An early e-mail to Haraldsson from Priddy (1996)

Dear Erlandur, 30/1/96

Thanks for the copy of the Gyatri Swami paper, which reached me on our return to P.N. after Xmas. We left P.N. two weeks before Xmas and stayed with our friend Ramu in his villa 15 kms. outside Bangalore on the road towards Prashanthi Nilayam for about 3 weeks, where we also came across a Ganesha Temple where the milk miracles had occurred (see end of one of the appended papers).

I just received a photocopy of an article in Danish about a proven case of reincarnation in India. The proof has been published and the source is stated as "The Agra Law Journal Statute of India, v/s Joha-ud-din, AZ 712 OWI, 322 Js 12 453/89." I don't know what this means or where this is available. The article is attributed to 'Saher' (probably trans. from English to Danish by someone else) and was sent to me by Eddi Helsh_i of the Danish Sathya Sai Org. (adr. Fredriksberg Allé 52, l. t.v. DK - 1820. Fredriksberg C. (C'hagen) Denmark) of you want to pursue the source further. The article reports on a most interesting legal proof and apprehension of his murderer by the reborn victim - who was a 6-yr old boy called Titu Pur Singh in New Delhi on 16 Jan. 1989 when he heard about the Taj Mahal from Agra and told the class he had lived in Agra himself in his last life with the name Suresh Das Verma and had owned a radio shop in Lal St. Nr. 16.. The case was actually followed up by an interested person, the school's vice-inspector, a psychologist N. K. Chatdah. This eventually led to the discover of the victim's body (!!) with the wound he had described (bullet through the cranium). His present cranium also has marks at the same places of entry and exit!
This 6-year old met his widowed wife and his previous father too, and could convince them of his 'identity' through relating incidents known only to them. He also knew the name of the murderer, a hired assassain called Joha-ud-din, who was apprehended and eventually confessed the murder after 16 hrs. of questioning! Perhaps you know of this case already, but if not it may be worth further investigation.

For one and another reason, V.K. Narasimhan took a liking to me about 10 years ago and I have since spent hundreds of hours in his company and private conversation through the years. He has increasingly confided in me many facts about Baba that he has observed which he feels unable to publish (some he doesn't talk about without lowering his voice). His view of Baba differs considerably from that of what many persons in Baba's near proximity almost daily ostensively hold. Narasimhan has a complex personality, a voluminous mind and an excellent memory for detail... his view on Baba is original, being a combination of doubt of some of Baba's major claims (but not as to the materialisations or the taking on of severe illnesses) and great faith in Baba as a world teacher and great force for the good. I am not free to relate the contents of many of these discussions, because his wishes and his present position as editor of Sanathana and ashram resident etc. preclude that. However, I have made copious and accurate personal notes directly after each meeting since 1989 for the record, and now with a view to a possible (fairly distant?) future publication. A scheme N. devised once he has unfortunately cooled down, namely that I should interview him with tape recorder and compile a book on the question-and-answer model. I sent a long list of (rather penetrating) questions that many of us would like answered publicly, but he seems to have 'got cold feet' when he read them. In case you visit there again, you might find a long discussion with him rewarding. He is very frail now (84 yrs. old) but likes to talk a lot. I showed him your study on the video of Baba's alleged fraudulent manifestation, which he liked.

I enclose two 'reports' which tell you something of where I stand, so to speak, which report I circulate only to a very few persons who are objective enough to take in such facts.

Enclosed also review of Krishnamurti book, SAI NEWS (4p) and REPORT (6p), also one photo of him and I and P.N.

Some mails sent between Professor Dale Beyerstein and Professor Erlendur Haraldsson