Comment Submitted on 2013/09/06 at 9:31 am by Omendra Srivastava

Extremely shocked to see the stupid, senseless and unscientific remarks of these literate person. You live your life for your own selfishness, you earn your living just for your own self, your actions are only related with the activities that are helping you to gain name, fame and money. Whereas, my beloved baba did nothing for his ownself… all his actions were rendered for the society and peoples development. He in a whole day just have a meal, which is enough to keep his body cell alived. He did not have any thing of his own… it was all for the people, by the people and just and just for their generations to get benefited. Which the Government have not been able to deliver by infusing billions of dollars in developmental activities, that Sai Baba has does with the help of his followers free of cost (manpower)…When he left his body the total weight was just 36 Kgs. Whereas, he has left the assets for the Govt. to deliver the mission projects under his society’s supervision for the benefit of mankind… You cannot talk nonsense about the great people like this..mind that..

My reply to this semi-literate and misguided attack:

Srivastava, You are extremely shocked because you are one of the many who knows nothing about the real life of Sathya Sai Baba. I certainly do, after 18 years as the leader of the Sai Org. in Norway, having spent over 1 year at his ashrams during nine long visits with interviews. I was there over 18 years and became an insider. It was a shock to me to learn that Sai Baba gave the word to murder the four devotees who intruded into his quarters, and that he paid Rs. 50,000.- next day to at least 30 resident families in Prashanthi, including Venkamma, Parvatamma and all family members – so that they would tell nothing, of course.

You evidently know nothing whatever about me, but you falsely (and most unspiritually) imagine that I am aiming for name, fame and money. I get NOTHING whatever for my work, it was dine to protect innocents and vulnerable people from his enormous deceits. How you can not know about his homosexual serial abuses on students and foreign boys and young men is extraordinary, when so many others have learned the truth about it. I have spoken to numerous who were sexually abused and know two of his victims well (oral sex too!)… they only dared tell me after the scandal broke in 2000. You wrote “ beloved baba did nothing for his won self”. I agree, his meals were all cooked for him, his robes given freely, his car and luxurious apartments provided for free (I have seen inside some of them). Sathya Sai Baba did very little himself, it was the many volunteers and those who donated large sums – including my wife and I – and who worked tirelessly for the organisation (in our case for 18 years). He gave me a green stone ring in 1986 which he said was a diamond – when I had it tested by top professional assayers, it turned out to be a synthetic sapphire, costing around $10-20 on the Indian market at that time!) You can live on with your illusions, but they will never bring you what you obviously hope for…

He was reportedly anything around 28 to 30 kilos when he died after multiple major organ failures. This - along with the illegal cover-up death certificate by Dr. Safaya (who thereafter decided to resign his post) - makes it highly likely that he died of AIDS, having been reported as having has sexual contact with HIV-infected young men. His apartments were searched after his death and found to contain a massive hoards of gold, diamons, silver and many designer products, including foodstuff past their sell-by date - much was concealed under his three-by-three metre bed!! See some of the documentation for this here