud will never probably come to be accepted as people want to believe in something or they feel lost. Many times I have seen Baba falter but 99.99% of the people do not notice it or if they do, say simply, it is god’s will.

Only when we think and question can we improve. But in the ashram we were not allowed to think but to surrender.

I would end by saying that life goes on and with time everything will heal. Just love whatever you have because you are a unique individual and have a lot to offer to the people around you and the world at large. So let us all live in love and respect each other and make good use of the time which has been given to us.

Bye, SRI
(Note: this was the cover name used by Kamesh originally)
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