Defender of Sathya Sai Baba and his Organization
Gerald 'Joe' Moreno of Las Cruces, New Mexico

In addition to his own name, Gerald Moreno also used a considerable number of pseudonyms, such joe, joe108, JM108, GM108, vishvarupa108, sheilawaring (on and SSS108 (on Wikipedia) -  and owned three large websites (at - and and and numerous blogs, several at both and at He admitted that a number of these are his, though his blogs were most often registered anonymously.

Moreno a former devotee and a great admirer until his death in 2010

Gerald Moreno was a former devotee of Sathya Sai Baba, and he claimed later that he no longer was a devotee or follower of Sathya Sai Baba. Nonetheless he reported at length on his home page to have had "many wonderful experiences" with the guru, Sathya Sai Baba, including his physical 'appearance' before him in the USA! He describes having had some kind of a spiritually uplifting experience after having oil applied in a private interview with Sai Baba "to the lower stomach" (for which purpose his pants would have been lowered, as in all such widely reported other instances). Invariably, however, the many who have reported such procedures by Sai Baba state that the oil was applied with rubbing on the penis and sometimes to the perineum behind the gonads. Gerald Moreno was a defender of Internet sabotage and of his former guru, who he even believed to be a sexual abuser!

Moreno pretended he was not affiliated with the Sai Organization

His web site at bore the following disclaimer:-

I am in no way associated with the Sai Organization, nor do I belong to any Sai Group/Center. I alone decided to make these pages with no external prompting or guidance. All the material on these pages are the sole and original opinions of me, Gerald Moreno. Copyright 2004:

Moreno later modified this - for reasons not stated - simply to:
"Not Affiliated With The Official International Sathya Sai Organization" (URL "" now hidden and actually removed)
This must be doubted, as must his original disclaimer at the foot of every page he made, most likely a calculated attempt to mislead and cover his tracks.

However, considering his tremendous efforts - only partly referenced here - to defend not only Sathya Sai Baba but also the Sathya Sai Organization in all contexts through his hundreds of closely interlinked web pages, blogs and board postings, this disclaimer is belied by his activity. Any independent observer would find his obsessive arguments to clear the Sathya Sai Organization of their unaccountability, major disinformation and propaganda, total failure in duty of care/mandatory reporting and clandestine activities to be inexplicable if he were not affiliated (however secretly) with leaders in the Sathya Sai Organization. His way of defending Sai Baba and Co. is overwhelmingly to attack and smear a large list of people who have left Sathya Sai Baba and criticized him on a variety of weighty grounds.This he did very extensively for some years even while explicitly believing Sathya Sai Baba to be a sexual abuser!

Gerald Moreno would divert attention from himself

Moreno is like a sleight-of-hand magician, diverting attention from his own record by distorting those of all who he is against. He falsely represents the wide range of Sathya Sai Baba critics and abused victims as though they all were one integrated body in mutual agreement (as "the anti-Sais" etc.), which is far from being the case. The number of libels, untrue statements, misrepresentations and dirty tricks he employed are legion, especially against the ex-devotee SD, who receives the strongest and most disgusting attack,. as the overview of Google listings of his pages demonstrate beyond doubt.

Moreno has posted on countless bulletin boards and web page or blog comments to make back links to all his sites in a massive campaign of persecution, harassment and outright attaempts at character assasination. He misuses national prefixes with many tags are permutations pointing to one and the same reference so as to maximize his Google entries. Most of his entries contain the same texts and links, or else recycle selections from his other pages, copying every single likely keyword from hundreds of serious web pages by his ‘victims’ to spread his libel and malicious slander. He makes use of what seem to be doorway pages, created specifically for manipulating to the maximum the index of Google .

Moreno (username SSS108) banned indefinitely from Wikipedia

The ban came of his massive misuse of its pages, including constant attacks through over a year on other contributing editors. After a complaint to an administrator on Wikipedia, Gerald Moreno was warned and temporarily blocked for incivility, harassment and personal attacks (see here). Moreno responded by accusing the administrator Mel Etitis of being a ‘sock puppet’ (i.e. using a false identity), and so he was immediately blocked from further entry.  Later he was banned indefinitely from Wikipedia by an unanimous panel of nominated administrative adjudicators
Thereupon he set about a cranky Internet campaign against Mel Etitis and Wikipedia with long, aggrieved and crotchety web pages and various equally mendacious bulletin board postings.

Accusations are constantly made by Gerald Moreno of others deceit and lying ‘blatantly’ ( are very common parts of Gerald Moreno’s attack repertoire (and also of his constant web accomplice and gross libeler, Lisa de Witt, who – calling herself  ‘FreeLanceResearch’ - was also banned from Wikipedia indefinitely, as Gerald Moreno - SSS108 - was see here)

Please note the many entries by one person concentrate mostly on the names SD ( Barry Pittard (
Reinier van der Sandt ( )  Brian Steel ( ) Robert Priddy (, Basava Premanand (
Conny Larsson ( ), AK (, AR ( )  Sathya 'Satch' Purcell ( ) Said Afshin Khorramshahgol Gabriel Merrun  
A.S. ( Dave Lyons ( )...

These are but a few of MANY other similar instances of web stalking and harassment by the same Gerald Joe Moreno, which can easily be found by Google searches.

As back-up to give some visible evidence of the extent of these attacks, an (incomplete) list of Google ranked pages by Moreno against some of his main victims follows:-

Re Barry Pittard of the first 100 pages on ‘Barry Pittard’ Google, 42 entries are by Gerald Moreno!
2) top listing:
10) (Barry Pittard & Robert Priddy Associate Themselves  With Proven Perverts.)
11) - 30k
13) (Barry Pittard is feeding lies to Priddy)
15) Alan K., who began defending Barry Pittard against Moreno attacke at (martinalankazlev-exposed.blogspot)
18) (powerful belief system ... Barry Pittard)
19) (Barry Pittard is one of about a handful )
20) (Barry Pittard & Robert Priddy Associate Themselves With Proven Perverts)
21) (Barry Pittard is a cunning and deceitful individual)
22) (Barry Pittard is a pathological liar with suspicious connections)
23) (Barry Pittard’s bold faced lies)
24) (Recent Barry Pittard )
25) -
26) http://
30) (had to accuse Barry Pittard of such an evil thing, you diabolical raping pedophile whorel! Steal rubies and diamonds from all those Jews…)
31) (the Anti-Sai Siamese-Twins (Robert Priddy and Barry Pittard)
32) (Barry Pittard & Robert Priddy Associate Themselves With Proven Perverts)
33) (Re: ["Barry Pittard" <[log in to unmask]>J
34) - (Barry Pittard & Robert Priddy Associate Themselves With Proven Perverts)
35) (Barry Pittard & Robert Priddy Associate Themselves With Proven Perverts)
38) (recent expose' update of a former lecturer at on of SSB's colleges, Barry Pittard)
39) (Barry Pittard  negative information)
40) (Barry Pittard & Robert Priddy Associate Themselves With Proven Perverts)
41) (Barry Pittard’s bold faced lies)
42) (Tony O'Clery and Barry Pittard have recently renewed their smear campaigns)

ROBERT PRIDDY  – all entries here by Moreno (and next pages)

11) Robert Priddy bashes S.D's beliefs at his sanjaydadlaniwxposed sitr (blogspot)
13) (Robert Priddy was a devotee of SSB and "easily deceived' for 17-26 years
16) KN is the son of Robert Priddy (on his vishvarupa site)
17) What Robert Priddy purposely withholds
19) Robert Priddy is a hypocritical
20) (Pittard & Robert Priddy Associate Themselves With Proven Perverts )
21) Robert Priddy and Barry Pittard publicly humiliated - at his sathyasaibaba.wodrpress site
22) about Robert Priddy’s gullibility when he was
24) Robert Priddy and Barry Pittard both bash and trash
25) Anti-Sai Siamese-Twins (Robert Priddy and Barry Pittard
26) Robert Priddy is a hypocritical
27) Robert Priddy under his oxymoronic name “truthpromoter”
30) Robert Priddy submitted one of his typical, bitter and negative
See also Eg.) under 'robert-priddys-phony-phone-lies.html'

ALAYA RAHM – all entries here by Moreno
Results: (and next pages)

6) The testimonies of Alaya Rahm are attacked at Moreno's sanjaydadlaniexposed site (blogspot) under 'bbc-secret-swami-programme-bias.html'
7) (Alaya Rahm filed a lawsuit against the Sathya Sai Baba Society)
8) [posted by Joe M.]- Alaya Rahm (also known as Sam Young). However)
9) (Alaya Rahm also wrote a love poem to Sai Baba after allegedly being sexually abused )
10) (regarding Kreydick's deposition in Alaya Rahm's Failed Lawsuit)
12) 'Purposely withheld by PL of the Guardian from the general public were Alaya Rahm's promiscuity'at his sanjaydadlaniexposed site (blogspot) under 'paul-lewis-guardian-anti-sai-hack-job'
13) ( Paul Lewis ... apparently missed my high-ranking pages concerning Alaya Rahm
14) (posted by Joe108) (Alaya Rahm (an alleged victim) attempted to sue..)
15) (Alaya Rahm’s Failed & Self-Dismissed Lawsuit: Anti-Sai Activists )
16) (searched extensively for any depositions made in the Alaya Rahm case)
17) (posting by 'Equaliser' = Moreno

from Google search page – all entries here by Moreno

1) Reinier van der Sandt, his serious ... lack of credibility and honesty)
6) ( "Reinier Van Der Sandt" (his "web name", real name unknown)
7) (were publicly displayed on Reinier Van Der Sandt's (now deleted))
8) (About User:Reinier Van Der Sandt. ROBERT PRIDDY (Anti-Sai Activist And Ex-Devotee)
9) (Van der Reinier van der Sandt, the webmaster at, and his serious problems)
10) (... SD, Dadlani, Reinier Van Der Sandt and ...)
11( ( I noticed that Reinier Van Der Sandt (RVDS) created an attack page)

from Google search page – all entries here by Moreno (the problem with Brian Steel) (Brian Steel writes of his polite attempt to verify from Dr. Sunny Anand ) (Anti-Sai allegations are made ) (sd stands for the full name - see here) (world-reknown experts in verbal diarrhea) have ... Spanglish Expert, Brian Steel)

A.K.D. - all following items posted by Gerald Moreno (Anti-Sai control by AKD concerning wikipedia bi) (an Anti-Sai Activist and an insightful glimpse into his alleged )
Moreno attacked Dagneaux at his (defuncct '' site under 'Andries_Krugers_Dagneaux.html' (Arbcom Evidence Section Pertaining To Andries )
Against Dagneaus at (Sathya Sai Baba Wikipedia Article has been controlled, dictated and influenced AKD (dictated and influenced by Anti-Sai Activists (particularly by AKD) (AKD, arbcom, defamations,) (and AKD).

A. KAZLEV – all entries here by Moreno

2) MAK exposed  
at his martinalankazlev-exposed blog on blogspot 3) More on MAK
at his vishvarupa site. 4)m_alan_kazlev_evidence pageat his (defunct) sai-fi site
6) ;
7) more defamation of MAK on his wordpress sathyasaibaba blog
8) Another libel page against on MAKazlev on his 1defunct) saisathyasai website
9) And yet another at the same website under 'alan-kazlev.html

harassed by Gerald Moreno in all the following Google ranked items :- and and-paramahamsa-hariharananda/ -,

K.R.D.S ­
all attacks by Gerald Moreno from Google search on his name

Defamation of a British author KRDS as "User:SSS108/Kevin_Shepherd" Note: User: SSS108 is Gerald Moreno, subsequently banned indefinitely from Wikipedia)
Web page against KRDS on his (defunct) saisathyasai website
Attempt to ridicule English author Kevin R.D. Shepherd's seriously researched books on digg under "world_news/Kevin_R_D_Shepherd_Citizen_Initiative_Publishing"
Attack on robert priddy and KRDS on his (defunct) saisathyasai website on author (KRDS) of various controversial topics through Citizen Initiative Publishing. Attempting to portray himself as a serious ...)

Google search result  – all entries here by Moreno (Afshin Khorramshahgol is not credible) (Afshin Khorramshahgol claims (despite saying that he initially saw nothing sexual or wrong in) (Conny Larsson, Dr. Bhatia, Said Afshin Khorramshahgol, H. De Kraker, J. Sethi and Mark Roche) (Even the Anti-Sai Activist, Afshin Khorramshahgol knew about San...'s multiple personality) (La_Quakes Words Return To Haunt Him -Said "Afshin" Khorramshahgol) (Said Afshin Khorramshahgol (an alleged molestation victim) (refers to Sathya Sai Baba as "Raju" is Said Afshin Khorramshahgol)

– all entries here by Moreno,

– all entries here by Moreno (Basava Premanand, being highly scornful on the profit making ) (by joe 108 Basava Premanand, makes a bold assertion that) ('viscount' is Moreno) Basava Premanand watched television images of Jayendra Saraswati) - 72k (when Al Rahm personally lied to me (Reference), claiming that Basava Premanand filed...) - 17k (Secret Swami programme in exclusive association with Basava Premanand (an atheist) (Anti-Sai Activist and tabloid critic Basava Premanand)

ULLRICH ZIMMERMANN - all entries below by Moreno

4) (Ullrich Zimmermann had oral sex "performed on him")
5) (Australian Pit-Bull Of The Anti-Sai Movement Just recently, Ullrich Zimmermann )
7) (Ullrich Zimmermann And Sathya Sai )
8) (Ullrich Zimmermann claimed that he directly experienced)
9) (Another Ullrich Zimmermann Lie By Barry Pittard )
10) (Another Ullrich Zimmermann Lie By Barry Pittard )
11) (Another Ullrich Zimmermann Lie By Barry Pittard )
12) (Ullrich Zimmermann Lie By Barry Pittard )
13) (Zimmermann’s three-part interview which describes inappropriate)
14) (Exposing Barry Pittard ... Another Ullrich Zimmermann Lie )
15) (Ullrich Zimmermann claimed he had 'white tantric' experiences) Note: this is Moreno under a pseudonym

G. M.
All attack entries by Moreno:-
Attack on testifier of sexual molestations by Sai Baba on his (defunct) saisathyasai website
e-mails Moreno exchanged with G.M. and Moreno's defamations of GM on his (defunct) saisathyasai website

SERGEI BADAEV (Serg Badaev (Anti-Sai Activist) (Serg Bad.ev is trying to mislead the general public ) (Leave it up to Serg Bada.v to try to salvage critics ) (This all boils down to: Robert Priddy and Serg... Bad.ev should both accept full )

TIMOTHY CONWAY (statement by Dr. Timothy Conway, for some mysterious reason, does not reveal the name ) (Timothy Conway allegedly alluded to the "Jack Hislop" letters)

1) (never asked me to clarify the issue about Glen Meloy )
2) (Glen Meloy was an Anti-Sai Activist who propagated many blatant lies )
3) (Glen Meloy (now deceased) admitted that he and other ex-devotees )
4) (Glen Meloy reciprocated and told Goldberg that)
5) (Glen Meloy also blatantly distorted the advisory and had the audacity to say)
6) (correspondence between Glen Meloy (an Anti-Sai Activist) and Michelle Goldberg)
7) (in an email to Glen Meloy that she believed Sai Baba was a “monster”,


Attacks om AS on News/march-2004.html FROM HIS (defunct) saisathyasai website
Attack on AS on FROM HIS (defunct) saisathyasai website

– entries here by Moreno (Dave Lyons, an contributor and a revealing discussion regarding the dishonest means employed) (Dave Lyons is glibly reminiscing about his defection) ( Dave Lyons, former president -Sathya Sai Baba Center of Greater New Orleans )

JORGE REYESVERA (Jorge Reyesvera wasted a lot of time writing his verbose and partially plagiarized) (changed to "Jorge Reyesvera, Mexico signed the petition)


Moreno is also ranked in Google with attacks on other members of the 32-member JuST group and a large proportion of the over 1,200 signers of the International Sai Petition (see
[The International JuST Group (Just Seekers of Truth Group) under attack from Gerald Moreno includes professionals worldwide, such as :

And there is a constant flow of new entries harassing former Sai Baba followers by Moreno via Google!
On Wikipedia we find the following warning, which SSS108 (alias Gerald ‘Joe’ Moreno) chose to ignore

Mel Etitis ban on Moreno

Moreno's continued harassment - plus a definitive warning from user "Hipocrite": "Speculating on, or attempting to discern the real-life name of contributors is a violation of WP:HARASS. You should consider this your first and final warning. Do not engage in this sort of behavior again."
Gerald Moreno continued to harass - the only agenda he had - and this resulted in his being blocked shortly thereafter by Wiki-user 'Musical Linguist'. However, he was also unanimously blocked indefinitely from using Wikipedia by a further panel of five administrators: Fred Bauder,Kirill Lokshin, James Forrester (talk) , Charles Matthews ,FloNight and The Uninvited Co., Inc. . (See and the arbitration committee's final decision here)

Gerald Moreno has not publicized the fact that he was banned by the arbitration committee, but claimed on-line here and there that he "decided to withdraw"! Thereafter, he continued to harass all concerned on his numerous web pages, blogs and whatever. However, within a month or so he fell silent, and it later emerged that the cause was that he died (aged 39 - in mid 2010)
Joe108 was banned from Netscape, where he harassed all critics of Sai Baba by commenting on every posting they made with links to his libelous web sites. Very soon afterwards all of joe108's postings reappeared under the pseudonym 'sheilawaring' (See here)