Maginee M.V., an aggressive young follower of Sathya Sai Baba from in Providence from Mauritius has taken it upon himself to advise me spiritually after maligning me as "really sick!!!" I am a 79-year old professional and have been around the globe a great deal, also within the Sai Baba cult for 18 years as a national leader until I came to learn the many hidden truths about it from impeccable sourcs. He does not know me at all, but 'diagnoses' me just because he wants to abuse me... the typical reaction of a deluded cultist who has no idea whatever of the depth and breadth of deceit that Sathya Sai Baba and his entire inner cult engaged in! He also subscribes to pages on the Internet which reflect his immature mentality is reflected in that (see and he also believes he will be able to choose how he wants to live his life, writing "I wish to empower myself: feel confident and to create the life i want. " Like fundamentally misled Sai Baba and Hindu devotees, he also makes clear he hopes to achieve 'higher consciousness' through deep meditation (some hopes - I have never met one among thousands of them who had anything but normal consciousness - and I can tell).

He would have liked to refute what I posted about the 90th birthday celebrations at Parasanthi Nilayam, but he failed to read carefully what I actually wrote, and ignored completely the massive evidence of exaggeration by the struggling powers-that-be and died-in-the-wool cover-up merchants there. (I have massive experience of them and Sai Baba himself since 1983 and have learned from many hundreds of informants about the fraud and crimes of Sai Baba, as posted throughout this website).
Here was his comment submitted to my wordpress blog:-

M.V. Maginee abuses Robert Priddy Ph.D
The officially projected number of 50,000 foreign visitors to the 90th birthday (of a dead man!) was vastly wrong, a vain hope probably exceeding the entire number of all persons present, who were nearly all visibly non-Westerners, being local villgers, students from Sai colleges here and there, and Indians from the diaspora plus other Asiatics.