Murders of young men at Brindavan ashram

The Australian author Mary Garden, who was at Brindavan for many months in late 70s, wrote in her book 'The Serpent Rising' how she visited Brindavan and what she experienced with Sai Baba there. The experience turned very negative until she met a US lady called Joanna who had a restaurant who told her about Sai Baba's fraud and homosexuality (excerpt follows):-

The following exchanges are from mails between Mary Garden and KarK (identity known but restricted for security reasons) Jan 23, 2004:-

"I left in 1979, things had completely changed and a Tamil friend of mine was murdered in Sai Baba's back yard and he did nothing about it. My friend's father was with Indian Intelligence in Delhi. Arvind was engaged to a British girl and his fiance was pregnant when he was murdered. Arvind and I went to Ooty to Summer School (1978) once together and it was at this time that we both got a hint that something was going on with Sai Baba and the "boys".

This was just one of numerous reports that have circulated among those present at the time, or who knew persons who disappeared and were either found dead or never found, both at Brindavan and Prashanthi Nilayam. The facts about all of these incidents have been systematically suppressed by the Sai Baba authroities, who weelded power over the police in Puttaparthi and in Kadugodi (Brindavan) and were capable of massive bribery too. Such incidents have nevertheless been reported by a former CID sleuth who received a President's Police medal for his work in exposing criminals in very difficult cases around India. See excerpts from his book 'The Godmen of India', 2005.

Feb 4, 2004 from KarK to Mary "Now I have changed my mind again about Sai Baba and think he is a Demon.  He has gone way too far with his games and antics and his vicious manipulations of Indian culture and religion.  Besides I had a dream that explained to me very clearly that he is doing all of these things that people say he is doing. So, after taking a break from all of the very depressing Sai Baba files, I went back and started reading them again.  The Quicktopic files discussed by the Sai students and Barry Pittard's long letter are really excellent. In those files are lots of new Internet addresses that go deeper into Sai Baba as a phenomenon.  Highly recommend it as good reading.   Now I, too, feel that things might get done.  If these students keep at it with confidence, they might be very surprised how successful they might actually be in the Sai Baba community at large. To Mary Garden from KarK… addition on Arvind:-"He had his stomach cut out while he was sleeping and they found him still alive in the morning.  Sai Baba did not do a thing to assist anybody in the investigation.  There were other "deaths' in Bangalore and nothing was done about this either." Apl. 6 - 2004 from KarK to Mary on her new visit to India: "I can't say that Sai Baba didn't hurt me; he did, but it was not a physical violation that is purported to be going on now.  Also, I did not know he is gay or I probably would have gotten back on the road and gone to Malaysia ." to Barry Pittard from KarK  6 Nov. 2004 "I saw the BBC Docudrama and think it is a real good start.  Some of the issues have to be picked up again and again until you start to uncover some of the things that are hidden; casual conversation for the TV probably will not reveal very much, but will expose some people to the public."