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All is not as it seems outwardly!
The Vigilance Officer who informed me much about the behind-the-scenes goings-on at the Sathya Sai Baba ashrams, Mr. V. Ramnath, knew a lot about certain people around Sathya Sai Baba. The ashram is run,  he said, mostly by financial crooks and virtual ‘goondas’. He had known Vijay Prabhu for years before the June 1993 ‘incident’ he supposedly master-minded’). He told me that Prabhu had been a most devoted ’seva’ worker and subsequently security chief of the ashram - which he was when the fatal intrusion and six murders took place. Vijay Prabhu told Ramnath of brothels in Puttaparthi used by ashram staff and also of staff alcohol abuse. Ramnath made efforts to cross-check this and found it to be a fact. Incidentally, when investigators had descended en masse after the June 1993 murders and executions, various journalists reported that drink, including bottles of rum, were turned up within the ashram. Not so surprising, really, but not what one is misled to believe, or would wish to think, about ‘Prashanthi Nilayam’. A posting on the blog of former devotee, Sanjay Dadlani, strongly supports the claim of brothels in Puttaparthi, one being allegedly run by a close Sai Baba attendant and 'VIP', Mr. Samba Shiva Rao.

How murder haunted the ‘Abode of Supreme Peace’ (’Prashanthi Nilayam’)
Vijay Prabhu, my informant said, was an honest man but he got overheated about the corruption… and Sai Baba “seems to have used him as a broom to sweep up some of the dirt in the ashram”, by giving hints to support his attempt to remove the current administration. (Sai Baba’s closest and power-broking valet Radhakrishnan and his sidekick Mahajan were killed, though probably the conflict and knife fight was an unexpected, unwanted conflict for the intruders). Sai Baba had told Prabhu, said my informant, that as long as the world does not change outside the ashram, nothing would change inside either… and there was nothing that he (Sai Baba) could do about it himself.  [A glaring contradiction to Sai Baba’s repeated claims that he is omnipotent and come to save mankind from destruction etc. etc.!] This was also the core of Vijay Prabhu’s statement to the police when he gave himself up months after the incident to a neutral police force outside the Puttaparthi area.  He chose that other police force to surrender to because - as head of security at Prashanthi Nilayam - he knew all too well the murderousness of the totally corrupted Puttaparthi police chief (who was blackmailed into executing the four assailant devotees by Sai Baba’s younger brother Janakiramian and Co. ). Vijay Prabhu’s life was - and those of his family and various associates were - ruined by all this (not least since his brother, S.S. Prabhu was one of the four executed in Sai Baba’s bedroom see here) . Some who were well known to my informant were persecuted badly by the powerful clique that remained, including Mrs Dolly Saxena of the Delhi Customs and Excise Dept. and her son, who even had to flee India due to persecution by the ashram for being known to Vijay Prabhu. (Incidentally, Vijay Prabhu was also firmly convinced that 90% of Sai Baba students did not believe that Sai Baba to be the avatar he claims to be!)

Was the 1993 episode a Sai Baba assasination attempt?
The view that there was an attempt of Sathya Sai's life is convenient for those who have most to cover up, not least his younger brother, the multi-millionaire Puttaparthi property mogul, Janaki Ramiah, and other ashram and Central Trust officials, who publicly claimed that it was an assassination attempt on Sathya Sai. Sathya Sai himself was never actually attacked, as he made clear when refusing to bring charges against the two who were said to be the 'master-minds' behind the attack. Because of this they were freed, but this also meant that they were unable to defend themselves in court, and their motives and roles in the episode were thus officially covered-up. Nor could the claims set forth that one of the intruders' motives was to stop Sathya Sai sexually abusing his students could not be examined in public. As another consequence, neither was the widely-held view that the intruders wished to stop widespread financial irregularities and other injustices within the ashrams investigated by any independent body.

Here are very big and demonstrable 'vested interests' of several kinds. Whether the intrusion of June 1993 was an attempt at taking Sathya Sai hostage and changing the ashram or actually did aim at killing him (for whatever reasons) makes fairly little material difference now, for the blackmail by Sathya Sai officials of the police resulting of the execution of the intruders while Sathya Sai stood by close at hand (meanwhile consulting with his officials) is by far the most outstanding judicial human rights issue. It is a make or break issue for faith, one which few devotees dare even consider! It may have been, as claimed by some, an attempt to stop the sexual slavery Sathya Sai allegedly imposes on his most attractive and captive male students.

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