Seema Dee is a woman in London, Ontario, Canada submitted the following comments to my wordpress blog.

Seema Dee vile abuse comments

Seema Dee is a semi-illiterate immigrant in Canada who makes crazy conspiracy theory assumptions about my person (such as 'probably an illuminati') and that I am a journalist (but I am a retired philosophy and sociology university lecturer who also led the Sathya Sai Baba Organisation in Norway for 18 years). Since I spoke out about what the terrible things I learned about him, I have been contacted by many dissidents with masses of information sources on what Sai Baba really was like and did, his many times all cleverly covered up in India to the highest levels). She does not even practice the most primary requirements of his followers an what she calls the amazing 'Messages' of Sai Baba, such as 'Slander is a direct sin' (Sathya Sai Speaks Vol 15 p. 110) (and consequently one should NEVER abuse people with filthy language)- 'Speak softly, sweetly & truthfully ' (Sathya Sai Speaks Vol 26 p. 142) and 'Do not ridicule or criticise anyone (Sanathana Sarathi 5-1999 p. 125). 'One should never criticize others, only oneself'' (Sathya Sai Speaks Vol 4 p. 316). (Note: I do not agree that these 'teachings' are valid or morally right - it is for believers in Sai Baba).

Yet on her Facebook page she has the hypocrisy to write:
Seem Dee hypocrite

Sema Dee photo

She has not studied the massed critical information about Sai Baba, who said many fine things (none of which were entirely original and many which were plagiarised) but whose actions did not follow his own 'teachings'. He was involved in massive sexual abuse of boys and young men, presided over the execution of four of his devotees in his own apartment in 1993, was the greatest boaster even incredible credulous India has ever been able to produce. He used fraud, sleight-of-hand, lies, intricate deceit, massive bribery, cover-up, made many false and absurd predictions, claimed to have created the universe and many equally megalomaniac claims besides.