The following person, Yash Arora of Delhi, India, posted numerous comments on my blog site ( showing how he completelyhe is taken in by Sai Baba:-

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Please do not trouble yourself as your poor judgement cannot shake the roots of my faith. You provide me with proofs that "reveal" His reality but you forget the grama -seva, the water projects, the super speciality hospitals and before all that His divine touch that heals.

Thank you for your time

Love all serve all SaiRam sir

Yash Arora

Reply from Robert

I forgot nothing. The Rayalaseema water project was a total failure and Prashanthi area still has massive and mounting water problems. I helped pat for that damned project - mismanaged by the avatar who knew everything (except that the water table fell drastically).
We donors financed everything, well-meaning (but deceived) devotees did all the service work - Sai Baba collected all the praise and did nothing but walk about or drive about and receive worship… apart from his daily sexual abuses against students and others.
Hi divine touch did not heal, it was the mind of the sufferer whose intense desire tio recover that was the cause - he was just a symbol, like Lourdes or hundreds of others. My judgement is excellent, and hundreds of genuinely educated people have supported it… you have none because you only have belief and faith. May the scales of delusion drop from you eyes if you ever seek to investigate properly and known the true facts.

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Dear Priddy,
Unfortunately,I am a little late to reply but it’s better late than never. Swami as I call Him changed my view about life. He picked me up from dirt and nurtured me to be good. I am a Sai student and I have witnessed Him in action. His words “cancer cancelled” pulled out His devotee from the shackles of cancer when even the doctors gave up. It’s pretty easy for you to mock it and call it all feign but it’s true that He is God in action. And He lived in His physical format for His devotees, all His actions are a part of the divine drama which poor human eyes overlook.
I request you not to deceive people and better not to speak absurd about Him.
I don’t ask to you follow Him because after all it’s upon His grace that we all live on.
He taught me FAITH-fearlessly always I trust Him.

Submitted on 2014/11/30 at 3:22 am
Dear Priddy,
It’s better late than never and so I write to you again.Sri Sathya Sai baba is a ditinerary healer who has saved unaccountable number of devotees. His words “cancer cancelled” pulled out a devotee from the shackles of death when all the doctors gave up.
FAITH-fearlessly always I trust Him
I don’t intend to force people like you to follow Him. As all is in His hands so is your and my own destiny.
I request you to kindly stop deceiving people and let them chose their own paths.
Swami lived and lives for the devotees.
May His grace be bestowed upon us all.
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Reply from Robert

On 30-Nov-2014 12:40 pm, <> wrote:
I take the trouble to answer you to explain to you a little bit of how totally futile your comments are. That all is in his hands - my destiny - is utter and total delusion, and I understand how people came to be so deluded. It took me 18 years - including hundreds of contacts with him and - more importantly - persons who had extensive inside knowledge of him (especially V.K. Narasimhan who knew him from hours with him daily through many years shared all his countless doubts with me, but dared not publicise them, but also numerous other insiders and favourites - and also persons who were sexually molested by him - and some very perversely abused. How can you not have known about what he did to his favourite 'form boys' or chics? I have been contacted by over a thousand people who tell the suppressed and covered-up truth about him from all angles. You may know I wrote a book which he blessed at the time, where you can see that I had many experiences in relation to him, including apparent healing… but when I came to disover bit by bit the immensity of his dishonesty and manipulatory behaviour, I felt obliged to tell the other side of the matter to set the record straight.

The history of Sai Baba's supposed healing is extremely complex (V.K.N. did not believe in a single case of Sai Baba healing anyone. You may not have read the world literature on the phenomenon of 'healers' or heard of physical and psychic 'placebo', for your naive perception is naive indeed. Don't forget that 'faith' is nothing but belife, and not knowledge, which is far more complex and demanding. I am not deceiving people at all. I have documented an enormous amount of facts about him which were systematically suppressed by people who were deceived on many levles by this pedophile and murder accomplice, major bribery merchant.

Read the facts on cancer cures and promises of health and protection: