Scan of posting made with the text of Duncan Roads' explanation of why he turned agaiunst Sathya Sai Baba.After the wave of news about Sathya Sai Baba's alleged sexual molestations broke with the publication of 'The Findings' by David and Faye Bailey, the international media began to pick up the story. One of the respected magazines which fearlessly published articles against mainstream political correctness, Nexus Magazine, under the editorship of Duncan M. Roads, published the facts then available, but not before Roads had personally met some of the young men who had made such claims. He had himself been a believer in Sathya Sai Baba previous to these events, as is seen from his statement he made (see on right hand here):-

Roads was soon given the usual treatment by two Sai-fanatics who levy exaggerated and often false claims against anyone who has the temerity to criticize Sathya Sai baba in any way... Gerald 'Joe' Moreno and his tag-along and yet more abusive apprentice, Ms. Lisa de Witt.

Moreno chose to deny all the points Roads made and baseless and inaccurate. Without any evidence - and in wilful ignorance of the facts, Moreno charged Roads with not investigation anything personally but for having simply repeated the claims of three former devotee young men who alleged abuse. This was however patently untrue. He continued to ignore Roads' statements, including the following: "It is worth mentioning that while I was investigating the claims against Sai Baba, not one representative of the movement denied the claims. NOT ONE!!!! Instead, they sought to tell me that 'all the good Sai Baba does, outweighs the bad'."

Though Roads was admittedly somewhat inaccurate on some points (eg. Sai Baba never broke his leg, but his hip), this was not at all the case as regards the sexual abuses, financial scams and the transvestitism of Sai Baba. [Incidentally, even today Sai Baba wears a smock like a female and walks lifting its hem in a ladylike fashion, often doffing his hair from behind in a remarkably female gesture... and other such indicators of aberrant sexuality]. As he always does, Moreno went grubbing around to see if there was anything else on other issues he could pin on Duncan Roads, whereupon he dished up various excerpts from Nexus and claimed that Roads himself was responsible for the opinions of the writers of various articles he allowed to be published in Nexus Magazine, presenting these as anti-Semitic, racist etc. All totally irrelevant smears.
Moreno's false claims against Duncan Roads' main Nexus article include the following (in red text, with replies in violet text)

However, one can see for oneself how many youth have come forward in public here. Further, as a trusted activists on the exposé work concerning Sathya Sai Baba and all his cover-up connections, numerous young men have contacted me and/or Barry Pittard in strict confidence stating that they were sexually abused by Sathya Sai Baba. (see example) Their accounts are often most revealing of details of his methods, and each has its unique stamp of authenticity. We have checked their identities in many instances, yet some are so worried about repercussions for themselves or members of their families (some of whom live in Prashanthi Nilayam or Puttaparthi) that they naturally were unwilling to give confirmable details about themselves. Knowing that four devotees were murdered in cold-blood in Sai Baba's apartment in 1993, this is probably a most wise precaution. Other reports - by Dr. Naresh Bhatia - a self-confessed sexual partner of Sathya Sai Baba - many, many boys have been misused by Sai Baba. Further, a former student has posted a list over 150 students through he collected from those who claimed to know they were abused by Sai Baba. (Prof. G. Venkataraman reports that he has spoken to some of them, who said they did not know their names were on the list. To a man who denies totally that Sai Baba is anything buy the Creator of the Universe and is totally pure, what else would they say? At least one student has informed us that Venkataraman knows of the paedophile activities reported of his guru-god, so he is a very dangerous person to confide in at all!) There are indeed 'many' accounts of financial irregularities, embezzlement or fraud in the Sathya Sai Baba set-up, including in the Sathya Sai Central Trust. Confiscation of money and of materials has been shown by the Sathya Sai Baba Books and Publications Trust under Mr. Suri (former Convener). My wife and I were defrauded (see here), and also Al Drucker and Rita Bruce were. The Central Trust was involved in financial fraud, for one of Sai Baba's favourites, the famous editor V. K. Narasimhan told me about numerous cases in the ashram and Central Trust. The sacking of board members and top ashram officials by Sathya Sai baba himself was the end result, but only after the Indian press had begun to dig into the accounts after the murders in Sai Baba's bedroom brought them en masse to investigate ashram affairs. Mr. Isaac Tigrett of Hard Rock Cafe fame told David Bailey that US$15 million of the $49 million he donated could not be accounted for (see here) It was embezzled by officials with their hands in the huge till... under the omniscient eye of their Lord and Master! Numerous American and European devotees complained of fraud after they had paid large sums for (small) apartments at Prashanthi Nilayam only to be informed later on they had no right to stay in them for more than 2 weeks, depending on the ashram authorities' decision in each case. My wife and I also donated to this fraudulent apartment scam as did others who have confirmed fraud. See also Sai Baba Deception of donors and Sai finance and deceits There are numerous accounts of Sathya Sai Baba's dislike of women, and he is known by all visitors to the ashrams to give far, far more time to males than females - both at darsan and in interviews. That he practiced transvestism to a considerable degree (and was long known as 'Radha' in Puttaparthi when he went everywhere with his boyfriend, Krishna who shared his bedroom for some years) is an established fact. See some of the evidence here

One of the most viciously virulent cyber attackers of all Sai critics is Gerald Moreno's protégé and smear apprentice, Lisa de Witt of Arizona:-

Lisa De Witt's wrote (Fri Jun 13, 2003 10:56 p.m.:at no longer available :

This is how DUMB Duncan Rhodes of NEXUS is. He goes around telling people that AIDS is NOT caused by a virus and so therefore cannot be transmitted sexually. So much for his 'careful' research. CASE CLOSED. Duncan is a RETARD.

Duncan Roads replies to Lisa de Witt's false claimsAfter this reasonable response, Lisa de Witt virtually shouted back on Sathyasaibaba2 group on Mon Jun 16, 2003 11:55 pm, (defunct pages at: sathyasaibaba2/message/31371):- as below (highlighted in red).

Note that Duncan Roads replies to her points are inserted in violet text:- (de Witt)
" As far as Roads, I was on a message board where he swore up and down AIDS was not sexually transmitted which is what one would assume since he swears AIDS is NOT caused by a virus, even though he appears to be trying to worm his way out of it now. I dare him to sleep with an AIDS-infected person if he believes so much in his great 'scientists'. Obviously, the scientists he collects his research from don't know what they are talking about since the MAINSTREAM medical and scientific community says AIDS IS caused by a virus. Personally, I think people like him are part of the eugenics movement."
Duncan Roads called her bluff:- Okay, show me those postings. I don't have to worm my way out of anything to do with the fact that HIV does NOT cause AIDS, because HIV does NOT cause AIDS. The rest of your claims above are outright lies, as you well know.

(de Witt had continued) "Again, like most fascists in this group, Roads has pronounced Baba guilty until proven innocent. Not ONE of YOU has bothered to try and investigate the OTHER side of the story. In a COURT of LAW EACH ACCUSATION would have to be proven on it's OWN merit. Apparently, each of you thinks YOU are beyond the law."

Duncan Roads conclusively pointed out to Ms. de Witt - and most cogently:- Your tactics of smear and distraction should only make readers more suspicious of your motives. It is worth mentioning that while I was investigating the claims against Sai Baba, not one representative of the movement denied the claims. NOT ONE!!!! Instead, they sought to tell me that 'all the good Sai Baba does, outweighs the bad'. This means that the representatives I spoke to condone the rape and sexual molestation of young boys and men. I wonder how much Lisa actually knows herself. Is she just hoping all this is wrong, or has she done even a tiny bit of research? So Lisa, stop the lies, the smear tactics and the distraction. I challenge you to interview victims and relatives and report back to this list with your findings. It is time for you to put up, or shut up. Duncan M. Roads Editor, NEXUS Magazine

Lisa de Witt - also known in many postings as 'conscientiousobjector2000. 'FreeLanceResearch' ' and 'Babafan' - is a self-proclaimed 'researcher' of Sai Baba affairs, in which she shows a totally biased allegiance to everything positive and total rejection of everything negative concerning Sai Baba. She is a devotee of him and his 'teachings' but she also has claimed to receive in dreams and/or visions communications from Christ.