This credible account, supported by independent witnesses, was posted on a blog some years ago. I reproduce it here as it is evidence that all is not as it seems under the supervision of the Self-Proclaimed Lord, Sathya Sai Baba

In 1998 I was at Prashanthi Nilayam when a top leader in the Northern Europe Sai Baba Organisation recommended to me a clinic not far beyond the Gokulam in Puttaparthi on a side road. He said I should try ayurvedic oil treatment for my health problems, as he had taken a 'kaya kalpa' course there. I met the boss of this clinic, who is well-known as a permanent veranda man, Dr Samba Siva Rao! He made some diagnosis which I thought rather superficial medically and advised a course of hot oil treatment with 108 herbs. The clinic is called 'Nadakuduru Sai Ayurveda Hospitals Private Limited. See here. I still have the bill which came to Rs 40.- per treatment. I must say I thought that really quite cheap - but after the first treatment I stopped going. It was done by a very young Puttaparthi man who could speak only a few words of English, who I could not explain anything to. It was too painful lying on a hard table with many and medical advice I then got was that powerful massaging of the limbs all AGAINST the blood flow is medically dangerous for those with vascular problems according top Western medicine!

My wife had come with me, and she was shown to a room nearby to wait. After the oil treatment I had a steam bath in a kind of box, and when this was over I had only my underpants. I was given a kind of dressing gown and I was sent into a room for some finishing touch. But the room was also occupied by five or six young women sitting on the floor in colourful saris and having much adornment. I wondered what this was about, was quite puzzled, and the young man who massaged me said - 'just relax, no problem '- and lit incenses and waved it about around my head etc. (you probably know the ritual). The young ladies sat there saying nothing, looking at me. I did not speak to them, but wondered why I had to be in just this room. It seemed against the whole style of the ashram with separation of men and women, especially as I was not properly clothed. Well, I must have been VERY naive... because it is only recently that I have realised the OBVIOUS! They were female prostitutes hoping to be hooked! I was left there and had to sit there for at least 10 minutes before the young masseur came back and I was able to go and get my own clothes back!

Surely, that is part of the business this Dr. Samba Siva Rao runs!! That is how he makes it pay well, I'll bet! I connected it to something that I recall the same person who recommended it had told me [I won't drag his name in, poor man, he is confused enough anyhow]. He said the kaya kalpa treatment had revitalised him and surprisingly increased his sexual power a lot! This was a problem as his wife would no longer have sex with him. Now I see that he may have been using the prostitutes at that clinic!

I can add that Dr. Samba Siva Rao was a friendly man, but full of himself and had some ideas about Swami which I though quite crazy even then. He said, for example, that he knew for certain that whenever Swami looked into anyone's eyes, he changed their entire future. Well, Sai Baba looked me in the eye, and I in his, many a time, and I now do not at all believe he is avatar! Add to it that I feel sure he must have done sexual abuses because so many who have been favorites have written so much and I think they could not bother if it had not happened.

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