COMMENT ON by Rajesh Singh


I did not want anything from Sai Baba - he wanted money from me, and I gave a great deal. I came to realize more and more all the corruption he was allowing and his deceptions. It was his very close servitor - his editor V.K. Narasimhan, a very great friend of mine - who told me the most shocking facts. He was virtually entrapped by then (frail, lost his wife and was dependent on the ashram). After I threw off the false beliefs and later came to know about his sexual perversions from many persons (which I have documented in many cases) I most certainly never wanted to get near to that fraud again.
I have not spoken of illiterate Indians who settle in UK - not anywhere. You are clearly under some kind of cognitive delusion, apart from being taken in totally by SB, evidently also by the environment around you. So you though it o.k. that students were murdered in SB's rooms with him standing by, his brother Janakiramiah and Sai Trust members negotiating with the police and blackmailing them over the money that had taken from two village men who murdered a Swiss lady in her rooms? So you do not mind sexual abuse of boys and young men... that is CERTAIN as I know some of them well and have been contacted by many others. So you accept that SB would save humanity (utterly laughable! He couldn't even save himself from his minders!) and that he created the entire universe. If so, you are to be pitied.
I had over 10 hours of interviews plus 5 private interviews and met Sai Baba at darsan on countless occasions through 18 years. I know the academic level of the students who studied there, as did Narasimhan. For years I taught Indian students here in Norway too. No student Narasimhan ever med was capable of a independent thought, he told me.
In a sane world, people tell of the crimes and deceptions of other people - not least so as to protect the vulnerable. Besides, you speak ill of me... so you prove you are a hypocrite. I reserve the right to wrote the truth about those who are liars, abusers of faith, false gurus and accomplices to murder etc.