A former Sathya Sai Baba college student, GSM Prasad, posted a number of entries on the former Quick Topic website which has since been removed. These were reposted in several languages on the Polish on sekty.net (now defunct but see scans of English pages below) and also on http://exbaba.com here. The fact that the true identity of GSM Prasad is not revealed itself reveals is that no former student of Sathya Sai Baba who speaks out about being assaulted sexually by him is safe from reprisal. It is, of course, well known that four of his devoted students were executed by the police in Sathya Sai Baba’s bedroom in a hail of bullets in June 1993. That is what is most revealing in respect of the need for anonymity. However, GSM Prasad was avilable by e-mail and I investigated further some of the issues here (see later)

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P.N. Suri's son's death

Testimony about Sai baba oral sex etc.

The first mail from GSM Prasad here about a student of Sai Baba allegedly turned sexual molester of other students – Diwakar – caused me to ask him to give more details of various kinds since this could help confirm the seriousness of his claims:-

Date: 03-20-02 By: gsmprasad
From: http://www.quicktopic.com/8/H/qYarJBpGLW7G6
Document date: 03-16-2002 12:17 PM ET (US) Message 1452 Edited by author 03-16-2002 12:25 PM

His name is only
DIWAKAR and not sai Diwakar, this DIWAKAR is a tall (6 feet 2 inches), originally
Srilankan Tamil, guy in his 40’s with curly hair who studied at both Whitefield &
Parthi campus of SSIHL. He used to do interview room duty along with late E.K. SURESH
KUMAR. He is generally given some important assignment by sb, his mother is a tall (6
feet) dark lady doctor who is divorced and works in the SS hospitals. Diwakar is one of
the most voracious homosexuals loose at Parthi/Brindavan, you can always spot him moving
around with young students holding their hands whom he molests whenever he gets an
opportunity. He must have molested HUNDREDS of young boys/men but lives scott free in
Whitefield. Incidentally he is married to Late N. RADHAKRISHNAN’S sister who was killed in
the early 90’s, and lives in the house secretly built by Late Radhakrishnan in Whitefield
and works as a medical transcriptionist in a sb devotees company in Bangalore.

Sanjay, if you happen to know any old students who studied in Parthi/Brindavan in the
80’s/90’s, they can verify the above with perhaps more details.

His contact details: