A comment made on my blog (Has Satya Sai Baba been reborn? - Part 2) illustrates well some of the approaches made to me to try to teach me that one must never speak badly of anyone. A ridiculous proposition when dealoing with people who have deceived, abused people and been involvef in murder. This is due to the vapid 'teaching' of Sai Baba to 'See only good in everyone'. and 'See, hear, speak no evil'. This is an old penny proverb, often symbolised by the 'three wise monkeys'!


Reply from Robert Priddy

to soumya.bhasksra
You are not in a position to advise me, I think, with your simple idealistic faith, but certainly too little experience of life and the world. I was once a young idealist, now I am soon 80 and have visited over 60 countries, having lived in four of them. I have been in three professions (university teacher the main one) and have been involved in spiritual movements and a guru since the early 1960s and was for 18 years from 1984 the leader of Norway’s Sathya Sai Baba organisation and continual voluntary service work. However, because of what I learned after many years, it became incumbent on me to spill the beans on Sathya Sai. I had promoted through many articles in his journal, plus a book in 1984 (blessed by him). After I had investigated his heinous crimes and deceptions because of vulnerable (and, like you, naive) people I had to speak out. Since I did in 2000 I have been inundated for 15 years by mails and contacts from many hundreds of people who have told me more of the breaks of trust and various quite horrendous things he has done to devotees. I have informed, supported and advised many where possible. The world is full of people who are too self-interested, greedy for the wrong things and untrustworthy… Pedophiles are one of the worst phenomena of modern times (in Western countries, and in India and other backward cultures massively so). Sai Baba is still being promoted in India (through hardly at all elsewhere) as a ‘spiritual’ person, a god, the creator of the universe and what have you. But you expect me not to ‘bad mouth’ him! One cannot let massive deceits, despicable lies, bribery, and most serious crimes go unmentioned.

I first sent this by e-mail intending not to publish the comment and my reply because I know this can ruin a reputation on-line. However, the e-mail address submitted was false, possibly intentionally. The IP locates the sender in Adelaide, Australia, and the comment’s English shows the person is of Indian ethnic origin. It seems likely that the correct name is Soumya Bhaskara (not bhasksra).