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Note: The young man Hans de Kraker's long and detailed testimonial, which rings entirely true, can be read here

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From: Hans de Kraker To: Robert Priddy Sent: Tuesday, June 10, 2003 4:29 AM Subject: RE: The PN executions

Dear Robert,

I used to be on the receiving end of a lot of reverence and adulation because of the stories about trinkets I received, the many many interviews etc. Til my experiences fitted iwthin the belief system of those people called devotees, it was all moonlight and spiritual love, but when the nature of my experiences with SB changed, also the adulation changed to take the shape of vilification and vitriol. In my life have I not received the filth that I have received from devotees who were "brothers and sisters" of the fatherhood of god. Interestingly the experiences I was subjected to by SB did no longer fit in their belief system and hence they had to question their belief system or question my experiences. Most chose to kneecap that which was outside themselves in an attempt to keep themselves up on their own feet within their own belief system.
I now had gone astray, was an antichrist, homosexual, parasite, and had been kicked out because I got caught stealing money from the cash register in the canteen and was arrested and kicked out etc. It is tough to find out that the man you believed to be the epitome of spirituality actually is a very very human being. So then it may seem easier some time to ignore the facts or colour them, so as to suit your needs.
The millions collected by the organisation will have been used in part to oil the "diplomatical and political engine environment" surrounding SBB. Hence all the people that indirectly gain or have gained from the institution called sb, will either not want to show their tainted hands or loose out on what may be a nice income stream...
This is the nature of large organisations anywhere in the world, religious, olympic, political etc etc.
I do know Goldstein with whom I have had various discussions, this was to resolve issues surrounding the italian organisation as a middle person and translator. At that time I was still in Italy and did a lot of translating and middleman work.

Cheers, Hans

The above was in reply to earlier queries from me as seen here below:-

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From: Robert Priddy [mailto:robrei@start.no]
Sent: Saturday, 7 June 2003 7:53 PM
To: hansdekraker
Subject: The PN executions

Dear Hans de Kraker,
                                   Dave Lyons CCed a mail to me in which you state that you were present and heard the screams of the victims and the shooting. You may know that I have become extremely pro-active from 2000 onwards in investigating the whole matter further, writing up all that is known reliably and bombarding the media and esp. Indian newspapers with this, where my key informant was V.K. Narasimhan, who told me (almost whispered it after a long silence) how the ashram authorities, with SSB's younger brother Janaki Ramiah in a leading role, blackmailed the police into the exectiion... also how the Home Minister S.B. Chavan managed to quash the entire CBI investigation.
If you have nothing against it, could you please allow me to quote you on the fact of hearing screams,  which proves that the four were not beaten to death by villagers firstly, which question remains unclear from the data.
Sincerely, Robert

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From: Hans de Kraker To: Robert Priddy Sent: Monday, June 09, 2003 12:30 PM Subject: RE: The PN executions

 Dear Robert,
I will prepare something for you.You can reference my experience with my full name and country of residence (Australia), but no contact details.
I am assuming that you are aware of my experiences with Sai Baba. I have moved away from the SB movement in 97 after dedicating 8 years of my life.
In the same spirit I was involved in the Sai Movement I am interested in what you are doing, pursuit of truth. I am not interested in denigration of ex or non ex-devotees or human beings period. However I wish other individuals to have the opportunity to have access to information in relation to SB with the sole purpose of information. They can then make a judgement call and choose what they wish to do with this information.
A proper official investigation would be good, but maybe difficult because of the interests involved.
Cheers, Hans

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From: Robert Priddy [mailto:robrei@start.no]
Sent: Monday, 9 June 2003 8:57 PM
To: hansdekraker
Subject: Re: The PN executions

Dear Hans de Kraker,
                                 Thanks a lot for your reply. I value your courage in standing forth and understand fully why you would not want any contact details!! I agree with your position too... though perhaps you may think I have sometimes gone a bit far in criticising devotees and also ridiculing their refusal to take an honest look at the facts. I admit that I feel nothing but scorn for some of them, such as the Danish leaders who have maligned Conny as a 'paedophile' on national TV and implied much the same of all other who have told that they were abused by SSB. Though I have understanding for how far one's mind can become deranged and confused by long contact with SSB, I have very little respect left for the many long-term devotees who know the facts and refuse to speak out at all (some egs. are Al Drucker, and even my friend Erlendur Haraldsson, with whom I have argued about it during his visits).

Well, that is the aspect I have chosen to adopt in public... but I am at bottom sorry for all those who have been deceived so vastly, of course, and - after nearly 2 decades full-time pro-Baba work, can sympathise with them.

Very best wishes, Robert

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