from a report by Muddenahalli promoter Sai Surya

The continuing scam at Muddenahalli (near Bangalore, India) was engineered by Narasimha Murthy and fronted by former abused Sai student Madhusudan (so-called Sukshma Baba, the fake ‘oracle boy’ invested with Sai Baba’s ‘subtle body). It appears to have no bounds. The successful money-hoarding fraud by Madhusudana and his mendacious promoters is testing the limits to which one can go with deception of innocents and desperate seekers of miracles and realisation of vain spiritual hopes. Now this impostor has extended his imitation of Sathya Sai Baba’s more fraudulent ‘miracles’ to allegedly producing a golden Shiva lingam from his stomach, spitting it out without further ado on the night of Shiva (Maha Shivarathri at the new moon December 2017).

He has gradually been venturing further, starting with rings he said were bought, then which he said materialised in his short pocket, later which he produced by the trademark Sai Baba wave of his hand in thin air. and - taking a big step - imitating Sathya Sai by spitting out a golden lingam on Maha Sivarathri. The level of cynical criminality Madhusudana and Co. has reached is jaw-dropping to people who are not fully religiously deluded. A video posted on-line showed him quickly spitting out a (small) object, supposedly a lingam (because the occasion was Maha Shivarathri, when Sathya Sai would allegedly produce lingams). Clearly this is just a beginning with a beginner-sized object swallowed and regurgitated (if it even was swallowed). One may expect bigger lingams in future when Madhusudan has had more practice… before he quite likely dares to announce himself as being ‘Prema Sai’ (of conferring this on some groomed boy from Mandya district already heralded as Prema Sai, where Madhusudan and entourage recently visited.

Totally deluded Indians (of which there are so many- plus some cognitively challenged foreigners), see it as a miraculous manifestation and have no idea that the technique of swallowing and later regurgitating an object the size of a billiard ball and the shape of an egg was invented and perfected by the world-famous magician Houdini. It is not divine or miraculous in any respect whatever.

This regurgitation trick has been done by many illusionists and by diverse Hindu gurus and street fakirs. Apart from Sai Baba, the criminal Swami Premananda did the same during Shivarathri celebrations (as well as producing masses of vibuthi). This con-man imitation Sai Baba guru died in prison years after the Supreme Court convicted him of multiple rape and murder on DNA evidence).

This is incredible credulous India, land of adult belief in stupendous archaic myths and rank superstitions. The majority of the population (even including Presidents, PMs and Government Ministers, judges, celebrities etc) are easy meat for gurus who have learned trickery, guru lore and Tantric magic. These frauds are often very smart at presenting themselves with the most positive ‘spiritual’ ideals and service works (which absorb only a proportion of the vast sums they swindle out of the public). The well-intentioned, do-gooder person is very vulnerable to this, especially if they are foreigners, who cannot without decades of involvement find out the iniquitous kinds of deceit – level below level – that are ingrained in so much of Indian life. They let themselves be fed upon by cunning Hindu deceivers, especially swamis and gurus.

Lingam regurgitation by street fakir
A street fakir was filmed in the 1980s doing this (see very short MP4 video clip here) see (

In The Magic Academy ” Materialization of vibuti, lingams, laddu sweets… easy to learn!“
The Magic Academy - materialisation  taught, esay to learn
The Magic Academy teaches swamis to defraud and deceive
The Magic Academy taught anyone, probably including swamis, to defraud and deceive with supposed ‘holy miracles’. However, this enterprise ran into great problems and the YouTube video had to be removed. Typical with the Hindu-dominated governments and judiciary.

Sathya Sai Baba made his reputation largely due to the lingam trick, but suspended the event for decades after it caused such vast crowds and dangers to life and limb. In 2000, however, he recommenced the practice, since he was under massive criticism for sexual abuses and deception, causing a huge fall-off in his clientele. See details here

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